RL-RZ (Artist Index)
  D.J. Rhythms Dance Music Database, ©1994-2003, an historical tabulation of dance music releases.

A Good Man (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-06)
Good Love (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-05)
R.L. Burnside
Rollin' Tumblin' (Remix) (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
RL Feat. Erick Sermon
Got Me A Model (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-02)
Deep Down Below (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2001-05)
Love is an Ocean (RM: GRID-CD-22)
Redemption (RM: GRID-CD-20)
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (ONEWAY I: WAY 1010)
Roach Motel
Movin' On (DT: DT-20)
The Night (JBO: JBO 41)
Work 2 Doo (JBO: JBO 30)
Robbie, Riveria
Bang (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2000-10)
Robby Hood
Movin' on (BMS I: 311)
Robert Bradley's Black...
Once Upon A Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise
Baby (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-09)
Higher (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-04)
Robert, Dee
Separate Ways (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-08)
Roberts, Andy
Sunny Muzik (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-10)
Roberts, Bruce and Donna Summer
Whenever There is Love (DH: DH-Sector-08)
Roberts, Joe
Lover (FFRRI: 857-321-1)
Roberts, Julie
Break Down Here (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2004-03)
Roberts, Juliet
Another Place, Another Day, Another Time (WB: 0-40321)
Bad Girls (REMIX: RMXCSCD12)
Caught in the Middle (COOL: 12COOL291)
Caught in the Middle (COOL: 12COOLR291)
Caught in the Middle (COOL: CDCOOL272)
Caught in the Middle (DH: DH-03)
Caught in the Middle (MINIS U: MINSTCD 002)
Caught in the Middle (REPR: 9 41573-2)
Caught in the Middle (REPR: PRO-CD-7031)
Force of Nature (WB: 941397-2)
Free Love (COOL: CDCOOL281)
Free Love (DH: DH-05)
Free Love (SLAM: SLAM 4T)
Free Love (WB: 9 40529-2)
Free Love 98 (COLOSSAL A: UMACDS053)
I Want You (CLUBTRAXM: 1999-02)
I Want You (COOL: 12COOL297)
I Want You (COOL: 12COOLX297)
I Want You (SBK: 724383117925)
I Want You (WB: 941397-2)
So Good (REMIX: RINCD08)
Roberts, Leon
In The Hole (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-05)
Robey (CBS: BFZ40073)
Robin Rush
All For Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-10)
Robin S
Back It Up (CHAMP: CHAMP 12 312)
Back It Up (DH: DH-11)
Back It Up (DT: DT-31)
Robin S.
Brighter Day (DT: DT-24)
Robin S
It Must Be Love (HT: CD-16-04)
Robin S.
It Must Be Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-05)
It Must Be Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-06)
It Must Be Love (REMIX: RMXCSCD04)
Robin S
I Want to Tahnk You (MINIS U: MINSTCD 002)
I Want To Thank You (BB: 95955-2)
I Want To Thank You (CHAMP: CHAMP CD 310)
Robin S.
I Want to Thank You (HT: CD-13-04)
I Want To Thank You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-03)
I Want To Thank You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-03)
Robin S
Love for Love (BB: PRCD5180-2)
Love for Love (HT: CD-12-06)
Love For Love (ULTIMIX: 49)
Luv 4 Luv (CHAMP: CHAMPCD 301)
Luv 4 Luv (DH: DH-03)
Luv 4 Luv (DT: DT-22)
Robin S.
Luv 4 Luv (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-08)
Luv 4 Luv (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1993-08)
Medley (HT: CD-13-03)
Midnight (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Robin S
Show Me Love (BB: 0-10110-0)
Show Me Love (BB: 10110-2)
Show Me Love (BB: 92425-2)
Show Me Love (CHAMP: CHAMP CD307)
Show Me Love (CHAMP: CHAMPCD 326)
Show Me Love (HT: CD-12-03)
Robin S.
Show Me Love (PH: PH-16)
Show Me Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-03)
Robin S
Show Me Love (RM: TRAN-CD-P04)
Show Me Love '97 (DT: DT-44 [DDR-44])
Robin S.
Show Me Love '97 (REMIX: RINCD02)
Robin S
What I Do Best (BB: PRCD5345)
What I Do Best (CHAMP: CHAMP CD307)
Robin S.
