1998 Releases Index - By Artist
  D.J. Rhythms Dance Music Database, ©1994-2003, an historical tabulation of dance music releases.

112 Feat. Ma$e
Love Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
187 Lockdown
Kung Foo (RM: SELECT-V-14)
2 Eivissa
Move Your Body (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Tu Tu Tu Tu Ta, Oh La (REMIX: RINCD09)
2 Heaven
Planet Love (RM: SELECT-V-11)
2 In A Room
Dar La Vuelta (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
***k The Millennium (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
2 Live Crew
2 Live Party (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Shake Your Pants (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
2 Live Crew, The
Be My Private Dancer (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
2 Pac
Changes (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Do For Love (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
2 Phat CuntsRide (YOSHI: yr027)
2 Unlimited
Wanna Get Up (REMIX: EURO-17)
321 Crew
Can U Feel the Beat (PLAYHOUSE: PHR001)
Effect (PLAYHOUSE: PHR001)
The Music (PLAYHOUSE: PHR001)
The Spastic Plastic E.P. (PLAYHOUSE: PHR001)
3rd Party
One Night (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
I Got The Music (REMIX: RINCD09)
I Tried (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
4Kast Feat. Mic Geronimo
Miss My Lovin' (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
4 The Cause
Stand By Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Stand By Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
68 BeatsMusic To My Ears (DEEPER: DR021)
69 Boyz
Get On Your Feet (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Woof Woof (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Woof Woof (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
7 Mile
Do Your Thing (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
808 State
Cubik:98 (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
95 North Pres. Da Hooligans
Red Sun Groove (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
95 South
Cool Ade (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Because of You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
Because Of You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Because of You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Enjoy Yourself (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Enjoy Yourself (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Are You That Somebody? (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Are You That Somebody? (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Are You That Somebody? (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
One I Gave My Heart To, The (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
One I Gave My Heart To, The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
A&A's Club Volume1
Do What You Wanna Do (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Dancing Queen (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
Dancing Queen (REMIX: RINCD07)
Absolute Feat. Kelly Price & Cha Cha
Heat (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Ace of Base
Cruel Summer (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Ace Of Base
Cruel Summer (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Ace of Base
Whenever You're Near Me (ARISTA: 07822-13554-2)
Ace Of Base
Whenever You're Near Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
Whenever You're Near Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Acid Factor
Fantasy (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Adams, Bryan
On A Day Like Today (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Monsterside (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Nobody Knows (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Give Away My Fear (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
Africa Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force
Looking For The Perfect Beat (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Afro Cuban Band Feat. Noey Matos
Bang Bang (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Agents Of Good Roots
Smiling Up The Frown (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Agent Sumo
Mayhem (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Age of Love
Age of Love (GROOV: GMEP2CD)
AGH (aka Andy Hughes)
Bastille Day (PHATT: 9802X28)
Sexy Boy (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Pantalones (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Akins, Rhett
Better Than It Used To Be (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Drivin' My Life Away (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
A.K. Soul feat. Jocelyn BrownFree (ICU: ICU006)Free (ICU: ICU007)
How Do You Fall In Love (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Keepin' Up (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
She's Got That Look In Her Eyes (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Giv Me Drums (DIFFUSIONU: 582593-1)
Giv Me Luv (DIFFUSIONU: 582593-1)
Gimme Love (REMIX: RINCD09)
Numero Uno (REMIX: RESCD03)
The Music I Like (REMIX: EURO-17)
Alford, Laura
Hold On (To Your Good Thing) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-11)
I Wanna Get Close To You (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-01)
Burning Up (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-11)
Feelin' You (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Ali, Tatyana
Boy You Knock Me Out (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Daydreamin' (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Daydreamin' (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Daydreamin' (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Allan, Gary
I'll Take Today (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
It Would Be You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
No Man In His Wrong Heart (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
All City
Hot Joint, The (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
All Saints
I Know Where It's At (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
I Know Where It's At (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
I Know Where It's At (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Lady Marmalade (DH: DH-Sector-19)
Never Ever (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Never Ever (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Last Chance (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Alvarado, DavidThe Sunkiss E.p. (YOSHI: yr029)
Amador, EddieHouse Music (YOSHI: yr023)House Music (YOSHI: yr028)
House Music (YOSHI: YRCD1)
Amoeba Assassin
Rollercoaster (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-08)
Disco Party (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Amos, Tori
Jackie's Strength (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Spark (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Sparks (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Gonna Cut It Up (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Ananda Project Feat. Gaelle Adisson, The
Cascades Of Colour Ep (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
I Think I'm Losing You (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Anderson, John
Takin' The Country Back (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Andreone, Leah
Sunny Day (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Andy Jarrod
Storm Cycle (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-04)
Andy Ling
Anuna (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-04)
Mambo (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Mambo (REMIX: RESCD03)
Reach Out and Touch (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Snow On The Sahara (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Anna Voog
Hollywood (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
Anneli Magnusson
Smile N' Shine (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
Let's Skate (MOSMU U: CLI 10898P)
Anthony AcidI Need You (DEEPER: DR015)
Eclipse (GLOW U: GLOW 012)
All the World (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-11)
Do You Know (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
Sungod (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Apple, Fiona
Shadow Boxer (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Turn Back Time (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
Turn Back Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Turn Back Time (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Turn Back Time (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Outback ('98 mix) (RM: SELECT-V-15)
We Can Make It (DH: DH-Sector-19)
Sommertag (KINETIC: 0-44605)
Armand Van Helden's "Sampleslaya"
Ultrafunkula (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
Blue Fear (DH: DH-Sector-15)
Aira Force (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-11)
Medusa (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Art Of Trance
Madagasca (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-10)
Buzzin' (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Fluid (TWIST: TWD-11779)
One Fine Day (MAGICKEYEU: EYET 37)
Flat Tire (The Truth) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
What I Didn't Know (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
What I Didn't Know (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Where Have all the Cowboys Gone? (DH: DH-Sector-19)
Atmo Stream
Numb Beats (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Atomic Babies
Get Up (BROOK: CF 4186-2)
A-Town Players
Player Can't You See (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
Player Can't You See (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
A-Town Players Feat. DJ Taz
Bump, The (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Marathon (TWIST: TWD-11779)
Austin, Sherrié
Innocent Man (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
Put Your Heart Into It (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Ayla (RM: SELECT-V-13)
What's The Deal (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
What's The Deal (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
What's The Deal (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Debbie (REPR: 9 44520-2)
Good Stuff (REPR: 9 44520-2)
Hallucinating Pluto (REPR: 9 44520-2)
Love Shack (REPR: 9 44520-2)
B-52's, The
Debbie (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Roam (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
Baby Bumps
Burning (DELIR U: delix 10)
You Were There (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Babyface & Des'ree
Fire (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Bachman, Tal
She's So High (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Backstreet Boys
All I Have To Give (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
As Long as You Love (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
I'll Never Break Your Heart (JIVEU: DUTCH-7)
I'll Never Break Your Heart (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
I'll Never Break Your Heart (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
I'll Never Break Your Heart (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
I'll Never Break Your Heart (REMIX: LTD-01)
I'll Never Break Your Heart (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Badu, Erykah
Apple Tree (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Baghdad Cafe
Calling You (WHITE: *27803)
Bainbridge, Merril
Lonely (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Bainbridge, Merril Feat.Shaggy
I Got You Babe (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Baker, Arthur
The Break 98 (GROOV: GMEP3CD)
Baltimore, Charli
Money (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Money (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Baltimore Soul Tree
Hope In Your Soul (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
Bamboogie (VC: VCRD 29)
Vegas (VC: VCRD 29)
Barenaked Ladies
Brian Wilson (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
It's All Been Done (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
It's All Been Done (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
One Week (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
One Week (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
One Week (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
One Week (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Barlow, Gary
Superhero (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Basic Connection
Angel (DH: DH-Sector-21)
Deeper Love (DH: DH-Sector-19)
Desire (DH: DH-Sector-14)
Desire (RM: SELECT-V-11)
BB Inc.
Tarzan (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Beastie Boys, The
Body Movin' (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
Body Movin' (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Body Movin' (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Intergalactic (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Intergalactic (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Intergalatic (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
Tropicalia (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Beenie Man
Tell Me (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Who Am I (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
Who Am I (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Who Am I (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Beenie Man Feat. Angie Martinez
Tell Me (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Before Dark
Come Correct (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Come Correct (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Bellamy Brothers, The
Almost Jamaica (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Catahoula (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Let Your Love Flow - 1998 Reggae Mix (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Tough Love (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Carnaval (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Samba de Janeiro (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Bell, Ricky
When Will I See You Smile Again? (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Ben Folds Five
Brick (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Song For The Dumped (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Beretta Bros.
Babylon Nation (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Berg, Matraca
Back In The Saddle (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Better Than Ezra
At The Stars (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
At The Stars (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
One More Murder (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Bianco, Matt
Sunshine Day (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-11)
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Mr. Pinstripe Suit (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Faith (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Big Pun & Beenie Man
Makes Me Sweat (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Big Punisher
Still Not A Player (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Big Wreck
Blown Wide Open (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
That Song (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Bill, Ben & Baggio
Pusherman (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Binary Finary
1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-09)
Bizzy Bone
Thugs Cry (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Black Box
I Got The Vibration (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
I Got The Vibration (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Black, Clint
Loosen Up My Strings (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Nothin' But The Taillights (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Black Eyed Peas
Joints & Jams (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Joints & Jams (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Black Grape
Marbles (Why You Say Yes ...) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
There You Have It (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Black Lab
Time Ago (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Time Ago (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Wash It Away (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Black Masses
Wonderful Person (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-11)
Gotta Have Hope (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Black Rob
I Dare You (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Blackstreet & Mya Feat Ma$e and Blinky Blink
Take Me There (Big Yams Remix) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Blackstreet & Mya Feat. Ma$e & Blinky Blink
Take Me There (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Blackstreet & Mya Feat Ma$e & Blinky Blink
Take Me There (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Deep Down (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-08)
I Am (DH: DH-Sector-19)
Peace (REMIX: RINCD08)
Have Fun, Go Mad (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Blake & Brian
Amnesia (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Blakely, Donna
Happy (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
Blige, Mary J.
Everything (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Seven Days (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
BlueBottles Feat. Duncan Faure, The
Brother (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Blue Boy
Sandman (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
Blue Max
Get Down Get Funky (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-02)
Blue Pearl
Naked in the Rain '98 (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Naked in the Rain '98 (MALAR U: MLK D7)
Beetlebum (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Bobien, Kenny
Rise Above The Storm (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Bolland, C.J.
The Prophet (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Bomb Squad
Bon Bon
Sexy Boy (DH: DH-Sector-18)
Bone Thugs N Harmony
Body Rocc (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Time to Make the Floor Burn (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Boston Bruins
I Will Be Free (CAFFEINE: CF-2838)
I Will Be Free (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Boston DJ's
Move Your Body (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-01)
Move Your Body (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-02)
Bounty Killer
Kry For Lie For (Tequila) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Boyz II Men
I Will Get There (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Song For Mama, A (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
All The Time In The World (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Braide, Chris
If I Hadn't Got You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Benedictus (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Rain (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
Rain (VOLUM I: VOL 19811-2)
The Eighth Dwarf (VOLUM I: VOL 19811-2)
Brand Nubian
Don't Let It Go Your Head (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Have You Ever? (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Have You Ever (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Have You Ever? (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Brandy Feat. Fat Joe & Big Pun
Top Of The World (Remix) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Brandy Feat. Ma$e
Top Of The World (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Brandy & Monica
Boy Is Mine, The (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Boy Is Mine, The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Bran Van 3000
Drinking In L. A. (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Bravo All Stars
Let The Music Heal Your Soul (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Braydon, Alex
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The
Jump, Jive and Wail (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Jump Jive An' Wail (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Mont Blanc (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-02)
Brock, Chad
Evangeline (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Ordinary Life (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Brooklyn Bounce
Contact (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
Get Ready To Bounce (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Get Ready To Bounce (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Real Bass, The (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
The Real Bass (EDEL: 0037710EDL)
Brooks & Dunn
How Long Gone (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
Husbands And Wives (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Brooks, Garth
To Make You Feel My Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Brother Cane
I Lie In The Bed I Make (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Brown, Foxy
Hot Spot (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Hot Spot (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Brown, Jocelyn
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (INCREDIBLU: INCRL7Z)
Brown, Shannon
I Won't Lie (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
In The Game Of Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Brown, T. Graham
Wine Into Water (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Bruce Wayne
Ready (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
Brutal Bill
Woman Of Angels (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-11)
Flaming June (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-02)
Love, Peace and Grease (REPR: 9 43970-2)
Remember (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
Remember (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Remember (REPR: 9 43970-2)
B Tribe
Sometimes (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
Bucketheads, The
The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall into My Mind) (HENRY: HS-545)
Buffalo Bunch, TheBuffalo Club (SCRAC: 701)
Bullet Proof
Mistake (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-01)
Burnin' Daylight
Wreckin' Ball (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Busta Rhymes
Gimme Some More (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Gimme Some More (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Turn It Up (Remix)/Fire It Up (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Turn It Up (Remix)/Fire It Up (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
C'est La Vie (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Byrd, Tracy
I'm From The Country (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
I'm From The Country (Remix) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
I Wanna Feel That Way Again (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
When Mama Ain't Happy (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
C4 & B-Nice
The Funk Lab (VINYJ: VJ-008)
To the Beat of the Drum (VINYJ: VJ-008)
Cactus Choir
Step Right Up (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Never There (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Never There (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Feel the Beat (VC: VCRD 39)
Let Me Show You (CENTR A: CSR CD5 0288)
Camp 813
Push It Up (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
Campbell, Tevin
Another Way (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Hold On (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
357 (Magnum P.I.) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Cam'ron Feat. Mase
Horse & Carriage (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Horse & Carriage (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Cam'ron Feat. Usher
Feels Good (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Cam'ron with Mase
Horse & Carriage (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
It's Alright (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Candy Club
Let The Love Go On (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Second Round K.O. (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Second Round K.O. (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Cantrell, Jerry
Cut You In (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
U Tore My World Apart (REMIX: RINCD09)
Be My Baby (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
Jam On It (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Cardigans, The
My Favourite Game (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
My Favourite Game (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Cardwell, Joi
Power (EBALL: EB 127)
Carey, Mariah
Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
My All (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
My All (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
My All (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Carey, Mariah Feat. Bone Thugs N ...
