R-RK (Artist Index)
  D.J. Rhythms Dance Music Database, ©1994-2003, an historical tabulation of dance music releases.

The Curse (LUSH U: Lush 26)
Acetona (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-06)
Acetona (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-02)
Bam Bam (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-11)
Bam Bam (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-09)
Everybody (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-05)
Money (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-01)
Rabanes, Los
Perfidia (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-11)
Rabbit in the Moon
Floori.d.a. (HALLUCINA: HALCD 3002)
Rabbitt, Eddie
Love May Never Pass This Way Again (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Tangents (RM: LEVEL-06)
Race feat./ Who's Dat Girl
Fantasy (WAR: WARCD-218)
Racoon Feat. Christine Lucas
Come Alive (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-05)
Closer to Myself (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-07)
Don't Stop (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-04)
Don't Stop (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-01)
Radial Angel
She (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-10)
Radical Nomads
La Da's Dance (NERV: NRV9101-020032)
Radical Playaz
The Hook (TVT: TVT 1989-2)
Radio 4
Dance To The Underground (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2003-10)
Radioactive Goldfish
Fiction Dub (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
Pink Potato (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
Pink Potato II (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
Pink Pottassium (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
Science Dub (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
Sonik Friktion (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
Fake Plastic Trees (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-07)
Go To Sleep (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-09)
High And Dry (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-01)
Idioteque (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-01)
I Might Be Wrong (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-05)
Karma Police (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-11)
Let Down (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-08)
No Surprises (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Optimistic (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-10)
Punchup At A Wedding, A (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2004-01)
There There (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-05)
3, 4 Gimme More (RADIORAMAI: RA 10/90)
ABCD / Bad Girls (RADIORAMAI: 88.03)
ABCD / Bad Girls (RADIORAMAI: RA 88.03)
Aliens 2 (The Nightmare) (RADIORAMAI: RA 48/93)
Bacia Mi (Kiss Me) (RADIORAMAI: RA 89.05)
Bad Boy You (RADIORAMAI: 89.04)
Bad Boy You / My Chery (RADIORAMAI: RA 89.01)
Cannary the Canary (RADIORAMAI: RA 90.04)
Come Back My Lover (RADIORAMAI: RA 24/91)
Daddy Daddy (RADIORAMAI: RA 89.06)
Desire (OUTREC I: OUT 3055)
Fire (RADIORAMAI: RA 87.07)
Manitu (RADIORAMAI: 88.02)
Medley (RADIORAMAI: RA 88.05)
Megamix (RADIORAMAI: RA 89.08)
Radiorama Sing the Beatles (RADIORAMAI: 88.02)
So I Know (RADIORAMAI: RA 87.04)
Sugar Sugar Love (RADIORAMAI: RA 35/92)
The 2nd Album (RADIORAMAI: RA 87.01)
The Fifth (RADIORAMAI: RA CD 01)
The Legend (RADIORAMAI: RA 88.01)
Why Baby Why (RADIORAMAI: RA 01/90)
Radiorama Featering MC Ya
All Night Long (RADIORAMAI: RA 46/92)
In Zaire (RADIORAMAI: RA 07/90)
Radio Zumbido
La Rueda (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-11)
Rae, Fonda
Living in Ecstasy (WAVE: WM 50011-1)
[Mega Remix] (GMV: GMV 323)
Rainy Dayz (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-09)
Angel's Symphony (EUROT: ETCD015)
I Can't Believe (GFB: GFB 041)
I Can't Believe (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-04)
Just Take Me Higher (ZYX: 70082-2)
Take Me Higher (DH: DH-07)
We Gonna Get (RS: RS-CD-04)
We've Got To Live Together (HT: CD-BNRG-3)
We've Got to Live Together (HT: NRG 11)
R.A.F. by Picotto
In 2 My Life (REMIX: RINCD10)
Rafferty, Nick vs PBS
Groovin (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-08)
Raff vs Grit Greenglow
Propaganda 303 (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-03)
RAF G. feat./ M2M
Over and Over (EUROT: ETCD003)
Rafy Burgos "El Cupido"
No Seas Cruel (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-10)
Give It Up (PULS8: CDLOSE53)
Run to You (RM: GRID-CD-10)
Rage Against The Machine
Bulls On Parade (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-04)
Down Rodeo (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-12)
No Shelter (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
People Of The Sun (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-08)
Rage Against the Machine
Renegades of Funk (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2001-04)
Renegades of Funk (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-12)
Sleep Now in Fire (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-03)
Testify (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-09)
Rageous proj'ng Kevin Aviance
Cunty (The Feeling) (SR: SR 12486)
Ragged Life
I'll Be Right Here (RM: OUR-Sector-26)
Glow (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-06)
Pole Position (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-11)
Rah Digga
Party & Bullsh*t 2003 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-11)
Rah Digga feat. Busta Rhymes
Imperial (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-02)
All I Know (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-05)
All I Know (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-06)
Raina Feat. J-Me
Kamasutra (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
Rainbow Bridge
EP (RAINBOWBR: 9504459)
Field Noize (RAINBOWBR: 9504459)
The Rain (RAINBOWBR: 9504459)
Zones (RAINBOWBR: 9504459)
Rainbow Nation |FE| Dionne
All of It (ALMY: CD ALMY 64)
I've Never Been to Me (ALMY: CD ALMY 64)
These Boots are Made for Walkin' (ALMY: CD ALMY 64)
Rain, Ceili
A Hundred Smiles An Hour (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-09)
I Can Fly (DN: CD-1)
Birds '97, The (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1997-11)
Raitt, Bonnie
You Got It (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-03)
Turn It Up (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1994-09)
Guess Who's Back (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-11)
Saga Begins, The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Ralph, Sheryl Lee
In the Evening (ALMY: ALMY CD 08)
In the Evening (ALMY: CD ALMY 80)
Ramazzotti, Eros
Una Emocion Para Siempre (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-06)
Essence of Ecstasy (RM: GRID-BEST-01)
Essence of Ecstasy (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Fascinate (RM: LEVEL-07)
Bomba (ZYX: 7309-8)
El Gallinero (ZYX: 7309-8)
El Palo (ZYX: 7309-8)
La Musika Tremenda (ZYX: 7309-8)
Orgasmico (ZYX: 7309-8)
Ramirez Hits Megamix (ZYX: 7309-8)
Terapia (ZYX: 7309-8)
Terapia - Remix (ZYX: 70082-2)
Ramirez, D.