What I Do Best (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1993-10)
Robinson, Gale
Love, Joy & Passion (REMIX: RINCD03)
Robinson, Janice
Nothing I Would Change (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-09)
Robinson, Smokey
Rewind (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Robinson, Vicki Sue
House of Joy (REMIX: RINCD06)
To Sir With Love
Turn the Beat Around (BMG U: 7639-2-R)
Robi Rob
Mi Gente Latina (REMIX: RESCD02)
Robi-Rob's Clubworld
Mi Gente Latina (COL: 44KZ 78507)
Reach (COL: 44KZ 78507)
Reach (HT: CD-16-04)
Robi-Rob's Boriqua Anthem '96 Remix (COL: 44K 78388)
Robi Rob's Boriqua "Reggae" Anthem (COL: 44KZ 78507)
Shake That Body (COL: 44K 78388)
Shake That Body (HT: CD-15-07)
Shake That Body (REMIX: RMXCSCD01)
Robison, Charlie
I Want You Bad (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-03)
My Hometown (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-12)
Poor Man's Son (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-04)
Right Man For the Job (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-09)
Robles, Ivan feat. Idale
The Mirror (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-02)
Robles, Roberto
Corazon Romantico (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-04)
Dr. Youwzy (FDT I: FDT 011)
Robotiko Rejeckto
Umsturz Jetz! (RM: RM o-24)
Robotiko Rejekto
Umsturz Jetzt! (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Backfired 2000 (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Robotronic II
Backtired (Remix) (RM: SS-CD-11)
Roby Gees
How Deep is Your Love (REPLA: RPL 016)
Do You Know (REMIX: RMXCSCD04)
Do You Know (What It Takes) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-05)
Do You Really Want Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Do You Really Want Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Do You Really Want Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Show Me Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-11)
Show Me Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-09)
Show Me Love (REMIX: RADIO-CD-02)
Show Me Love (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Rob Zombie
Living Dead Girl (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-12)
Gimme Your Love (ALMY: CD ALMY 94)
I Love You Always Forever (ALMY: CD ALMY 94)
Love Me Tonight (WB: 0-20307)
My Magic Man
Nene (DT: DT-44 [DDR-44])
Night Life (ALMY: CD ALMY 66)
Think Twice (ALMY: CD ALMY 66)
Who Do You Love (ATL: 86590)
Rocio Durcal
Por Que Te Quiero (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-05)
Resistance (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2002-08)
Roc & Kato
Jungle Kisses (SLIP: SLIP 6)
Rockcliffe, Trevor
Big Night (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-06)
Can't We Try (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-06)
I Fell in Love (HT: CD-15-07)
I Fell In Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-10)
I Fell in Love (REMIX: RMXCSCD02)
In a Dream (HT: CD-16-04)
In A Dream (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-05)
Tears (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-01)
Tears (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-01)
Tears (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-12)
The Dance (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-10)
The Dance (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-10)
What U Did 2 Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2001-04)
What U Did 2 Me (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-04)
What U Did 2 Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-05)
When I'm Gone (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1999-01)
When I'm Gone (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-01)
Rockell (duet w/ Collage)
Can't We Try (REMIX: RMXCSCD11)
Rockell (Duet With Collage)
Can't We Try (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-06)
Rockell Feat. Collage
Can't We Try (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-05)
I Fell In Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-01)
People (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-03)
Memories (CDPOOL: UKU311)
Rocki Maki
Axel F (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-04)
Love's Gonna Bring You Home (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-03)
Rockmelons, The
Love's Gonna Bring You Home (MUSHR: D11974)
Stronger Together (DH: DH-10)
Sail-A-Way (TWOTO: FR-9701)
Rock 'N' Roll Worship Circus, The
Blood of Jesus (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-08)
Loving You (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-01)
Ride (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-10)
Roc& Presta
Everybody Over There (Getting ...) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Roc & Presta Presents Judy Albanese
Keep On (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-05)
Roc Project feat. Tina Arena
Never (Past Sense) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-04)
Roc Project Feat. Tina Arena
Never (Past Tense) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-05)
Roc Project, The Feat. Tina Arena
Never (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-05)
Roc Project, The Feat. Tina Novak
De'ja vu (It's Hard To Believe) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2004-03)
De'ja vu (It's Hard To Believe) (PROMOONLY: SELECT-12-2004-0)
Deja Vu (It's Hard To Belive) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2004-03)
Roc, Roy
Good Time (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-06)
Rodarte, Los
El Amor No Tiene Edad (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-02)
Seduction (RM: OUR-Sector-24)
Rod, Pascal
On En Fera Quelqu'un (VIRG: 80239)
Rodriguez, Antonia
La Bamba (BUDDA: DSC 131)
La Bamba (POWER: PXD-004)
Sweet Love (BUDDA: DSC 131)
Rodriguez, Antonio
La Bamba (ULTIMIX: Ultimix 58)
Rodriguez, Johnny
I Don't Know How To Love You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-03)
You Can Say That Again (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-08)
Rodriguez, Junior
Me Volvi a Enamorar (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-10)
Rodriguez, Mala
La Nina (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2004-02)
Deep Forest (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2004-01)
Rofo's Theme (DT: DT-39)
Rofondo, Roby
For Your Love (BMS I: 332)
Roger S
Get Hi (SR: SREP9CD)
Roger S.