Breakdown (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Cargo, Chris
Waters Edge (LITFLUFFYI: LFR 005)
Silmarrillia, The (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-05)
The Silmarillia (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Carson, Jeff
Cheatin' On Her Heart (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Shine On (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
Cartel, TheMessage of Love (SUBVERSIVU: SUB48)
Casa Grande
Lift You Up (REMIX: RESCD03)
Cascades Of Colour EP
Destination (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-06)
Case Feat Joe
Faded Pictures (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Cast of Rent
Light My Candle (DH: DH-Sector-15)
Cee, Kay
Like This (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Cenci, Jacqui
Memories (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
Central Seven
The Opera (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Cevin Fisher's Big Freak
The Freak's Come Out (TOMMY: TBCD327)
Changing Shape
Behind the Face (AIRTIGHT U: AIR 003)
Behind the Face E.P. (AIRTIGHT U: AIR 003)
Call Me (AIRTIGHT U: AIR 003)
The Big Day (AIRTIGHT U: AIR 003)
Charli Baltimore
Money (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
All or Nothing (WB: 9-47121-2)
Believe (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
Believe (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Believe (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Believe (WB: 9-47121-2)
Believe (WEA: WEA175CD1)
Dove' L'Amore (WB: 9-47121-2)
Love is the Groove (WB: 9-47121-2)
Runaway (WB: 9-47121-2)
Strong Enough (WB: 9-47121-2)
Takin' Back My Heart (WB: 9-47121-2)
Taxi Taxi (WB: 9-47121-2)
The Power (WB: 9-47121-2)
We All Sleep Alone (WB: 9-47121-2)
Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Brown Derby Jump (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Zoot Suit Riot (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Zoot Suit Riot (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Chesney, Kenny
How Forever Feels (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
I Will Stand (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Chesnutt, Mark
I Don't Want to Miss A Thing (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
I Might Even Quit Lovin' You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Wherever You Are (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Sunstroke (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Chicane Feat. Mason
Strong In Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Chicane feat. Mason
Strong in Love (XTRAV U: 0091675 EXT)
7 Hours In A Bathroom (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-10)
Be Free (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Christopher, Shawn
Sweet Freedom (4PLAY: 4P 10102)
Sweet Freedom (DH: DH-Sector-17)
Sweet Freedom (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
Sweet Freedom (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Amnesia (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Funk II Nite (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-02)
Circuit Boy feat. CeeVox
Situation (KIKI: KK-0001)
Back on a Mission (MOON: MM88454-2)
City-Wide All Stars
Pump the Rhythm (TREE: 016)
Clapton, Eric
Father's Eyes (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Clark, Terri
Artist Drop (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Now That I Found You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
You're Easy On The Eyes (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Claypool, Philip
Looking Up From A Long Way Down (Country Version) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Cleopatra's Theme (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Life Ain't Easy (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Got Caught Dealin' (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Centrode (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
Club 69
Alright (TWIST: TWDM-55425)
Club 69 Feat. Suzanne Palmer
Alright (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Club World Experience
Scratch The Bass (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Club World Expierience, The
I'm The King (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
My Heart Will Go On (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Dream Universe (HOOJC: HOOJCD68)
Dream Universe (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-10)
Dream Universe (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Sensation (RM: SELECT-V-15)
2nd Chance, A (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
2nd Chance, A (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Cochran, Anita
Will You Be Here (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Cocoa Brovaz
Black Trump (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Cole, Paula
Love Of A Lifetime (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Love Of A Lifetime (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-11)
Collective Noyze With Guest DJ "Infiniti"
Theme From The X-Files (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
Collective Noyze With Guest DJ Infiniti
Theme From The X-Files (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Collective Soul
She Said (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Collins, Jim
My First, Last, One And Only (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Collins, Phil
In the Air Tonight (DH: DH-Sector-15)
Colonel Abrams
I'm Caught Up (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
I'm Caught Up (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Color Me Badd
Remember When (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
I Need Ya ... Humm (DH: DH-Sector-14)
Confederate Railroad
Keep On Rockin' (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Conley, Earl Thomas
I Ain't Crazy (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Northern Lights (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-07)
Control Z
Dreaming Of You (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-09)
Nightbird (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Cool For August
Walk Away (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Is It Love? (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-08)
Brimful Of Asha (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
Brimful Of Asha (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Walking On Music (REMIX: EURO-17)
Corrs, The
Dreams (DH: DH-Sector-18)
Dreams (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
Dreams (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Cotton Club
Hear the Drummer (ADREN: ADR-217-2)
Cox, Deborah
Nobody's Supposed to Be Here (ARISTA: 07822-13551-2)
Nobody's Supposed to Be Here (ARISTA: ADP-3544)
Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Good Life, The (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Crawler (LITFLUFFYI: LFR 002)
Somnambulis (LITFLUFFYI: LFR 003)
Toe Jam / Nazca Plains (LITFLUFFYI: LFR 001)
Crash Crew, The
Say Yeah (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Crawford, Billy Feat. Nona Hendryx
Urgently In Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Crawford, Randy
Wishing On A Star (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Healing End, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
My Own Prison (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Torn (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
What's This Life For (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Crespo, Elvis
Suavemente (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Crittenden, Melodie
I Should've Known (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Crosstown Traffic
Open Sesame (GREYH: 002)
Seen? (GREYH: 002)
Crowley, Kacy
Rebellious (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Crow, Sheryl
My Favorite Mistake (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Crush The Star (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Love's Hold (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Love's Hold (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Loves Hold (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Loves Hold (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Love's Hold (ROBBI: 76869-72026-2)
Purple (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-04)
Crystal Method
Comin' Back (TWIST: TW12-55447)
Crystal Method, The
Busy Child (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
Comin' Back (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-08)
Comin' Back (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Keep Hope Alive (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Cross The Line (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Culture Beat
Pay No Mind (DH: DH-Sector-18)
Pay No Mind (REMIX: RINCD08)
Culture Club
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (VIRG U: VSCDT 1710)
I Just Wanna Be Loved (VIRG U: VSCDT 1710)
Cummings, Chris
Til I See You Again (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Coming Up Roses (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
If I Had The Chance (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Cyrus, Billy Ray
Busy Man (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Time For Letting Go (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Czr Feat. Darryl Pandy
Bad Enough (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
Da Fool
Meet Her at the Oyster Bar (WHITE: FIVE-44)
No Good (FFRR: FCD352)
Daft Punk
Da Funk (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Revolution 909 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Da Hool
Meet Her at the Love Parade (DH: DH-Sector-15)
Meet Her At The Love Parade (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Dakota Moon
Another Day Goes By (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Promise I Make, A (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Da Mooch
That's What It Is (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
International Diva (REMIX: EURO-17)
Lift Me Up (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Daniels, Clint
Fool's Progress, A (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
When I Grow Up (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
All I Wanna Do (REMIX: RINCD07)
Dario G
Sunchyme (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
Sunchyme (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Sunchyme (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Sunmachine (DH: DH-Sector-21)
Daryl Hall & John Oates
Hold On To Yourself (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
Das Efx
Set It Off (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
Dave Matthews Band
Crush (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Crush (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Stay (Wasting Time) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Stay (Wasting Time) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Davidson Ospina pres. Crystal Terrence
Not Gonna Take It (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
Come Over To My Place (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Davis, Alana
Crazy (Remix) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Davis, Kyle
Buried Alive (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Dayne, Taylor
Unstoppable (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Whatever You Want (RIVER: 51416-3025 2)
Whatever You Want (RIVER: 51416-4675)
Days Of The New
Down Town, The (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Shelf In The Room (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Daz Dillinger
In California (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Superhero (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
Superhero (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Superhero (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Superhero (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Together Forever (REMIX: EURO-17)
Spiritualized (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-05)
Debarge, Chico Feat. Joe
No Guarantee (Remix) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Dee Age
Cover Me (RM: SELECT-V-15)
DeeJay Punk Roc
Far Out (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
Deep Dish
Future of The Future, The (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
Deep Dish with Everything But the Girl
The Future of the Future (Stay Gold) (ARISTA: ADP-3563)
DeepskyTempest (SUBVERSIVU: SUB14TR)
Def Con 6
Progressive Sounds Of The South (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Def Squad
Full Cooperation (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Deja Vu
My Heart Will Go On (REMIX: RINCD08)
Want You to Stay (DH: DH-Sector-21)
Delgado, Mike Pres. Upstairs Lounge II
Caveman's Groove (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Delinquent Habits Feat. Big Pun & The Beatnuts
Western Ways (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Ain't No Sunshine (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
I Believe (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
I Believe (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
I Believe (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
I Believe (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Depeche Mode
Only When I Lose Myself (MUTEU: 9-44562-2)
Painkillerself (MUTEU: 9-44562-2)
Surrender (MUTEU: 9-44562-2)
Surrender (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
World in My Eyes (MUTEU: 9-44562-2)
When I Lose Control (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Life (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Destiny's Child
No, No, No (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Destiny's Child Feat. JD
With Me Part 1 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
With Me (Part 1) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Devin Feat. Kuishan
Georgy (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Devonte & Tanto Metro
Everyone Falls In Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
The Drugs Don't Work (DH: DH-Sector-17)
Dial 7
All I Want (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Diamond Rio
Unbelievable (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
DiFranco, Ani
Little Plastic Castle (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Live in Sound (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Diggler, Dirk
Beat, The (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-11)
Digital Blondes, The
Antheum '98 (FLUID U: FLUK 001A)
Digital Penetrators
Penetration (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-08)
Dimitri From Paris
Sacre Francais (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Une Very Stylish Fille (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Dino Latino
Caramelo (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Din Pedals, The
Ashtray (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Dion, Celine
My Heart Will Go On (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
To Love You More (DH: DH-Sector-21)
To Love You More (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
To Love You More (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
To Love You More (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Direct Hit
Sector Eighteen (DH: DH-Sector-18)
Sector Fifteen (DH: DH-Sector-15)
Sector Fourteen (DH: DH-Sector-14)
Sector Nineteen (DH: DH-Sector-19)
Sector Seventeen (DH: DH-Sector-17)
Sector Sixteen (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Sector Twenty (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Sector Twenty One (DH: DH-Sector-21)
Dirk Diggler
Shake Your Body Down (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Dirty Dawgs
Must Be The Booty (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Disco Bar-B-Q
Hot Sweet Sensation (DH: DH-Sector-17)
Disco Blu featuring Baby
No More, Baby (REMIX: RINCD08)
Discosound (TIME I: TIME 115)
Disco Citizens
Footprint (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Nagasaki Badger (XTRAV U: 0091590 EXT)
Disco Daze
Boogie Nights (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Boogie Nights (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Energy (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-05)
Interspace (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Move On (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Disco & The City Boyz
Get 'Em Up (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Get 'Em Up (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Dished Out Bums
Laavburds (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-06)
Dished-out BumsSector Two E.P. (YOSHI: yr017)
Once In A While (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Once In A While (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Running Up That Hill (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Lately (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Lately (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Lately (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Dixie Chicks
You Were Mine (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
DJ 43
Pepper Spray (YESMATE: YMR-002)
DJ Alessia
Sexy (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
D.J. Bobo
Where Is Your Love (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Where Is Your Love (REMIX: RINCD09)
DJ Dado Feat Michelle Weeks
Give Me Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
D.J. Dado vs. Michelle Weeks
Give Me Love (REMIX: RINCD08)
D.J. Dero
El Tren (REMIX: RESCD03)
DJ Duke
D2-D2 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-06)
DJ Energy
Set You Free (RM: SELECT-V-15)
DJ Escape
Everybody Get Up (NERVD: ND 20339)
DJ Friction and Spice
Dark Knights (COSMI: COSMIC 014)
Explorations (COSMI: COSMIC 014)
Go with the Flow (COSMI: COSMIC 014)
The E.P. (COSMI: COSMIC 014)
DJ Icey
Bass Grooves (ECB: ECB-005)
Beats & Tracks (ECB: ECB-005)
Blackjack (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
City of Groove (FFRUS: PR12 7915-1)
City Of Groove (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
Department 3 (ZONE: 028)
Horn Loop (ECB: ECB-005)
Not a Test (FFRUS: 314-570203-1)
Not a Test (FFRUS: PR12 7915-1)
Not A Test (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Session 222 (ECB: ECB-005)
The Air is Full of Sound (FFRUS: 314-570203-1)
The Fringe (ECB: ECB-005)
The Sunrise (ECB: ECB-005)
This Is How My Drummer Drums (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
Upturn (ECB: ECB-005)
Vocoder Bass (ZONE: 028)
DJ in the Rose
Return of the Zilla (RM: SELECT-V-15)
D.J. Laz
Sabrosura (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
DJ Magic Mike
Work It Out (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
DJ Mike B
Feel My Energy (JUICE: JR001)
Feel My Energy / Into the Groove (JUICE: JR001)
Into the Groove (JUICE: JR001)
DJ Milano feat. Samantha Fox
Santa Maria (DH: DH-Sector-17)
D.J. Piss Superstar
Bullfighter, The (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
DJ Punk Roc
My Beat Box (Explicit Lyrics) (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
D.J. Quicksilver
Planet Love (RM: SELECT-V-13)
DJ Quik
Hand In Hand (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
DJ Romain & Matt Keys
Live Your Life (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
DJ Sammy & Charisma
Golden Child (RM: SELECT-V-11)
DJ Smurf feat. DJ Taz
Girls (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Pump My Breakline (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
D.J. Stew Pres. "The Buddah Monks"
Funky Fresh (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-01)
DJ Stew pres. "The Buddha Monks"
Check The Label (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
DJ Swamp
Disintegrator (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Dj Tomcraft
Mission, The (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-10)
DJ Tomcraft
The Lord (KOSMOMUSIG: KOS 029-12)
DJ Tonka
The Night (RM: SELECT-V-14)
DJ Ton T.B.
