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Martin, Billie Ray: Imitation of Life
...CD5 sgl.: Magnet MAG1040CD (UK), 1995.
1 Martin, Billie Ray Imitation of Life (7" Radio Edit / Brian Transeau) - 129.9
2 ..."... Imitation of Life (Brothers in Rhythm Mix / Brothers in Rhythm / Paul Wright) [BPM info: 0 - 130.1 Desc.: Episodic with percussionless, piano/acapella sections chorded ala "Finally" in later section. Cue at 6'50"04 for vocals which begin at 7:33. After 1st chorus at ca. 8:40 goes into a wonderful jazzy, piano-plonking section, use a beat overlay (e.g. La Bouche: Be My Lover: Spike Club intro) to cover lull at 9:40, resumes at 10:02.] - 130.1
3 ..."... Imitation of Life (Def Club Mix / David Morales) [Desc.: Rather ordinarily loping house mix.] - 124.6
4 ..."... Imitation of Life (Def Dub Mix / David Morales) [Desc.: Starting ala Burger Queens: House Fever.] - 124.6
5 ..."... Imitation of Life (Brothers in Rhythm Padapella M / Brothers in Rhythm / Paul Wright) - -

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