Promo Only: Mainstream Club [1997-09] September 1997
...CD: Promo Only M-CLUB-1997-09 (US), 1997/09.
01 Crystal Method, The Busy Child [Outro: Cold] 7:26 125.0
02 King, Diana I Say A Little Prayer (REMIX) [Outro: Cold] 6:49 126.0
03 Peach Union On My Own [Outro: Cold] 7:40 126.0
04 Turner, Tina On Silent Wings [Outro: Cold] 8:32 127.0
05 Ultra Nate Free [Outro: Cold] 6:47 128.0
06 Savage Garden To The Moon And Back [Outro: Fade] 9:11 128.0
07 Run D.M.C. vs. Nevins, Jason It's Like That [Outro: C / F] 8:21 129.0
08 Phunky Phantom Get Up Stand Up [Outro: Cold] 9:27 136.0
09 Pet Shop Boys, The Somewhere [Outro: Cold] 10:37 140.0

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