Never Enough (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Dlugosch, Boris
Hold Your Head Up High (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-01)
Spiritual Funk (DUST2DUST: SPECDJ507)
Get At Me Dog (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Stop Being Greedy (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
DMX Feat. Faith Evans
How's It Goin' Down? (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
How's It Goin' Down? (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
No Karma No Candy (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Dolphin's Mind
L'Esperanza (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Fortunes (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-04)
Do Or Die Feat. Johnny P. & Twista
Still Po' Pimpin' (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Dorau, Andres
Girls in Love (TWIST: TWD-11779)
Dovetail Joint
Level on the Inside (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Down To The Bone
Brooklyn Heights (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-01)
Dr. Alban
Long Time Ago (REMIX: RINCD07)
Dr. Dre & LL Cool J
Zoom (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Drea Feat. Black Rob
Got Ya Back (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Stay (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Stay (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Dream Traveler, The
Time (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-07)
Driver, Jan
Arp Impressions (TWIST: TWD-11779)
Drivin N Cryin
Everything's Gonna Be Alright (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Dru Hill
5 Steps (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Drum Hustler
Just Me & You (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Dublex House
Why Don't You Love Me (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Dub Pistols
Cyclone (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Dubversive feat. Boy George
Police and Thieves (FINET: FINE 007-2)
Greater (UNIVE: U8P 1350)
Dupri, Jermaine Feat. Jay-Z
Money Ain't A Thang (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Money Ain't A Thang (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Dupri, Jermaine Feat. Keith Sweat & R.O.C.
Going Home With Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Dupri , Jermaine Feat. Nas
Turn It Out (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Dust Brothers, The
Realize (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
Eagle-Eye Cherry
Indecision (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Save Tonight (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Save Tonight (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Earp, Justine
Eenie Meenie (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Look Of Love, The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Ecomo, Silvio
Uprising (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Eden A.K.A.
Not Your Enemy (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Eder, Linda
Something to Believe (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Something To Believe In (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
Last Stop: This Town (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
My Homeboy's Girlfriend (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Pure Uncut (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Electribe 101
Talking With Myself (DH: DH-Sector-21)
Elements Of Life
Love The Way (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Elements of Soul f/ Richard RogersCome with Me (SOULSHINE: SS004)
Eleven & Seven
3AM Massive (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
Elivis Crespo
Suavemente (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Elliott, Missy "Misdeanor"
Hit 'Em Wit Da Hee (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Elliott, Missy "Misdemeanor" ...
Beep Me 911 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Elliott, Missy "Misdemeanor"
Sock It 2 Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Elliott, Missy "Misdemeanor" Feat.
Beep Me 911 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Elliott, Missy "Misdemeanor" Feat. Lil' Kim
Hit 'Em Wit Da Hee (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Elliott, Missy "Misdemeanor" Feat. Lil' Kim & Mocha
Hit 'Em Wit Da Hee (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
El Magnifico
Nu Style, Tha (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
El Presidente
La Gatica (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
La Gatita (BASSHEAVY: BHRCD5001)
El Teddy
Bamboleo (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Bamboleo (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Reality (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Big Big World (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
I'm For Real (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Le Disc Jockey (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
End Of The World, The
No Badness (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
English, Kim
Jumpin'& Bumpin' (NERV: NE 20303)
Engvall, Bill
Here's Your Sign Christmas (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
I'm A Cowboy (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Enriquez, Jocelyn
Get Into The Rhythm (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Get Into The Rhythm (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Reggae Twist, The (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Do It Again (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Rain (DH: DH-Sector-14)
Sometimes (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Body Move (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Escobar, Nas, Brown, F., ...
Phone Tap (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Esperanza, Tony
La Mosca (RM: SELECT-V-13)
The Promise (DH: DH-Sector-17)
The Promise (INNOC U: SINCD1)
Essential Funk
Jam on (ESSEN: 9805X22)
Jam on Egypt (ESSEN: 9805X22)
Vol. #2 (ESSEN: 9805X22)
All Because Of You (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
All Because Of You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Estefan, Gloria
Don't Let This Moment End (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
Heaven's What I Feel (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
Heaven's What I Feel (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Heaven's What I Feel (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Heaven's What I Feel (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Oye (EPIC: EAS 41403)
Oye (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-08)
Oye (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Oye (REMIX: LTD-01)
Evan and Jaron
And Then She Says (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Evans, Faith
Love Like This (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Love Like This (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Evans, Sara
Crying Game, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
No Place That Far (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Evans, Tania
Prisoner Of Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Prisoner Of Love (La-Da-Di) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
Evans, Tonia
Prisoner of Love (REMIX: RINCD07)
Eve 6
Inside Out (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Inside Out (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Leech (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Funny Bunny Boy (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Father Of Mine (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Father Of Mine (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
I Will Buy You A New Life (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
What It's Like (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
What It's Like (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Hooch (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Hooch (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Evinrudes, The
Drive Me Home (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Demon Seed (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Expansion Union
Playing with Lightning (TVT: TVT 8217-OP)
Come On Everyday (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
I'm Missing You (REMIX: LTD-01)
I'm Missing You (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
I'm Missing You (REMIX: RINCD10)
Future is Now (RM: SELECT-V-12)
God is a DJ (CHEEK U: CHEKCD.028)
God Is A DJ (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
God Is A DJ (Meltdown Mix) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Take the Long Way Home (CHEEK U: CHEKCD.031)
Far Too Jones
As Good As You (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Fire Escape (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Fire Escape (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Way, The (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Way, The (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Fastro, Stephanie
When I Hear The Laughter (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
Numb (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Fat Amy
Bourbon (These Five Days) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Fatboy Slim
Gangster Tripping (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Gangster Tripping (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Fatboy Slim
Rockafeller Skank, The (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
Rockafeller Skank, The (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Fathers Of Sound
Waters (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-07)
Cement (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Descend (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
High (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Ferrer, Ysa
Mes Reves (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Fever 39
Real (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Muevelo (REMIX: RESCD03)
Fire Island feat. Loleatta Holloway
Shout To The Top (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Shout To The Top (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Shout to the Top (V2: 62881-27534-2)
Dropping Like Flies (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
First Choice -vs- Johnick
Player, The (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-08)
First Life
Be One Of Us (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Fisher, CevinThe Freaks Come Out (SUBVERSIVU: SUB46)The Freaks Come Out (SUBVERSIVU: SUB46TR)
(You've Got Me) Burnin' Up (TOMMY: TB 348)
It's The Things You Do (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
When The Lights Go Out (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Fizz Feat. Gayle, Crystal
When I Dream (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Black Betty (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
Flat Bed Ford [DJ Icey]
Get Your Freak On (TREE: 015)
Go for Green (TREE: 015)
Fleetwood Mac
Landslide (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Flipmode Squad
Cha Cha Cha (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Cha Cha Cha (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Everybody On The Line (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Everybody On The Line Outside (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Everybody On The Line Outside (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
World Is A Ghetto, The (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-02)
Mothers Pride (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Carmen (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-09)
FluidPrelude (LUSH U: Lush 25)
Cathy's On Crank (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Flys, The
Got You (Where I Want You) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Got You (Where I Want You) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Foo Fighters
My Hero (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Walking After You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Walking After You (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Force Mass Motion
Feel It Now (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-09)
Headrock (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-05)
Force, The
Non Stop Action (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Forte, John
Ninety Nine (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Foster, Eboni
Crazy For You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Crazy For You (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Build Me Up Buttercup w/ Dialogue (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Foxworthy, Jeff
Totally Committed (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Frankie Valli
Grease Re-Mix '98 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
Franklin, Aretha
A Rose Is Still A Rose (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
A Rose Is Still A Rose (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Here We Go Again (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-08)
Here We Go Again (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Rose Is Still A Rose, A (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
Rose Is Still A Rose, A (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Rose Is Still A Rose, A (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Freakazoid, The
Bonus Beats (ZOID U: ZoiD 001)
@tic Futura (ZOID U: ZoiD 001)
Discobug (Got The Feelin' Now) (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Freefall feat. Jan Johnston
Skydive (STRES U: 12 STR 89)
Freestyle Orchestra
I'm Ready (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-11)
Odyssey (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
Twi-lite (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
Ruffneck (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Ruffneck (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Freestylers Feat Navigator
Warning (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Freestylers Feat. Tenor-Fly
B-Boy Stance (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
French, Niki
Fresh Kiss
Give It Up (REMIX: RINCD10)
Into The Ocean (So Long, I'm Gone) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Friburn & Urik
You Got My Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
Friends Lovers & FamilyFortunes Fool (LUSH U: Lush 28)
Desert Sun (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-07)
Fruit De La Passion
Bamboleo Time (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Tic Tic Tac (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Bittersweet (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Shimmer (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Shimmer (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Fuldner, Phil
The Final (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Funkmaster Flex
Here We Go (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Funky Fukumi Feat The Rhythm Scientist
R U Ready (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-04)
Funky J
Iz It On My Face (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
Funky Junk
Burnin' (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-08)
Furious George 3
Paradise By The Furious Light (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-08)
Future Breeze
Another Day (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Future Homosapiens
Keep On Rollin' (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-01)
Future Primitive
The Future (GROOV: GMEP2CD)
The Lighting (GROOV: GMEP2CD)
Futur Time
Futur Time (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Come Into My Life (REMIX: RINCD09)
Let a Boy Cry (DH: DH-Sector-14)
Let A Boy Cry (REMIX: RINCD08)
Utopia (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
Gang Starr Feat. K-Ci & JoJo
Royalty (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Royalty (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
13 X Forever (MUSHR: MUSH39CDS)
I Think I'm Paranoid (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
I Think I'm Paranoid (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Push It (ALMO: AMS8P-8048)
Push It (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
Push It (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Push It (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Special (MUSHR: MUSH39CDS)
Special (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
Special (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Special (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Garcia, Rick
Grind, The (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Gary Chapman/Wynonna
I'll Fly Away (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Gaynor, Gloria
Never Can Say Goodbye (REMIX: RINCD10)
Foolish Games (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
Georgia Blue
Prisoner Of Love (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Don't Want You (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Don't Want You (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Getaway Cruiser
I'm Fine (I Find) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Getaway People, The
Chocolate (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
She Gave Me Love (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Geto Boys
Gangsta (Put Me Down) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Gangsta (Put Me Down) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Get Ridiculous (A-Luv)
Afterhours (DEEPER: DR9002)
Off the Hook (DEEPER: DR9002)
Work Bitch (DEEPER: DR9002)
It's My Life (DH: DH-Sector-18)
It's My Life (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
I Will Survive (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
I Will Survive (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
I Will Survive (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Da Samba (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Gill, Vince
If You Ever Have Forever In Mind (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Kindly Keep It Country (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Gin & Juice
It's a Fine Day (EPIDR G: EPD 666617 6)
Same Ol' G (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Same Ol' G (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Girls Against Boys
Park Avenue (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Roxy (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Halfway (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Great Life (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
God Lives Underwater
From Your Mouth (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Whatever (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Golden Girls
Kinetic (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-11)
More Today Than Yesterday (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
78 Stone Wobbled (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Goodie Mob Feat. Outkast
Black Ice (Sky High) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Goo Goo Dolls, The
Iris (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Iris (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Slide (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
I'm Gorgeous (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Grant, Angel
Lil' Red Boat (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Grant Lee Buffalo
Truly Truly (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Truly, Truly (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Gravity Kills
Falling (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Great Divide, The
Never Could (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Pour Me A Vacation (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
Greece 2000
3 Drives on Vinyl (DH: DH-Sector-19)
Green Day
Nice Guys Finish Last (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Redundant (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Wicked (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-08)
Green Velvet
Help Me (RELIE: RR 764)
Pegal (RELIE: RR 764)
The Stalker (I'm Losing My Mind) (RELIE: RR 764)
Greenwood, Lee
Who's That Knockin' On My Heart (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Wounded Heart (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Griffin, Mary
Knock on Wood (CURB U: CUBC 40)
Griggs, Andy
You Won't Ever Be Lonely (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Groove Connektion 2
Club Lonely (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Groove Core Feat. Moné
I'm Ready (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Rainbows of Colour (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
Guell, Ray
Love Will Come (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Airport Song (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Little Soul (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-05)
Who Do You Love (REMIX: RINCD08)
Who Do You Love (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Hall, Aaron
All the Places (I Will Kiss You) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Hall, AndrickaI'll Give You Love (SOULSHINE: SS005)
Hall, Lisa
I Know I Can Do It (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Hamill, Paul
Sliver / Hed Driver (LITFLUFFYI: LFR 004)
Hamilton, Erin
Dream Weaver (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Dream Weaver (TRAX: 1001)
Hangman, The
Shake It To The Plena (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
I Will Come To You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
Weird (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Harling, Keith
Coming Back For You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
Papa Bear (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Write It In Stone (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Harper, Ben
Glory & Consequence (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Harvey Danger
Flagpole Sitta (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Flagpole Sitta (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Private Helicopter (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Skyhat Part V (TWIST: TWD-11779)
Hawkins, Brad
Come Back To Me Blues (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Come Back To Me Blues (Dance Mix) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
I'm The One (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
We Lose (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Haydn, Lili
Stranger (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-01)
Hayes, Isaac
Shaft (REMIX: LTD-01)
Shaft (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Shaft (REMIX: RINCD10)
Shaft (ZYX: 8866-8)
Theme from Shaft (ZYX: 8866-8)
How U Feel (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Heltah Skeltah
I Ain't Havin That (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Hendrix, Billy
Body Shine (HOOJC: HOOJCD65)
Body Shine (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-10)
The Body Shine E.P. (HOOJC: HOOJCD65)
Henriksen, Tommy
I See The Sun (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Hewitt, Jennifer Love
How Do I Deal (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
High Jinx
California Dreaming (REMIX: EURO-17)
California Dreaming (RUMA: RUMACD 82)
Hill, Dru
These Are The Times (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Hill, Dru Feat. Redman
How Deep Is Your Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
How Deep Is Your Love (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Hill, Faith
Let Me Let Go (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
This Kiss (Remix) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Hill, Faith With Tim McGraw
Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Hill, Lauren
Lost Ones (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Hill, Lauryn
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Doo Wop (That Thing) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Doo-Wop (That Thing) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Doo Wop (That Thing) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Hill, Loretta & Jim Lyons
After Death Do Us Part (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Hines, Deni
I Like The Way (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
Hi-Town DJS
Ding-A-Ling (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Ding-A-Ling (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Celebrity Skin (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Malibu (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Malibu (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Hollister, Dave Feat. Redman & ...
