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Ackerman, Tracy
Take My Body (And I Will Take Your Love) (ZYX: 5742)
Absolutely Immune II (ZTT: VIMM1)
Bloodrush (ZTT: VIMM1)
I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You (ISLAN G: 609105)
Poison (ISLAN G: 609105)
Snobbery and Decay (That's Entertainment) (ISLAN G: 609105)
States of Logic (ZTT: VIMM1)
(Theme from) Snobbery & Decay (ISLAN G: 609105)
Albert One
Hopes & Dreams (CICCO: CIC107)
Allen, Sammy
Don't Leave Me (ZYX: 5732)
Slave to Love (ZYX: 5732)
Astley, Rick
My Arms Keep Missing You (RCAUK: PT41800)
Never Gonna Give You Up (RCA: 6784-1-RD)
Bad for Me (LONDS: 828061-1)
Clean Cut Boy (LONDS: 886188-1)
Come Back (LONDS: 828061-1)
Ecstasy (LOND: NANX15)
Ecstasy (LONDS: 886262-1)
I Can't Help It (LOND: NANX15)
I Can't Help It (LONDS: 828061-1)
I Heard a Rumour (LONDS: 828061-1)
I Heard a Rumour (LONDS: 886188-1)
I Want You Back (LONDS: 828061-1)
Love in the FIrst Degree (LONDS: 828061-1)
Love in the First Degree (LONDS: 886262-1)
Mr. Sleaze (LONDS: 886212-1)
Nathan Jones (LONDS: 828061-1)
Once in a Lifetime (LONDS: 828061-1)
Some Girls (LONDS: 828061-1)
Strike it Rich (LONDS: 828061-1)
WOW! (LONDS: 828061-1)
Barry, Claudja
Can't You Feel My Heart Beat (EPIC: 49-06718)
Hot to the Touch (EPIC: 49-07496)
Promises (EPIC: 4968227)
Bee Gees
Backtafunk (WB: 20760)
You Win Again (WB: 20760)
Blase, B.
Shame (CICCO: 104)
Blue Mercedes
I Want to Be Your Property (MCA: 23817)
Brown, Ochi
Another Broken Heart (MAG: OCHIT4)
Rock Your Baby (MAG: OCHIT4)
Perfect (NP: NP50065)
American - Soviets (OAKLAWN: OLR-127)
Jack le Freak (ATL: A9198(T))
Savoir Faire (ATL: A9198(T))
Cole, Natalie
Pink Cadillac (EMI: V-56084)
Company B
Fascinated (BRT: 48)
Full Circle (ATL: 86646)
Full Circle (ATL: 86674)
Spin Me Around (BRT: 48)
Get Down Tonight (HAL: 1228)
Coveri, MaxBye, Bye, Baby (RADIORAMAI: 87.08)
Dean, Hazell
Always Doesn't Mean Forever (CAP: V-15328)
Always Doesn't Mean Forever (EMI: 12EM8)
Dean, Jamie
Love Child (BLVD: BLVD034)
Depeche Mode
Never Let Me Down Again (SIRE: PRO-CD-2973)
Eastbound Expressway
Rainstorm (VINYM: VMR 010)
Don't Dance (SIRE: 25667-1)
Hideaway (SIRE: 25667-1)
If I Could (SIRE: 25667-1)
It Doesn't Have to Be (SIRE: 25667-1)
Leave Me To Bleed (SIRE: 25667-1)
My Heart ... So Blue (SIRE: 25667-1)
Soldier's Return (SIRE: 20740-0)
Sometimes (SIRE: 25667-1)
Spiralling (SIRE: 25667-1)
The Two Ring Circus (SIRE: 25667-1)
Victim of Love (SIRE: 20740-0)
Victim of Love (SIRE: 25667-1)
Estefan, Gloria
The Rhythm is Gonna Get You (EPIC: 49-06772)
Savage (RCA: 6794-1)
Let Me Be the One (ARISTA: 07822-19618-1)
Fachin, Eria
Savin' Myself (POWER: PXD-087)
China Blue (METRN: 887091-1)
Save the Moment (METRN: 887091-1)
Ferre, Sisley (Attack feat. .)
