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  D.J. Rhythms Dance Music Database, ©1994-2003, an historical tabulation of dance music releases.

Things Will Never Change (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-02)
E-40 feat. Clipse
Quarterbackin' (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-10)
E-40 feat. Fabolous
Automatic (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-07)
E-40 feat. Petey Pablo, Bun B, Eightball, Lil' Jon & Th
Rep Yo City (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-09)
E-40 w/ Too Short & K-Ci
Rapper's Ball (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-10)
Eagle-Eye Cherry
Falling In Love (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-01)
Eagle Eye Cherry
Falling In Love Again (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-03)
Eagle-Eye Cherry
Feels So Right (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-12)
Indecision (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
Save Tonight (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Save Tonight (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Eagles Prey
Feeling Warm (GUERI: 077771322129)
Tonto's Drum (CDPOOL: UKU211)
Tonto's Drum (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2001-11)
Eagles, The
Get Over It (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-11)
Learn To Be Still (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-06)
Love Will Keep Us Alive (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-12)
F**k It (I Don't Want You Back) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2004-03)
F**k It (I Don't Want You Back) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2004-03)
Earl, Stacy
Love Me All Up (RCA: RDJ62115-2)
Romeo and Juliet feat. the Wild Pair (RCA: RDCB-62231-1)
Earp, Justine
Eenie Meenie (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Ooo-La-La-La (RM: SELECT-V-02)
Get Away (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-03)
Not Afraid (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-09)
Essence Of Life (CDPOOL: UKU101)
Essence of Life (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1999-12)
One Nation Trance Nation (CDPOOL: UKU102)
Earth Nation
Alienated (RM: LEVEL-05)
Artificial Dream (GATE: G-CD-12-96)
Elucidate (RM: SLOW-CD-10)
Falling Tears (RM: LEVEL-06)
In Retrospect (RM: SLOW-CD-08)
Liquid Desert (RM: LEVEL-08)
Outburst (RM: SLOW-CD-10)
Revelation (RM: SLOW-CD-08)
Rock On (JUSTF: JFR 011)
Earth, Wind and Fire
September (DT: DT-27)
The Best of Earth, Wind and Fire
Earth, Wind & Fire
Let's Groove (EPIC: EK 66155)
Let's Groove (HT: HC-BOX-01)
September (REMIX: RMXCSCD15)
September '99 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1999-08)
Earth, Wind & Fire - Vs - Jay "Sinister" Sealee
All In The Way (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-11)
East 17
Hold My Body Tight (HT: CD-14-06)
Hold My Body Tight (LOND: LONX-DJ-367)
Hold My Body Tight (LONDS: 422-850345-2)
House of Love (LOND: LONX 325)
House of Love (LONDS: CDP 847)
Stay Another Day (LONDS: 422-850345-2)
West End Girls (DT: DT-23)
West End Girls (RM: TRAN-CD-P05)
East 57th St.
Saturday (DTOUR: DET12009)
East Beat Syndicate
Love Transmission (EPIC: 49K 77595)
Eastbound Expressway
Knock Me Senseless (PASH: PASH1261)
Knock Me Senseless (VINYM: VMR 006)
Primitive Desire (RECSH U: SOHOT 9)
Rainstorm (VINYM: VMR 010)
You're a Beat (BEATB: BB 8063)
U Dig (TRIBL: 724382849322)
Easton, Sheena
Sugar Walls
The Lover in Me (MCA: 23904)
What Comes Naturally (MCA: L33-1201)
What Comes Naturally (MCA: L33-1347)
East Side Beat
Alive & Kicking (RS: RS-CD-06)
Ride Like the Wind (FFRUS: CDP 633)
Ride Like the Wind (RS: RS-CD-05)
Ride Like the Wind (ZYX: 70070-2)
You're My Everything (FFR: FCD 207)
Envy (PROMOONLY: CC-2004-01)
East West
Reason (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-04)
She Cries (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-05)
Superstar (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-11)
Eat Static
Dervish Funk (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2001-07)
Sippin' On A 40 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-02)
Distraught (EUKAHOUSEU: EUHO CD 004-2)
EBE Audio
Alpha One (SOLID: SG 1)
Inner Energy (SOLID: SG 1)
Red Dwarf (SOLID: SG 1)
The Energy EP (SOLID: SG 1)
Zaxxon (SOLID: SG 1)
AEIOU & Sometimes Y (HT: HC-BOX-01)
Ebonee Webb
Ebonee Webb
The Year of the Cat (ZYX: 70070-2)
Ebony Vibe Everlasting
Groove of Love (HT: CD-13-08)
Temperamental (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-12)
Secret Self (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2003-08)
One Step Away (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-06)
Echo Bass
Gotta Dance with the Music (RM: sp-cd-12)
Echo Romeo
Your Tears (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Your Tears (RM: RM o-24)
Pulse (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-03)
Eckstein, Reno
Indiana (ONEWAY I: WAY 1034)
Keep On Pumping It Up (b/w instrumental) (FX U: FX03)
Look Of Love, The (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
The Look of Love (EUROT: ETCD015)
You're Not Alone (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-01)
Eclipse vs. Funklab
Innerstate (BADASSSHT: BAS002)
This is the Beat (BADASSSHT: BAS002)
Ecomo, Silvio
Standing (BANGO N: BG-013)
Uprising (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Dreamin' of You (RM: SELECT-V-02)
Drumbeats (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-06)
E Craig Presents
Dutch Drum Attack (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2000-11)
Eddie Dee 12 Discipulos
Quitate Tu Pa' Ponerme Yo (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-03)
Someday (POSIT: CDTIV-14)
Someday (POSIT: CDTIVA 1004)
(You Bring Out) The Best in Me (POSIT: CDTIV-29)
Eddy, Duane
Ghost Riders (EUROT: ETCD014)
Eddy Two Face
Music is the Power (REMIX: RINCD02)
Alpengluhen (GIG: 244711-2)
Bring Me Edelweiss (GIG: 244711-2)
Bring Me Edelweiss (GIG: 247543-0)
Edelweiss (GIG: 244711-2)
Inzest-House (GIG: 244711-2)
Kitz-Stein-Horn (GIG: 244711-2)
Ruck Zuck (GIG: 244711-2)
Schnaps Bonus (GIG: 244711-2)
Schnaps Bonus (GIG: 247543-0)
Yodel (GIG: 244711-2)
Yodel (GIG: 247543-0)
Do U Feel 4 Me (A: 72787-250312)
Do U Feel 4 Me (LOGIC G: LOC 99)
Do U Feel 4 Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-07)
Do U Feel 4 Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-09)
Do U Feel 4 Me (RM: GRID-CD-11)
Lift Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-06)
Eden A.K.A.