Bounce Your DJ (CDPOOL: UKU312)
Bounce Your DJ (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2002-10)
Ramirez, D
Burnin' Up (CDPOOL: UKU301)
Ramirez, Dino "Fingers"
I Need Ya (CDPOOL: UKU305)
Ramirez, Karen
If We Try (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1999-01)
Lies (MANIF U: FESX58)
Looking for Love (MANIF U: FESCD 44)
Looking For Love (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2001-02)
Looking For Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2001-02)
Looking For Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-02)
Troubled Girl (MANIF U: FESX 31)
Troubled Girl (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-10)
Ramiro & Billy
Una Y Mil Veces (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-03)
Turn It Out (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-08)
Ram Jam
Black Betty (EPIC: EK 47492)
Black Betty (PC: PC-03-3)
Du Hast (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Links 2-3-4 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-03)
Ramone, Gene
Romantic Face (BABAL I: 1005)
Rampage The Last Boy Scout Feat. B. Rhymes
Wild For Da Night (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-04)
Rampley, Gee
Radio Style (FDT I: FDT 006)
Ramsey, Tarralyn
Up Against All Odds (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2004-02)
Bloodclot (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Fall Back Down (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-08)
Let Me Go (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-07)
Red Hot Moon (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-11)
Ruby Soho (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1995-12)
Randall, Jon
Cold Coffee Morning (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-02)
Willin' (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-10)
Randolph, Robert
I Need More Love (PROMOONLY: CC-2004-02)
Random House Project ft Robert Owens
Longing (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2004-03)
Left to Right (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-08)
Range Of Motion feat. Tanja Dixon
What U Mean To Me (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-11)
Rank 1
Airwave (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-11)
Airwave (RM: MembRev14)
Rank 1
Airwave (RM: OUR-Sector-24)
Breathing (Airwave) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-09)
Breathing (Airwave) (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-08)
It's Up To You (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2004-03)
Ranks, Shabba
Let's Get It On (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-02)
Shine Eye Gal (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-06)
Raoination & Mazelle, Kym
Love Me The Right Way (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-02)
Love Me The Right Way '96 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-10)
Foolin' (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-03)
Rapination feat. Kym Mazelle
Love Me the Right Way (LOGIC: LUS 047)
Love Me the Right Way (RCA: 07863-625292)
Rapination & Kim Mazelle
Love Me the Right Way (DT: DT-19)
Love Me the Right Way (HT: CD-12-01)
Rappatoni, Nick
Long Time Now (CDPOOL: UKC204)
Rappin' 4-Tay
Ain't No Playa (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-02)
I'll Be Around (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-02)
Playaz Club (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1994-10)
Rascal Flatts
I Melt (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-08)
I'm Movin' On (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-03)
Love You Out Loud (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-02)
Mayberry (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2004-02)
Prayin' For Daylight (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-03)
These Days (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-07)
This Everyday Love (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-09)
While You Loved Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-04)
While You Loved Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-09)
Rasoul + McArthy
Atltantis [? sic for Atlantis?] (GUIDANCE: 43)
Retrospect (GUIDANCE: 43)
Retrospect EP (GUIDANCE: 43)
Shifting Bears [? sic for Beats] (GUIDANCE: 43)
On the Road Again (LOMBA I: LMB 031)
Sunrise (Here I Am) (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2001-04)
Rauhofer, Peter
This Is My House (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-11)
Rauhofer, Peter + The Pet Shop Boys=Collaboration
Break 4 Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-02)
Rauhofer, Peter & the Pet Shop Boys =The Collaboration
Break 4 Love (STAR69: Starpromo 1217)
Break 4 Love (STAR69: Starpromo 1219)
Rave Factory, The
Open Your Mind (RADIK: 01624-15426-2)
Tracks of Illusions (RM: GRID-CD-19)
Raven, Chris
I Lost You (RM: OUR-Sector-26)
Raven Maize
Fascinated (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-10)
Fascinated (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-01)
Real Life, The (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-01)
Real Life, The (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-04)
Raven, Marsha
Catch Me (I'm Falling in Love)
Raveonettes, The
Attack of the Ghost Riders (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-03)
Ravers On Dope
Hardcore Vibes (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-08)
Ravizza, Giuzy
Save the Fire (CRUIS I: CRN 748)
Raw Sex
Suck It Deep
Raw Stylus
Believe in Me (GEFFE: GEFD-25102)
Believe in Me (GEFFE: GEFDM-22104)
Believe in Me (HT: CD-14-08)
Believe In Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-10)
Believe In Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-10)
Baker Street (ZYX: 70070-2)
Raybon Bros.
Way She's Looking, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-08)
Raybon Bros. (w/ Newton-John)
Falling (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-11)
Rayce, Chris
Intelstat Coreshot 2x12 (SWELL: SWELL 012)
Rayce, Christopher
Feelgood (SWELL: SWELL 006)
Mohammud's Bathmat (SWELL: SWELL 008)
Space Medics (SWELL: SWELL 005)
Raye, Collin
Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-08)
Couldn't Last a Moment (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-02)
She's All That (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-11)
Raye, Collin & Bobbie Eakes
Tired of Loving This Way (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-07)
Rayito Colombiano
Dama De Noche (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-07)
El Baile De La Ranita (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-11)
Ray J
Formal Invite (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-11)
Formal Invite (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-09)
Wait a Minute (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-08)
Ray-J feat. Lil' Kim
Wait a Minute (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-03)
Wait a Minute (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-03)
Ray-J (feat. Lil' Kim)
Wait a Minute (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-06)
Ray, Jimmy
Are You Jimmy Ray? (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
Are You Jimmy Ray? (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Are You Jimmy Ray? (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Ray, Johnny
Todavia No (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-05)
Ray, Kenny
La Boto Y Ya (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-10)
Ray Makers, The
What Would You Like To Play? (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-08)
Mari (Contigo) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1997-12)
Rayne, Dana
Object Of My Desire (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-11)
Ray, Norma
Crazy About U (RM: TRAN-CD-P14)
Ray, Richie & Bobby Cruz
Piedras En El Camino (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-06)
Shake It (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-09)
Ray Roc & Johnick
2 Da Sky (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-06)
Ray Roc Zone
Moody Flutes (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-01)
Ray Sepulveda
Eres (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-03)
My Bad (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-08)
My Bad (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-04)
