Promo Only: Underground Club [2000-07] July 2000
...CD: Promo Only U-CLUB-2000-07 (US), 2000/07/01.
01 Blaze Wishing You Were Here (Joey Negro Mix) [Orig. Label: Slip-N-Slide (UK)] 8:02 123.0
02 Intense feat. Charvoni All I Do is Think About You (Classic Mix) [Orig. Label: Soundmen On Wax] 6:51 124.0
03 Clark, Roland I Get Deep (Shelter Mix) [Orig. Label: Shelter Records] 8:19 124.0
04 Corporate, Johnny Sunday Shoutin' (95 North Mix) [Orig. Label: 4th Floor Records] 8:32 124.0
05 Brandy Moss-Scott Girlfriend (Batts Black & Blue Dub) [Orig. Label: Mecca Records] 4:25 125.0
06 Sylk 130 Happiness (Soul Dhamma Remix) [Orig. Label: Ovum Recordings] 6:51 126.0
07 Jasper St. Company Smile (Club Mix) [Orig. Label: Basement Boys] 7:55 126.0
08 Madison Avenue Don't Call Me Baby (The Dronez Old School Vocal Mix) [Orig. Label: Columbia Records] 6:36 127.0
09 Hunter, Terry Off the Wall (Terry Soul Mix) [Orig. Label: Music Plant] 8:03 127.0
10 Ariel Woman in Love (Filthy Rich Mix) [Orig. Label: Xtreme Records] 8:57 127.0

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