Weekend, The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Holloway, Loleatta
Lifting Me Up (SUNSH U: STATE XS001)
Holmes, Monty
Alone (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Leave My Mama Out Of This (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Why'd You Start Lookin' So Good (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Honeyrods, The
Float (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Hong Kong Trash
Down the River (EMPIR: ES 056)
Skuzzlebutt (GLOW U: GLOW 010)
Hook, Nick
Heart & Soul (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-11)
Hootie & The Blowfish
I Will Wait (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Only Lonely (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Horner, James
Southampton (Theme From "Titanic") (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Hornsby, Bruce
Great Divide (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
House Of Pain
Jump Around (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
Houston, Whitney & Mariah Carey
When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Natural Woman (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Wait (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Human Movement
Vidapura (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-08)
3.1 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
Hurley, Steve "Silk"
The Word is Love (Say the Word) (TINTED A: TINT CD5 005)
Altitude (DISTI U: HYB 002)
Kill City (DISTI U: HYB 002)
Burning Up (PK: HYD 001)
Here and Now in '98 (PK: HYD 001)
That's It (GROOV: GMEP2CD)
Only Me (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Hyper Trophy
Beautiful Day (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
Beautiful Day (TOMMY: TBCD 468)
Just Come Back to Me (TOMMY: TBCD 468)
Ice Cube
We Be Clubbin' (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Ice Cube Feat. DMX
We Be Clubbin' (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Ice Cube Feat. Mr. Short Khop
Pushin' Weight (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Ice Cube Feat. Short Khop
My Loved One (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Baila (BMG: 74321-63457-2)
Just An Illusion (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Just An Illusion (REMIX: RINCD09)
Imajin Feat. Keith Murray
Shorty (You Keep Playin' With My Mind) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Shorty (You Keep Playin' With My Mind) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Shorty (You Keep Playin' With My Mind) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
I'm A Tree (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Imbres, Victor pr. Christian Smith
Bass Funk (GREEN: GL-1008-1)
Imbruglia, Natalie
Smoke (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
Smoke (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Torn (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Torn (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Wishing I Was There (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Wishing I Was There (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Imogen Heap
Come Here Boy (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Imperial, Linda
Where the Boys Are (INTRH: PCDS-54024)
Imperial, Mark
Love I Lost, The (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
New Skin (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
I Don't Know What I'd Do (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Perfect Day (DH: DH-Sector-18)
Indigo Girls
Shed Your Skin (EPIC: EAS 41374)
Shed Your Skin (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-08)
Industry Standard
What You Want (What You Need) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
Information Society
Running Again (WHITE: DUB-008)
Inner Circle
Not About Romance (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
Not About Romance (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Inner Sanctum
How Soon is Now (DH: DH-Sector-18)
Time After Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Time After Time (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Time After Time (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
INOJ Feat. Thrill Da Playa
Time After Time (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Insane Clown Posse
Party, The (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Wake Up! (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Isaak, Chris
Please (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Island Groove feat. Keith ThompsonDeep Love (ICU: ICU005)
Isle Natividad [DJ Icey]
Isle's Tribal Disco (SWEET: SW 012)
My Level (SWEET: SW 012)
Man With A Horn, A (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
Man With A Horn, A (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-08)
Jackson, Alan
House With No Curtains, A (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
I'll Go On Loving You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Right On The Money (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Jackson, Janet
Go Deep (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-08)
Go Deep (WHITE: BM1011)
Jagged Edge
Gotta Be (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
I Gotta Be (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Heaven (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
High Times (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
Jamison, Mechalie
Keep It Real (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Near Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Every Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Go Deep (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
Go Deep (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Go Deep (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Go Deep (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
I Get Lonely (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
I Get Lonely (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
I Get Lonely (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
I Get Lonely (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
I Get Lonely (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Getting Over (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Jasper Street Co.
Temptation (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-11)
Jay-J pres./ Clay AcoxSearching (SOULSHINE: SS008)
Expose (LITFLUFFYI: LFR 003)
Jay, Simone
Luv Thang (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Wanna B Like A Man (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Hard Knock Life (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Hard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Hard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Million And One Questions, A (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Jay-Z Feat. Amil and Ja Rule
Can I Get A_ (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Jay -Z Feat. Amil & Ja Rule
Can I Get A_ (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Jay-Z Feat Amil & Ja Rule
Can I Get A_ (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Jay-Z Feat. Blackstreet
City Is Mine, The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
City Is Mine, The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
What You Do (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
What You Do (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
J.D. & Da Brat
Party Continues, The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
JD Feat. Da Brat
Party Continues, The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
JD & Mariah
Sweetheart (COL: 666413-6)
Sweetheart (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Sweetheart (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
JD & Mariah Carey
Sweetheart (SOSODEF: 38K 79027)
London Town (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-07)
Blow Ya Whistle (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
Jean, Wyclef
Cheated (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Chickenhead (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Gone Till November (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Gone Till November (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Gone Till November (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Jesus Loves You
Generations of Love (UCA U: UCA-62/6)
Generations of Love (UNDERGRNDA: UMACDS041)
Hands (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Jez & Choopie
Yim (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-05)
Jimmie's Chicken Shack
Dropping Anchor (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Get Up On The Dance Floor (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
Jock Jam All Stars
Son Of Jock Jam (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
All That I Am (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Goes Deep (WHITE: BM1011)
Joe Zangie & Samantha Gervasio
Can You Feel The Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
John Forte
Ninety-Nine (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Goin' Up (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
You And Nothing Else (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Johnny D & Nicky P Pres Bay Ridge EP Pt 2
Major Sea (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
Joli, France
Breakaway (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Jon B.
I Do (Whatcha Say Boo) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
They Don't Know (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Jones, George
Wild Irish Rose (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Jones, Grace
Hurricane (WHITE: G828)
Storm (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Jones, Hannah
This Child Needs Hope (What The Child Needs) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
What the Child Needs (ARIOLA: 74321-60430-1)
You Only Have To Say You Love Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Jones, Joan
Wide Eyed Devil (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Jones, Kacey
I Hate Your Lousy, Rotten, Stinkin' Guts (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Jordan, Montell
I Can Do That (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
When You Get Home (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Jordan, Montell Feat. Master P & ...
Let's Ride (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Jordan, Montell Feat. Master P & Silkk "The Shocker"
Let's Ride (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Joyride (RM: SELECT-V-11)
JoystickGo Insane / House Step (YOSHI: yr022)Go Insane (remix)/Scream for More (YOSHI: yr030)
JS 16
Stomping System (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-01)
I Should Cheat On You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
J.T. Playaz
Let's Get Down (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
JT Playaz
Let's Get Down (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Judd, Cledus T.
Wives Do It All The Time (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Judd (No Relation), Cledus T.
Every Light In The House Is Blown (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Jungle Brothers
I'll House You (WAR: WAR CD-233)
I'll House You '98 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
I'll House You '98 (WAR: WAR CD-233)
Jungle Brothers vs. Aphrodite
Jungle Brother (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
Junior Vasquez
The Latest Drama (PAGOD: DE2-45305)
Only One, The (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Special ["do you think you're special"] (BLUEPLATE: PLATE12-002)
Say You'll Stay (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Something Inside Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
G-Slide (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Sonic Swirl (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-08)
Somebody To Love Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
Somebody To Love Me (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Somebody To Love Me (REMIX: RINCD10)
Kay Cee
Escape (WHITE: JT -101)
Take Off (RM: SELECT-V-15)
K Capone
Pain (RM: SELECT-V-11)
K-Ci & JoJo
All My Life (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
All My Life (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Don't Rush (Take Love Slowly) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Keaton, John
Fairy Tales (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Keith Murray Feat LL Cool J
Incredible (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Keith, Toby
Double Wide Paradise (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Dream Walkin' (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Getcha Some (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Kelley, Noah
Take It All Out On You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Kelly Price
Friend Of Mine (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Kenlou 6
Bangin' (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
Kenny Wayne Shepard Band
Blue On Black (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
If You Were Here (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Kershaw, Sammy
Honky Tonk America (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
Matches (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
One Day Left To Live (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Kershaw, Sammy With Terri Clark
Love Of My Life (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Kersh, David
If I Never Stop Loving You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Something To Think About (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Wonderful Tonight (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Ketchum, Hal
I Saw The Light (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
When Love Looks Back At You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
No Mercy (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
No Mercy (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Kiani, Mary
I Imagine (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Kid Capri Feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg & Slick Rick
Unify (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
We're Unified (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Kid Rock
I Am The BullGod (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Killer Bunnies
Heartbreak (REMIX: RINCD07)
I Can't Take the Heartbreak (UNIVE: UDS-56162)
Heaven (COALI U: COLA 047CD)
King, Diana
Find My Way Back (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
Find My Way Back (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
L-L-Lies (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
King, Matt
Five O'Clock Hero (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Woman's Tears, A (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Kings of TomorrowI Want You (for Myself) (YOSHI: yr026)
King T
Got It Locked (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Hop, Tha (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Kitt, Eartha
Where Is My Man (REMIX: EURO-17)
Discohopping (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-01)
Knight Breed
What I Am Gonna Do (DEEPER: DR014)
Your Love Is Taking Me Over (DEEPER: DR014)
Knight, Chris
Framed (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
It Ain't Easy Being Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Australia (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Koglin, Mike
The Silence (ZYX: ACA 9832-12)
Kondoh, Fumi
Ohyeeaah (GROOV: GMEP3CD)
Got The Life (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Got The Life (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Take Me Away (RM: SELECT-V-12)
K.P. & Envyi
Swing My Way (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Swing My Way (The Remix) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Kravitz, Lenny
Fly Away (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Fly Away (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
If You Can't Say No (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
If You Can't Say No (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Kreviazuk, Chantal
Leaving On A Jet Plane (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Kriminal Base
Kaper, The (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Kristine W.