No Gun No Murder (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1994-08)
Pretty "Before I Go To Bed" (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-01)
Rayvon feat. Shaggy, Rik Rok Ducent, Brian & Tony Gold
2 Way (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-11)
Raza Obrera
Arrepegaito (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-03)
El Narizon (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-12)
Mil Botellas (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2004-01)
Bass Power (ATL: 0-85992)
Bass Power (ATL: PRCD 4045-2)
Bass Power (RS: RS-CD-04)
Break 4 Love (CHAMP: CHAMPCD 314)
Break for Love (RM: RM !-20)
Break for Love (WHITE: BADBRUVAS-1)
7th Anniversary Box Set [7 disks] (RM: RM-CD-ANV7)
Anniversary 5.5: Prehistoric Razormaid! (RM: ANV-5.5)
Anniversary 5: Prehistoric Razormaid! (RM: ANV-5)
Anniversary nine-point-zero [10 disk box set] (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Anniversary six-point-five (RM: ANV-6.5)
Best of Gridlock! The Scary Years (Part 1) (RM: GRID-BEST-01)
Best of Gridlock! The Scary Years (Part 2) (RM: GRID-BEST-02)
Class X CD-01 (RM: CX-CD-01)
Class X CD-03 (RM: CX-CD-03)
Compact Disk Series "r-1" (RM: RM-CD-r1)
Compact Disk Series "r-5" (RM: RM-CD-r5)
Gridlock! 02 (RM: GRID-02)
Gridlock! 04 (RM: GRID-04)
Gridlock! CD-02 (RM: GRID-CD-02)
Gridlock! CD-03 (RM: GRID-CD-03)
Gridlock! CD-05 (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Gridlock! CD-06 (RM: GRID-CD-06)
Gridlock! CD-07 (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Gridlock! CD-08 (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Gridlock! CD-09 (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Gridlock! CD-10 (RM: GRID-CD-10)
Gridlock! CD-11 (RM: GRID-CD-11)
Gridlock! CD-12 (RM: GRID-CD-12)
Gridlock! CD-13 (RM: GRID-CD-13)
Gridlock! CD-14 (RM: GRID-CD-14)
Gridlock! CD-15 (RM: GRID-CD-15)
Gridlock! CD-16 (RM: GRID-CD-16)
Gridlock! CD-17 (RM: GRID-CD-17)
Gridlock! CD-18 (RM: GRID-CD-18)
Gridlock! CD-19 (RM: GRID-CD-19)
Gridlock! CD-20 (RM: GRID-CD-20)
Gridlock! CD-21 (RM: GRID-CD-21)
Gridlock! CD-22 (RM: GRID-CD-22)
Gridlock! CD-23 (RM: GRID-CD-23)
Gridlock! CD-24 (RM: GRID-CD-24)
Level 1 (RM: LEVEL-01)
Level 10 (RM: LEVEL-10)
Level 11 (RM: LEVEL-11)
Level 2 (RM: LEVEL-02)
Level 3 (RM: LEVEL-03)
Level 4 (RM: LEVEL-04)
Level 5 (RM: LEVEL-05)
Level 6 (RM: LEVEL-06)
Level 7 (RM: LEVEL-07)
Level 8 (RM: LEVEL-08)
Level 9 (RM: LEVEL-09)
Member's Revenge #10 (RM: MembRev10)
Member's Revenge #11 (RM: MembRev11)
Member's Revenge #12 : Extrapolations (RM: MembRev12)
Member's Revenge #13 : Onslaught (RM: MembRev13)
Member's Revenge #14 : Redispatched (RM: MembRev14)
Member's Revenge #15 : Oppressive (RM: MembRev15)
O.U.R. Sector 12 (RM: OUR-Sector-12)
O.U.R. Sector 13 (RM: OUR-Sector-13)
O.U.R. Sector 15 (RM: OUR-Sector-15)
O.U.R. Sector 16 (RM: OUR-Sector-16)
O.U.R. Sector 17 (RM: OUR-Sector-17)
O.U.R. Sector 18 (RM: OUR-Sector-18)
O.U.R. Sector 19 (RM: OUR-Sector-19)
O.U.R. Sector 20 (RM: OUR-Sector-20)
O.U.R. Sector 21 (RM: OUR-Sector-21)
O.U.R. Sector 22 (RM: OUR-Sector-22)
O.U.R. Sector 23 (RM: OUR-Sector-23)
O.U.R. Sector 24 (RM: OUR-Sector-24)
O.U.R. Sector 25 (RM: OUR-Sector-25)
O.U.R. Sector 26 (RM: OUR-Sector-26)
O.U.R. Sector 27 (RM: OUR-Sector-27)
O.U.R. Sector 40 (RM: OUR-Sector-40)
O.U.R. Sector 42 (RM: OUR-Sector-42)
O.U.R. Sector 45 (RM: OUR-Sector-45)
O.U.R. Sector 49 (RM: OUR-Sector-49)
O.U.R. Sector 50 (RM: OUR-Sector-50)
Razormaid !-20 (RM: RM !-20)
Razormaid a-22 (RM: RM a-22)
Razormaid D-19 (RM: RM D-19)
Razormaid o-14 (RM: RM 0-14)
Razormaid o-24 (RM: RM o-24)
Razormaid r-15 (RM: RM r-15)
Razormaid r-21 (RM: RM r-21)
Razormaid z-13 (RM: RM z-13)
Seismic Sound 1 (RM: SS-01)
Seismic Sound 2 (RM: SS-02)
Seismic Sound CD-01 (RM: SS-CD-01)
Seismic Sound CD-02 (RM: SS-CD-02)
Seismic Sound CD-03 (RM: SS-CD-03)
Seismic Sound CD-04 (RM: SS-CD-04)
Seismic Sound CD-05 (RM: SS-CD-05)
Seismic Sound CD-06 (RM: SS-CD-06)
Seismic Sound CD-07 (RM: SS-CD-07)
Seismic Sound CD-08 (RM: SS-CD-08)
Seismic Sound CD-09 (RM: SS-CD-09)
Seismic Sound CD-10 (RM: SS-CD-10)
Seismic Sound CD-11 (RM: SS-CD-11)
Seismic Sound CD-12 (RM: SS-CD-12)
Seismic Sound CD-13 (RM: SS-CD-13)
Select Series 01 - Volume 01 (RM: SELECT-V-01)
Select Series 01 - Volume 02 (RM: SELECT-V-02)
Select Series 01 - Volume 03 (RM: SELECT-V-03)
Select Series 01 - Volume 04 (RM: SELECT-V-04)
Select Series 01 - Volume 05 : Intoxication (RM: SELECT-V-05)
Select Series 01 - Volume 05 : Isostasy (RM: SELECT-V-05)
Select Series 01 - Volume 06 (RM: SELECT-V-06)
Select Series 02 - Volume 07 (RM: SELECT-V-07)
Select Series 02 - Volume 08 (RM: SELECT-V-08)
Select Series 02 - Volume 09 (RM: SELECT-V-09)
Select Series 02 - Volume 10 (RM: SELECT-V-10)
Select Series 02 - Volume 11 (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Select Series 02 - Volume 12 (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Select Series 03 - Volume 13 (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Select Series 03 - Volume 14 (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Select Series 03 - Volume 15 (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Select Series 03 - Volume 16 (RM: SELECT-V-16)
Select Series 03 - Volume 17 (RM: SELECT-V-17)
Select Series 03 - Volume 18 (RM: SELECT-V-18)
SLOW-CD 10: Maid! How Slow Can You Go? (RM: SLOW-CD-10)
SLOW-CD 4: Maid! How Slow Can You Go? (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
SLOW-CD 5: Maid! How Slow Can You Go? (RM: SLOW-CD-05)
SLOW-CD 6: Maid! How Slow Can You Go? (RM: SLOW-CD-06)
SLOW-CD 7: Maid! How Slow Can You Go? (RM: SLOW-CD-07)
SLOW-CD 8: Maid! How Slow Can You Go? (RM: SLOW-CD-08)
SLOW-CD 9: Maid! How Slow Can You Go? (RM: SLOW-CD-09)
SP-003: This is only a Test (RM: SP-003)
SP-005: This is Only a Test, Vol. 5 (RM: SP-005)
SP-006: This is Only a Test Vol. 6 (RM: SP-006)
SP-007: This is Only a Test Vol. 7 (RM: SP-007)
SP-014: Maid! How Slow Can You Go? (RM: SP-014)
SP-015: Maid! How Slow Can You Go? (RM: SP-015)
SP-016: This is Only a Test! (RM: SP-016)
SP-017: This is Only a Test! (RM: SP-017)
SP-CD-10: Maid! How Slow Can You Go? (RM: sp-cd-10)
SPCD-11: This is Only a Test (RM: sp-cd-11)
SPCD-12: This is Only a Test (RM: sp-cd-12)
SPCD-13: This is Only a Test (RM: sp-cd-13)
SPCD-14: This is Only a Test (RM: sp-cd-14)
SPCD-15: This is Only a Test (RM: sp-cd-15)
SPCD-16: This is Only a Test (RM: sp-cd-16)
SPCD-17: This is Only a Test (RM: sp-cd-17)
The Atrocity Exhibition (RM: Atrocity)
The Best of Seismic Sound (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
The Very Best of Razormaid! II (RM: RM-CD-02)
The Very Best of Razormaid! III (RM: RM-CD-03)
The Very Best of Razormaid! IV (RM: RM-CD-04)
The Very Best of Razormaid! VI (RM: RM-CD-06)
The Very Best of Razormaid! VIII (RM: RM-CD-08)
Totally Oscillated (RM: TOTOSC-01)
Transit! Position-01 (RM: TRAN-CD-P01)
Transit! Position-02 (RM: TRAN-CD-P02)
Transit! Position-03 (RM: TRAN-CD-P03)
Transit! Position-04 (RM: TRAN-CD-P04)
Transit! Position-05 (RM: TRAN-CD-P05)
Transit! Position-06 (RM: TRAN-CD-P06)
Transit! Position-07 (RM: TRAN-CD-P07)
Transit! Position-08 (RM: TRAN-CD-P08)
Transit! Position-09 (RM: TRAN-CD-P09)
Transit! Position-10 (RM: TRAN-CD-P10)
Transit! Position-11 (RM: TRAN-CD-P11)
Transit! Position-12 (RM: TRAN-CD-P12)
Transit! Position-13 (RM: TRAN-CD-P13)
Transit! Position-14 (RM: TRAN-CD-P14)
Transit! Position-15 (RM: TRAN-CD-P15)
Transit! Position-16 (RM: TRAN-CD-P16)
Transit! Position-17 (RM: TRAN-CD-P17)
Transit! Position-18 (RM: TRAN-CD-P18)
Do It Again (GROOV: GM EP1 CD)
Razor 'N Guido
Do It Again (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
Do It Again (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Don't Look Behind "U" (GROOV: GM EP1 CD)
Men Beat Their Men (GROOV: GM EP1 CD)
The Razor'N'Guido EP (GROOV: GM EP1 CD)
Razor 'N Guido
You Used To Hold Me (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Razor N Guido feat. Reina
Miss the Way (GROOV: GM226CD)
Miss the Way (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-01)
Razors Edge
The Zoo (GATE: T-CD-97X2)
Razos , Los
Pero Como Yo Ninguno (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-06)
Kill Yourself Dancing (SUN: 2766)
Pump It Up (SUN: 2766)
Razz-Matazz (SUN: 2766)
Say It (SUN: 2766)
N.E.A.U. (RM: SS-CD-09)
No Alternative (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-11)
