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Alton McClain & Destiny
It Must Be Love (CASA: 838811-2)
The B-52's (WB: BSK 3355)
Barry, Claudja
Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes (CHRYS: CDS 2316)
Brightman, Sarah & Hot Gossip
Do Do Do (ARIOLA: PRO7738)
(I Lost My Heart To a) Starship Trooper (ARIOLA: PRO7738)
Brown, Peter
Crank It Up (Funk Town) (TKDISCO: 151)
Dancin' and Prancin' (SG: 219(DJ))
Jingo (SG: 219(DJ))
Take Me Home (CASA: 838810-2)
I Don't Want to be a Freak (EPIC: EK 52402)
Evers, Gaye & Nitelite
Body Party (CAP: 8523)
Faithful, Marianne
Broken English (ANTILLES: AN-801)
Why D'Ya Do It (ANTILLES: AN-801)
French Kiss
All Out of Tears (POLYD: PD-1-6197)
Lovin' Tears Suite (POLYD: PD-1-6197)
Mischief (POLYD: PD-1-6197)
Panic! (POLYD: PD-1-6197)
Right Combination Suite (POLYD: PD-1-6197)
Save Me Suite (POLYD: PD-1-6197)
We're the Right Combination (POLYD: PD-1-6197)
You Got Me Groovin' (POLYD: PD-1-6197)
Gardner, Taana
Work that Body (WE: 22116)
Hancock, Herbie
You Bet Your Love (MCI: MUSCD010)
Hayes, Isaac
Don't Let Go (CASA: 838811-2)
Don't Let Go (UNIDI C: SP5-1622)
Hernandez, Patrick
Born to Be Alive (COL: 44H 06898)
Holloway, Loleatta
All About the Paper (GA: 9504)
Baby, It's You (GA: 9504)
Loleatta Holloway (GA: 9504)
Sweet Mother of Mine (GA: 9504)
That's What You Said (GA: 9504)
The Greatest Performance of My Life (GA: 9504)
There'll Come A Time (GA: 9504)
There Must Be A Reason (GA: 9504)
Hudson, Al & The Partners
You Can Do It (MCI: MUSCD010)
Isely Brothers, The
It's a Disco Night (EPIC: EK 52402)
Jacobs, Debbie
All the Way (MCA: 3156)
Burnin' Desire (MCA: 3156)
Don't You Want My Love (MCA: 3156)
Hot Hot (Give It All You Got) (MCA: 3156)
Think I'm Fallin' in Love (MCA: 3156)
Undercover Lover (MCA: 3156)
Undercover Lover (UNIDI C: SPLK-7136)
Joli, France
Come to Me (PRL: PRL 12170)
Come to Me (UNIDI C: SPLK2-8011)
Don't Let Go (UNIDI C: SPLK2-8011)
Don't Stop Dancing (PRL: PRL 12170)
France Joli (PRL: PRL 12170)
Let Go (PRL: PRL 12170)
Playboy (PRL: PRL 12170)
Kane, Madleen
Cheri (WB: BSK 3315)
Couldn't Find A Better Way for Saying Goodbye (WB: BSK 3315)
Don't Leave Me Now (WB: BSK 3315)
Forbidden Love / Fire in Your Heart (WB: BSK 3315)
Retro (I Long for Long Ago) (WB: BSK 3315)
Secret Love Affair (WB: BSK 3315)
You and I (WB: BSK 3315)
Lipps, Inc.
Funkytown (CASA: 838810-2)
Lovich, Lene
Stateless (JE: 36102)
Lucas, Carrie
Dance With You (EPIC: EK 52402)
Mills, Stephanie
You Can Get Over (CASA: 838810-2)
In the Bush (UNIDI C: SP5-1337)
In the Bush (UNIDI C: SPLK-7136)
Keep on Jumpin' (PRELU: SPEC-1337)
Keep on Jumpin' (UNIDI C: SP5-1337)
Summer Love (PRELU: SPEC-1337)
Nightlife Unlimited
Dance, Freak & Boogie (UNIDI C: SPEC-1210)
Love is in You (UNIDI C: SPEC-1210)
Peter Jacques Band
Devil's Run (PRL: PRL 12163)
Fire Night Dance (PRL: PRL 12163)
Fly with the Wind (PRL: PRL 12163)
Walkin' on Music (PRL: PRL 12163)
Ross, Diana
The Boss (MOT: M8-923M1)
Ross, Diana & the Supremes
Medley of Hits (MOT: M00035P1)
No One Gets the Prize / The Boss (MOT: M00035P1)
Stewart, Amy
Am I Losing You (ARIOLA: SW50054)
Bring It On Back to Me (ARIOLA: SW50054)
Closest Thing to Heaven (ARIOLA: SW50054)
Get Your Love Back (ARIOLA: SW50054)
Knock on Wood (ARIOLA: SW50054)
Light My Fire/ 137 Disco Heaven (ARIOLA: SW50054)
Only a Child in Your Eyes (ARIOLA: SW50054)
You Really Touched My Heart (ARIOLA: SW50054)
Summer, Donna
Walk Away (CASA: 838811-2)
Body Strong (FANT: F-9579)
I Need Somebody to Love Tonight (FANT: F-9579)
I (Who have Nothing) (FANT: F-9579)
Stars (FANT: F-9579)
At Mignight (OG: OG 6522)
Saturday Night (OG: OG 6522)
Three Degrees, The
Out of Love Again (ARIOLA: AR9008)
The Runner (ARIOLA: AR9008)
Dancing in the Night (CASA: NBLP 7128)
Dancing in the Night / Touch Me Baby (CASA: NBLP 7128)
Love is the Ultimate (CASA: NBLP 7128)
Music in My Heart (CASA: NBLP 7128)
Ritmo De Brazil (CASA: NBLP 7128)
Take Me to Chinatown (CASA: NBLP 7128)
Touch Me Baby (CASA: NBLP 7128)
Ultimate (CASA: NBLP 7128)
Vaness, Theo
As Long As It's Love (PRL: PRL 12165)
Bad Bad Boy (PRL: PRL 12165)
I'm a Bad Bad Boy (PRL: PRL 12165)
Love Me Now (PRL: PRL 12165)
No Romance / Keep on Dancin' (PRL: PRL 12165)
Sentimentally It's You (PRL: PRL 12165)
Wilson, Mary
Red Hot (MOT: PR-58)

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