Don't Wanna Think (REMIX: RINCD10)
Krome Avenue
Get Up (HARLEQUIN: HRG-1202)
Kromozone Project, The
Stay In Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
KromOzone Project, The
Take My Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Take My Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
KRS-One, Mad Lion and Shaggy
Ey-Yo!(The Reggae Virus) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
KRS-One, Mad Lion & Shaggy
Eh-Yo!(The Reggae Virus) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
K's Choice
Everything For Free (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
We Can Freak It (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Kurupt Feat. Noreaga
We Can Freak It (Out) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Kylie vs. Junior
Too Far (WHITE: 6007)
La Bouche
You Won't Forget Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
You Won't Forget Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
You Won't Forget Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
You Won't Forget Me (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
La Casa Grande
Subalo Parriba (Move It Up) (JELLY: JBR2531-2)
What Can I Say (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Lady Saw
Man Haffi Mind Wi (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
La Familia Feat. Candela & Sabor
Parranda '98 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
Ride (UNKNO: RED 028)
That's Why (UNKNO: RED 028)
LaMond, George
Without You (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Latanya Feat. Twista
What U On (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
What U On (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Latifah, Queen
Paper (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Latin Headhuntrz
Honey (DEEPER: DR017)
Honey (DEEPER: DR9002)
Tell Me (DEEPER: DR017)
Tell Me (DEEPER: DR9002)
Latin Headhuntrz / Get Ridiculous
Deeper Rekords DR9002 EP (DEEPER: DR9002)
For Your Love (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Lawrence, Joey
Never Gonna Change My Mind (CURB: 02-73048)
Lawrence, Tracy
I'll Never Pass This Way Again (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
One Step Ahead Of The Storm (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Lawrence, Tracy
While You Sleep (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Small Town Boy (REMIX: RINCD10)
Leigh, Danni
If The Jukebox Took Teardrops (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Lemon 8
The Bells of Revolution (TWIST: TWD-11779)
Les Rythmes Digitales
Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat) (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
Less Than Jake
History Of A Boring Town (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Levert, Gerald
Taking Everything (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Thinkin' Bout It (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Lewis, Donna
Love Him (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
Love Him (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Love Him (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Lewis, Michelle
Nowhere And Everywhere (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Paul Revere (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
(Sex U Up) The Way You Like It (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
(Sex You Up) The Way You Like It (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
LFO Feat. Kayo (Of Le Click)
If I Can't Have You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Like No Other
Peace Process (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
Lil' Suzy
I Still Love You (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
I Still Love You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Memories (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Limerick, Alison
Dangerous Game (SPV G: CD 085-16432)
How Happy (SPV G: CD 085-16432)
It's Getting Better (This Could Be Good) (SPV G: CD 085-16432)
Let's Hold On (To Love) (SPV G: CD 085-16432)
Let's Hold on to Love (WHITE: XES1205P)
Never Knew (SPV G: CD 085-16432)
Put Your Faith In Me (SPV G: CD 085-16432)
So Far So Good (SPV G: CD 085-16432)
Spirit Rising (SPV G: CD 085-16432)
Stronger Love (SPV G: CD 085-16432)
Take it Easy (SPV G: CD 085-16432)
Where Love Lives (SPV G: CD 085-16432)
Limp Bizkit
Counterfeit Countdown (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Faith (clean Edit) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
I Really Wanna Sex Your Body (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Whatcha Gone Do? (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Liquid Dope
Rock Your (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
Liquid Measure Feat. Jocelyn Brown
Take Me Up (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
Liz Phair
Polyester Bride (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
LL Cool J Feat. Master P, DMX, ...
4, 3, 2, 1 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Freak Yo Baby's Moma (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
Local H
All The Kids Are Right (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Locke, Tim
Inside My Soul (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-11)
Loeb, Lisa
Let's Forget About It (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
London, Dave
Fright Night (YESMATE: YMR-003)
Get Down Tonight (YESMATE: YMR-001)
Everything's Changed (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
Cross Bronx Expressway (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Deja Vu (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Deja Vu (Uptown Baby) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Startin' Somethin' (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
We Will Ball (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
We Will Ball (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Lost Boyz
What's Wrong (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Los Umbrellos
Easy Come, Easy Go (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
No Tengo Dinero (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Arms Around the World (DH: DH-Sector-14)
Love and Rockets
Lift (REDAN: 329119013-2)
Resurrection Hex (REDAN: 329119013-2)
Lovelace, Kimara
Circles (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Love Mocha Love
I'll Bass You (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Love Spit Love
Fall On Tears (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Teardrops (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Love's Theme
You Got Me Feeling (DH: DH-Sector-17)
Lovett, Ruby
Little Bitty Crack In His Heart (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Curious (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Curious (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Door #1 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
I Can't Help Myself (DH: DH-Sector-14)
I Can't Help Myself (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-09)
Luke's Sheila (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Raise The Roof (Remix) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Luke Feat. No Good But So Good
Raise The Roof (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Raise The Roof (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Lunar ExitHeart, Trance & Fire (LUSH U: Lush 30)
Everytime (DH: DH-Sector-14)
Lyte Funkie Ones (L.F.O.)
(Sex U Up) The Way You Like It (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Mack 10
Only In California (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Mack 10 Feat. Ice Cube & Snoop Doggy Dogg
Only In California (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
So Good (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-01)
You're Beautiful (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-07)
Mad Dog Presents MD 20/20
Kung Fu Theme (AFROW: AWX 020)
Mad Dod Theme (AFROW: AWX 020)
You (AFROW: AWX 020)
Candy Perfume Girl (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
Drowned World / Substitute for Love (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
Drowned World / Substitute for Love (WB A: 9362445562)
Drowned World / Substitute for Love (WEA G: WO453 CD1)
Frozen (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Frozen (MAVER: 9 43993-2)
Frozen (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
Frozen (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
Frozen (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Little Star (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
Mer Girl (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
Nothing Really Matters (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
Power Of Good-Bye, The (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Ray of Light (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
Ray of Light (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
Ray Of Light (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Ray of Light (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Ray of Light (WB G: W0444CD)
Shanti / Ashtangi (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
Skin (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
Sky Fits Heaven (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Sky Fits Heaven (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
Sky Fits Heaven (WB A: 9362445562)
Sky Fits Heaven (WEA G: WO453 CD1)
Swim (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
The Power of Good-bye (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
To Have and Not to Hold (MAVER: 9-46847-2)
Mae, Vanessa
I Feel Love (REMIX: RINCD08)
Magnusson, Anneli
Smile N' Shine (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
So Sweet (TWIST: TWD-11779)
Psionic (FLUID U: FLR 006)
Mankind Liberation Front
Center of The Universe (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Mann, Herbie
Hi Jack (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Manson, Marilyn
Dope Show, The (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Mantronik vs. EPMD
Strictly Business (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Mantronik VS. EPMD
Strictly Business (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
Orinoco (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-07)
Marc et Claude
La (DH: DH-Sector-15)
Marc Et Claude
La (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Marcy Playground
Saint Joe On The School Bus (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Sex And Candy (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Sherry Fraser (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Marie, Kelly
Rescue Me (REMIX: RINCD08)
Dream Lover (MRK: MRK7020-2)
Dream Lover (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Dream Lover EP (MRK: MRK7020-2)
Foolish Games (MRK: MRK7020-2)
Um-Lotty-Da (MRK: MRK7020-2)
Um-Lotty-Da (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Marshall, Amanda
Believe In You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Martin, Andrea
Let Me Return The Favor (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Martinez, Lorena
Ritmo de la Noche (COL: 44K 78969)
Martin, Ricky
La Bomba (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Marvelous 3
Freak Of The Week (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Mase Feat. Puff Daddy
Lookin' At Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Mase Feat. Total
What You Want (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Mason, Mila
Strong One, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
This Heart (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Mas Project
Strings Of Life (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-01)
Beyond Your Dreams (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Massive Attack
Tear Drop (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Master "Mixin" Mando
ASI (Like This Like That) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Master P
Goodbye To My Homies (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Make 'Em Say Ugh (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Scream (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Master P Feat. Silkk The Shocker
Scream (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Master P Feat Snoop Dogg & Silkk The Shocker
Thug Girl (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Master P Feat. Sons Of Funk
I Got The Hookup (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Matchbox 20
Back 2 Good (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Back 2 Good (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Real World (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Matrix Records
Expressions EP (DUST2DUST: SPECDJ507)
Mavericks, The
Dance The Night Away (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
To Be With You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Dance & Shout (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-01)
Mama Dub (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-01)
Luxury: Cococure (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Max, Willie Feat. Raphael Saadiq
Can't Get Enough (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Mayfield Four, The
Always (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
McAteer, Grace
If You Really Want Somebody (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-01)
McBride, Martina
Valentine (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Wrong Again (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
McCain, Edwin
Artist Drop (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
McCann, Lila
Almost Over You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Yippy Ky Yay (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
McCoy, Neal
Love Happens Like That (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Party On (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
McCready, Mindy
Let's Talk About Love (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Other Side, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
McEntire, Reba
Forever Love (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
What If (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Wrong Night (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
McGraw, Tim
For A Little While (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
One Of These Days (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Where The Green Grass Grows (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
This Is How We Do (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
McGruff Feat. Mr. Cheeks
This Is How We Do (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
This Is How We Do (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
McKennitt, Loreena
Mummers' Dance (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
McKnight, Brian
Anytime (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Anytime (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Anytime (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Anytime (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Hold Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Hold Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Mcknight, Brian
Only One For Me , The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
McKnight, Brian Feat. Tone & Kobe Bryant
Hold Me (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
McLachlan, Sarah
Angel (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Sweet Surrender (ARISTA: 07822-13453-2)
Sweet Surrender (ARISTA: ADP-3467)
MC Lyte
I Can't Make A Mistake (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
I Can't Make A Mistake (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
I Can't Make A Mistake (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
McNeal, Lutricia
Ain't That Just The Way (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
Nothing Stays The Same (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
Mea Culpa
Mea Culpa (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
Resurrection (HOOJC: HOOJCD66)
The Resurrection E.P. (HOOJC: HOOJCD66)
Mega 'Lo Mania
Circus Clown (RM: SELECT-V-11)
How Crazy Are You? (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Mel and Kim
Hits Medley (REMIX: RINCD07)
Melanie B Feat. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott
I Want You Back (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
I Want You Back (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Melendez, Lisette
Make The Way (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Mellencamp, John
Your Life Is Now (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Mellons, Ken
Bundle Of Nerves (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Ladies Night (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
Men On Wax EP
Pride (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-01)
Menzel, Idina
Minuet (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Merchant, Natalie
Break Your Heart (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Kind & Generous (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Messina, Jo Dee
Bye, Bye (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
I'm Alright (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Stand Beside Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Method Man
Judgement Day (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Method Man Feat. Streetlife
Dangerous Grounds (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Meyers, Billie
Kiss The Rain (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Kiss The Rain (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Sweet Honesty (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Mia X Feat Charlie Wilson
Whatcha Wanna Do? (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Michael Christopher
Your Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Michael, George
Outside (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
Outside (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Michaels, Debra
Don't You Wanna Fly? (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
How Do I Live (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
How Do I Live (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
How Do I Live (REMIX: RINCD07)
Hang Tyme (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Mighty Joe Plum
Borderline (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Irish (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The
Wrong Thing Right Then (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Miles, Robert
Full Moon (REMIX: LTD-01)
Full Moon (REMIX: RINCD10)
Get It Back Together (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Minogue, Kylie
Breathe (DECON: 74321-570132)
Breathe (DECON: 74321-587152)
Did It Again (DECON: 74321-587152)
Mixes (DECON: 74321-587152)
Some Kind of Bliss (DECON: 74321-587152)
Too Far (DECON: 74321-587152)
Miss B feat. Maxine Barrie
Diamonds are Forever (DH: DH-Sector-15)
Miss Jones
2 Way Street (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Mister Jones
Destiny (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Mitchel, Vernessa
This Joy (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
MJG Feat. Eightball
Middle Of The Night (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Middle Of The Night (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Mobile Bitch
Mobile Bitch (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-10)
Modern Romance
Can You Move (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
Day for Night (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
Mona Lisa
Peach (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Peach (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Stay In Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
Mon A Q
Stay In Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Stay in Love (WHITE: Gotta)
Money Mark
Hand In Your Head (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Angel Of Mine (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Angel Of Mine (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
First Night, The (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
First Night, The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
First Night, The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Touch It (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Touch It (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Monkey Mafia
Work Mi Body (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Life In Mono (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Life In Mono (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Slimcea Girl (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Monster Magnet
Space Lord (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Montana Rangers [DJ Icey]
Electricity (ZONE: 024)
I Need You (ZONE: 024)
Montgomery, John Michael
Cover You In Kisses (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Hold On To Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Love Working On You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Don't be Afraid (RM: SELECT-V-11)
First Light (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-01)
Moorer, Allison
Alabama Song (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Set You Free (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Soft Place To Fall, A (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Moore, Vic
Breathe (DH: DH-Sector-19)
Moore, Vick
Breathe (REMIX: RINCD09)
Morales, David pres/ the Face
Needin' U (MANIF U: FESCD 46)
Let Me See (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Part of The Process (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Morgan, Debelah
I Love You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Yesterday (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
Morgan, Lorrie
I'm Not That Easy To Forget (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
You'd Think He'd Know Me Better (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Morissette, Alanis
"Alanis" = Uninvited (WHITE: DUB-008)
Joining You (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Thank U (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Morphanage, The
Your Mind (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-04)
Mo & Skinny
Relentless (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-01)
Funk Bomb (JACKP U: WIN 028)
Mo Thugs Family Feat. Felecia & Krayzie Bone
All Good (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
All Good (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Mount Rushmore
You Better (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
You Better (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Mousse T
Horny (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Mousse T vs. Hot 'N' Juicy
Horny '98 (EDEL G: 0064775JAM)
Fantasy Island (REMIX: RINCD07)
Mr. Bush
Gonna Win (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-11)
Mullins, Shawn
Lullaby (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Lullaby (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Mull & Lekebusch
Food for Thoughts E.P. (HYBRID U: HP1207)
Reach for Me (99NOR U: CD NTH 13)
Murray, Keith feat. LL Cool J
Incredible (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Music Instructor
Super Sonic (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Music Instructor feat. Flying Steps
Super Sonic (KINETIC: 0-44604)
Bliss (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
I'm OK, You're OK (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Mya Feat. Raekwon & Noreaga
Movin' On (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Mya Feat Silkk The Shocker
Movin' On (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Mya Feat Sisqo of Dru Hill
It's All About Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Mya Feat. Sisqo of Dru Hill
It's All About Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Mya With Sisqo
It's All About Me (Remix) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
My Brothers Keeper
Future Dub (JUSTR: JST 033)
Lord Knows We've Got Some Attitude (JUSTR: JST 033)
My Drums and Me (JUSTR: JST 033)
Yesterday and Today (JUSTR: JST 033)
Myers, Billie
Kiss the Rain (LEVEL I: UNV 9810)
Kiss The Rain (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
Tell Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
You Send Me Flying (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Myers, J.D.
