Promo Only: Alternative Club [2003-07] July 2003
...CD: Promo Only ALT-CLUB-2003-07 (US), 2003/07/01.
01 808 State Wheatstraw (Album Version) [Orig. Label: Shadow Records] 4:55 113.0
02 Deadly Avenger Deep Red (Album Version) [Orig. Label: Shadow Records] 7:07 124.0
03 Amos, Tori Don't Make Me Come To Vegas (Timo Maas Breaks Mix) [Orig. Label: Epic Records] 8:54 127.0
04 Neill, Ben Bugfunk (Album Version) [Orig. Label: Six Degrees Records] 5:33 128.0
05 Delerium Feat. Jael (of Lunik) After All (Satoshi Tomiie Remix) [Orig. Label: Nettwerk Records] 10:43 129.0
06 Future Bible Heroes Losing Your Affection (Soft Cell 12-Inch Mix) [Orig. Label: Instinct Records] 8:09 130.0
07 Gahan, Dave Dirty Sticky Floors (Junkie XL Remix) [Orig. Label: Mute/Reprise Records] 10:42 131.0
08 B.T. Sonambulist (Junkie XL Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: Nettwerk Records] 8:49 131.0
09 Karsh Kale GK2 (Album Version) [Orig. Label: Six Degrees Records] 4:57 133.0
10 Erasure Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) (Manhattan Clique Extended Mix) [Orig. Label: Mute Records] 7:29 137.0

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