I Want Your Love (REMIX: RMXCSCD12)
Roger S
Let Yo' Body Jerk (SR: SREP9CD)
Livin' 4 the Underground (SR: SREP9CD)
Presents Strictly for the Underground (SR: SREP9CD)
Shake-Shake (SR: SREP9CD)
The Loft Groove (SR: SREP9CD)
Roger Sanchez Pres. Twilight
I Want Your Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
Rogers, CeCe
In the Morning (JELLB: JCD5-2515)
In the Morning (JELLB: JEL2515)
In the Morning (JELLB: JEL2517)
Rogers, Ce Ce
Movin' On (SOULSHINE: SS002)
Raw Down Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-02)
Someday (BB: 92425-2)
Rogers, Kenny
Beautiful (All That You Could Be) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-09)
Greatest, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-05)
Handprints On The Wall (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-11)
Harder Cards (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-04)
He Will, She Knows (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-07)
Homeland (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-11)
I'm Missing You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-07)
Slow Dance More (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-09)
There You Go Again (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-01)
Roger S. pres./ The Deep
Deep (NARCO: DEANY 003)
Vibe (NARCO: DEANY 003)
Rogers, Richard
Out On The Dancefloor (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-07)
Rogers, Sy
In My Head (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-03)
Jet Set (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-07)
Roger & Zapp
Living for the City (REPR: 9 437712)
Rojas, Tito
[Artist Drop] (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-09)
Asi Como Soy (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-11)
Como Tu (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-08)
Cuanto Te Quiero (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-05)
Cuidala (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-06)
El Amor Que Tu Me Das (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-01)
Rojas, Tito
El Gallo No Olvida (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-02)
Mi Mama (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-05)
Pensaras En Mi (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-09)
Que Mas Tu Quieres De Mi? (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-09)
Que Te Vaya Bonito (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-02)
Sere, Seré (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-1999-09)
Te Lo Pido Senor (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-03)
Te Quiero Para Mí (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-1999-11)
Tiempos Navidenos (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-1999-12)
Voy a Parrandear (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-12)
Rolas, David
Malagradecida (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-11)
Rolfe, Kit
One More Hurt (KLONE: CDKOPY101)
Roller Force
Subway (DID I: 8406)
Rollin' Gear
I Know (PANIC: PANIC 005)
I Know (UFG U: UFG 15)
Rolling Stones
Anybody Seen My Baby (VIRG U: VST 1653)
Sympathy For The Devil (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-10)
Rolling Stones, The
Anybody Seen My Baby (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-10)
!(Artist Info)
Saint Of Me (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Rollins Band
Illumination (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-02)
Rollo Goes Camping
Get Off Your High Horse (DH: DH-07)
Rollo Goes Mystic
Love, Love, Love - Here I Come (CHEEK U: CHEKCD-026)
Love, Love, Love - Here I Come (DH: DH-14)
Love, Love, Love - Here I Come (INTRC G: INT 125.899)
Rollo Goes Spiritual
Let This Be a Prayer (CHEEK U: CHEKCD013)
Let This Be a Prayer (DH: DH-Sector-04)
Rolon, Joey
Body to Body (Y2K: RA 3333)
En Otro Lugar (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-09)
Roman S Pres. Kupchino Traxx
Old School Anthem (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-06)
Roman's "Little" Groove (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-11)
Ministry of Love (TWIST: TWD-11522)
Never F**k (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-03)
Philly's Groove (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-05)
Romatt feat. Shawnee Taylor
You're Not Alone (CDPOOL: UKC201)
Romatt Project