Wishin' And Waitin' (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
My Friend Steve
Schooling, The (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Myles, Heather
True Love (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Destiny (Remix) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
You're My Everything (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Mysterious PeopleFly Away (YOSHI: yr024)
Ever Rest (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Man Right Chea, The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Raining On The Sky (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Nalin & Kane
Beachball (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Nalin vs Coco
I Need A Miracle (WHITE: FIVE-44)
Naranjo, Monica
Entender El Amor (REMIX: RESCD03)
Nate Dogg & Warren G
Nobody Does It Better (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Nayler, Maria
Naked & Sacred (DH: DH-Sector-18)
Nesler, Mark
Slow Down (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Used To The Pain (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Easy Speak (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
New Chapters in Funk
Masterfunk (DUST2DUST: SPECDJ507)
New Order
Confusion (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
Confusion (TVT: TVT 8217-OP)
New Radicals
You Get What You Give (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
You Get What You Give (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Newsboys, The
Woo Hoo (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Don't Worry (DH: DH-Sector-14)
Newton-John, Olivia
I Honestly Love You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Too Close (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Cloud Burst (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-01)
Make It Hot (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Make It Hot (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Make It Hot (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Nicole Feat. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott & Mocha
Make It Hot (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The
Bang, Bang, Bang (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
No Authority
One More Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Noel W. Sanger Pres. DJ Crown-One
Amped (SFP: 1002)
Night & Day (SFP: 1002)
No Good-N-Jiggie Feat Luke
Lizard-Lizard (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Fantasy (RM: SELECT-V-12)
No Mercy
Kis You All Over (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Superthug (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
End, The (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-02)
Nova, Heather
London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Jump Like A Monkey (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
N Sync
Artist Drop (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
N Sync
(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
N Sync
I Want You Back (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
I Want You Back (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
I Want You Back (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Tearin' Up My Heart (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-08)
Tearin' Up My Heart (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Tearin' Up My Heart (REMIX: LTD-01)
Tearin' Up My Heart (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Tearin' Up My Heart (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Telefunkin' (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
Telefunkin' (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Telefunkin' (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
We Come To Party (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Nutta Butta
Freak Out (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Fight For Your Right (RM: SELECT-V-14)
NY's Finest
Feel Me (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
Acquiesce (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
All Around The World (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Obermeyer, Ray "Obe"
How Sweet It Is To Be In Love ... (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Object One
Typewriter (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Offspring, The
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Pretty Fly(For A White Guy) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Outlaw (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
Ol Skool Feat. Sweat, K. & Xscape
Am I Dreaming (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Enola Gay (DH: DH-Sector-21)
O'Neal , Shaquille Feat. Peter Gunz
Way It's Goin' Down (TWIsM For Life), The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
O'Neal, Shaquille Feat. Peter Gunz
Way It's Goin' Down (TWisM For Life), The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
O'Neal , Shaquille f/ Peter Gunz & Public Announcement
Make This A Night To Remember (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Onyx Feat Noreag &Big Pun
Shut 'Em Down (Remix) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
To The World (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
To the World (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Blue Monday (F111: PRO-A-9548)
Blue Monday (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Blue Monday (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
Blue Monday (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Blue Monday (REPR: 9-44555-2)
Stitches (F111: PRO-A-9548)
Stitches (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Stitches (REPR: 9-44555-2)
Mama Konda (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-04)
Mama Konda (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Orphies II
Sweetest Bedtime Story, The (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-08)
Our Lady Peace
Clumsy (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Live Today! (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-07)
Outhere Brothers Feat. Gerardo, The
Ae-Ah (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Ae-Ah (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Drives Me Crazy (DH: DH-Sector-18)
Drives Me Crazy (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-02)
Outta Order
Tutti Fruitti Jump (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
Oz & Storm
Shine the Light (FREAKIN: FM 002)
Padilla, Jose
Who Do You Love (DH: DH-Sector-21)
Paganini Trax
Release Yourself (DH: DH-Sector-17)
Paige, Jennifer
Crush (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-08)
Crush (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Crush (REMIX: LTD-01)
Hero (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Shine (DH: DH-Sector-18)
Shine (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-05)
Shine (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
Shine (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Para Disco
Parnell, Lee Roy
All That Matters Anymore (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Parton, Dolly
Honky Tonk Songs (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Salt In My Tears, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Paul, Sean
Infiltrate (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Paul Slams Janet [Jackson]
What Have You Done for Me Lately? (DH: DH-Sector-19)
Pearl Jam
Wishlist (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Pep Star
To the Rhythm (PAGOD: DE2-45305)
Percussion Exchange
Wizard Of Rhythm (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-08)
Perfect Stranger
Truth Is Lyin' Next To You, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Perpetual Motion
Keep on Dancin' (Let's Go) (PRIOR: PCDS 53314)
Keep On Dancin' (Let's Go) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
Perry, Keith
Don't Lie In My Arms Tonight (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Pete Rock Feat Inspectah Deck
Tru Master (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Welcome to the Club (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Phantom Planet
So I Fall Again (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Phase IV
The Sign of Your Coming (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Weekend (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-06)
Picotto, Mauro
Lizard (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-09)
Pigeonhed Feat. Lo-Fidelity Allstars
BattleFlag (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
Land Of Ecstacy (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
Pilgrim State
Touch Me (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
Everything (You'll Be Missing) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
PJP feat. Christina Vee
Havin' Sex (AFROW: AWX 019)
Pure Morning (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Planet Patrol
Play At Your Own Risk (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Playaz, J.T.
Let's Get Down (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Let's Get Down (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
P.M. Dawn
I Had No Right (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
I Had No Right (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Today (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Powell, Jesse
I Wasn't With It (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
I Wasn't With It (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Praga Khan
Injected with a Poison (NEVER: NR6042)
Blue Angels (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Blue Angels (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Pras Michel Feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard & Introducing Mya
Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Pras Michel Feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard & Mya
Ghetto Supastar (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Splackavellie (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Pretty Poison
Catch Me I'm Falling (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Catch Me I'm Falling (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Price, Kelly
Friend Of Mine (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Secret Love (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
1999 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
1999 (WHITE: *27803)
Prince Be:Ky-mani
Gotta Be...Movin' On Up (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Prism and Eclipse
Cyber Funk EP (VINYJ: VJ-006)
Cyber Intellect (VINYJ: VJ-006)
Freedom (VINYJ: VJ-006)
Funky Bassline (VINYJ: VJ-006)
System Activated (VINYJ: VJ-006)
Professor X
Atmosphere (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Twilight Ozone (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
Promo Only
Alternative Club [1998-10] October 1998 (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
Alternative Club [1998-11] November 1998 (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
Alternative Club [1998-12] December 1998 (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
Country Radio [1998-01] January 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Country Radio [1998-02] February 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Country Radio [1998-03] March 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Country Radio [1998-04] April 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Country Radio [1998-05] May 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Country Radio [1998-06] June 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Country Radio [1998-07] July 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
Country Radio [1998-08] August 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Country Radio [1998-09] September 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Country Radio [1998-10] October 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Country Radio [1998-11] November 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Country Radio [1998-12] December 1998 (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Import Club [1998-01] January 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-01)
Import Club [1998-02] February 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-02)
Import Club [1998-03] March 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Import Club [1998-04] April 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-04)
Import Club [1998-05] May 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-05)
Import Club [1998-06] June 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Import Club [1998-07] July 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-07)
Import Club [1998-08] August 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-08)
Import Club [1998-09] September 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-09)
Import Club [1998-10] October 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-10)
Import Club [1998-11] November 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-11)
Import Club [1998-12] December 1998 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
Mainstream Club [1998-01] January 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
Mainstream Club [1998-02] February 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
Mainstream Club [1998-03] March 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
Mainstream Club [1998-04] April 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
Mainstream Club [1998-05] May 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
Mainstream Club [1998-06] June 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
Mainstream Club [1998-07] July 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
Mainstream Club [1998-08] August 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-08)
Mainstream Club [1998-09] September 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
Mainstream Club [1998-10] October 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
Mainstream Club [1998-11] November 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
Mainstream Club [1998-12] December 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
Mainstream Radio [1998-01] January 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Mainstream Radio [1998-02] February 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Mainstream Radio [1998-03] March 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Mainstream Radio [1998-04] April 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Mainstream Radio [1998-05] May 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Mainstream Radio [1998-06] June 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Mainstream Radio [1998-07] July 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Mainstream Radio [1998-08] August 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Mainstream Radio [1998-09] September 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Mainstream Radio [1998-10] October 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Mainstream Radio [1998-11] November 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Mainstream Radio [1998-12] December 1998 (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-01] January 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-02] February 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-03] March 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-04] April 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-05] May 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-06] June 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-07] July 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-08] August 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-09] September 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-10] October 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-11] November 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Modern Rock Radio [1998-12] December 1998 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Rhythm Club [1998-01] January 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
Rhythm Club [1998-02] February 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Rhythm Club [1998-03] March 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
Rhythm Club [1998-04] April 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
Rhythm Club [1998-05] May 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Rhythm Club [1998-06] June 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Rhythm Club [1998-07] July 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Rhythm Club [1998-08] August 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Rhythm Club [1998-09] September 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Rhythm Club [1998-10] October 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Rhythm Club [1998-11] November 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Rhythm Club [1998-12] December 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Rhythm Radio [1998-01] January 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Rhythm Radio [1998-02] February 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Rhythm Radio [1998-03] March 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Rhythm Radio [1998-04] April 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Rhythm Radio [1998-05] May 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Rhythm Radio [1998-06] June 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Rhythm Radio [1998-07] July 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Rhythm Radio [1998-08] August 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Rhythm Radio [1998-09] September 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Rhythm Radio [1998-10] October 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Rhythm Radio [1998-11] November 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Rhythm Radio [1998-12] December 1998 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Underground Club [1998-01] January 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-01)
Underground Club [1998-02] February 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Underground Club [1998-03] March 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
Underground Club [1998-04] April 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
Underground Club [1998-05] May 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Underground Club [1998-06] June 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-06)
Underground Club [1998-07] July 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
Underground Club [1998-08] August 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-08)
Underground Club [1998-09] September 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
Underground Club [1998-10] October 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Underground Club [1998-11] November 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-11)
Underground Club [1998-12] December 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
Urban Radio [1998-01] January 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Urban Radio [1998-02] February 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Urban Radio [1998-03] March 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Urban Radio [1998-04] April 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Urban Radio [1998-05] May 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Urban Radio [1998-06] June 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Urban Radio [1998-07] July 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Urban Radio [1998-08] August 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Urban Radio [1998-09] September 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Urban Radio [1998-10] October 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Urban Radio [1998-11] November 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Urban Radio [1998-12] December 1998 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Go Faster (GRANR: GR057)
History Repeating (GRANR: GR057)
History Repeating (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Velvet Pants (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
Pressure (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Proyecto Uno
Grillero (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
Public Announcement
Body Bumpin' Yippie-Yi-Yo (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
It's About Time (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Public Enemy Feat. Stephan Stills
He Got Game (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Public Enemy Feat. Stephen Stills
He Got Game (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Puente, Tito Jr.
Azúcar (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Puente, Tito, Jr.