R. Bradley's Blackwater ...
California (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-01)
Big Chair (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1995-11)
Big Chair (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-06)
Big & Mean (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-11)
She's Imperial (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-02)
Rea, Chris & Shirley Bassey
Disco La Passione (DH: DH-Sector-07)
Disco La Passione (GATE: S-CD-01-97)
Can't Keep My Hands Off You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
Can't Keep My Hands Off You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Can't Keep My Hands Off You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
I Can't Keep My Hands Off You (REMIX: RADIO-CD-04)
I Can't Keep My Hands Off You (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Let's Go All the Way (COL: 44K 78958)
Let's Go All The Way (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
Let's Go All The Way (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-03)
Let's Go All The Way (REMIX: LTD-01)
Let's Go All The Way (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Let's Go All The Way (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
React 2 Rhythm
All or Nothing (GUERI U: GRRR35)
I Know You Like It (GUERI: 077771322129)
Intoxication (GUERI: 077771322129)
Intoxication (GUERI: X25G-13844)
Intoxication (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Ready for Dead
Ready for Dead (LIMBO: LIMB 14)
Real Deal, The
Don't You Wanna Be Mine (DH: DH-14)
Don't You Wanna Be Mine (HT: CD-14-08)
Cuando Quieras, Ven Conmigo (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-03)
Wanna Get Busy (DT: DT-30)
Wanna Get Busy (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-12)
Wanna Get Busy (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-12)
Yolanda (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-09)
Yolanda (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1993-09)
Yolanda (ZYX: 7161-8)
Real Life
Send Me an Angel (DH: REWIND80S)
Send Me An Angel (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
Send Me An Angel (RM: SELECT-V-10)
This Is Not A Breakdown (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2002-02)
Real McCoy
Another Night (ARISTA: 07822-12724-2)
Another Night (ARISTA: 07822-18778-2)
Another Night (DH: DH-11)
Another Night (DT: DT-43 [DDR-43])
Another Night (HT: CD-13-07)
Another Night (LOGIC U: 74321272702)
Another Night (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-08)
Another Night (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-09)
!(Artist Info)
Automatic Lover (DT: DT-36)
Automatic Lover (HT: CD-14-07)
Automatic Lover (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-10)
Automatic Lover (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-10)
Automatic Lover (ULTIMIX: Ultimix 58)
Automatic Lover (Call for Love) (ARISTA: 07822-12877-2)
Automatic Lover (Call for Love) (ARISTA: 07822-18778-2)
Come and Get Your Love (ARISTA: 07822-12841-2)
Come and Get Your Love (ARISTA: 07822-12866-2)
Come and Get Your Love (ARISTA: 07822-18778-2)
Come and Get Your Love (DT: DT-35)
Come and Get Your Love (HT: CD-14-04)
Come & Get Your Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-07)
Come & Get Your Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-06)
(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm ... (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-10)
(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm ... (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-09)
(If You're Not in it for Love)I'm Outta Here (ARISTA: 07822-13404-2)
(If You're Not in it for Love)I'm Outta Here (DH: DH-Sector-14)
(If You're Not in it for Love)I'm Outta Here (REMIX: RMXCSCD06)
If Your Not In It For Love (REMIX: RADIO-CD-01)
If You Should Ever Be Lonely (Deep nt' Night) (ARISTA: 07822-18778-2)
I Wanna Come (With You) (ARISTA: 07822-13404-2)
I Wanna Come (With You) (HT: CD-16-04)
I Wanna Come (With You) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-08)
I Want You (ARISTA: 07822-12809-2)
I Want You (ARISTA: 07822-18778-2)
Love & Devotion (ARISTA: 07822-12983-2)
Love & Devotion (ARISTA: 07822-18778-2)
Love & Devotion (LOGIC U: 74321272702)
Megablast (ARISTA: 07822-12841-2)
One More Time (ARISTA: 07822-13329-2)
One More Time (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-05)
One More Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-03)
Ooh Boy (ARISTA: 07822-12983-2)
Ooh Boy (ARISTA: 07822-18778-2)
Ooh Boy (DT: DT-37)
Operator (ARISTA: 07822-18778-2)
Operator (DT: DT-42)
Run Away (ARISTA: 07822-12809-2)
Run Away (ARISTA: 07822-18778-2)
Run Away (DT: DT-32)
Run Away (HT: CD-14-02)
Run Away (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-03)
Run Away (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-03)
Sleeping with an Angel (ARISTA: 07822-12983-2)
Sleeping with an Angel (ARISTA: 07822-18778-2)
Tonight (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Realm, The
This is Not a Breakdown (CDPOOL: UKC302)
This is Not a Breakdown (CDPOOL: UKU302)
Real People
She's Underground (ACADE I: ACD 8529)
Real Rulers
Ladies Rock The House (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1997-12)
Real to Real
I Like to Move It (SR: SR12192)
I Want You Around (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2004-02)
Soul Sister (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2004-03)
One Honest Heart (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-03)
You Keep Me Hangin' On (MCA: MCADM-55195)
Reba & Brooks & Dunn
If You See Him/If You See Her (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Sin So Well (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Rebel Hearts
Colorado (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-08)
Daddy's Dream (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-06)
Daddy's Dream (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-09)
Heroes (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-04)
Jesse Dunn (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-10)
Jesse Dunn (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-02)
Too Young (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-03)
When Will I Be Loved (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-06)
Wrangler Walk (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-03)
Wrangler Walk (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-06)
Rebel Youth
What is Soul? (RM: GRID-CD-15)
Recall IV
Contrast (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Reckless Kelly
Nobody's Girl (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-11)
Luscious Apparatus (FUTUR U: FM/62/SP/97 A)
Rec Rangers
Toot Toot Hey Beep Beep (CDPOOL: UKC202)
X-Press 2 Razzle Mix (CDPOOL: UKU201)
Heaven & Earth (CDPOOL: UKC203)
Red 5
I Love You... Stop (RM: SELECT-V-04)
Red 5 pres. Blast
Crazy Man 2003 (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-12)
Red and Jo
I'm Lonesome Tonight (LOMBA I: LMB 010)
Sonic Strategy (CDPOOL: UKU202)
Sonic Strategy (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2001-01)
Red Buddha
Recovery (CDPOOL: UKU310)
Red Devil
Kinetic (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
Spirits (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2001-05)
Redd, Sharon
Beat the Street (PRELU: SPEC 1339)
Redemption feat./ Evelyn Thomas
Tell The World (MAX U: MXDM 2035)
Red Flag
Give Me Your Hand (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
If I Ever (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Rescue (RM: LEVEL-01)
Live In the Castle (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-04)
Red Hook Brotherhood
JD Theme (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-10)
Red Hooks Dream
Your Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1996-12)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Aeroplane (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-01)
Aeroplane (Clean Version) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-01)
Around The World (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-09)
By the Way (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-07)
Californication (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-09)