Not Your Enemy (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Eden's Crush
Get Over Yourself (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-04)
Get Over Yourself (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-04)
Love This Way (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-08)
Love This Way (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-09)
Love This Way (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-07)
Love This Way (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-10)
Eder, Linda
I Am What I Am (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-08)
Never Dance (ATL: 2-84633)
Never Dance (CLUBTRAXM: 1999-11)
Something to Believe (REMIX: RADIO-CD-03)
Something to Believe (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Something to Believe In (ATL: 2-84633)
Something to Believe In (ATL: CD5 2-84055)
Something To Believe In (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-01)
Edmonds, Kevon
24/7 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-10)
Si No Me Amas (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-11)
Edwards, Meredith
A Rose is a Rose (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-01)
The Bird Song (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-05)
Edwards, Nancy
Turn on Me (KEEPON I: KM 838515)
Quiereme (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-08)
Reina De La Noche (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-08)
Tu Carinito (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-03)
Yo Me Ire (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-04)
Edwin feat. Saned
Volver A Comenzar (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-11)
The Virgo E.P. (LIMBO: LIMB 44)
Last Stop: This Town (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
MR E'S Beautiful Blues (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-02)
Novocaine for the Soul (GEFFE: GEFD-25102)
Novocaine For The Soul (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-08)
Rags To Rags (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-12)
Your Lucky Day In Hell (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-12)
Effective Force
Illuminate the Planet (RM: LEVEL-03)
E.G. Fullalove
Ain't it What You Want(Aint it What You Need) (EROML: PLSM 2399-1)
Didn't I Know (Divas to the Dancefloor Please (EM: EM 761-1)
Didn't I Know (Divas to the Dancefloor Please (EM: EM 761-2)
Egg, The
Getting Away With It (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1999-01)
Don't Have To Be Jesus (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Don't Have To Be Jesus (RM: SS-CD-04)
Let the Bass Kick (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Let the Bass Kick (RM: SS-01)
Let the Bass Kick (RM: SS-CD-01)
Make My Day (RM: TRAN-CD-P15)
Never Gonna Loose Your Love (MAX: NM770CDTV-1)
Tell It to My Heart (RM: sp-cd-14)
Eichley, Andrew & Ryan Rivera presents Bassfunk
Search & Survive (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-11)
Eiffel 65
Blue (RM: MembRev13)
Blue (Da Ba Dee) (HT: CD-18-05-BONUSCD)
Blue (Da Ba Dee) (LEVEL I: isrc it-t01)
Blue (Da Ba Dee) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1999-12)
Blue (Da Ba Dee) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-12)
Blue (Da Ba Dee) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-12)
Hyperlink (RM: OUR-Sector-13)
Move Your Body (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2000-03)
Move Your Body (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-04)
Move Your Body (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-04)
Move Your Body (REMIX: RMXCSCD18)
Don't Fly So High (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1997-10)
My Homeboy's Girlfriend (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
Pure Uncut (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Eightball & M.J.G.
We Started This (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-05)
Eighth Wonder
Baby Baby (CBS U: BABEQT1)
Baby Baby (CBS U: BABET1)
Baby Baby (WTG: 41 68214)
Cross My Heart (CBS U: 6515528)
Cross My Heart (RM: SP-007)
Dusted (CBS U: BABEQT1)
Dusted (CBS U: BABET1)
Fearless (CBS U: 460628-1)
I'm Not Scared (RM: RM-CD-04)
I'm Not Scared (RM: RM D-19)
Ei Mori
Vetettem Violat (RM: RM a-22)
Vetettem Violat (WT: 001)
EI Mori
Vetettem Violet (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
EJ Doubell
I'm in Process (CDPOOL: UKU212)
E, Jonathan
Fire in the Hole (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2001-03)
De la Casa (MOON: MM 80062-2)
Find Your Way (DH: DH-Sector-23)
I'm in Love with You, Girl (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-08)
El As De La Sierra
La India Bonita (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-02)
Car Song (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1995-12)
Connection (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-04)
Elastic Band
Rolling Down That Mountain (ZYX: 7233-8)
Running Up That Hill (ZYX: 7233-8)
Ventura Highway (EUROT: ETCD008)
El Barrio
In Charge (IRS: 077771323522)
El Binomio De Oro De America
Loco Por Ella (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-06)
El Bizcochito
Por Que Yo Te Amo (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-02)
Newborn (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-02)
El Cartel De Nuevo Leon
No Aguanto Mas (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2004-02)
El Chaval De La Bachata
Me Dejaste Solo (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-04)
El Chombo
El Gato Volador (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-06)
El Chombo Presenta Cuentos De La Cripta IV feat. Lorna
Te Traigo El... (Papi Chulo) (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-10)
El Coco
Dancing in Paradise
El Coyote Banda Tierra Santa
Me Voy A Ir (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-12)
El Coyote Y Su Banda Tierra Santa
El Rancho Grande (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-09)
El Cubano
Esta E'La Vida (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1997-11)
Elder, Linda
Something To Believe In (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-11)
Destiny (VIRG U: CD NOD 4)
Jibaro (FFR: X9)
Electra, Carmen
Fantasia Erotica (HT: CD-12-06)
Morning Afterglow (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-08)
Electribe 101
Electribal Memories (PHONO: MERX335)
import LP/CD $22.99 at Specs [per DVL 2/9/91]
Inside Out (PHONO: MERX335)
Inside Out (PHONO: MERXR335)
Mummy I'm Sick, I'm Underwater (PHONO: MERXR335)
Talking With Myself (DH: DH-Sector-21)
Tell Me When the Fever Ended (MERC: 876405-1)
Tell Me (When the Fever Ended) (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
You're Walking (VIRG U: CD NOD 6)
Electrica Salsa
Electrica Salsa (ZYX: 5548)
Electric Choc
Shock the Beat (REACT: REACT CD5)
Electric Company ft Steve Edwards
Stone Killer (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-07)
Electric Shock
Don't Talk About Sex (SUB: 034)
Electric Six
Dance Commander (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2003-11)
Danger! High Voltage (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2003-04)
Danger! High Voltage (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-04)
Electric Tease
Your Lovin' (AUTOMATICU: AUTO21)
Electric Tease vs Mosquito
Sensation (CDPOOL: UKU310)
Electric Universe
One Step Beyond (RM: OUR-Sector-45)
What You Need (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-04)
Electro Kingdom feat. Mark King
World Machine (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-11)
Electrokingdom ft. Mark King
World Machine (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-09)
Cheyenne (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1999-06)
Crazy Train (TWITC: TW-EP-04)
Ghetto Train (TWITC: TW-EP-04)
Limited Edition Loose Caboose Dubs (TWITC: TW-EP-04)
Stand Up (If You're Ready) (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-10)
Disappointed (HT: CD-11-04)
Disappointed (PARL: CDR6311)
Disappointed (PARL: CDR 6445)
Forbidden City (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-06)
For You (PARL: CDR 6445)
Free Will (PARL: CDR 6445)
Get the Message (PARL: CDR 6445)
Idiot Country Two (PARL: CDR6311)
Electronixx (TWEAK: TW010)
Babylon (FFRR: TABX231)
How Does it Feel (HT: RK-CD-1.04)
How Does It Feel? (MB: MB-CD-03)
How Does It Feel? (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-01)
Sensation (FFRR: TABX231)
Every 1's A Winner (FRSH: FRSH T74)
Asi Es La Vida (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-04)
El Abandonao (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-12)
Grid One / Rescue (RM: SELECT-V-05)
Jibaro (FFR: LP5)
Elektra Records
Head Trip (STREB: SBD-1026)
The Crow (RM: OUR-Sector-17)
Element & DJ Alex
Cat Walk (RM: OUR-Sector-49)
Element Eighty
Broken Promises (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-10)
Element N
Can't Hide (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2002-02)
Elements Of Life
Love The Way (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Elements of Soul f/ Richard Rogers
Come with Me (SOULSHINE: SS004)
La Mecanique (RM: GRID-CD-13)
La Mecanique (RM: SLOW-CD-06)
Elephant Man
Pon De River, Pon De Bank (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-09)
Can You Feel It (CREAR: MAKE006)
Eleven & Seven
3AM Massive (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-04)
El Gang
Superman (RADIORAMAI: RA 89.17)
El General
La Mecedora (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-10)
La Mecedora (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-10)
La Mecedora (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-12)
Perezosa (BMG U: 74321-37818-2)
Samba Hey (ARIOLA: 2337-1RLDJ)
El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico
El Amor Es Ciego (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-04)
Se Nos Perdio El Amor (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-11)
El Gran Jefe
Love Colada (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-06)
El Gran Silencio
America (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-04)
Super Riddim (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-03)
El Gringo De La Bachata
A Esos Hombres (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-03)
Como Duele (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-08)
Gringo Muere De Dolor (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-07)
Retribution (CDPOOL: UKU103)
Sadao Watanabe (ELEK: 9 60816-1)
Love Vibration (FFR: FX200)
Gentle Wind (CRUIS I: CRN 710)
Gentle Wind (CRUIS I: CRN 720)
Elite Force
Jack The Joint (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-12)
Melodic Hypnotic (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-11)
No Turning Back (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-07)
Elivis Crespo
Suavemente (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Elizalde, Joel
De Punta A Punta (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-09)
El Gavilancillo (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2004-01)
El Molino (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-12)
Malamente (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-02)
Elle Patrice
Emotions (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-07)
Eller, Dan
Don't Say Goodbye (BESTR I: 12034)
One Night Stand (BESTR I: 12039)
Ellington, Lance
Have We Lost Our Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-09)
Have We Lost Our Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1993-09)
Elliot, Missy feat. Eve
4 My People (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-09)
Elliott, Alecia
I'm Diggin' It (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-10)
Elliott, Alicia
You Wanna What? (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-06)
Elliott, Missy
4 My People (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-07)
Get Ya Freak On (WHITE: FAKE0001)
I'm Really Hot (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2004-02)
Pass That Dutch (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-11)
Pass That Dutch (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-11)
Pass That Dutch (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-12)
Rain (Supa Dupa Fly), The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-06)
Take Away (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-12)
Work It (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-10)
Work It (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-12)
Elliott, Missy feat. 50 Cent
Work It (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-11)
Elliott, Missy feat. 50 Cents
Work It (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-01)
Elliott, Missy Feat. Ginuwine
Take Away (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-12)
Elliott, Missy Feat. Ludacris
Gossip Folks (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-05)
Elliott, Missy feat. Ludacris
Gossip Folks (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-01)
Gossip Folks (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-01)
Gossip Folks (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-02)
One Minute Man (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-07)
Elliott, Missy "Misdeanor"
Hit 'Em Wit Da Hee (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Elliott, Missy "Misdemeanor" ...