Lift Me Up (HARDT U: HT (V) 96CD1)
Crazy Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1997-12)
Crazy Love (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-12)
Do You Like This (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-07)
Romeo, Andres
Emotions (CDPOOL: UKC311)
Romeo Void
Never Say Never (HT: EDGE-L01)
Romero, Andres
After Today (RM: SELECT-V-01)
Electro Beat (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Romero, Harry "Choo Choo"
Just Can't Get Enough (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-02)
Lellenda (The Spirit) (GOSSI: GR-1001)
Romero, Manuel
A Que Le Tiran (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-12)
Lejos De Ti (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-07)
Romi & Jazz
Reach Out (ARISTA: 2001)
Romulus feat. Bazz
H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. (QUARK: QK035)
Ronaldo's Revenge
Mas Que Mancada (AMPM U: 582753-2)
Sweet Pretender (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Ronski Speed
My Baby (CDPOOL: UKC201)
Ronson, Mark feat. Ghostface & Nate Dogg
Ooh Wee (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-11)
Ronson, Mark feat. Nate Dogg & Ghostface
Ooh Wee (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-08)
Ronstadt, Linda
Heartbeats Accelerating (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-01)
Room 4-2
Over You (RM: TRAN-CD-P04)
Room 4 2
The Rhythm of Life (RM: sp-cd-15)
I'm Shakin' (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2004-02)
Instant Memories (RM: SELECT-V-12)
Instant Moments (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Instant Moments (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-04)
Instant Moments (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Living in a Dream (Remix) (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Roots Feat. Dice Raw & Beans, The
Adrenaline (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1999-01)
Roots Feat. Erykah Badu, The
You Got Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-02)
Roots Feat. Jaguar, The
What You Want (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-10)
Roots, The
Next Movement, The (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-06)
What They Do (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-12)
Roots, The Feat. Cody Chesnutt
Seed, The (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-07)
Roots, The feat. Musiq
Break You Off (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-01)
That Sound (CENTAUR: 178)
Rosabel feat. Debbie Jacobs Rock
Don't You Want My Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-08)
Rosabel [Ralphi Rosario / DJ Abel Aguilera]
Party Groove: Fireball (CENTAUR: 178)
Rosabel with Jennifer Holiday
And I am Telling You I'm Not Going (TOMMYBOY: TB 2304)
Rosa, Gilberto Santa
Por Mas Que Intento (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-08)
Por Mas Que Intento (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-09)
Un Monton De Estrellas (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-02)
Hoy (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-01)
Aguanta Ahi (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2004-03)
Meneito (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-06)
Rosario, Ralphi
Brinca (NITES: NST 005)
Brinca (NITES: NST 005 CDs)
Brinca (UMM: USM 002-2)
I Want You (JTRX: 12JTRAX9)
Rosario Ralphi
La Aria Latina (CLUBTRAXM: 1999-04)
Rosario, Ralphi
La Puta (GROOV: GM003)
Toca (NITES: NST 018)
You Used to Hold Me (BASSM C: BMR-10001)
You Used to Hold Me (HT: CD-13-03)
You Used to Hold Me (JACK: JTX 1)
You Used to Hold Me (PRO: PCD-1248)
You Used To Hold Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-03)
You Used to Hold Me (SHR: SHCD 112)
You Used to Hold Me '94 (SHR: SH-112 [R1])
You Used to Hold Me '94 (SHR: SH-112 [R2])
Rosario, Ralphi & Antonia Lucas
Let The Feeling Go (CENTAUR: 178)
Rosario, Ralphi /Energy Factor
Music, Music (UNDGC: UC-124)
Sexual Factor E.P. (UNDGC: UC-124)
Sex with Him (UNDGC: UC-124)
Rosario, Ralphi f/ Donna Blakely
Take me Up (Gotta Get Up) (UNDGC: UC-275)
Rosario, Ralphi Feat. Donna Blakely
Do You Like The Way It Feels (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-08)
Rosario, Ralphi feat. Xavier Gold
You Used To Hold Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
Rosario, Ralphi Pres. Blakley, D.