Californication (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-06)
Can't Stop (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-12)
Coffee Shop (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-05)
Dosed (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-06)
Fortune Faded (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-11)
Love Rollercoaster (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-12)
Love Rollercoaster (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-11)
Otherside (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-02)
Otherside (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-12)
Scar Tissue (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-07)
Scar Tissue (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-06)
The Zephyr Song (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-10)
Red Light feat. Tyler Watson
And Then... (HB: HB-018)
Who Needs Enemies (HB: HB-013)
Bang (MAX U: MXD-2008)
Funkorama (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-01)
I'll Be That (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-01)
I'll Be That (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Let's Get Dirty (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-05)
Saga Continues, The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2004-03)
Smash Sumthin' (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-07)
That's How It Is (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-12)
Whateva Man (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-02)
Redman Feat. Busta Rhymes
Da Goodness (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-01)
Redman feat. E3
Ride (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-04)
Gorillaz On My Mind (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-03)
Redman/Method Man
Tear It Off (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1999-10)
Redman, Rodney
These Days (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-10)
Redmon & Vale
If I Had A Nickel (One Thin Dime) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-05)
In the Name of Love (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-03)
Squeezin' The Love Outta You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-09)
Cotton Eye Joe (BATT: 01241-46500-2)
Cotton Eye Joe (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-02)
Cotton Eye Joe (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-03)
Old Pop in an Oak (EUROT: ETCD003)
Red, Paris
Ain't Nobody (COL G: 660442-2)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (DAN: 657866 6)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (EPIC: EK 53437)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (HT: CD-BNRG-3)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (HT: NRG 11)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Git Wit Me (GLOW U: GLOW 015)
Git Wit Me (UCA U: UCA L 001 D-6)
Good Friend (EPIC: 49-74157)
Good Friend (EPIC: EK 52477)
Good Friend (RM: GRID-04)
Good Friend (RM: GRID-CD-03)
Gotta have it (from NY straight to Paris) (COL G: COL 659344-2)
Little Things We Do For Love (DAN: 657866 6)
Love is in the air (COL G: COL 659344-2)
Party (RM: TRAN-CD-P07)
Promises (DAN: 658402-2)
Red Rat
Buss Up Pants Waist (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Red Red Groovy
Another Kind of Find (DT: DT-23)
Another Kind Of Find (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-08)
Come To Me, Ecstacy (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-07)
Red Shift
This High (CDPOOL: UKU212)
Red Snapper
Bogeyman (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1999-04)
Blowing Up (Like You Thought I Would) (TWEAK: TW-022)
Red Telephone, The
Piranha (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Red Velvet
Lady Don't Cry (HT: CD-14-07)
Lady Don't Cry (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-09)
Red Wing
Dreamworld (RM: OUR-Sector-16)
Reed, Jerry
Does Anybody Want To Boogie (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-09)
Talk The Talk And Walk The Walk (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-03)
You Can't Stop the Groove (STRES U: STRSCD2)
Reel 2 Real
Are You Ready For Some More (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-09)
Are You Ready For Some More? (SR: SR12443CD)
Can You Feel It? (POSIT: CDTIVA 1004)
Can You Feel It ? (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-10)
Go On Move (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-03)
I Like To Move It (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-12)
Mueve La Cadera (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Raise Your Hands (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-01)
Reel Big Fish
Beer (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Sell Out (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-04)
She Has A Girlfriend Now (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-12)
Where Have You Been? (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-06)
Reel Houze f/ Jo Maskell
No Difference (ZOOM: ZOOM 035)
Reel Howze
Feel the Warmth (HARDT U: HT (V) 96CD1)
Reel Soul Feat. Harding, Carolyn
Talk About Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-08)
Reel to Real f. t Mad Stuntman
Conway (SR: SR12337CD)
Go On Move '94 (SR: SR12256CD)
Reel to Reel f. Erick More
The New Anthem (SR: 306CD)
Reese Project
Direct Me (GIANT: 9 40307-2)
Direct Me (NWK: NWKT31)
Direct Me (NWK: NWKTR31)
Edition 1 (NWK: NWKT31)
Edition 2 (NWK: NWKTR31)
I Believe (HT: RK-CD-1.04)
Just Another Chance (NWK: NWKTR31)
Station of the Groove (GIANT: 9 40307-2)
Station of the Groove (NWK: NWKTR31)
The Colour of Love (GIANT: 9 40401-2)
Reese Project/Andrew Pearce vs
Where Love Lives (SIX6: AP DJ1)
Reese Project vs. Bump
So Deep (NWK: NWKTDJ 68/1)
Reeves, Julie
It's About Time (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-03)
Trouble Is A Woman (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-06)
Reeves, Ronna
My Heart Wasn't It (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-04)
Rodeo Man (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-07)
Rodeo Man (Buckaroo Mix) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-07)
Reflektive & Andrea Britton
Breathe Life (CDPOOL: UKU304)
Reflektive feat. Louise De Fraine
Echoes (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2001-04)
The Politics of Dancing (HT: EDGE-L01)
Reflex feat. MC Viper
Put Your Hands Up (CDPOOL: UKC207)
Banditos (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-06)
Refugee Camp All Stars
Avenues (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-09)
Refugee Camp All-Stars
Sweetest Thing, The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-04)
Regency Buck
Free To Change Your Mind (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-03)
Free To Change Your Mind (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-01)
Baby Love (INJ: 234.732)
Day By Day (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-12)
Regina Regina
More Than I Wanted To Know (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-01)
It Don't Matter (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-07)
It Don't Matter (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-02)
Rehenes De Javier Torres, Los
Esta Cara Triste (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-05)
Indestructible (HOLA: 119-341-007-2)
Indestructible (HOLA: 6-119-341-003-17)
At the Speed of Light (A&M: SP-12268)
Anything for Love (GROOV: GM 088)
Anything For Love (HT: CD-18-05-BONUSCD)
Anything For Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-12)
Anything For Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-09)
Find Another Woman (DH: DH-Sector-23)
Find Another Woman (GROOV: GM 058)
Find Another Woman (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
Find Another Woman (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
No One's Gonna Change You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-03)
No Ones Gonna Change You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-01)
Rein, Paul
Hold Back Your Love (ZYX: 5339)
Hold Back Your Love (Controla tu Amor) (MST: MX-0134-5)
Sex (Sexo) (MST: MX-0134-5)
