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Country: US
Web site info: Xquizit Records - a record label specializing in the funky breaks style. The site includes: a BBS, Discography, Guestbook, Sound Bites (in Real Audio format), Online Ordering, Charts, Warez and Links. The site is tied into the site of DJ X, a Florida DJ, producer and artist. [Eds. note: in fact I believe DJ X produces some of the best product in the funky breaks genre.] Sections of the DJ X site include: DJ X in the News, How To Contact DJ X, What Do You Think?, Send Feedback Here!, Scrap Book Photos.

Xquizit Records December 1999 News Update
Received by DJ Rhythms from DJ X on 14 December 1999

Well, it's the quickly nearing the end of 1999 and what a year it has been! Xquizit Records would like to thank everyone for their you know, 1999 was a great year for us and 2000 and beyond are looking great. This year we saw the release of some of Florida's biggest records come right off our label...and we could never have done it without you, so THANKS!

1999 marked the release of tracks by DJ X, SHAKA, SUPERFLY JEFF, MALICIOUS MIKE, CHRIS GALLAGHER, GROOVE 101, AND THE BOOGIE KING. Xquizit feels lucky to have such talented artists working closely with the Xquizit DJ X producing top quality breaks for your dancing pleasure. But don't worry, we promise that 2000 will provide you with just as much high energy break beat music!

DJ X has been rocking the South East hard for the past year, and New Years Eve should prove to be no different! Be sure to check out the DJ X CLUB 2000 CD RELEASE PARTY at CYBERZONE in Orlando, FL. The show will feature Xquizit Records artists DJ X, SHAKA, and MALICIOUS MIKE!!! They'll be rocking in the new year for you, so don't miss the show! Xquizit Records will also be representing at the SUNRISE party at 600 North with Superfly Jeff bringing Daytona Beach into the New Year! Three new CDs are on the shelves with some of the latest and greatest Xquizit hits on them. Rick West's latest installment (possibly the best to date!) , FLAVORED BEATS 4 features Superfly Jeff's TOUCH THE SKY. Huda Hudia has just released his second CD called Y2 FUNK and has chosen to license the new EXSHENES "HYPE DA FUNK" as one of his floor movers. And the DJ X CLUB 2000 features tracks by DJ X, SHAKA, SUPERFLY JEFF, GROOVE 101,and ALTEREGO, plus smash hits from MIX FACTORY, KROMOZONE PROJECT, MIKE B, DJ 43, MERLYN, FREEKSTYLE, D ORIGINAL, and SHARAZ. Don't miss out on any of these CDs!!


December 1999 - XR005 Chris Gallagher - CAN U FEEL IT (DJ X and PSRP Remixes)
If you missed out on the first and only 1500 copies of this release, now is your chance! This will be a limited repress of only 500 get them while you can!
January 2000 - XR012 Superfly Jeff - TOUCH THE SKY (Original & Damon Downs Remix)
DJ X and Superfly Jeff team up again, this time creating a new school epic electro track sure to bring the dance floor into complete mayhem! Damon Downs appears courtesy of Journeys Music with his fantastic Space Echo mix that will surely take you to another level!
February 2000 - XR013 Malicious Mike - MUSIC TURNS ME ON & IT'S FUNKADELIC
Malicious Mike and DJ X also team up for their follow up to the hugely successful Orgazmic. Music Turns Me On rocks some fierce beats and takes you on a guaranteed roller coaster trip! It's Funkadelic offers up some serious funk, but only for the strong minded!
March 2000 - XR014 DJ X - MAKE THE GIRLZ DANCE
DJ X makes his much anticipated return on Xquizit with an unbelievable follow up to I CANT STOP THIS FLOW. This track is sure to rock the house with some memorable samples and a mind boggling vocoded beat box!

CD RELEASES: Visit Xquizit to see CD artwork

Re-released for the year 2000 the first mix CD that rocked the underground scene with tracks like "FEEL MY ENERGY" by MIKE B & "WHAT WE GONNA DO?" by EXSHENES. This CD was very limited and is now being redesigned for the masses. Check out the web for a full track listing and new art work. (Available mid January)
This new CD is gonna be huge with unreleased hits from KROMOZONE PROJECT, MALICIOUS MIKE, MR..TASTY, HOTHEADS, SHARAZ, GROOVE 101 RICK WEST, DJ FIXX, D ORIGINAL, G-13 and DJ X. (Available mid January). Visit Xquizit for more information.
DJ X - CLUB 2000:
If you only own one Florida style breakz CD this is the one to own. Packed full of floor storming anthems that don't stop, blowup after blowup this CD is a perfect example of the sound of Florida rave culture mixed by the true innovator of Funky Breakz DJ X! (Now Available) A review will be published in the Feb. issue of MIXER MAGAZINE!


Hoodwink Records released DJ Hart THE FUNK with a new DJ X remix in November. This remarkable remix has been getting a lot of play in the South East! Grab a couple while you can...

The Xquizit DJ X and The Boogie King appeared on the December 1999 Huda Hudia release MAXIMUM POWER also both offering absolutely smoking remixes of Huda's latest release on KALEIDOSCOPE MUSIC.

DJ X recently completed a remix for the KROMOZONE PROJECT for their upcoming release ENERGY. The Kromozone's original mix is excellent and along the lines of their previous successes TAKE MY LOVE and STAY IN LOVE....the DJ X remix is total high energy and is already rocking dance floors. Energy will be featured on DJ X's FUNKY BREAKZ 2 TBC Productions will be releasing it in January 2000.

January will also mark the debut release from Tampa veteran DJ RICK WEST with his floor storming track METAMORPHOSE. The flip side features a DJ X remix that's sure to please! Be sure to check out Rick's debut track on his FLAVORED BEATS 4 CD!

Debbie D's SUPER TWEAK remix will finally hit the shelves in January as well on JUICE RECORDINGS! This much anticipated DJ X REMIX will rock dance floors everywhere!


4:20! will be representing on Xquizit! DJ SHARAZ is currently working on a remix on DJ X's AH YEAH TAKE MY LUV. Sharaz is sure to work his magic on this keep your checking out the soundbite page on the web site for your chance to be the first to listen! Be sure to check out all of the newest Xquizit tracks at www.xqu


Go to www.xquizitrecords. com/djx and look at DJ X's scrapbook. Send an email to , entitled "DECEMBER CONTEST" in the subject matter, listing the names of the people in photos 7 & 18. Ten people will be randomly selected from the list of correct answers. EACH WILL RECEIVE A AUTOGRAPHED DJ X CLUB 2000 CD, POSTER & A DJ X SUNSET BREAKZ MIX TAPE!

Thanks again for all of your support in 1999 and we'll see everyone in the new millennium!!!

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