Beep Me 911 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Elliott, Missy "Misdemeanor"
Get Ur Freak On (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-06)
Get Ur Freak On (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-03)
Get Ur Freak On (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-05)
Get Ur Freak On (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-03)
Hot Boyz (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-02)
She's A Bitch (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-04)
She's A Bitch (Content Warning) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-05)
Sock It 2 Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Elliott, Missy "Misdemeanor" Feat.
Beep Me 911 (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
Elliott, Missy "Misdemeanor" Feat. Lil' Kim
Hit 'Em Wit Da Hee (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Elliott, Missy "Misdemeanor" Feat. Lil' Kim & Mocha
Hit 'Em Wit Da Hee (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
Elliott , Missy "Misdemeanor" Feat. Nas, Eve & Q-Tip
Hot Boyz (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-11)
Ellis Beggs & Howard
Big Bubbles No Troubles (RM: SP-006)
Ellis, Beverly
This Time A Diamond Won't Cut It (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-03)
Ellison Chase
Welcome to Tomorrow
Ellis, Sam
Club Lonely (SEVEN: SEVE 01T)
Ellis, Terry
What Did I Do To You? (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-02)
Where Ever You Are (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-11)
Where Ever You Are (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-10)
Ellis, Thom
Hasta La Vista (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2004-03)
El Magnifico
Nu Style, Tha (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1998-12)
El Mariachi
Cuba (SR: SR 12472)
Cuba (SR: SR12472CD)
Desperado (A&M U: 581363-2)
Elms, The
Burn and Shine (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-04)
Speaking In Tongues (Speak In Love) (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-01)
El Poder Del Norte
Decidete (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-10)
Enamorate De Alguien (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-01)
La Radio (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-03)
Pequena Amante (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-01)
Vestido Blanco (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-06)
El Potro De Sinaloa
Mi Corazon Ya Te Olvido (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-02)
El Presidente
La Gatica (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
La Gatita (BASSHEAVY: BHRCD5001)
El Tacuache Nortenisimo
Con Dinero Baila El Perro (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-02)
El Teddy
Bamboleo (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-07)
Bamboleo (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-08)
El Unico Del Sur
El Sentenciado (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-05)
Reality (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-04)
Dance No More (MOS: M.O.S.001T)
Dance No More [feat. Deborah French] (MOS: M.O.S.001T)
Tears of An Angel (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-10)
Elvis vs. JXL
A Little Less Conversation (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-07)
A Little Less Conversation (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-08)
A Little Less Conversation (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-07)
A Little Less Conversation (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-07)
A Little Less Conversation (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-08)
Bush (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-01)
Sundown (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-07)
Sundown (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-07)
Master of the Rainforest (RM: SELECT-V-06)
Emaar Feat. Ellie
Higher (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2004-01)
El Demonio (CDPOOL: UKU-2003-01)
El Demonio (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-01)
Emerick, Scotty
Coast Is Clear, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2004-03)
Emerick, Scotty With Toby Keith
I Can't Take You Anywhere (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-08)
Emerson Drive
Fall Into Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-07)
I Should Be Sleeping (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-11)
Last One Standing (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2004-02)
Only God (Could Stop Me from Loving You) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-04)
Glass Smash Jack (PARL: CORDJX 6401)
I Believe (PARL: CORDJX 6401)
It's You (PARL: CORDJX 6401)
It's You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-01)
Lies (PARL: CORDJX 6401)
Perfect Day (PARL: CORDJX 6401)
Search & Destroy (PARL: CORDJX 6401)
Skin (PARL: CORDJX 6401)
Slouch (PARL: CORDJX 6401)
They're Here (PARL: CORDJX 6401)
They're Here (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Big Big World (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
Espero Su Llamada (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-07)
Es Verdad (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-05)
Have I Told You Lately That I ... (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-09)
Maldita Mujer (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-12)
Quedate (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-07)
Basta (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-07)
Entre Tus Brazos (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-12)
Es Automatico (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-03)
Tu Carinito (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-09)
Cleanin' Out My Closet (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-11)
My Name Is (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-03)
My Name Is (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-03)
My Name Is (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-03)
My Name Is (Explicit Lyrics) (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1999-03)
Stan (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-12)
Stan (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-11)
Stan (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-11)
Superman (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-03)
The Real Slim Shady (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-06)
The Real Slim Shady (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-05)
The Real Slim Shady (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-05)
The Way I Am (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-08)
The Way I Am (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-08)
The Way I Am (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-08)
Without Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-06)
Without Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-06)
Without Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-07)
Eminem Feat. Dr. Dre
Guilty Conscience (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-07)
Guilty Conscience (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-07)
Fascinated (HT: NRG-25)
El Bodeguero (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-04)
Guajira (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-10)
Guajira (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-11)
Guajira (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-11)
Intrusa (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-02)
Sentirme Vivo (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-04)
More Than This (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1999-02)
More Than This (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1999-03)
More Than This (REMIX: RMXCSCD13)
More Than This (RM: SELECT-V-18)
Montreal Extension (RM: LEVEL-06)
I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love (DT: DT-30)
I Don't Want to Lose Your Love (HT: HC-BOX-01)
Emotions, The
Best of My Love (HT: HC-BOX-01)
Best of My Love (HT: HC-CD-09)
Compressed In Rio (BOO U: Boo 38)
Empire Control
Hi Hi Wani (RM: SELECT-V-10)
Let's Get It On (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-12)
Empyreal Sun
Twisted Reality (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-12)
Make U Feel (SFP: SFP 9615)
That Sound (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-10)
That Sound (SFP: SFP 9609)
That Sound (UNKNO: SFP 9605)
The Horn Ride (TRIBL U: TRIUKCD 035)
I'm For Real (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
I Believe (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-05)
I Cry (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-10)
Enanitos Verdes
Amores Lejanos (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-09)
Cuanto Poder (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-11)
En Blanco & Negro
Enciendela (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-05)
En Blanco Y Negro
Baila, Brinca, Salta Y Sacude (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-07)
Depende De Ti (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-02)
Encephaloid Disturbance
Fragments (RM: LEVEL-08)
Le Temps (RM: OUR-Sector-20)
Le Disc Jockey (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
Encuentro Norteno
Mi Problema (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-09)
Endangered Species
Ping Pong (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Ping Pong (SR: 303CD)
First-Last for Everything
Love Cares
Ready or Not
We Feel Good (Future's Looking Fine)
Malice (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-05)
End Of The World, The
No Badness (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Sternenlicht (RM: sp-cd-10)
Enea, Laura
Better the Devil You Know (NP: 1623500271)
Better the Devil You Know (NP: PRCD0272-01)
Catch Me Now (HT: CD-13-04)
Catch Me Now (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-06)
Our Love (NP: NPCD50192)
Take Me Back (NP: 1623500271)
Take Me Back (NP: PRCD0272-01)
Alternate Energy (RM: LEVEL-01)
Energy 52
Cafe del Mar (ARCADE: AADO 799)
Cafe del Mar (BONZAI B: BTP 3097)
Cafe Del Mar (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1997-05)
Energy Go!
