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About D.J. Rhythms

D.J. Rhythms is a guide to club dance music, principally promoting the genres ranging from classic to progressive house, techno and ambient. It is not a retail store, record label, or production company. Nothing is produced, remixed, released or distributed by D.J. Rhythms. D.J. Rhythms is a non-commercial, cooperative effort. Many persons and companies contribute information to this site.
D.J. Rhythms features:
charts, d.j. playlists, reviews, a record store directory, a dance music database (catalog) with full disc/track info. and BPM, and a searchable database of links to dance music resources on the Net.

The information available at this site is provided AS IS. No warrantees as to the accuracy of the information are made. Inclusion of information is solely at the discretion of the DJR webmaster. DJ Rhythms will, to the best of our knowledge, follow all legal guidelines (no unauthorized samples or lyrics). Information may be excluded from this web site if so requested by the artist, producer, label, creator or webmaster.

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How do I order an item in the music catalog (database)?

Please send me the lyrics for ...

Please email me all (or some part of) the DJR music catalog.

Send me all your information on music/house music/underground music. Emailing to D.J. Rhythms

Your comments, questions and letters of support are welcome. Unfortunately, other commitments and projects may impede or circumvent our response and we may not able to get back to you in a timely manner or at all. Please be aware that no one associated with this site is paid for their contributions. It is just not feasible to spend 30 minutes to an hour a day answering emails. If you do send email, please be sure your mail program is configured correctly so that we can reply. We receive many emails to which our replies bounce because the sender did not configure their mail program correctly. E.g.,
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Contact Information:
© 1994-2002 by D.J. Rhythms, unless otherwise noted.
email: djem[removethis] @ (you need to fix the addy, i hope it cuts down on spam harvesters) PLEASE, DO NOT ADD THIS EMAIL ADDRESS TO A MAILING LIST

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