Vestido Rojo (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2004-02)
Requiem Part 1 (DH: DH-07)
Relient K
Chapstick, Chapped Lips & Things Like Chemistry (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-06)
For the Moments I Feel Faint (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-06)
Getting Into You (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-03)
I Celebrate The Day (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-12)
Less is More (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-10)
The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-10)
Those Words Are Not Enough (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-04)
Love For Free (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Rell feat. Jay-Z
It's Obvious (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-08)
It's Obvious (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-11)
Showroom Dummies (VITAMIN: CD-8532)
Bitter Sweet Me (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-10)
Daysleeper (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
E-Bow The Letter (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-09)
Electrolite (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-02)
Great Beyond, The (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-11)
Imitation of Life (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-05)
Lotus (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-01)
Strange Currencies (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-04)
So Pure (CDPOOL: UKU311)
So Pure (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2002-09)
Rembrandts, The
Drowning In Your Tears (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-02)
I'll Be There For You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-06)
This House Is Not A Home (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-10)
Club Series 1 (REMIX: RMXCSCD01)
Club Series 10 (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Club Series 11 (REMIX: RMXCSCD11)
Club Series 12 (REMIX: RMXCSCD12)
Club Series 13 (REMIX: RMXCSCD13)
Club Series 14 (REMIX: RMXCSCD14)
Club Series 15 (REMIX: RMXCSCD15)
Club Series 16 (REMIX: RMXCSCD16)
Club Series 17 (REMIX: RMXCSCD17)
Club Series 18 (REMIX: RMXCSCD18)
Club Series 19 (REMIX: RMXCSCD19)
Club Series 2 (REMIX: RMXCSCD02)
Club Series 20 (REMIX: RMXCSCD20)
Club Series 3 (REMIX: RMXCSCD03)
Club Series 4 (REMIX: RMXCSCD04)
Club Series 5 (REMIX: RMXCSCD05)
Club Series 6 (REMIX: RMXCSCD06)
Club Series 7 (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Club Series 8 (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Club Series 9 (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
En Español - Volume 1 (REMIX: RESCD01)
En Español - Volume 2 (REMIX: RESCD02)
En Español - Volume 3 (REMIX: RESCD03)
Eurotracks 17 (REMIX: EURO-17)
Import/NRG Series - Volume 1 (REMIX: RINCD01)
Import/NRG Series - Volume 2 (REMIX: RINCD02)
Import/NRG Series - Volume 3 (REMIX: RINCD03)
Import/NRG Series - Volume 4 (REMIX: RINCD04)
Import/NRG Series - Volume 5 (REMIX: RINCD05)
Import/NRG Series - Volume 6 (REMIX: RINCD06)
Import/NRG Series - Volume 7 (REMIX: RINCD07)
Import Series - Volume 10 (REMIX: RINCD10)
Import Series - Volume 8 (REMIX: RINCD08)
Import Series - Volume 9 (REMIX: RINCD09)
Limited Series - No. 1 (REMIX: LTD-01)
Radio Mix Series - No. 1 (REMIX: RADIO-CD-01)
Radio Mix Series - No. 2 (REMIX: RADIO-CD-02)
Radio Mix Series - No. 3 (REMIX: RADIO-CD-03)
Radio Mix Series - No. 4 (REMIX: RADIO-CD-04)
Radio Mix Series - No. 5 (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Radio Mix Series - No. 6 (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Shakin' and Burnin' (CDPOOL: UKC212)
Shakin' and Burnin' (CDPOOL: UKU212)
Soular (LIMBO: LIMB 28)
Remy Zero
Perfect Memory (I'll Remember You) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-04)
Problem (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-07)
Prophecy (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Save Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-01)
Save Me (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-09)
Renan Almendarez Coello (El Cucuy De La Manana)
Poema De Amor (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-01)
Renan Almendarez Coello Y Conjunto Primavera
Naila (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-06)
Una Promesa (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-07)
Rene Ablaze pres. Troxa
Autumn (CDPOOL: UKC304)
Rene, Daniel
I Take It Back (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-02)
Jamas (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-11)
Jamas (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-12)
Jamas (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-12)
No Me Tortures (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-04)
No Me Tortures (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-03)
No Me Tortures (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-04)
Rene, Daniel Feat. Jennifer Pena
El Deseo De Ti (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-07)
El Deseo De Ti (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-07)
Renee, Nadine
Next To Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-07)
Renée, Nicole
Telephone (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-02)
Rentals, The
Friends Of P (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1995-11)
Gentle Kind of Love (WB: 9 41974-2)
Promise Me Nothing (WB: 9 41974-2)
Destination Unknown (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-01)
Drop Dead Gorgeous (DECON: 74321-408432)
Drop Dead Gorgeous (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-01)
Drop Dead Gorgeous (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-01)
Holly (DECON: 74321326132)
Holly (DECON: 74321-408432)
Mutha (DECON: 74321-408432)
Out of This World (DECON: 74321-408432)
Ready to Go (DECON: 74321326132)
Ready to Go (HT: CD-15-08)
Ready To Go (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
Ready To Go (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-09)
Ready To Go (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Ready To Go (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-09)
Ready to Go (REMIX: RMXCSCD11)
Requiem Feat. Chiaro Gio
Virtual Love (CDPOOL: UKC310)
Golden Boys (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-02)
Sittin' Back (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-08)
They-Say Vision (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-06)
They-Say Vision (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-02)
They-Say Vision (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-04)
They-Say Vision (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-03)
They-Say Vision (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-05)
They-Say Vision (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-04)
They Say-Vision (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-06)
Resist 101
Impulse (RM: SS-CD-05)
Resistance D
Echoplexing (RM: LEVEL-10)
Pain of Sensibility (RM: LEVEL-05)
Art of Time (WARP: WAP37)
Respect feat. Hannah Jones
I Am What I Am (ALMY: CDALMY88S)
Rest Assured
Treat Infamy (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
Restless Heart
For Lack Of Better Words (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Restless Rockers
Dem Dem (MOON: M500933-2)
Restless (MOON: M500933-2)
Restless Soul
Mama (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-02)
Reto, El
No Que No (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-11)
Do Without [This is a Real Love] (CLE: CLE 13034 DJ)
Feel the World (RM: SS-CD-12)
Where are They Hiding? (TWEAK: TW-005)
Return, The
New Day (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-11)
Reuben, John
Are We There Yet? (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-04)
Hindsight (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-06)
Move (PROMOONLY: CC-2004-02)
Reuben, John feat. Toby Mac
God is Love (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-05)
What You Got (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-08)
Reveille Feat. Scooter
Inside Out (Can You Feel Me Now) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-03)
Revil O.