There's a Music (RM: GRID-CD-18)
England, Ty
All Of The Above (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-12)
Irresistible You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-07)
Redneck Son (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-02)
Should've Asked Her Faster (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1995-06)
Smoke In Her Eyes (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1995-09)
English, Kim
I Know a Place (NERV: 20150-2)
Jumpin'& Bumpin' (NERV: NE 20303)
Learn 2 Luv (NERV: NE 20248-2)
Learn 2 Luv (NERV: NE 20275)
Nite Life (HILIF: POL 940)
Nite Life (NERV: 20150-2)
Nite Life (NERV: NRV9101-020032)
Supernatural (HILIF: 573-697-2)
Time for Love (HILIF: HICD-8)
Time for Love (NERV: 20150-2)
Unspeakable Joy (CLUBTRAXM: 1999-03)
Unspeakable Joy (NERV: NE 20358)
Unspeakable Joy (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1999-04)
Unspeakable Joy (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-05)
Unspeakable Joy (REMIX: RMXCSCD14)
English, Robin
Girl in Love (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-10)
Engvall, Bill
Here's Your Sign Christmas (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Hollywood Indian Guides (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-04)
I'm A Cowboy (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-11)
Now That's Awesome (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-09)
Engvall, Bill feat. Julie Reeves
Shoulda Shut Up (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-12)
Age of Loneliness (CHARI: V25H-38440)
Age of Loneliness (RM: SELECT-V-10)
Age of Loneliness (RM: SLOW-CD-07)
Age Of Lonliness (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-09)
Age Of Lonliness (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-09)
Beyond The Invisible (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-12)
Carly's Song (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-07)
Gravity of Love (RM: RM z-13)
Light Your Smile (RM: SELECT-V-05)
Principles of Lust (Find Love) (CHARI: V25H-38440)
Return to Innocence (CHARI: V25H-38423)
Return To Innocence (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-04)
Sadeness Part I (CHARI: 0-96395)
Sadeness Part I (CHARI: V25H-38423)
T.N.T. for the Brain (RM: SELECT-V-05)
TNT For The Brain (REMIX TOP 40 EDIT) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-03)
Voice of Enigma (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Voice of Enigma (RM: sp-cd-10)
Enlighten Us
Enlighten Me (HIPKA: URS-001)
Getting Away With It (CDPOOL: UKC309)
Eno, Brian
Before and After Science
Eno, Brian & David Byrne
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (SIRE: 6093-2)
Enochson, Markus
Feeling Fine (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-09)
Enochson, Markus Feat. Jocelyn Matheieu
Feelin' Fine (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2004-02)
Enrique, Luis
Alma Rosa (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-04)
Que Se Yo (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-08)
Sera (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-05)
Sera (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-06)
Te Extranare (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-01)
Enrique, Ruben Y Su Grupo Caiman
Va Que Va (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-04)
Enriquez, Jocelyn
A Little Bit of Ecstasy (CLASS: CLA-0190-2)
Big Love (CLASS: CLS-0219-2)
Big Love (CLASS: CLS-0220-2)
Big Love (DT: DT-40)
Big Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-06)
Big Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-06)
Do You Miss Me (CLASS: CLA-0190-2)
Do You Miss Me (CLASS: CLA-0227-2)
Do You Miss Me (CLASS: CLA-186-2)
Do You Miss Me (DT: DT-43 [DDR-43])
Do You Miss Me (HT: CD-16-01)
Do You Miss Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-08)
Do You Miss Me? (REMIX: RMXCSCD01)
Do You Miss Me > the remixes (CLASS: CLA-186-2)
Get Into The Rhythm (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Get Into The Rhythm (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
I've Been Thinking About You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-04)
Lovely (CLASS: CLS-0203-2)
Make This Last Forever (CLASS: CLS-0203-2)
Make This Last Forever (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-07)
Mr. Bolisario (CLASS: CLA-0190-2)
Mr. Bolisario (CLASS: CLA-186-2)
No Way No How (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-02)
No Way, No How (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-03)
When I Get Close to You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2000-05)
Why (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2004-03)
Why (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2004-03)
Why (PROMOONLY: SELECT-11-2004-0)
Enriquez, Joy
Tell Me How You Feel (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-10)
Tell Me How You Feel (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-10)
Tell Me How You Feel (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-10)
Tell Me How You Feel (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-10)
What Do You Want (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-09)
Enriquez, Los
Sigue Pegadita (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-07)
Tribadism (keep on rising) (WHOOP U: WH 010)
Mind Cables (RM: TRAN-CD-P09)
Touched By The Sun (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-10)
Reggae Twist, The (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
En Vogue
Desire (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-02)
Don't Let Go (Love) (EASTWEST: 63987-2)
Don't Let Go (Love) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-10)
Free Your Mind (EASTWEST: 96128-2)
Free Your Mind (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Give It Up, Turn It Loose (EASTWEST: 96091-2)
Give It Up, Turn It Loose (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Hold On (EASTWEST: 96128-2)
Lies (EASTWEST: 96128-2)
Love Don't Love You (DT: DT-20)
My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) (EASTWEST: 0-96194)
My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) (EASTWEST: PRCD 4464-2)
Riddle (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2000-04)
Riddle (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-04)
Riddle (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-06)
Riddle (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-04)
Riddle (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-04)
Runaway Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1993-09)
Strange (BB: 92425-2)
Too Gone, Too Long (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-08)
Too Gone, Too Long (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-09)
Whatever (HT: CD-16-04)
Whatever (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-06)
Whatever (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-06)
What is Love (EASTWEST: 63987-2)
What Is Love? (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-10)
En Vogue feat. FMob
Runaway Love (EASTWEST: PRCD 5225-2)
En Vouge
Night Moves (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-10)
Anywhere Is (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-01)
Only Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-07)
Orinoco Flow (GEFFE: PRO-CD-3389)
Libre (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-11)
Basket Case (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Basket Case (RM: SS-CD-07)
Inner Mind (VINYS U: STORM27CD)
Walk Away (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-06)
Da Joint (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-10)
Do It Again (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Never Seen Before (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-08)
Epos IV
After All (RM: GRID-CD-11)
Machands D'Ivoire (RM: GRID-CD-09)
EQ Lazer
Heaven (RM: LEVEL-04)
Temperature Rising (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1997-03)
Erase The Grey
Rain (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-02)
2,000 Miles (SIRE: 26026-1)
91 Steps (MUTE: 12Mute99)
Abba-Esque (MUTEU: 9 61386-2)
Abba-Esque: The Remixes (MUTE: LCD Mute 144)
A Little Respect (MUTE: 12MUTE85)
A Little Respect (SIRE: PRO-CD-3252)
Always (DH: DH-08)
Always (HT: CD-13-05)
Always (MUTEU: 7559662252)
Always (MUTEU: ED 5686)
Always (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-04)
Always (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-04)
Am I Right? (MUTE: 12Mute134)
Am I Right? (MUTE: CD MUTE 134)
Am I Right? (MUTE: LCD Mute 134)
Blue Savannah (SIRE: 21428-0)
Blue Savannah (SIRE: 26026-1)
Blue Savannah (SIRE: PRO-A-3801)
Blue Savannah (SIRE: PRO-CD-3801)
Boy (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