Take Me Up (Gotta Get Up) (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-02)
Rosario, Ralphi with Linda Clifford
Wanna Give It Up (AFTERHOUR: AH 112)
Rosario, Ralphi With Linda Clifford
Wanna Give It Up (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-07)
Rosario, Tono
Juan En La Ciudad (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-01)
Mi Morenita (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-09)
Tu Va 'Vei (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-06)
Yerba Mala (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-02)
Yo Kuli Yo Kula (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-11)
Yo Me Muero Por Ella (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-03)
Rosario, Tono Feat. Tego Calderon
Amigo Mio (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-01)
Rosario, Willie Feat. Tony Vega
Juntos De Nuevo (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-1999-09)
Rosa, Robi "Draco"
Como Me Acuerdo (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-03)
Roscoe feat. Sleepy Brown
Head To Toe (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-05)
Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale (LOMBA I: LMB 005)
I Wanna Be Your Love (TRD: 1072)
Perfect Time (TRD: 1123)
Rose, B.
Hey D.J. (AMERD I: AMD 002)
Have a Cigar (JDC: 0060)
Money (JDC: 0060)
Rose, Hanah
Dreaming (PROMOONLY: SELECT-11-2004-0)
Rosenberg, Marianne
Leuchtturm (RM: RM r-15)
Nie Mehr So Wie Es War (RM: SLOW-CD-05)
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (BMS I: 313)
Chains of Love (BLANC: MX-168)
Coming Up (Buscame) (IND: INDX110)
Don't Stop (FLEA I: 8331)
Motorway (FDT I: FDT 016)
You've Got Somethin' to Say, Say It Right (BMS I: 304)
Ross, Alan
The Last Wall (MEMORY I: MEMIX 040)
Ross, Diana
!(Artist Info)
Chain Reaction (EMI: 724388111027)
Chain Reaction (MOT: 3746363772)
Chain Reaction (RCA: PD-14267)
Diana (MOT: M8-935M1)
Diana Extended (MOT: 3746363772)
Everything is Everything (MOT: MS724)
Greatest Hits (MOT: M6-869S1)
I'm Coming Out (DH: DH-10)
I'm Coming Out (EMI: 724388151320)
I'm Coming Out (MOT: 3746363772)
I'm Coming Out (MOT: PR-75)
I'm Gone (EMI: 7243-8-825445-26)
I'm Still Waiting (MOTUK: ZT43782)
I Will Survive (EMI: 12EM 415)
I Will Survive (EMI: 724388268622)
I Will Survive (EMI: CDEM 415)
I Will Survive (EUROT: ETCD012)
I Will Survive (ULTIMIX: Ultimix 59)
Love Hangover (EMI: 724388110020)
Love Hangover (EMI: 724388151320)
Love Hangover (MOT: 3746363772)
Love Hangover (PWL: ZT42308)
Love Hangover (PWL: ZT42348)
Love Hangover (ZT: ZT42348)
Missing You (EMI: 724388110020)
More and More (RCA: PD-14267)
Not Over Yet (EMI: 12EMX553)
Not Over You Yet (REMIX: RMXCSCD17)
Paradise (MOT: 4673)
Someday We'll Be Together (EMI: 724388111027)
Someday We'll Be Together (HT: CD-13-04)
Someday We'll Be Together (MOT: 3746363772)
Someday We'll Be Together (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-05)
Someday We'll Be Together (SBK: 724383004829)
Swept Away (RCA: AFL1-5009)
Take Me Higher (EMI: 12 EM 388)
Take Me Higher (EMI: 7243-8-825445-26)
Take Me Higher (HT: CD-14-07)
Take Me Higher (MOT: 422860433-2)
The Boss (EMI: 724388151320)
The Boss (HT: CD-12-07)
The Boss (MOT: 3746363772)
The Boss (MOT: M8-923M1)
The Boss (UNIDI C: SPEC-1469)
This House (MOT: 4673)
Until We Meet Again (MOT: 012156266-1)
Until We Meet Again (REMIX: RMXCSCD15)
Upside Down (DT: DT-16)
Upside Down (EMI: 724388111027)
Upside Down (HT: CD-13-02)
Upside Down (MOT: 3746363772)
Upside Down (MOTGE: 860087-2)
Voice of the Heart (EMI: 724388268622)
Voice of the Heart (EMI: CDEM 415)
When You Tell Me That You Love Me (EMI: 724388110020)
Why Do Fools Fall in Love (EMI: 724388151320)
Workin' Overtime (VIRG U: CD NOD 3)
You're Gonna Love It (MOT: 3746348121)
You're Gonna Love It (MOT: 3746363772)
Your Love (EMI: 724388110020)
Your Love (EMI: 724388111027)
Ross, Diana & Lionel Ritchie
Endless Love
Ross, Diana & the Supremes
Medley of Hits (MOT: M00035P1)
No One Gets the Prize / The Boss (MOT: M00035P1)
Rescue Me (RM: GRID-CD-12)
Ross, Lian
Fantasy (ALMY: ALMY CD 08)
It's Up to You (POWER: PXD-070)
Say You'll Never (ZYX: 70005)
Rossy War Y Su Banda Kaliente
Las Huellas De Tu Amor (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-04)
Rotane, Celvin
I Believe (CLUBT G: edel 0061265CLU)