Witness (RM: SELECT-V-08)
Caught In the Rain (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-03)
Seven (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-08)
Summer of '92 (RM: OUR-Sector-16)
Revival 3000
Mighty High, The (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1997-12)
The Mighty High (HILIF: 571-809-1)
Moonlit Room (BEDROCK U: BED11)
Moonlit Room (CDPOOL: UKU202)
Raw (CDPOOL: UKC211)
The Tone (CDPOOL: UKU211)
The Runner (RM: OUR-Sector-25)
Over My Shoulder (CDPOOL: UKC203)
Rey de Copas
Frontera del Ensueno (CDPOOL: UKC206)
Reyes De Control
Como Pude Enamorarme De Ti (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-05)
Reyes Del Camino, Los
Amantes Inocentes (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-08)
Ese Soy Yo (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-12)
Si Quieres Amar Te Ensenare (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-11)
Reyes, Diana
Evitame La Pena (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-10)
Reyes, Frank
Tu Eres Ajena (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-06)
Reyna Jr., Cornelio
Amigos No (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-08)
Mil Noches (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-09)
Reyna Jr., Cornelio feat. Ramon Ayala Y Sus Bravos Del
La Chacha (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-09)
Reynolds Girls, The
I'd Rather Jack (PWL: PWLT25)
I'd Rather Jack (PWL: PWLT25R)
Reynolds, Ryan
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-07)
Reynold y Nueva Cosecha
Ese Lunar (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-1999-10)
Dance (ZYX: 70082-2)
R.H. Factor
Bootleg, The (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
R.H. Factor Pres. Carole Sylvan
Brighter Day (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-02)
Rhino Drum
Suipacha 220 (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-05)
Satisfied (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-05)
Rhonda & Physical Motion
It's My Party (ZYX: 70070-2)
Rhymes, Busta
Break Ya Neck (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-02)
Get Out (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-06)
Light Yo Ass On Fire (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-09)
Light Yo Ass On Fire (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-08)
Rhymes, Busta And Mariah Carey feat. The Flipmode Squad
I Know What You Want (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-05)
Rhymes, Busta feat. Flipmode Squad & Mariah Carey
I Know What You Want (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-03)
Rhymes, Busta feat. P. Diddy & Pharrell
Pass the Courvoisier (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-05)
Rhymes, Busta Feat. P. Diddy & Pharrell
Pass The Courvoisier (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-03)
Rhymes, Busta feat. P. Diddy & Pharrell
Pass the Courvoisier (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-05)
Rhymes, Busta feat. Spliff Star
Make It Clap (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-11)
Make It Clap (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-12)
Rhythm 3 Request
Desafinado (UMM U: UMM023)
Desafinado [P. Verlanzi, V. Palminteri] (UMM U: UMM023)
Rhythm 544
Take Another Hit (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Where Did Your Love Go (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
React 2 Rhythm Medley (RM: GRID-CD-06)
New School Fusion (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-03)
You Don't Have To Worry (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-06)
You Don't Have To Worry (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-06)
Your Love is With Me (HT: CD-16-03)
Your Love is With Me (REMIX: RMXCSCD04)
Rhythm + Dance Machine
Never (RM: TRAN-CD-P11)
Rhythmes Digitales, Les
Hypnotise (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2000-01)
Rhythm & E vs. Outerculture
Confusion "Losing My Mind" (WAXHE: WH 1109)
EZ Rider (WAXHE: WH 1109)
Rhythm Factor
You Bring Me Joy (SR: 316CD)
You Bring Me Joy (SR: SR 12275)
Rhythm Factory, The
You Bring Me Joy (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-09)
Rhythm, Inc.
Benga (PRO: PCD-1446)
Rhythm Masters
Don't F*** with My Filter (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2001-10)
The Underground (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-06)
Rhythm Of Life
Heaven (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-03)
Rhythm of Life
You Put Me in Heaven (RM: MembRev12)
Rhythm Quest
Closer to All Your Dreams (NWK: NWKTRDJ71)
Place of Joy (NWK: NWKTRDJ71)
The Wail Song (NWK: NWKTRDJ71)
Rhythm Section
Feel The Magic (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
Rhythm Source
Love Shine (HT: CD-14-05)
Rhythm & Spice
Come Together
Rhythm Stick
RS-CD-04 (RS: RS-CD-04)
RS-CD-05 (RS: RS-CD-05)
RS-CD-06 (RS: RS-CD-06)
Rhythm Unlimited
All I Wanna Do (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2004-01)
Ricardo Arjona
Dame (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-03)
Ricardo Gutierrez Y Rival
Vamonos (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-03)
Ricardo Montaner
Resumiendo (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-11)
Ricardo Y Alberto
Mi Amor No Es Un Favor (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-08)
Taca Taca (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-10)
Te Conozco (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-02)
Volvere Alguna Vez (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-10)
You and I (RICM: WH-1002)
Ricchi & Poveri
Hasta La Vista (rmx) (BABYR I: BR 54044)
Rice, Chris
Smile (Just Want To Be With You) (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-05)
The Other Side of the Radio (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-11)
Untitled Hymn (Come To Jesus) (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-12)
Rice, Rice, Hillman And Pedersen
San Antone (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-01)
Richard, Cliff
I Just Don't Have the Heart (EMI: 12EMP101)
I Just Don't Have the Heart (EMI: 2035386)
We Don't Talk Anymore
Wide Open Space (EMI: 12EMP101)
Wide Open Space (EMI: 2035386)
Richard F
Feel The Rhythm (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-03)
My Side Of The Medicine Cabinet (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
Richard Humpty Vission
Never Let Me Down (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2004-02)
Richard Johannson
Nothing Lasts (BOO U: Boo 42)
Richard, Peter
Walking in the Neon (ZYX: 70005)
Richardson, Calvin
Keep On Pushin' (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-09)
Richards, Trudy
Can't Help Lovin' That Man (MOTHR: 314-516937-2)
Richard X presents his (Sugababes)
Freak Like Me (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2003-10)
Richard X Vs. Liberty X
Being Nobody (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-09)
Rich, DJ Richie
House Boat (Love Boat Theme) (UNKNO: WANK 001)
Music is My Way of Life (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-03)
Dance Around the World (CBS U: 6502149)
Richey, Kim
From Where I Stand (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-04)
Just My Luck (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1995-06)
Those Words We Said (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1995-10)
Richie, Lionel
Angel (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2001-03)
Angel (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-03)
Angel (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-02)
Don't Wanna Lose You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-04)
Don't Wanna Lose You (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-04)
Just For You (PROMOONLY: SELECT-12-2004-0)
Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Richie Y La Banda X
El Gallo Mojao (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-04)
Rich, John
Forever Loving You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-04)
I Pray For You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-08)
Rick Garcia's "Natural Phreek"
Phreek, The (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
Rick Pier O'Niel
We Come from (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-03)
Rick Rock
Take Me Away (BMS I: 322)
Rick Vocals
Ghost (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-01)
Rick West
Ricky Naranjo Y Los Gamblers
La Media Naranja (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-03)
Ricky Y Diana
Te Olvide (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-02)
Do I Love You Enough (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-04)
She's Gone (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-09)
Rico Mambo
La Pela (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-01)
Riddle, Jessica
Even Angels Fall (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-02)
Riddlin' Kids
I Feel Fine (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-06)
Ride Committee f. Roxy
Accident (TRIBL: X25-58305)
Get Huh (IRS: 077771323522)
Love to Do It (TRIBL: X25G-58141)
Tu Quieres Cucharas? (TRIBL: X25-58305)
Ride Committee, The, feat. Roxy
Get Huh! (DH: DH-01)
Ridley, Sharon
Changin' (HT: HC-BOX-01)
Rieleros Del Norte, Los
A Medias Parejo (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-04)
Dos Seres Que Se Aman (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-08)
Mentirosa (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-08)
Prieta Orgullosa (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-12)
Una Mujer Como Tu (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-10)
White Men Can't Jump (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
L'Estate Sta Finendo (HSP: (49)549192)
Right Attitude, The
Never Knew Love Like This Before (DH: DH-04)
Right Attitude, The feat. *
Never Knew Love Like This Before (XTR: CD XTRT4)
Never Knew Love Like This Before (XTR: XTRT4)
Righteous Riders
So Many X's (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-09)
Right Said Fred
Don't Talk Just Kiss (CHARI: 96200-2)
I'm Too Sexy (CHARI: 96256-0)
I'm Too Sexy (CHARI: 96256-2)
Darsi Alla Fuga (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Darsi Alla Fuga (RM: SS-CD-09)
Rijo, Jhony
Amor Escondido (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-01)
Cuando El Amor Se Dana (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-07)
No Sufrire (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-1999-12)
Taquicardia (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-04)
Bad Money (CRUIS I: CRN 725)
Seven Days a Week (CRUIS I: CRN 736)
Sevens Days a Week (HF: 007)
Riley, Cheryl Pepsi
Ain't No Way (COL: 44-73965)
Ain't No Way - Jazz House Overhaul (COL: 44-73965)
Riley & Durrant
Candesco (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-03)
Rimes, LeAnn
Big Deal (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-10)
Blue (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-05)