Breath of Life (SIRE: 9 40344-2)
Brother and Sister (SIRE: 26026-1)
Carry on Clangers (MUTE: 12Mute134)
Carry on Clangers (MUTE: CD MUTE 134)
Carry on Clangers (SIRE: 9 40344-2)
Chains of Love (MUTE: 12MUTE83)
Chains of Love (SIRE: 20953-0)
Chertsey Endlos (MUTE C: CDNEMY 4)
Chorus (HT: NRG 7)
Chorus (MUTE: LCD Mute 134)
Chorus (MUTE: PL12MUTE134)
Chorus (SIRE: 40123-0)
Cold Summer's Day (SIRE: 61818-2)
Cowboy (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
Crown of Thorns (SIRE: 26026-1)
Cry So Easy (SIRE: 25354-1)
Don't Dance (SIRE: 25667-1)
Don't Say Your Love is Killing Me (HT: CD-16-04)
Don't Say Your Love is Killing Me (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me (MAVER: PRO-A-8907)
Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me (MUTE: CD Mute 195)
Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me (MUTE: LCD Mute 195)
Don't Suppose (MUTE: 12MUTE83)
Don't Suppose (SIRE: 20953-0)
Drama! (SIRE: 21356-2)
Drama! (SIRE: 26026-1)
Drama! (SIRE: PRO-CD-3737)
Dreamlike State (MUTE: 12MUTE111)
Dreamlike State (SIRE: 21558-2)
Fingers & Thumbs (Cool Summer's Day) (ELEKT: 66053-2)
Ghost (MUTE: EPCdMute 166)
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (SIRE: 20471-0)
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (SIRE: 20488-0)
Gimmme! Gimme! Gimme! (MUTE: CD MUTE 45)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (MUTE: L12MUTE93)
Heart of Glass (MUTE: CD Mute 195)
Heavenly Action (SIRE: 25354-1)
Hideaway (SIRE: 25667-1)
Hi NRG (ELEKT: 66053-2)
How Can I Say (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
If I Could (SIRE: 25667-1)
I Love Saturday (HT: CD-13-09)
I Love Saturday (MUTE: EPCdMute 166)
I Love Saturday (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-02)
I Love Saturday - EP: CD 1 (of 3) (MUTE: EPCdMute 166)
In My Arms (HT: CD-16-02)
In My Arms (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
In My Arms (MAVER: PRO-A-8805)
In My Arms (MUTE: CD Mute 190)
In My Arms (MUTE: LCD Mute 190)
In My Arms (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-06)
In My Arms (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-04)
In My Arms (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-05)
In the Name of the Heart (MUTE: CD Mute 190)
It Doesn't Have to Be (SIRE: 25667-1)
Knocking On Your Door (MUTE: 12MUTE93)
Knocking On Your Door (MUTE: L12MUTE93)
La Gloria (SIRE: 26026-1)
Lay All Your Love On Me (MUTE: LCD Mute 144)
Lay All Your Love On Me (MUTEU: 9 61386-2)
Leave Me To Bleed (SIRE: 25667-1)
Let It Flow (MUTE: 12Mute134)
Let It Flow (MUTE: CD MUTE 134)
Like Zsa Zsa Gabor (MUTE: 12MUTE85)
Love Affair (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
Love is a Loser (SIRE: 25354-1)
Love is Colder than Death (MUTE: 12MUTE85)
Love to Hate You (HT: CD-10-06)
Love to Hate You (MUTE: LCD Mute 134)
Love to Hate You (MUTE: PL12MUTE134)
Magic Moments (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
Make Me Smile (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2003-06)
Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2003-07)
March on Down the Line (MUTE: CD MUTE 45)
March On Down The Line (SIRE: 20471-0)
March On Down The Line (SIRE: 20488-0)
March On Down the Line (SIRE: 25354-1)
My Heart ... So Blue (SIRE: 25354-1)
My Heart ... So Blue (SIRE: 25667-1)
No G.D.M. (SIRE: 21428-0)
Oh L'Amour (DH: DH-Sector-09)
Oh L'Amour (DH: REWIND80S)
Oh L'Amour (MUTE: CD MUTE 45)
Oh L'Amour (MUTE: LCD Mute 195)
Oh L'Amour (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2004-01)
Oh L'Amour (SIRE: 20471-0)
Oh L'Amour (SIRE: 20488-0A)
Oh l'Amour (SIRE: 25354-1)
Paradise (SIRE: 21356-2)
Perfect Stranger (MUTE: LCD Mute 134)
Piano Song bw/ Piano Song - Instrumental (SIRE: 26026-1)
Precious (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
Rain (DH: DH-Sector-14)
Rain (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
Rapture (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
Rapture (MUTE: LCD Mute 190)
Reach Out (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
Reunion (SIRE: 25354-1)
River Deep Mountain High (MUTE: 12MUTE74)
Rock Me Gently... (MUTE C: CDNEMY 4)
Runaround on the Underground (SIRE: 21428-0)
Run to the Sun (DT: DT-28)
Run to the Sun (HT: CD-13-06)
Run to the Sun (MUTEU: 66208-2)
Run to the Sun (MUTEU: ED 5694)
Run To The Sun (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-07)
Save Me Darling (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
Say What (SIRE: 25354-1)
Senseless (SIRE: 25354-1)
She Won't Be Home (MUTE: 12MUTE93)
Ship of Fools (MUTE: 12MUTE74)
Snappy (SIRE: 40123-0)
Soldier's Return (SIRE: 20740-0)
Solsbury Hill (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2003-03)
Sometimes (DH: DH-Sector-16)
Sometimes (SIRE: 25667-1)
Sometimes (SIRE: 9 40721-2)
S.O.S. (MUTE: LCD Mute 144)
S.O.S. (MUTEU: 9 61386-2)
Spiralling (SIRE: 25667-1)
Star (MUTE: 12MUTE111)
Star (SIRE: 21558-2)
Star (SIRE: 26026-1)
Stay With Me (ELEKT: 66084-2)
Stop! (MUTE: 12MUTE93)
Stop! (MUTE: L12MUTE93)
Supernature (MUTE: 12MUTE99)
Supernature (MUTE: XL12MUTE99)
Supernature (SIRE: 21428-0)
Sweet, Sweet Baby (SIRE: 21356-2)
Take A Chance on Me (MUTE: LCD Mute 144)
Take A Chance on Me (MUTEU: 9 61386-2)
The Circus (SIRE: 9 40721-2)
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (MUTE: 12MUTE83)
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (SIRE: 20953-0)
The Hardest Part (MUTE: 12MUTE93)
The Two Ring Circus (SIRE: 25667-1)
Tragic (MUTE: EPCdMute 166)
Tragic (MUTEU: 7559662252)
Treasure (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
True Love Wars (ELEKT: 66084-2)
Truly, Madly, Deeply (MUTE: EPCdMute 166)
Victim of Love (SIRE: 20740-0)
Victim of Love (SIRE: 25667-1)
Voulez Vous (MUTE: LCD Mute 144)
Voulez Vous (MUTEU: 9 61386-2)
Waiting for Sex (MUTE: 12Mute134)
Waiting For Sex (MUTE: CD MUTE 134)
Waiting for Sex (SIRE: 9 40344-2)
When I Need You (MUTE: 12MUTE74)
Who Needs Love Like That (SIRE: 25354-1)
Who Needs Love Like That (SIRE: 9 40721-2)
Wild! (SIRE: 26026-1)
Wonderland (SIRE: 25354-1)
Worlds on Fire (MAVER: 9 46631-2)
You Surround Me (MUTE: 12Mute99)
You Surround Me (MUTE: XL12MUTE99)
You Surround Me (SIRE: 26026-1)
Sola (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-05)
Suck My Dang-A-Long (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Suck My Dang-A-Long (RM: SS-CD-06)
Erentxun, Mikel
En El Sur (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2004-02)
I Don't Know (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-11)
Love Me (RM: TRAN-CD-P08)
Eric Prydz
Mr Jingles (CDPOOL: UKU309)
Eric S
Dance With Me (CDPOOL: UKC308)
Eric S ft. Martha Jean "The Queen"
You are Somebody! (CDPOOL: UKC305)
Got to Be Real (DH: DH-06)
Got to be Real (PWL: PWCD278)
I Can't Take Anymore (PWL: PWCD278)
Now that You're Mine (PWL: PWCD 305)
We Got the Love (PWL: PWCD 305)
We Got the Love (PWL: PWLT 305)
Prendido a Un Sentimiento (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-08)
Relations (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-06)
Shine (HT: CD-14-08)
Shine (LOGIC: 79591-59026-2)
Shine (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-11)
Ernesto A. & G. Morro
Pisha (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-06)
Ernesto Perez El Chapo
Fantasia Loca (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-03)
Ernie Lake feat. Eha
Missing (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-02)
Ernie Lake Feat. KC
Shake Your Body (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2004-03)
Ernies, The
It's Digestible (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-12)
Can't Stop the Feeling (PK: 9809X09)
Goin On Feelin Strong (EROS: EROS [1])
Kung Fu Fighter (EROS: EROS [1])
Let's Get It On (TWEAK: TW-018)
You Make Me Feel Good (TWEAK: TW-018)
Eros Ramazzotti
Fuego En El Fuego (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-01)
Orgasm (WHIRLING: WH-0010)
Erotic Dissidents
Move your Ass (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Move Your Ass (SUB: 034)
Move Your Ass & Feel the Beat (RM: RM !-20)
Erotic Exotic
I Can Give You What You Need (SUD: 069)
Don't Change (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-01)
Don't Change For Me (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-03)
Rock Wit U (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-11)
Rock Wit U (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-12)
Erykah Badu feat. Common
Love of My Life (Ode To Hip Hop) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-10)
Breaking Up (HF: MS105)
Body Move (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Escape (CDPOOL: UKU312)
Escape from NY
Save our Love (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Escobar, Nas, Brown, F., ...