I Believe (CLUBT G: edel 0061375CLU)
I Believe (RM: TRAN-CD-P16)
Petting Zoo (CLUBT G: edel 0061265CLU)
Rotane, Celvine
Push Me to the Limit (RM: TRAN-CD-P17)
Rotane, Cevin
You've Got to Be You (RM: SELECT-V-02)
Rotary Outputs
The Bomber (CDPOOL: UKU103)
Rothberg, Patti
Inside (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-07)
Inside (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-02)
Treat Me Like Dirt (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-11)
Rotten Razkals
Oh Yeah! (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-04)
Lick It (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-02)
Lick It (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-02)
Lick It (SOS: 72445-14213-2)
Round One
In Zaire (DDP: 008MX)
Round Three
Acting Crazy (HARDT U: HT (V) 96CD1)
Rouzbeh Delavari
Bum (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-03)
Row Bob
Trouble Coming Everyday (FDT I: FDT 003)
Rowe, George
Everlasting (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-11)
Rowell, Stewart feat. Neve
I Believe (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-04)
Rowland, Kelly
Can't Nobody (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-02)
Can't Nobody (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-04)
Can't Nobody (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-06)
Can't Nobody (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-03)
Stole (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-01)
Stole (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-10)
Stole (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-01)
Stole (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-01)
Stole (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-12)
In Your Eyes (CRUIS I: CRN 726)
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-12)
Show Me (DIGITALREI: 8603)
Sleeping In My Car (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-07)
Stars (EMI: CDEM550)
Wish I Could Fly (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-08)
Wish I Could Fly (REMIX: RMXCSCD14)
Roxy Music
Angel Eyes (RM: CX-CD-03)
Destiny Time (ILD: MEMIX036)
Shooting Star (MEMORY I: MEMIX 062)
Royal, Billy Joe
Stay Close To Home (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
Royal Crown Revue
Barflies At The Beach (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-12)
Zip Gun Bop (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
Royal Kinks
Yesterdays Parties (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-04)
Royal Ruckus
Let's Start A Boy Band (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-08)
Wink and a Nudge (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-04)
Royal T
Baby Don't Ch'a Leave Me This Way (ALMY: ALMY016T)
Baby Don't Cha Leave Me This Way (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
Royal 'T'
Freedom (ALMY: ALMY CD 06)
Roy Ayers Ubiquity
Running Away (CASA: 838811-2)
Royce Da 5'9
You Can't Touch Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-09)
Royce Da 5'9" Feat. Eminem
Rock City (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-02)
Poor Leno (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-10)
Remind Me (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-11)
Are You Ready to Fly? (DT: DT-12)
Are You Ready to Fly? (EPIC: 49K 74729)
Are You Ready to Fly? (EPIC: EK 53437)
Are You Ready to Fly (HT: CD-11-05)
Are You Ready To Fly ? (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
Are You Ready to Fly? (PULS8: 12LOSE21)
Are You Ready to Fly? (PULS8: 12LOSEX21)
Baby (EPIC: 49K 78023)
Baby (EPIC U: 661195 2)
Baby (EPIC U: 661195 5)
Born to Love Ya (RADIK: HAL 12215)
Coming Home (REMIX: RINCD05)
Coming Home (RMREC U: CDROZ1)
Don't Go Lose It Baby (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-04)
Don't Go Lose It Baby (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Don't Go Lose It Baby (REMIX: RADIO-CD-03)
Don't Go Lose It Baby (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Don't Play With Me (EPIC: EK 57634)
Don't Play With Me (PULS8: 12LOSE52DJ2)
Don't Play With Me (PULS8: CDLOSE52)
Everybody's Free (DT: DT-11)
Everybody's Free (HT: CD-11-04)
Everybody's Free (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
Everybody's Free (PULS8: [white])
Everybody's Free 2001 (CDPOOL: UKC205)
