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Agents Aren't Aeroplanes
Shadow Man (RCA: PW-13843)
The Upstroke (RCA: PW-13843)
Bananarama (LONDS: 820036-1)
Cairo (LONDS: 810291-1)
Cruel Summer (LONDS: 810291-1)
Cruel Summer (LONDS: 820036-1)
Dream Baby (LONDS: 820036-1)
Hot Line to Heaven (LONDS: 820036-1)
King of the Jungle (LONDS: 820036-1)
Live Now (LOND: NANX7)
Push! (LOND: NANX6)
Robert de Niro's Waiting... (LOND: NANX6)
Robert De Niro's Waiting (LONDS: 820036-1)
Rough Justice (LOND: NANX7)
Rough Justice (LONDS: 820036-1)
State I'm In (LONDS: 820036-1)
Summer Dub (LONDS: 810291-1)
Through a Child's Eye (LONDS: 820036-1)
Barry, Claudja
Born to Love (PERSO: P49815)
Trippin' on the Moon (PERSO: P49808)
Your Sweet Touch (PERSO: P49815)
Cafe Society
Knight Rider (UNIDI C: 12PA 8401)
Relight My Fire (PASH: PASH 12 38)
Somebody to Love (UNIDI C: 12PA 8401)
So Much in Love (PASH: PASH 12 38)
Dean, Hazell
Back in My Arms (Once Again) (PROTO: DEAN 1)
Break the Rules (PROTO: DEAN 1)
Devil In You (PROTO: DEAN 1)
Evergreen (QUALI: QUS 057)
Everything I Need (PROTO: DEAN 1)
Harmony (PROTO: DEAN 1)
Heart First (PROTO: DEAN 1)
Jealous Love (QUALI: QUS 057)
No Fool (For Love) (PROTO: DEAN 1)
Searchin' (PROTO: DEAN 1)
Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) (PROTO: DEAN 1)
You're too Good to Be True (PROTO: DEAN 1)
Chinese Eyes (PERSO: P49812)
Come Inside (PERSO: P49812)
Frey, Glenn
The Heat is On (UNIDI C: SPLK-7136)
Fun Fun
Color My Love (TSR: TCD 1228)
Color My Love (TSR: TSR836)
Greens III
Shake It Baby (MAL: MAL1211)
You Want My Body (MAL: MAL1211)
Harrow, DenFuture Brain (BABYR I: BR 54059)
Future Brain (BABYR I: D1250014)
Hartman, Dan
I Can Dream About You (UNIDI C: SPLK-7142)
Jarre, Jean-Michel
Ethnicolor II (FDM: 12-16029)
Jarre, Jean-Michel
Zoolookologie (FDM: 12-16029)
Don't Hide Your Love (MCA: MCA-23526)
Meeting in the Ladies Room (MCA: 5529)
The Men All Pause (MCA: 5529)
The Men All Pause (MCA: MCA-23526)
Laszlo, Ken
Hey Hey Guy (MEMORY I: MEMIX 016)
Low, Gary
La Colegiala (UNIDI C: SPLK-7142)
Miko Mission
How Old Are You? (ZYX: 5145)
Live is Life (UNIDI C: SP5-1593)
Paris, Ryan
Fall in Love (CARRE U: CART 300)
Ross, Diana
Swept Away (RCA: AFL1-5009)
I Can Feel the Ice Melting (ELECT U: TRIC(T)6)
Thomas, Evelyn
High Energy (TSR: TCD 1228)
Thompson Twins
The Gap (ARS: CP712)
Vee, Vivien
Eve of Destruction (BANAN I: ZCAN 7351)
West India Company
Ave Maria (LOND: 6.20388)
Dub of No Return (PANTE: PANT 85)
Point of No Return (PANTE: PANT 85)

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