Phone Tap (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Escoffery, Shaun
Days Like This (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-12)
ES Connection
Don't Take Your Time (AMERD I: AMD 005)
Deeper (HOOJC: TABCD236)
Train of Thought (HOOJC: TABCD236)
Da Da Da Dancing Bolero (FCF I: 15/91)
Eskimo Kiss (ASIA I: ARD 1022)
Everynight (FCF I: 38/91)
Jump (ASIA I: ARD 1043)
Love and Fantasy (ASIA I: ARD 1066)
Eskimos & Egypt
Fall From Grace (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-01)
Fall From Grace (RM: GRID-CD-11)
Home (MB: Session 6)
Oral Sax (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-04)
She (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-02)
The Guitar (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-08)
E-Smoove Presents Pimptronics
Last Dance (Remember My Love) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-07)
E-Smoove pres. House Avengers
Something Special (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-10)
Esparza, Jose Guadalupe
Caracachunda (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-06)
Celoso (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-03)
Enfermo De Amor (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-04)
Eres Un Angel Que Baila (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-09)
Mala Costumbre (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-04)
Mitad De Mi (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-02)
Que Te Ha Dado Esa Mujer (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-12)
Esperanza Feat. Carolyn Punter
Saved (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-05)
Esperanza, Tony
La Mosca (RM: SELECT-V-13)
In Praise Of The Sun (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-03)
Do You Want It Funky? (OLYMP: ELYT17)
Espuela De Oro
Chuntaro (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-10)
Para Que Me Haces Llorar (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-07)
ESP vs JVA Feat. Jillian
U Got Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-06)
Colours (ALMY: ALMY CD 08)
Dreams (ALMY: ALMY CD 08)
Stars (ALMY: ALMY CD 05)
The Promise (DH: DH-Sector-17)
The Promise (INNOC U: SINCD1)
Essence Nubian
Have No Doubt (SELEC: 2-61202)
Essential Funk
Jam on (ESSEN: 9805X22)
Jam on Egypt (ESSEN: 9805X22)
Vol. #2 (ESSEN: 9805X22)
Give Me Some Horns (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-02)
Essex Girls, The
Stay Over (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
This Time It's Real (for me) (ALMY: ALMY CD 06)
Esteban, Jossie
Chupa Que Chupa (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-04)
All Because Of You (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-09)
All Because Of You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Dr. Beat (EPIC: EK 57634)
Estefan, Gloria
Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors) (EPIC: 49K 77977)
Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors) (EPIC: 49K 78286)
Can't Forget You (EPIC U: 659095 2)
Cherchez La Femme (EPIC: 49K 77977)
Cherchez La Femme (HT: CD-14-04)
Como Me Duele Perderte (EPIC: 49K 79456)
Como Me Duele Perderte (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-11)
Como Me Duele Perderte (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-10)
Don't Let This Moment End (DH: DH-Sector-23)
Don't Let This Moment End (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-11)
Don't Let This Moment End (REMIX: RMXCSCD11)
Dr. Beat (EPIC: 49K 77192)
Everlasting Love (DT: DT-31)
Everlasting Love (HT: CD-14-01)
Everlasting Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-02)
Everlasting Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-02)
Get On Your Feet (EPIC: 49-68877)
"Gloria" = Don't Let This Moment End (WHITE: BH-101)
Go Away (EPIC U: 659095 2)
Go Away (HT: CD-12-03)
Go Away (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-04)
Heaven's What I Feel (HT: 17-03)
Heaven's What I Feel (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-05)
Heaven's What I Feel (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-05)
Heaven's What I Feel (REMIX: RADIO-CD-05)
Heaven's What I Feel (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
Higher (EPIC: 49K 78465)
Higher (EPIC: XSS-9227)
Higher (HT: CD-15-08)
Higher/Tres Deseos (Medley) (EPIC: 49K 78465)
Hoy (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-09)
If We Were Lovers (EPIC: 49K 77192)
I'm Not Giving You Up (EPIC: 49K 78465)
I'm Not Giving You Up (HT: CD-16-01)
I'm Not Giving You Up (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-12)
I'm Not Giving You Up (REMIX: RMXCSCD02)
Live for Loving You (EPIC: 49-73971)
Live for Loving You (EPIC: Esk 73962)
Mi Tierra (EPIC: 49K77063)
Mi Tierra (EPIC: 49K 77192)
No Me Dejes de Querer (EPIC: 49K 79456)
No Me Dejes De Querer (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-06)
No Me Dejes De Querer (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-07)
Out of Nowhere (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2001-05)
Out of Nowhere (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-05)
Out of Nowhere (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-05)
Oye (EPIC: EAS 41403)
Oye (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-08)
Oye (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Oye (REMIX: LTD-01)
Reach (DT: DT-40)
Reach (EPIC: 49K 78286)
Reach (HT: CD-15-04)
Reach (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-05)
Reach (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-05)
The Rhythm is Gonna Get You (EPIC: 49-06772)
Tradición (EPIC: 49K 77192)
Tres Deseos (Three Wishes) (EPIC: AED 7727)
Tres Deseos (Three Wishes) (EPIC: AED 7798)
Tres Deseos (Three Wishes) (EPIC: EAS 7622)
Tu Fotografia (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2004-01)
Turn the Beat Around (DT: DT-30)
Turn the Beat Around (EPIC: 49K 77631)
Turn the Beat Around (EPIC: XSS 6540)
Turn the Beat Around (EPIC: XSS 6541)
Turn the Beat Around (HT: CD-13-07)
Turn The Beat Around (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-10)
Turn The Beat Around (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-10)
You'll Be Mine (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-09)
You'll Be Mine (It's Party Time) (DT: DT-42)
You'll Be Mine (Party Time) (DH: DH-Sector-05)
You'll Be Mine (Party Time) (EPIC: 49K 78379)
You'll Be Mine (Party Time) (EPIC: AED8379)
You'll Be Mine (Party Time) (EPIC: XSS 8158)
You'll Be Mine (Party Time) (HT: CD-15-07)
Y-Tu-Conga (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-03)
Estefan, Gloria and Miami SM
Bad Boy (EPIC J: 20-8P-5226)
Conga (EPIC: EK 52402)
Conga (EPIC J: 20-8P-5226)
Dr. Beat (EPIC J: 20-8P-5226)
Falling in Love (Uh-Oh) (EPIC J: 20-8P-5226)
Prisoner of Love (EPIC J: 20-8P-5226)
Rhythm is Gonna Get You (EPIC J: 20-8P-5226)
Estefan, Gloria and Miami Sound M.