Azucar (LACASA: 4209-2)
The Music Takes You (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Do It Right (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Do It Right (REMIX: RINCD09)
The Wall (TWIST: TWD-11779)
Pure (COSMI: COSMIC 015)
Pure Blyss
Can I Be Your Baby Daddy? (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Pure Sugar
Delicious (GEFFE: GEF-12-22403)
Delicious (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
Delicious (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Delicious (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Delicious (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Delicious (REMIX: LTD-01)
Delicious (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Delicious (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Hands To Heaven (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Hands To Heaven (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Handslide (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Truth, The (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-05)
Q-Burns Abstract Message
He's A Skull (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
Queen Pen
Party Ain't A Party (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Party Ain't A Party (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Quinzy, Steve
Mirage (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-06)
RAThe Curse (LUSH U: Lush 26)
Rabbitt, Eddie
Love May Never Pass This Way Again (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
No Surprises (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
R.A.F. by Picotto
In 2 My Life (REMIX: RINCD10)
Rage Against The Machine
No Shelter (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Raina Feat. J-Me
Kamasutra (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
Saga Begins, The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Ramirez, Karen
Looking for Love (MANIF U: FESCD 44)
Troubled Girl (MANIF U: FESX 31)
Du Hast (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Bloodclot (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Rasoul + McArthy
Atltantis [? sic for Atlantis?] (GUIDANCE: 43)
Retrospect (GUIDANCE: 43)
Retrospect EP (GUIDANCE: 43)
Shifting Bears [? sic for Beats] (GUIDANCE: 43)
Ray, Jimmy
Are You Jimmy Ray? (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
Are You Jimmy Ray? (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Are You Jimmy Ray? (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Select Series 02 - Volume 11 (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Select Series 02 - Volume 12 (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Select Series 03 - Volume 13 (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Select Series 03 - Volume 14 (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Select Series 03 - Volume 15 (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Do It Again (GROOV: GM EP1 CD)
Razor 'N Guido
Do It Again (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
Do It Again (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Don't Look Behind "U" (GROOV: GM EP1 CD)
Men Beat Their Men (GROOV: GM EP1 CD)
The Razor'N'Guido EP (GROOV: GM EP1 CD)
Razor 'N Guido
You Used To Hold Me (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Can't Keep My Hands Off You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
Can't Keep My Hands Off You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Can't Keep My Hands Off You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
I Can't Keep My Hands Off You (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Let's Go All the Way (COL: 44K 78958)
Let's Go All The Way (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
Let's Go All The Way (REMIX: LTD-01)
Let's Go All The Way (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Let's Go All The Way (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Real Life
Send Me An Angel (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
Real McCoy
(If You're Not in it for Love)I'm Outta Here (DH: DH-Sector-14)
Tonight (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Reba & Brooks & Dunn
If You See Him/If You See Her (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Sin So Well (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Red Devil
Kinetic (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
I'll Be That (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Red Rat
Buss Up Pants Waist (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Red Telephone, The
Piranha (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Reel 2 Real
Mueve La Cadera (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Reel Big Fish
Beer (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Find Another Woman (GROOV: GM 058)
Find Another Woman (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
Find Another Woman (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Love For Free (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Daysleeper (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Club Series 10 (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Club Series 7 (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Club Series 8 (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Club Series 9 (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
En Español - Volume 3 (REMIX: RESCD03)
Eurotracks 17 (REMIX: EURO-17)
Import/NRG Series - Volume 7 (REMIX: RINCD07)
Import Series - Volume 10 (REMIX: RINCD10)
Import Series - Volume 8 (REMIX: RINCD08)
Import Series - Volume 9 (REMIX: RINCD09)
Limited Series - No. 1 (REMIX: LTD-01)
Radio Mix Series - No. 5 (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Radio Mix Series - No. 6 (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Remy Zero
Prophecy (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Ready To Go (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
Ready To Go (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Respect feat. Hannah Jones
I Am What I Am (ALMY: CDALMY88S)
Rest Assured
Treat Infamy (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
Restless Heart
For Lack Of Better Words (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
R.H. Factor
Bootleg, The (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
Rhythm 544
Take Another Hit (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Where Did Your Love Go (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
Rhythm Section
Feel The Magic (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
Richard F
My Side Of The Medicine Cabinet (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
Richie, Lionel
Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Rick Garcia's "Natural Phreek"
Phreek, The (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
Rimes, LeAnn
Commitment (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
How Do I Live (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
How Do I Live (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Rimes, LeAnn
Looking Through Your Eyes (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Nothin' New Under The Moon (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Sittin' on Top of the World (CURB: D-1504)
These Arms of Mine (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Rio Boys Feat. Cory O
La Bamba (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
R. Kelly & Celine Dion
I'm Your Angel (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
I'm Your Angel (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
R.L. Burnside
Rollin' Tumblin' (Remix) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Robert Bradley's Black...
Once Upon A Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Roberts, Andy
Sunny Muzik (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Roberts, Juliet
Free Love 98 (COLOSSAL A: UMACDS053)
So Good (REMIX: RINCD08)
Robin S.
Midnight (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Backfired 2000 (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Do You Really Want Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Do You Really Want Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Do You Really Want Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Show Me Love (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Rob Zombie
Living Dead Girl (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Can't We Try (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
In A Dream (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Rockell (Duet With Collage)
Can't We Try (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Rockell Feat. Collage
Can't We Try (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Roc& Presta
Everybody Over There (Getting ...) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Roger Sanchez Pres. Twilight
I Want Your Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
Rollin' Gear
I Know (PANIC: PANIC 005)
Rolling Stones, The
Saint Of Me (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Rollo Goes Mystic
Love, Love, Love - Here I Come (CHEEK U: CHEKCD-026)
Romero, Andres
Electro Beat (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Ronaldo's Revenge
Mas Que Mancada (AMPM U: 582753-2)
Sweet Pretender (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Instant Memories (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Instant Moments (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Instant Moments (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Living in a Dream (Remix) (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Rosario, Ralphi Feat. Donna Blakely
Do You Like The Way It Feels (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-08)
Rosario, Ralphi feat. Xavier Gold
You Used To Hold Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
Rosario, Ralphi Pres. Blakley, D.
Take Me Up (Gotta Get Up) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Royal, Billy Joe
Stay Close To Home (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Royal Crown Revue
Zip Gun Bop (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Don't Go Lose It Baby (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
Don't Go Lose It Baby (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Don't Go Lose It Baby (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Ruff Driverz
Deeper Love (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Baby U (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Rufus Wainwright
April Fools (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Saintz, The
Sexy Ways (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
Salinas, Luis
Pienso Enti (I Think Of You (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
Saliva Commandos, The
Serial Buff (WHITE: MF 619)
Salter, Sam
It's On Tonight (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
There You Are (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Salt 'N Pepa
Gitty Up (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
Gitty Up (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Gitty Up (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Salt Tank
Angels Landing (DH: DH-Sector-19)
Sambora, Richie
Hard Times Come Easy (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Factory (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
She Found You (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Sanchez, Roger Pres. Twilight
I Want Your Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
Pon Me Lo Ahi (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Sandy B
Ain't No Need to Hide (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Sandy B.
Ain't No Need to Hide (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Ecuador (REMIX: RESCD03)
La Primavera (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
La Primavera (X-IT G: X-IT 042-R)
Mysterious Times (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Sash! feat./ La Trec
Sash! Feat. La Trec
Stay (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Sash! feat. Tina Cousins
Mysterious Times (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Savage Garden
To The Moon And Back (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
To The Moon And Back (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
To The Moon & Back (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Save Ferris
Goodbye (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Sawyer Brown
Another Side (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Drive Me Wild (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Small Talk (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Scarface Feat.Tupac And Master P
Homies And Thugs (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Fire (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Scott, Christian
I Got The Shit (DEEPER: DR022)
Peak Stop (DEEPER: DR020)
The Thunder (DEEPER: DR022)
Who's Getting Zoots (DEEPER: DR022)
You're Useless (DEEPER: DR020)
S & D Productions
Got A Hav Ya [Gotta Have Ya] (WHITE: Gotta)
In de Ghetto (WHITE: Gotta)
Spin-Off (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-09)
Human Beings (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Human Beings (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Seals, Brady
I Fell (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Whole Lotta Hurt (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Secret, TheRhythm of Life (LUSH U: Lush 29)
Sellers, Jason
I'm Your Man (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Closing Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Closing Time (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Singing In My Sleep (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Serious Danger
Deeper (LEGAT N: LGT 5018 CDM)
High Noon (XTRAN B: XN 4736)
Sermon, E., Murray, K. & ...
Rapper's Delight (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Serpico 2 EP
Dreamscape (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Seven Mary Three
Each Little Mystery (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Over Your Shoulder (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
I Thought It Was You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
SF Spanish Fly
Coming To Get Your Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Sexy Body Girls (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Shaggy Feat. Janet
Luv Me, Luv Me (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
ShapeshifterFlood (DEEPER: DR018)
Sharada House
Deep in My Heart (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Product of Society (DH: DH-Sector-21)
Sharp, Kevin
If She Only Knew (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
Love Is All That Really Matters (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Sheik, Duncan
Reasons for Living (DH: DH-Sector-15)
She Moves
Breakin' All the Rules (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
It's Your Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
It's Your Love (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
It's Your Love (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Just For Tonight (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Shepard, Vonda
Artist Drop (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Shining Path
Under The Milky Way (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Good Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Good Love (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Shiro Feat MC Lyte
I Like (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Mindsensations (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-11)
Windows '98 (HOOJC: HOOJCD60)
Silkk the Shocker
It Ain't My Fault (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Silkk The Shocker
It Ain't My Fault (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
It Ain't My Fault (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Silkk "The Shocker"
Just Be Straight With Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Simpson, Jenny
Ticket Out Of Kansas (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Sinclair, Bob
Gym Tonic (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Sinclair, Bob feat. Lee A. Genesis
My Only Love (YELLOW F: YP 051)
Sister 7
Know What You Mean (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Sister Hazel
Concede (remix) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Happy (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Sixpence None The Richer
Kiss Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Six Pence None The Richer
Kiss Me (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Size Queen
Music (TWIST: TWDM-55418)
I Feel Divine (DH: DH-Sector-18)
S. Jey & Youssef
To The Beat (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
Failure (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Justice (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-05)
Fly Robin Fly (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Skunk Anasie
Brazen (Weep) (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Psychout Thing (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-10)
Slade, Winston
English Language, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Slam Dunk da Funk
Candy Girls Remix (WHITE: FIVE-44)
I Want You (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-02)
Smashing Pumpkins
Crestfallen (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Perfect (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Perfect (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
To Sheila (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Smash Mouth
Can't Get Enough Of You Baby (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Can't Get Enough Of You Baby (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Smith, Will
Just The Two Of Us (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Just The Two Of Us (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Miami (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Miami (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Miami (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Smoke City
Underwater Love (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
Smokin' Armadillos
I Don't Want No Part Of It (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Wakin' Up Behind The Wheel (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Strawberries (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Got the Groove (GROOV: GM 079)
Sneaker Pimps
Post-Modern Sleaze (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Snoop Dogg
Still A G Thang (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Still A G Thang (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Snoop Doggy Dogg & Kurupt
Ride On (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Snow, Mark
X-Files Theme (WHITE: ED-6099)
This Is How We Party (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
This Is How We Party (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Solid Harmonie
I'll Be There For You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
I'll Be There For You (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
I'll Be There For You (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
I Want You To Want Me (REMIX: RINCD10)
Touch Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Somethin' For The People
All I Do (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
All I Do (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
All I Do (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Honey Please (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
It Feels So Good (SERIOUS U: SERR004T)
Sonnier, Jo-El
Broken Hearted Side Of New Orleans (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Son, The
Hold On U (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-04)
Jus' Stay (Right Here) (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-10)
So Pure!
Changes (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
The Wave (RM: SELECT-V-12)
S.O.S. Band
Just Be Good To Me (REMIX: RINCD09)
Soul Coughing
Circles (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Soul Creation
Dreams (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Soul Justice
So Right (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-06)
Can't Get Enough (Pt. 2) (DEFECTED U: DEFECT 1R)
Soul Sol [Shania Twain]
[You're Still the One] (WHITE: 6007)
Dubplate Culture (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-04)
South of Trance, TheAngular Tear (LUSH U: Lush 27)
South Sixty Five
Random Act Of Senseless Kindness, A (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Southsyde Conn X shuN
Raize Da Roof - Push It Up (Call It What You Want) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
Return 2 Venus (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Space Brothers, The
Forgiven (I Feel Your Love) (DH: DH-Sector-15)
Gin n' Tonic (WHITE: SPACE 001)
Music Feels Good With You (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
Music Feels Good with You (WHITE: FIVE-44)
Mungo City (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Space Invaders, The
Space Invaders & The Gang (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Spanish Fly
Love Song the Rebirth (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Time To Move On (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Sparkle Feat. R. Kelly
Be Careful (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Be Careful (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Spears, Britney
Baby One More Time, _ (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
Baby One More Time, _ (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Speed Freeks
Brutal B-Boy (JUICE: JR002)
Shutdown (JUICE: JR002)
Speed Freeks
Turn It Up (JUICE: JR002)
Turn It Up / Shutdow / Brutal B-Boy / Turntable Fiend (JUICE: JR002)
Turntable Fiend (JUICE: JR002)
Spice Girls
Goodbye (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Stop (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-06)
Stop (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Too Much (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
I'll Be Around (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
Spinners, The
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Spiritual Project
O'Fortuna (HEAVY U: HV.98.04)
Perfect Bass (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Split EmbryoYour Time Is Up (DEEPER: DR016)
Sporty Thievz
Cheapskate (You Ain't Getting' Nada) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Cheapskate (You Ain't Gettin' Nada) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Spragga Benz
She Nuh Ready Yet (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Don't Try To Find Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Sprung Monkey
Get 'em Outta Here (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Super Breakdown (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Suits Are Picking Up The Bill (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Stabbing Westward
Haunting Me (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Save Yourself (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Sometimes It Hurts (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Staley, Karen
Somebody's Child (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Stansfield, Lisa
I'm Leavin' (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
Music Sounds Better With You (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-10)
Music Sounds Better With You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Music Sounds Better With You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Music Sounds Better with You (ROULE U: 305)
Music Sounds Better With You, The (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-09)
Stardust vs. Madonna
Music Goes Better with You / Holiday (WHITE: STUNTMASTERZ 004)
Starr, Garrison
Superhero (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Stars on 54
If You Could Read My Mind (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-08)
If You Could Read My Mind (TOMMY: TBCD 497)
State Of Mind
This Is It (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Temptation (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Stephano, Marino
Eternal Rhapsody (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Steve "Silk" Hurley & The Voices Of Life
Word Is Love, The (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Steve "Silk" Hurley & Voices Of Life Feat. Sharon Pass
Word Is Love, The (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
Stewart, Rod
Ohh La La (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Sticky People
Kong (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
Stiletto Soul
Make Me Hot (GROOV: GMEP3CD)
Stingily, Byron
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Stockton, Shane
Gonna Have To Fall (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
What If I'm Right (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Storm (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Volume 1 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
Strait, George
I Just Want To Dance With You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Round About Way (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
True (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Five Tones (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
Sugarhill Gang
Rapper's Delight (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Sugar Ray
Every Morning (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Suits Makin' Noise
Beginning, The (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Sunclub, The
Fiesta de les Tamborileros (RM: SELECT-V-11)
Sundance (DH: DH-Sector-14)
Sundays, The
Cry (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
I Can Feel Your Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Sunset Sky
Built To Burn (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Surreal Madrid
Sweat, Keith
I'm Not Ready (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Sweet Box
Everything's Gonna Be Alright (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Everything's Gonna Be Alright (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Swimmer, The
Django (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Hey Now Now (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Hey Now Now (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Sylk-E. Fyne Feat. Chill
Romeo And Juliet (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Sylk-E. Fyne Feat. Too Short
Keep It Real (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
T2 feat./ Robin S.