Special Love (HOTSO H: HS 8726)
Baby Don't Go / Baby No Te Vayas (CR12: 021)
For Beauty's Sake
Don't Stop Me Now (MMD: 0004)
Fun Fun
Baila Bolero (ZYX: 20093)
Could This Be Love (ZYX: 20093)
Double Fun (ZYX: 20093)
Gimme Some Loving (ZYX: 20093)
Give Up Your Fight (ZYX: 20093)
I'm A Believer (ZYX: 20093)
Lonely Feeling (ZYX: 20093)
Psychedelic Vision (ZYX: 20093)
Bedrock (MOT: 4603MG)
Harrow, Den
Catch the Fox (Caccia alla volpe) (BABYR I: BR 56109)
Dangerous (BABYR I: BR 56109)
Day by Day (BABYR I: BR 56109)
Don't Break My Heart (BABYR I: BR 56109)
Don't Break My Heart (BABYR I: BR 608982)
Don't Break My Heart (BEATB: BB 8123)
Don't Forget (To But This Record) (BABYR I: BR 56109)
Energy Rain (BABYR I: BR 56109)
Groove Don't Break My Heart (BABYR I: BR 608982)
High Dee Ho (BABYR I: BR 56109)
Hold on Tight (BABYR I: BR 56109)
Tell Me Why (BABYR I: BR 54083)
Tell Me Why (BABYR I: BR 56109)
Harry, Debbie
In Love with Love (GEFFE: 20654-0)
In Love with Love (GEFFE: 20687-0)
In Love with Love (WB: 7599-20654-0)
Secret Life (GEFFE: 20687-0)
Hood, The
Salvation (FACT U: 182)
Salvation Have You Said Your Prayers Today? (GRI: 6011)
Hooker, TomAtlantis (BABYR I: BR 609222)
Don't Wait (MENOV: MV-87-305)
Devil Inside (INXS: 1312)
Jackson, Janet
Control (A&M U: MIXLP1)
Control: The Remixes (A&M U: MIXLP1)
Let's Wait Awhile (A&M U: MIXLP1)
Nasty (A&M U: MIXLP1)
The Pleasure Principle (A&M U: MIXLP1)
What Have You Done for Me Lately (A&M U: MIXLP1)
When I Think of You (A&M U: MIXLP1)
John, Nick
All I Want is You (ELET: 1)
J.W.B. Hits the Beat
Body on Body (SPV7: 50-3781)
J.W.B. Hits the Beat
One Day in My Life (SPV7: 50-3781)
House Arrest (MERC: 870278-1)
Jack's Back & Jack's Back Beat (MERC: 870278-1)
LaRose, Judy
VooDoo Love (ZYX: 5779)
Lewis, Norma
Surprise Me Tonight (MARE: 42)
Gold Digger (TSR: TSR853)
Lucia & Project 2
La Isla Bonita Rap (NINE: 7)
Everybody (SIRE: PRO-A-2906)
Holiday (SIRE: PRO-A-2907)
Into the Groove (SIRE: PRO-A-2906)
Over and Over (SIRE: PRO-A-2907)
Magazine 60
Costa del Sol (BAJA: BLP-522)
Costa del Sol (Rendezvous) (BAJA: BLP-522)
Don Quichotte (BAJA: BLP-522)
Florida Mix: Don Quichotte/Costa del Sol (BAJA: BLP-522)
Hasta Luego Trinidad (BAJA: BLP-522)
Pancho Villa (UNIDI C: MM-029)
People for Peace: John Lennon (BAJA: BLP-522)
Playa del Mar (BAJA: BLP-522)
Que No Sa (UNIDI C: MM-029)
I Just Can't Wait (PWL: PWLT1)
Anitina (BAD: 707R)
Pump Up the Volume (BAD: 707R)
Mel & Kim
F.L.M. (INT: 125.593)
F.L.M. (Two Grooves under One Nation Remix) (INT: 125.597)
Respectable (ATL: 86703)
Deep Cut (EPIC: 4505131)
Minogue, Kylie
I Should Be So Lucky (GEFFE: 20914)
Modern Rocketry
Spooky (MT: MT-153)
Ofra Haza
Im Nin' Alu (NST: 122)
Play Another (Dub) for Me (AME: 1202)
Play Another Song for Me (AME: 1202)
Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go (ZYX: 5723)
Pet Shop Boys
Always on My Mind (EMI: SPRO#04243)
Always on My Mind (PARL: 12R6171)
Always on My Mind /In My House (EMI: SPRO#04241)
A New Life (PARL: 12R6163)
Heart (PARL: 12R6177)
I Get Excited (PARL: 12R6177)
What Have I Done to Deserve This
Dance Around the World (CBS U: 6502149)
Rosario, Ralphi
You Used to Hold Me (BASSM C: BMR-10001)
Man to Man (AMERD I: AMD 030)
Just Say Yes (Sire's Winter CD Music Sampler) (SIRE: 25665)
Call Me (EPIC: 07573)
Sweet Sensation
(Goodbye Baby) Victim of Love (NP: NP50062)
I'm on Fire (CAFE: 100)
Tears May Fall (TOMMY: 907)
Vee, Vivien
Heartbeat (ENRGY I: X-12021)
Heartbeat (TSR: TSR855)
Ventura, Fred
Leave Me Alone (TRD: 1041)
Wilson, Shanice
I'll Bet She's Got A Boyfriend (A&M: SP-12277)
I'll Bet She's Got a Boyfriend (Miami& Hs Mx) (A&M: SP-12277)

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