But I Do Love You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-02)
Can't Fight the Moonlight (CURB: D2-73122)
Can't Fight The Moonlight (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-04)
Can't Fight the Moonlight (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-12)
Can't Fight the Moonlight (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-10)
Can't Fight The Moonlight (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-02)
Commitment (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
God Bless America (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-12)
How Do I Live (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-06)
How Do I Live (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
How Do I Live (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-08)
How Do I Live (REMIX: RADIO-CD-03)
How Do I Live (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Hurt Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-08)
I Need You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-05)
Life Goes On (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-09)
Life Goes On (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-10)
Life Goes On (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-11)
Rimes, Leann
Life Goes On (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-08)
Rimes, LeAnn
Light In Your Eyes, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-03)
Looking Through Your Eyes (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Nothin' New Under The Moon (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
One Way Ticket (Because I Can) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-10)
On The Side Of Angels (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-10)
Sittin' on Top of the World (CURB: D-1504)
Soon (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-09)
Suddenly (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-03)
Suddenly (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-06)
Suddenly (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-04)
These Arms of Mine (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
This Love (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-12)
Tic Toc (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-02)
Tic Toc (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-12)
Unchained Melody (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-01)
We Can (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-08)
We Can (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-07)
You Light Up My Life (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-09)
Rimes, Lee Ann
Sittin' on Top of the World (REMIX: RMXCSCD14)
One Game (Left to Play) (MIDDLEAST: mer001)
Shakin' (MIDDLEAST: mer003)
They Want to Kill Me / Invisible Man (MIDDLEAST: mer002)
Ringo & Finzy Kontini
Save a Dream (AMERD I: AMD 023)
La Guitaristic House Organisation (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2000-05)
Le Rock Summer (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2001-12)
Lost Love (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-04)
Lost Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-04)
Rino Cerrone
Deep Frequency (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-10)
Rio Boys Feat. Cory O
La Bamba (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
Rio & Mars
Boy I Gotta Have You (CHRYS U: CDDOME1014)
Boy, I Gotta Have You (EUROT: ETCD012)
Rio Rhythm Band
Carnival da Casa (MOON: M500933-2)
Carnival da Casa (ZYX: 60010-2)
Ti Amo Semprini (VINYS U: STORM75)
Desole Madame (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Desole Madame (RM: SS-CD-03)
Rippingtons, The
Ritmo De Tu Vida (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-05)
Rip Productions
Bugsy's Theme (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-04)
Rising, The
Cradle (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-08)
Rissa, La
I Do Both Jay & Jane (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-03)
Ritchie Family
Put Your Feet to the Beat (CASA: 314516918-2)
Ritmo De Vida
Havara (LIMBO: LIMB 47)
Taboo (LIMBO: LIMB 10)
The Spirit Is Justified (dbl) (LIMBO: LIMB 58)
Ritmo Kaliente
Que Bailen Todas (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-08)
Mistral (CDPOOL: UKC205)
Stringer (CDPOOL: UKU205)
Stringer (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2001-04)
The Hunter (LOGIC: LGADV-86916-2)
Riva Feat. Danii Minogue
Who Do You Love Now (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-03)
Riva Feat. Dannii Minogue
Who Do You Love Now? (Stringer) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-04)
Rivas, Tony
Hay Amores (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-08)
Una Oportunidad (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-10)
Rive Gauche
Dancin' Flame (AMERD I: AMD 026)
Rivera, Gustavo
El Malquerido (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-12)
Tu Cabeza En Mi Hombro (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-11)
Rivera, Jenni
El Nopal (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-10)
Escondidas, A (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-07)
Juro Que Nunca Volvere (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2004-03)
La Papa Sin Catsup (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-04)
Por Un Amor Cucurrucucu Paloma (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-11)
Querida Socia (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-07)
Una Noche Me Embriague (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-10)
Rivera, Jerry
Amor De Novela (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-09)
Herida Mortal (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-02)
Herida Mortal (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-02)
Muero (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-08)
Navegandote (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-02)
Puerto Rico (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-02)
Quiero (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-03)
Vuela Muy Alto (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-08)
Vuela Muy Alto (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-08)
Vuela Muy Alto (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-10)
Y Se Escapo El Amor (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-03)
Rivera, Jerry feat. Voltio
Mi Libertad (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-10)
Rivera, Johnny
Ella Ella (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-12)
Perdon (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-08)
Rivera Juan, "El Grande"
El Abandonado (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-09)
Rivera, Juan "El Grande"
La Lampara (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-02)
Me Falta Ella (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-08)
Mejor Me Voy (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-08)
Otra Herida Mas (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-04)
Rivera, Lupillo
Boracho Naci (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-08)
Dame Por Muerto (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2004-01)
Dame Por Muerto (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2004-02)
La Mucura (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-10)
Sin Fortuna (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-02)
Sufriendo A Solas (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-12)
Te Solte La Rienda (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-10)
Rivera, Lupillo Con Banda Sinaloense
Despreciado (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-03)
Tu Recuerdo Y Yo (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-09)
Rivera, Marito Y Su Grupo Bravo Internacional
Juana La Cubana (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-02)
Rivera, Pedro
Dos Corazones Errantes (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-03)
Rivera, Ricky
Just a Feeling of Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-06)
Rivera, Robbie
Bang, The (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-12)
Feel This Again (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-09)
Rivera , Robbie
Saxmania (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-12)
Rivera, Robbie
Sex (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-06)
The Hum Melody (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-10)
Rivera, Robbie, Axwell & JJ feat. Suzan Brittan
Burning (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-10)
Rivera, Robbie + D-Monsta
Bringing It Down (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-03)
Rivera, Robbie Pres. Invision
Relax (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1999-03)
River, Joan
What Becomes a Semi Legend Most (GHS: 4007)
River Ocean
Universal [Love and Happiness(Yemaya y Ochun) (UNKNO: DL 427)
River Ocean f. India
Love and Happiness (Yemaya y Ochun) (COOL: cdcool 287)
Love and Happiness (Yemaya y Ochun) (DH: DH-07)
Love and Happiness (Yemaya y Ochun) (SBK: 724383004829)
Love and Happiness (Yemaya y Ochun) (SR: SR12231)
River Ocean f/ India
Love & Happiness (Yemaya Yochun) (MINIS U: MINSTCD 002)
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-08)
Open the Eyes of My Heart (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-07)
Rizzo, Linda Jo
Heartflash (Tonight) (ZYX: 5570)
Perfect Love (ZYX: 5741)
You're My First, You're My Last (ZYX: 70006)
R. Kelly
Ignition (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-03)
Ignition (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-03)
Ignition (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-01)
Ignition (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-03)
I'll Never Leave (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-07)
Step In The Name Of Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2004-01)
Step In The Name Of Love (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-10)
Thoia Thoing (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-12)
Thoia Thoing (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-08)
Thoia Thoing (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-08)
Thoia thoing (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-11)
Thoia Thoing (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-09)
R. Kelly & Celine Dion
I'm Your Angel (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
I'm Your Angel (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
R. Kelly Feat. Big Tigger
Snake (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-06)
Snake (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-06)
Snake (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-06)
R. Kelly Feat. Camgron & Big Tigger
Snake (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-07)
R. Kelly feat. Jay-Z
Somebody's Girl (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-09)

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