1-2-3 (EPIC U: 652958-1)
Estefan, Gloria [and Nsync]
Music of My Heart (EPIC: EAS 42188)
Estefan, Gloria Feat. Don Omar
Tu Fotografia (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-03)
Estes, Toni
Hot (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-08)
Vino Tinto (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-07)
Estrada, Tony
Close (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-04)
Conquistar Tu Corazon (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-10)
E- Swinga
Swinga Blazini (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-07)
Just a Step from Heaven (SBK: 724383004829)
Power of a Woman (EMI: 12 EM396)
Save Our Love (EMI: 12 EM 296)
So Good (SBK: 724383117925)
Stay (EMIUS: E2-58113)
Stay (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-01)
Sweet Funky Thing (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-08)
Sweet Funky Thing (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1994-08)
Etheral Beat
Etheral Beat (LOMBA I: LMB 013)
Etheridge, Melissa
Angels Would Fall (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-09)
Breathe (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2004-01)
Enough of Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-02)
If I Wanted To (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-05)
I Want To Come Over (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-02)
Nowhere To Go (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-08)
Your Little Secret (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-11)
Ethyl Meatplow
Queenie (DALI: 737046630501)
Let's Rock (RM: SS-01)
Let's Rock (RM: SS-CD-01)
Yo, Te Quiero (RM: SS-CD-07)
Etro Anime
Summer Rain (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2004-03)
Calling Your Name (HT: CD-16-01)
Set the World on Fire (HT: CD-15-05)
This is the Way (DH: DH-16)
This is the Way (EUROT: ETCD008)
This is the Way (HT: CD-15-03)
This Is The Way (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-03)
Find Me (CDPOOL: UKU304)
Believe It (QUARK: QCD5-038)
Euphoria (QUARK: QCD5-038)
Genocide (QUARK: QCD5-038)
I Like Noise (QUARK: QCD5-038)
Love You Right (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Afrika '99 (CLUBTRAXM: 1999-06)
Dive to Paradise (EUROT: ETCD007)
It's on You (Scan Me) (AVEX: AVEX T17)
[01]: Issue One(1) (EUROT: ETCD001)
[02]: Issue Two(2) (EUROT: ETCD002)
[03]: Issue Three(3) (EUROT: ETCD003)
[04]: Issue Four(4) (EUROT: ETCD004)
[05]: Issue Five(5) (EUROT: ETCD005)
[06]: Issue Six(6) (EUROT: ETCD006)
[07]: Issue Seven(7) (EUROT: ETCD007)
[08]: Issue Eight(8) (EUROT: ETCD008)
[09]: Issue Nine(9) (EUROT: ETCD009)
[10]: Issue Ten(10) (EUROT: ETCD010)
[11]: Issue Eleven (11) (EUROT: ETCD011)
[12]: Issue Twelve (12) (EUROT: ETCD012)
[13]: Issue Thirteen (13) (EUROT: ETCD013)
[14]: Issue 14 (EUROT: ETCD014)
[15]: Issue 15 (EUROT: ETCD015)
[16]: Issue 16 (EUROT: ETCD016)
17 Again (ARISTA: ARDP-3761)
17 Again (ARISTA: ARDP-3766)
17 Again (CLUBTRAXM: 1999-12)
Angel (RCAUK: DAT25)
Here Comes the Rain Again
Here Comes the Rain Again (DT: DT-33)
Julia (RCAUK: PT44266)
Love is a Stranger (RCAUK: PT44266)
Love is a Stranger (RCAUK: PT44268)
Paint A Rumour
Power to the Meek (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-01)
Savage (RCA: 6794-1)
Sex Crime 1984
Sweet Dreams (RCAUK: DAT25)
Sweet Dreams (SUBCULTUR: SCR1-001)
Sweet Dreams '94 (DT: DT-28)
Sweet Dreams (are made of this)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (HT: EDGE-L02)
Sweet Dreams (are made of this) (UNKNO: 8395)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) '91 (RS: RS-CD-04)
Take Your Pain Away (ULTIMIX: Ultimix 58)
The Rain [Here Comes the Rain Again] (UNKNO: SR7389)
There Must Be an Angel (Playing w/ My Heart) (RCAUK: PT44266)
Who's that Girl?
Evan and Jaron
And Then She Says (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-03)
Crazy For This Girl (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-07)
From My Head to My Heart (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-03)
Bring Me To Life (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-03)
Bring Me To Life (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-11)
Everybody's Fool (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2004-03)
Going Under (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-08)
Going Under (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-07)
My Immortal (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-11)
Evan & Jaron
The Distance (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-11)
What She Likes (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2004-02)
Evans, Adriana
Seein' Is Believing (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-04)
Evans, Failth Feat. Puff Daddy
All Night Long (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-01)
Evans, Faith
Ain't Nobody (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-04)
Ain't Nobody (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-05)
All Night Long (BADDOY: 78612-79206-1)
All Night Long (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1999-05)
All Night Long (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1999-02)
As Soon As I Get Home (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-11)
Come Over (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-08)
I Love You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-04)
I Love You (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-01)
Life Will Pass You By (BADDOY: 78612-79206-1)
Love Like This (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Love Like This (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-10)
Never Gonna Let You Go (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-05)
You Gets No Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-10)
You Used To Love Me (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-10)
Evans, Faith feat. Carl Thomas & Shyne
Can't Believe (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-05)
Evans, Faith feat. Missy Elliott
Burnin' Up (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-09)
Evans, Faith Feat. Puff Daddy
All Night Long (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-03)
Evans, Julie Ann
Keep Kissin' (CDPOOL: UKC209)
Evans, Sara
Backseat of a Greyhound Bus (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-03)
Born to Fly (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-07)
Crying Game, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
I Could Not Ask For More (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-02)
I Keep Looking (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-03)
No Place That Far (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Perfect (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-10)
Saints and Angels (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-09)
Three Chords And The Truth (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-06)
True Lies (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-03)
Evans, Sara With Martina McBride
Fool, I'm A Woman (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-04)
Evans, Tania
Prisoner Of Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-06)
Prisoner Of Love (La-Da-Di) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-02)
Evans, Tonia
Prisoner of Love (REMIX: RINCD07)
Gotta Man (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-09)
Groove of Love (MCA U: WMCST 2007)
Groove Of Love (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1994-11)
Trip Around Your Body (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-02)
U, Me & She (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-01)
Who's That Girl (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-03)
Who's That Girl? (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-02)
Who's That Girl? (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-02)
Eve 6
At Least We're Dreaming (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-10)
Here's to the Night (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-03)
Here's to the Night (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-02)
Inside Out (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-08)
Inside Out (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Leech (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
On the Roof Again (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-10)
Open Road Song (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-04)
Promise (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-07)
Promise (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-06)
Think Twice (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-10)
Think Twice (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-06)
Eve 6
Tongue Tied (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-09)
Eve and Jadakiss
Got It All (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-06)
Eve feat. Alicia Keys
Gangsta Lovin' (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-07)
Gangsta Lovin' (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-09)
Eve feat. Faith Evans
Love is Blind (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-01)
Love is Blind (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-12)
Eve feat. Gwen Stefani
Let Me Blow Ya Mind (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-06)
Let Me Blow Ya Mind (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-06)
Let Me Blow Ya Mind (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-04)
Eve & Jadakiss
Got It All (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-08)
Funny Bunny Boy (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-10)
