Crespo, Ricky presents Franklin Fuentes: Stop It Stupid
...CD5 sgl.: Logic LGDJ-86191-2 (US), 2001/05/22.
1 Crespo, Ricky presents Franklin Fuentes Stop It Stupid (Main Mix Edit) 3:23 -
2 ..."... Stop It Stupid (Stupid House Mix Edit) 3:36 -
3 ..."... Stop It Stupid (Main Mix) 6:04 -
4 ..."... Stop It Stupid (Planetstar Garage Mix) 6:14 -
5 ..."... Stop It Stupid (Fierce Acid Dub) 5:53 -
Desc.: Campy and sarcastic NYC drama queen house set to a throbbing rhythm. Note: Available in 12" Vinyl Double Pack: 74321-86191-1 and CD-MAXI: 74321-86191-2.

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