Lucrezia: Live to Tell: David Morales / Eddie Baez Remixes
...CD5 sgl.: Logic LGDJ-86190-2 (US), 2001/06/19.
1 Lucrezia Live to Tell (David Morales Radio Mix / David Morales) 3:48 -
2 ..."... Live to Tell (Original Radio Mix / Eddie Baez) 3:57 -
3 ..."... Live to Tell (Morales Club Mix / David Morales) 9:18 -
4 ..."... Live to Tell (Morales Classic Mix / David Morales) 6:59 -
5 ..."... Live to Tell (Morales Dub Mix / David Morales) 7:12 -
6 ..."... Nothing to Say 5:53 -
Note: Available in 12" Vinyl Double Pack: 74321-86190-1 and CD-MAXI: 74321-86190-2.
DJR Review: Madonna aficionados are a discerning bunch with a high standard for comparison. Logic enlists major talent to meet the challenge in this cover of Madonna's, "Live to Tell." The David Morales house versions are smooth as silk with a happy-go-lucky joyful glide, bouncing bassline and strumming guitar. Lucrezia's rich and soaring vocals rival Madonna in delivery. The chemistry formulates an irresistable conconction. This cover brings new energy to this classic ballad.

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