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Art Attack
In Living Stereo (BMO: 4W9 04017)
Mandolay (BMO: 4W9 04017)
Whammy! (WB: 9 23819-1)
Boy Trouble (LONDS: 810102-1)
Cheers Then (LONDS: 810102-1)
Deep Sea Skiving (LONDS: 810102-1)
Doctor Love (LONDS: 810102-1)
He Was Really Sayin' Somethin' (LONDS: 810102-1)
Hey Young London (LONDS: 810102-1)
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (LONDS: 810102-1)
Shy Boy (Don't It Make You Feel Good) (LONDS: 810102-1)
What a Shambles (LONDS: 810102-1)
Wish You Were Here (LONDS: 810102-1)
Young at Heart (LONDS: 810102-1)
Barry, Claudja
Beat My Drum (PERSO: P59801)
For Your Love (PERSO: P59801)
I Got You (PERSO: P59801)
No La Te Da, Part 2 (PERSO: P59801)
Radio Action (PERSO: P59801)
Bertei, Adele
Build Me a Bridge (GEFFE: 0-20128)
Build Me a Bridge (GEFFE U: TA-3675)
Take It To the Bridge (GEFFE: 0-20128)
Take It to the Bridge (GEFFE U: TA-3675)
Brown, Miquel
So Many Men So Little Time (TSR: TCD 1228)
Cheatham, Oliver
Get Down Saturday Night (MCI: MUSCD010)
Dean, Hazell
Searchin' (I Gotta Find a Man) (TSR: TCD 1228)
Searchin' (I Gotta Find a Man) (TSR: TSR829)
Depeche Mode
A Photograph of You (MUTE: L12BONG4)
Boys Say Go! (VOG: 585005)
Everything Counts (VOG: 585005)
Everything Counts and Live Tracks (VOG: 585005)
Get the Balance Right (VOG: 585004)
Get the Balance Right and Live Tracks (VOG: 585004)
Just Can't Get Enough (MUTE: L12BONG4)
Love in Itself . 2 (MUTE: L12BONG4)
Love in Itself - 2 and Live Tracks (MUTE: L12BONG4)
Love in Itself . 3 (MUTE: 12BONG4)
My Secret Garden (VOG: 585004)
New Life (VOG: 585005)
Nothing to Fear (VOG: 585005)
Photographic (MUTE: L12BONG4)
Satellite (VOG: 585004)
See You (VOG: 585004)
Shout (MUTE: L12BONG4)
The Meaning of Love (VOG: 585005)
Tora!Tora!Tora! (VOG: 585004)
I.O.U. (SWRL: SWRL 2210)
I.O.U.->I. DUB U. (SWRL: SWRL 2210)
Haywood, Leon
I'm Out to Catch (CASA: 812164)
Heaven 17
Crushed by the Wheels of Industry (ARISTA: AD1 9074)
We Live So Fast (ARISTA: AD1 9030)
Angel Eyes (PRISM: PLP-1020)
Angel Eyes (UNIDI C: SPLK-7118)
Give Me Your Body (PRISM: PLP-1020)
Guilty (PRISM: PLP-1020)
Lime 3 (PRISM: PLP-1020)
On the Grid (PDS: 490)
On the Grid (PRISM: PLP-1020)
Rendez-vous on the Dark Side of the Moon (PRISM: PLP-1020)
Together (PRISM: PLP-1020)
Invisible Love (MOBYDICK: BTG-1031)
I Thank You (MOBYDICK: BTG-1031)
Jump Shout (MOBYDICK: BTG-1031)
Mandatory Love (MOBYDICK: BTG-1031)
Rocket to Your Heart (MOBYDICK: BTG-1031)
Sex Dance (MOBYDICK: BTG-1031)
Luis, Chris
Heart of the City (ENRGY I: X 12006)
Murdock, Lydia
Super Star (UNIDI C: SPLK-7142)
Newbury III, Booker
Love Town (MCI: MUSCD010)
New Order
Blue Monday (FACT: FACTUS 10)
Paris, Ryan
Dolce Vita (CARRE: 4Z9 04236)
Parker, Paul
Right on Target (UNIDI C: SPLK-7142)
Rodriguez, Antonia
La Bamba (POWER: PXD-004)
Schilling, Peter
Major Tom (Coming Home) (ELEK: 0-66995)
Penguins' Invasion (AMERD I: AMD 001)
Sembello, Michael
Maniac (UNIDI C: SP5-1593)
Let the Music Play (EMDS: 6540)
Stanley, Pamala
Coming Out of Hiding (TSR: TCD 1228)
Band of Gold (MT: MT-114)
Burnin' with Fire (POWER: PXD-008)
My Forbidden Lover (POWER: PXD-008)
My Forbidden Lover (VIC: 92)
Can We Try Again (ARIAL: ARD 1200)
(Looking for Someone to Love) Tonight (ARIAL: ARD 1200)
Living on Video / Vivre Sur Video (UNIDI C: SPEC-1224)
Twins, The
Face to Face - Heart to Heart (QUALI: QUS-041)
N4 (QUALI: QUS-041)
New Days, New Ways (QUALI: QUS-041)
Situation (SIRE: 921812-2)
State Farm (SIRE: 921812-2)
Yellow, Joe
Lover (again) (QUALI C: BR 0114)
Lover to Lover (for sale) (QUALI C: BR 0114)
Young, Karen
You Don't Know What You Got (BOARD: NB-99907-9)

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