D.J. Rhythms Dance Music Database

The D.J. Rhythms Dance Music Database is a discographical catalog which tabulates a partial history of dance music releases. It is provided for reference and historical purposes only (nothing is for sale). This catalog may be thought of as a "bibliography" of music releases. The catalog contains a fraction of the commercial and promotional pop/club dance music releases of the past 4 decades. The tracks included are of a variety of musical genres, centering mostly on house/techno music styles. It provides track, mix, mixer and BPM level detail not widely available for dance music. The information is provided with no warranty and contains errors.
Details on the layout of a typical database entry and the main cataloguing software (Musilog) are provided below.

The items listed in this database are NOT FOR SALE and are NOT AVAILABLE in any form via the D.J. Rhythms web site. The original label as cited on the entry (if known) is the company which released the product and is responsible for licensing and distribution. Some, even many, of the items in this catalog are no longer available, except perhaps through used record and CD retailers. Product that was formerly difficult to locate is now making its way into the catalogs of legal music download sites. Certain releases may only be available for sale to qualified professional djs. See the DJR F.A.Q. for tips on finding dance music.

PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTISTS. DJS AND MUSIC - don't illegally download or share music.

Database Search Interface
A beta test version of the new database search interface is now available.
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Artist Index

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Label Index - Promotional Remix Services
Note: The issues of these remix services are sold only to professional disc jockeys who adhere to the terms and conditions of a subscription agreement.

BPM Indices [A Note About BPM and BPM Calculation]

Layout of a Typical Database Entry
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Disk Artist
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Disk format: Label Label # (Country), Year

Artist (if different from Disk Artist)
Track > Track Title .............. BPM
          Mix / Mixer / Notes

Music Cataloguing Software
The main software program used for data entry in this database is MusiLog. Information on the program, the structure of the underlying databases and the program executable are provided in the Musilog section of this site. The DJR Links Catalog provides links to a number of commercially available music cataloguing programs.

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