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Aloof, The feat./ Nicolia, Ricardo: On a Mission
...12 inch vinyl: Cowboy RODEO 5 (US), 1992.
A1 Aloof, The feat./ Nicolia, Ricardo On a Mission (Livingstone Mix) - 125.9
A2 ..."... On a Mission (Stanley Mix) [
DJR Review: DJ71:45]
- 125.9
B1 ..."... On a Mission (Fabio Paras Remix / Fabio Paras) - 125.0
Time: 126->125.8. An upliftingly joyous groove, this Latin and makossa percussion rattled cantering bounder is pushed along by Ricky's repetive infectious simple "ba ba dee dum dum, bum" scatting and some quavery insctructions to "take it easy", in 126-125.8-0 bpm Livingtone (another good mix with E.17) and slow starting less immediate Stanley Mixes, plus the still rattled but more reggae dub drifting slow sonic voyage-like 0-90.1 bpm Excursion 1 & Excursion 2. Review in: DJ71:45

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