Evens, Sara
Shame About That (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-12)
AM Radio (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-11)
AM Radio (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-08)
Boys Are Back In Town, The (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-09)
Everything To Everyone (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-09)
Father Of Mine (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-10)
Father Of Mine (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Heartspark Dollarsign (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-04)
I Will Buy You A New Life (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
One Hit Wonder (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-01)
Out of My Depth (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-03)
Santa Monica (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1995-11)
Volvo Driving Soccer Mom (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-01)
When It All Goes Wrong (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-11)
Wonderful (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-07)
Wonderful (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-06)
Black Jesus (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-09)
Ends (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-02)
I Can't Move (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-12)
So Long (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-11)
Today (Watch Me Shine) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-12)
What It's Like (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-12)
What It's Like (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
White Trash Beautiful (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2004-02)
Everlasting Throbbing Poppers
Pulsing (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2000-06)
Evers, Gaye & Nitelite
Body Party (CAP: 8523)
Eversole, Archie feat. Bubba Sparxxx
We Ready (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-08)
Everyday Sunday
Hanging On (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-05)
Lose It Again (PROMOONLY: CC-2004-01)
Mess With Your Mind (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-10)
Stand Up (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-09)
Wait (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-06)
Good Thing (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-01)
Hooch (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Hooch (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Everything But the Girl
5 Fathoms (ATL: 84530-2)
Before Today (ATL: CD5 85442-2)
Driving (BLANC G: NEG99CD1)
Firewall (ATL: 84530-2)
Everything But The Girl
Five Fathoms (Love More) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1999-10)
Five Fathoms (Love More) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-11)
Five Fathoms (Love More) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-08)
Five Fathoms (Love More) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-09)
Everything But the Girl
Lullaby of Clubland (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-11)
Everything but the Girl
Missing (ATL: 85620-2)
Everything But the Girl
Missing (DH: DH-15)
Everything but the Girl
Missing (ETERN: NEG 84CD)
Everything But the Girl
Missing (HT: CD-14-06)
Everything But The Girl
Missing (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-08)
Missing (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-12)
Missing (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-08)
Everything but the Girl
Missing (UNKNO: MM960302)
Everything But the Girl
Temperamental (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2000-01)
Everything but the Girl
Walking Wounded (VIRG U: VSCDT 1577)
Everything But the Girl
Wrong (DH: DH-Sector-03)
Everything but the Girl
Wrong (DT: DT-41)
Everything But The Girl
Wrong (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-06)
Wrong (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-08)
Wrong (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-05)
Everything But the Girl [Brainchild vs.]
Missing 99 (SSWHITE: MISS99)
Everything But the Girl vs Soul Vision
Tracey in My Room (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-01)
Evil Angel ft. Kym Marsh
Today (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2004-02)
Evil Diva (feat. Neon Leon)
Move 2 Da Music (HT: RK-CD-1.07)
Evinrudes, The
Drive Me Home (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-07)
Evita (Soundtrack)
The Sound of the Drums (COOLDRIVEB: 184003-1)
Arms of Loren (DH: DH-Sector-05)
Arms of Loren 2001 (CDPOOL: UKC301)
I Believe (DH: DH-11)
Runaway (DH: DH-17)
Runaway (EUROT: ETCD010)
Insect (BEDROCK U: BED14)
Nervous Nuance (BEDROCK U: BED14)
Control (DECON: 74321134272)
Everybody Dance (DECON: 74321152012)
Everybody Dance (DH: DH-03)
Everybody Dance (DT: DT-22)
Everybody Dance (GATE: T-CD-97X2)
Everybody Dance (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-11)
Everybody Dance (RM: TRAN-CD-P06)
Free Your Mind (PV: 003)
Harmony (PV: 003)
Jaywalkin' (DECON: 74321134272)
Look Up to the Light (DECON: 74321-31804-2)
Love Thing (DECON: 74321134272)
Love Thing (PV: 003)
Metropolis (PV: PV 002)
Photogenic (DECON: 74321152012)
The Cover-Up EP (PV: 003)
The Original Upsetter (PV: 003)
Your Love is Calling (DECON: 74321-42287-2)
Your Love is Calling (DH: DH-Sector-06)
Your Love is Calling (GATE: G-CD-01-97)
Evolution feat. Jayn Hannah
Walking On Fire (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-10)
Evora, Cesaria
Angola (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-09)
This World (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-04)
Ewing, Bobby
Sunlight (CDPOOL: UKC311)
Ewing, Skip
Mary Go Round (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-04)
The Night (RM: sp-cd-11)
Still Not Over You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-06)
Exies, The
Kickout (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-05)
My Goddess (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-10)
Exiles feat. Talawah
Games (CDPOOL: UKC302)
Let's Work It Out (PRO: PCD-1248)
Exit 100
Circuits (RM: LEVEL-04)
Rosa (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-1999-08)
Demon Seed (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-03)
Sunscreem (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-07)
Void (GATE: T-CD-97X2)
Void (RM: LEVEL-03)
The Summer is Magic (RM: sp-cd-15)
Before the Night (RM: GRID-CD-12)
Expansion Union
Playing with Lightning (TVT: TVT 8217-OP)
World Wide Funk (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1999-05)
Explorium with Coee & Dove
Technologies of Transcendance (DB: DB-017)
To the Sky (DB: DB-017)
Let's Go Frankie Go (ACADE I: ACD 8526)
!(Artist Info)
As Long As I Can Dream (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1993-10)
Come Dub With Me (ARISTA: 07822-19539-1)
Come Go With Me (ARISTA: 07822-19539-1)
I'll Say Goodbye for the Two of Us (ARISTA: 07822-12920-2)
In Walked Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-03)
I Specialize in Love (ARISTA: 07822-12920-2)
I Specialize in Love (DT: DT-37)
I Specialize in Love (HT: CD-15-01)
I Specialize in Love (ULTIMIX: Ultimix 58)
I Wish the Phone Would Ring (DT: DT-15)
I Wish the Phone Would Ring (HT: CD-11-06)
I Wish The Phone Would Ring (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Let Me Be the One (ARISTA: 07822-19618-1)
What You Don't Know (ARISTA: 07822-19837-1)
What You Don't Know (ARISTA: ARCD-8532)
Exposure & DJ Phillipe
Party Claps (ZYX: 20266-2)
Expression Four
I Can Dance... (RM: TRAN-CD-P13)
Come On Everyday (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-04)
Extension 119
Zone, The (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-07)
En Primera Plana (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-07)
Extortion feat. Dihan Brooks
How Do You See Me Now (BOP: BOXDJ8)
Extra Fancy
Christmastime (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-12)
Extra Large
Lose My Time (FDT I: FDT 021)
Trasparenza (BCM: 422 CD [UK])
This Thing Called Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1999-05)
Eyeless Dreams
Window (RM: SELECT-V-06)
Eyes Cream
Fly Away (Bye Bye) (HT: NRG-41)
Fly Away (Bye Bye) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2000-01)
Fly Away (Bye Bye) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-01)
Fly Away (Bye Bye) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-02)
Fly Away (Bye Bye) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-12)
Open Up Your Mind (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-10)
Open Up Your Mind (So Cool) (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2002-08)
Open Up Your Mind (So Cool) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-08)
Open Up Your Mind_ So Cool (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-09)
Eyes, Donna
God Knows (CRUIS I: CRN 702)
Eyes of Laura Mars
Ezee Possee
Everything Begins with an 'E' (MOREP U: PROT 1-12)
E-Zee Possee
Everything Starts with an E (UCA U: UCA 041 5/6)
Ezee Possee
Love on Love (MOREP U: PROT 114)
E-Zee Possee f/ Dr. Mouthquake
Love on Love (VIRG U: CD NOD 4)
E-Zee Possee feat. Tara Newley
Breathing is E-Zee (PROT: PROT1212)
Ezequiel Pena
Canta, Canta (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-08)
Ezequiel Pena Con El Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan
El Ultimo Trago (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-10)
E-Z Rollers
Tough At The Top (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1999-04)

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