You Got the Love (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Talla 2XLC
8:15 to Nowhere (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Talla meets Tom Wax
N.R.G. (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Talla vs Taucher
Together (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Imagination (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Imagination (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Imagination (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
So Into You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Tami Davis
How Do I Say I'm Sorry (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Tamperer Feat. Maya, The
Feel It (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-05)
Feel It (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
Feel It (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Feel It (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-09)
Tamperer, The, feat. Maya
Feel It (REMIX: LTD-01)
Feel It (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Feel It (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Tantro Metro & Devonte
Everyone Falls In Love (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Tanya Von
Tonite (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Taylor, Savannah
Leaving On Her Mind (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Tears for Fears
Shout (WHITE: WL-1)
Talkin' 2 U (WHITE: WL-1)
Breathe In You (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-08)
Bring 'Em Out (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Bring Em Out (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Tenaglia, Danny
Baby, Do You Feel Me? (TWIST: TW4-11758)
Do You Remember (TWIST: TW4-11758)
Dubhunter (TWIST: TW4-11758)
Elements (TWIST: TW4-11758)
Headhunter (TWIST: TW4-11758)
Music is the Answer (TWIST: TWDM-55443)
Music is the Answer (dancin' and prancin') (TWIST: TW4-11758)
Read My Lips (TWIST: TW4-11758)
Roots (The Sound of the Drum) (TWIST: TW4-11758)
The Better Days (TWIST: TW4-11758)
Tourism (TWIST: TW4-11758)
Turn Me On (TWIST: TW4-11758)
Tenaglia, Danny & Celeda
Music Is The Answer (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Terra Ferma Featuring I-Ching
Obelix (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-11)
Terry, Todd
Ready for a New Day (MANIF U: FESCD 40)
Terry, Todd feat. Shannon
It's Over Love (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Terry, Todd pres./ Shannon
It's Over Love (LOGIC: 74321-54697-2)
Terry, Todd Pres. Shannon
It's Over Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
It's Over Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Third Eye Blind
Jumper (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Jumper (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Losing A Whole Year (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
This Perfect Day
Could Have Been Friends (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Could Have Been Friends (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Thompson Brothers Band, The
Back On The Farm (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Three Drives And A Vinyl
Greece 2000 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Three 'N One
No Way Out (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-02)
Thrust 2 (THRUST: 2)
Tic Tic Tac
Fruit De La Passion (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Tiko Pres. the Groove Feat. Dawn Tallman
Feel It (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
Tillis, Pam
Every Time (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
I Said A Prayer (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Tilt feat. Zee
Butterfly (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Timbaland And Magoo
Clock Strikes (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Timbaland Feat. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott and Magoo
Here We Come (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Timbaland Feat Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott & Magoo
Here We Come (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Here We Come (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Timbaland & Magoo
Clock Strikes (Remix) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
Clock Strikes (Remix) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Luv 2 Luv U (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
Luv 2 Luv U (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Tin Tin Out
Here's Where the Story Ends (DH: DH-Sector-17)
Here's Where The Story Ends (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
Tin Tin Out with Shelley Nelson
Sometimes (DH: DH-Sector-21)
Tin Tin Out With Shelley Nelson
Sometimes (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-10)
Tin Tin Out with Shelley Nelson
Sometimes (VC: VCRD 34)
Tippin, Aaron
For You I Will (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Drift, The (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Tissera, Rob
Kick Up The Volume (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Back Jack (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
To Kool Chris
It's Time To Party (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
14 Hours to Save the Earth (DH: DH-Sector-17)
Open Up Your Eyes (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Tons of Tones
Photogene (TWIST: TWD-11779)
Too Short
Independence Day (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Torres, Judy
Back In Your Arms Again (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-07)
Total Feat. Missy Elliott
Trippin' (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Total Touch
Do Be La Dee (REMIX: EURO-17)
Touch Me There (REMIX: RINCD07)
Touch and Go
Would You_? (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Would You_? (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Touch And Go
Would You_? (Trailerman Remix) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Westside (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Westside (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Westside (KIIS Edit) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Tracid, Kai
Your Own Reality (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Tractors, The
Shortenin' Bread (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Trammps, The
Night The Lights Went Out, The (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-08)
Behind The Sun (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-10)
Trans Atlantic Air Waves
Transglobal Underground
Eyeway Souljah (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
Tribe Called Quest, A
Find a Way (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
Pad And Pen (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Steppin' It Up (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
Trick Daddy
I'll Be Your Player (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
They Don't Live Long (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Move On Up (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-08)
Triggs, Trini
Straight Tequila (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
Home (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-11)
Mr. Funkyman (I Wanna Dance) (MILKA G: MSR-009)
Triple Threat Feat. Red-N-Black
I Need Somebody Wit Money (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Trip Theory
Times Up (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Tritt, Travis
If I Lost You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Tronco, Robbie
Fright Train (FORBI: MF1234)
Fright Train (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
Oh My! (FORBI: MF1234)
Audacity, The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-09)
Way I Parlay, The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Flying High (Go) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Tuesdays, The
It's Up To You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Turner, Dave
Close Harmony (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Paper Dolls (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Twain, Shania
From This Moment On (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
From This Moment On (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
From This Moment On (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
From This Moment On (Mutt Lange Uptempo Remix) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Honey, I'm Home (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Love Gets Me Every Time (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Still The One (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
That Don't Impress Me Much (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
You're Still The One (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
You're Still The One (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
You're Still the One (WHITE: 6007)
Deep In The Ground (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Nobody Else (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Nobody Else (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
Sweet Lady (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Sounds Of Wickedness (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Sounds Of Wickedness (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Sweetest Thing (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Sweetest Thing, The (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Ultra Funk
Superfunk (WHITE: JT -101)
Tainted Cash (WHITE: JT -101)
The Wicked (WHITE: JT -101)
Ultra Nate
Found A Cure (GROOV: GMEP3CD)
Found A Cure (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
Found A Cure (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Found A Cure (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Found A Cure (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Found A Cure (SR: SR12534CD)
Free (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
New Kind of Medicine (AIRPLANE: ARP 21034)
Sunshine (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Unbelievable Truth
Higher Than Reason (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Uncle Sam
Baby You Are (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-07)
When I See You Smile (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Underground Sound of London
Are You Looking for Me? (TWIST: TWDM-55422)
Uninvited, The
Too High for the Supermarket (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
What God Said (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Celestial Annihilation (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-11)
Untidy DJ's
Untidy Dubs Presents Funky Groove (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-12)
Urban Hearts feat. Angie BrownFree to Love (SUBVERSIVU: SUB47)
Urge, The
Jump Right In (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
My Way (Remix) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Nice & Slow (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Nice & Slow (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
One Day You'll Be Mine (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Open Your Mind (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
Trance Emotions (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Van Bellen
Let Me Take You (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Van Dyk, Paul
For an Angel (MUTEU: 9079-0)
For An Angel '98 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-09)
Words (MUTEU: 9079-0)
Vanessa Mae
I Feel Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Van Helden, Armand
2 Future 4U (ARMED: AVH 0998)
Entra Mi Casa (ARMED: AVH 0998)
Mother Earth (ARMED: AVH 0998)
Necessary Evil (ARMED: AVH 0998)
Psychic Bounty Killaz (ARMED: AVH 0998)
U Don't Know Me (ARMED: AVH 0998)
Van Helden, Armand / Donna Giles
Armand Does Donna = And I'm Telling You (WHITE: TY 001)
Vannelli, Joe T.
Never Knew (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Club Cuts E.P. (GROOV: GMEP2CD)
Club Cuts E.P. (GROOV: GMEP3CD)
Deeper Sound of Bristol Presents Tech House Living (SUBVERSIVU: SUB50D)
Naughty Numbers (WHITE: FIVE-44)
Talkin 2 U (WHITE: WL-1)
Twisted Secrets 3 (TWIST: TWD-11779)
UK Garage Fever - Vol. II (SUBVERSIVU: SUB45D)UK Garage Fever - Vol. III (SUBVERSIVU: SUB49D)
Ultra Funk Vol. 1 (WHITE: JT -101)
Various: Mix
Latin Mix USA Mega Mix (COL: 44K 78969)
Vasquez, Junior
Come Together (PAGOD: DE2-45304)
Touched (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Vector Mode
Nightwalker (RM: SELECT-V-13)
In & Out (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Up & Down (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-07)
Up & Down (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
We Like to Party (GROOV: GM 061)
We Like To Party (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-12)
Birds ('98 Remix) (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Holiday (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Release Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-08)
Release Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Release Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Someone to Hold (HOLA: HPRO-41082)
Twilight Zone (DH: DH-Sector-15)
Verve, The
Lucky Man (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Lucky Man (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Sonnet (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Twister (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Twister, The (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Vission & Lorimer Pres. 2 ...
Togetherness (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
Voices Of Theory
Say It (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
Say It (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Von, Tonya
Tonite (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Voyager One Meets Cerrone
Dreamstate (DH: DH-Sector-21)
Walker, Clay
You're Beginning To Get To Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Wallflowers, The
Heroes (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Heroes (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Forgiven (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-04)
Wannadies, The
You And Me Song (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Warren Brothers, The
Guilty (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
Washington, Keith
Bring It On (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Wash, Martha
Carry On '98 (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Catch the Light (LOGIC: 74321-58044-2)
Catch The Light (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-08)
Catch The Light (REMIX: LTD-01)
Catch The Light (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Catch The Light (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Wash, Martha feat./ RuPaul
It's Raining Men ... The Sequel (DH: DH-Sector-15)
Watanabe, Hiroshi
Hiroshi's Factory Theme (DEEPER: DR019)
Next Life (DEEPER: DR019)
You've Got To Be There (DEEPER: DR019)
Water Chamber, The
Get Funky (TWIST: TW12-55368)
Watley, Jody
If I'm Not in Love (ATL: DMD2470)
If I'm Not In Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-07)
If I'm Not In Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-07)
If I'm Not In Love (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
If I'm Not In Love (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Off The Hook (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
Off The Hook (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
Off The Hook (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Watley, Jody Feat. Rakim
Off The Hook (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Wayne G
Twisted (FFRUS: 314-570-111-2)
Wayne Marshall Feat. Top Cat
G-Spot (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Cheddar (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Cheddar (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Just Clownin' (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
W.C. Feat. Jon B.
Better Days (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-10)
WC Feat. Jon B.
Better Days (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Weeks, Michelle
Don't Give Up (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
Weiland, Scott
Oppopsite Octave Reaction (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-05)
Westbam vs. Red Jerry
Wizards of Sonic (DH: DH-Sector-19)
West, Gina
You Only Come Up When I'm Down (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
No Tears to Cry (REMIX: RINCD07)
Annihilating Rhythm (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Whitcombe, Alex & Big C
Ice Rain (DH: DH-Sector-20)
White, Bryan
Bad Day To Let You Go (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Tree Of Hearts (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
White Knight
Ghetto Boogie (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-01)
White, Lari
Stepping Stone (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Take Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Wild Child
Renegade Master (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Wild Orchid
Be Mine (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Be Mine (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Wilkinsons, The
Fly (The Angel Song) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Williams, Don
Cracker Jack Diamond (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Williams, Lucinda
Right In Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-09)
Willie Max Feat Raphael Saadiq
Can't Get Enough (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Can't Get Enough (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Willis, Mark
I Do (Cherish You) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Wills, Mark
Don't Laugh At Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
Wilson, Michelle
It's My Time (It's My Turn) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-01)
Lifted Higher (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
Wilson,Tim Feat. Jerry Reed
I Married A Woman Who Talks Like Jerry Reed (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Winans, BeBe
Thank You (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Thank You (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-06)
Womack, Lee Ann
Buckaroo (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
I'll Think Of A Reason Later (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Little Past Little Rock, A (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-08)
You Make Me Feel (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-06)
Wright, Chely
I Already Do (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Always Will (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Woman To Woman (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
X Pose'
Passion (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Arms Of The One Who Loves You, The (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Arms Of The One Who Loves You, The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
My Little Secret (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
My Little Secret (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-08)
Softest Place On Earth (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-12)
Plastic City (EPIDR G: EPC 665945-1)
Situation (EPIDR G: EPC 665945-1)
Yankee B.
That Feeling (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Yearwood, Trisha
Perfect Love (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-01)
Powerful Thing (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
There Goes My Baby (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-05)
Yearwood, Trisha (Duet w/ Garth Brooks)
Where the Road Leads (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-09)
On Track (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Vicious Games (DH: DH-Sector-17)
Y.M.C.Y.M.C. E.P. (YOSHI: yr025)
The Awakening (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Yoshitoshi ArtistsOne Nation Under House (YOSHI: yrlp2)One Nation Under House (YOSHI: yrlp3)
Yo Yo Feat. Gerald Levert
Iz It Still All Good? (Something's On Your Mind) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Iz It Still All Good? (Something's On Your Mind) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Zangie, Joe
My Baby (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Zangie, Joe & Samantha Gervasio
My Baby (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-03)
Get Back (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Zero V.U.
Feels So Good (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-03)
Zimms, Mac
L'annonce Des Couleurs (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Rumpshaka (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Rumpshaka (REMIX: LTD-01)
Rump Shaka (REMIX: RADIO-CD-06)
Zwetty Rump

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