Everybody's Free '96 (EUROT: ETCD016)
Everybody's Free ('97 Remix) (RM: SELECT-V-02)
Everybody's Free ("Rave" Mix) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (CLUBT G: edel 006281-OPUL)
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (EPIC: 49K 74444)
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (PULS8: 12LOSE X13)
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (PULS8: CDLOSE110)
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (RS: RS-CD-04)
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (SANDSTONE: 5014)
Faith (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-03)
Faith-Fly-Free Medley (HT: CD-12-02)
Faith (In the Power of Love) (BCR: BCR RX001691)
Faith (in the Power of Love) (DT: DT-18)
Faith (In the Power of Love) (PULS8: 12LOSE7)
Faith (In the Power of Love) (PULS8: CDLOSE15)
I Love Music (DT: DT-24)
I Love Music (EPIC: 49K77285)
I Love Music (HT: CD-13-02)
I Love Music (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-01)
I Love Music (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1993-12)
Losing My Religion (EPIC: 49K 78023)
Losing My Religion (HT: CD-14-07)
Love Breakdown (EPIC: 49K77285)
Love Breakdown (PULS8: 12LOSE25 DJ)
This Time I Found Love (EPIC U: 6603742)
You Never Love Me the Same Way Twice (EPIC: 49K 77917)
You Never Love Me the Same Way Twice (EPIC U: 660905-5)
You Never Love The Same Way ... (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-06)
You Never Love The Same Way ... (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-07)
You Never Love the Same Way Twice (DT: DT-34)
You Never Love the Same Way Twice (HT: CD-14-04)
Rozalla (Richard "Humpty" Vission feat.)
Everybody's Free (TOMMY: TBCD 2126)
R.T.Z. Belgium
In the Name of Love (RADIK: 01624-15426-2)
R.T.Z. Belgium / Sarah
Turn Me Around (HOTPROD: 9913)
Ruben Y Rolando "Los Alegres De Guamuchil"
Estoy Pensando En Ti (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-12)
Rubin-Vega, Daphne
Rocket Man (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-12)
Rocket Man (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-12)
Rubio, Paulina
Baila Casanova (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-03)
Baila Casanova (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-05)
Baila Casanova (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-05)
Don't Say Goodbye (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-08)
Don't Say Goodbye (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-09)
Don't Say Good-Bye (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-04)
Don't Say Goodbye (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-08)
I'll Be Right Here (Sexual Lover) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-03)
I'm So In Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-01)
Si Tu Te Vas (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-05)
Si Tu Te Vas (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-06)
Tal Vez, Quiza (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-02)
Te Quise Tanto (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2004-02)
Te Quise Tanto (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2004-03)
Rubio, Paulino
The One You Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-12)
Grace (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2001-05)
Paraffin (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1995-12)
Tiny Meat (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-01)
Sparkle (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-05)
Rude Rkade ft Morten Luco
Beautiful (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2004-02)
Rudisimo, Rudy
El Cable (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-11)
Sunday Afternoon (ATL: 82357-2)
Touch Me (ATL: 82357-2)
Rudy & Co.
Mama Radio (ZYX: 70005)
Play the Game (POWER I: PDR 010)
Ruff Driverz
Deeper Love (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Shame (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1999-01)
Ruff Driverz Pres. Arrola
Dreaming (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1999-01)
Dreaming (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1999-07)
Ruff Driverz presents Arrola
Dreaming (TOMMY: TBCD 359)
Ruff Driverz vs. Arrola
Dreaming (RM: OUR-Sector-20)
Ruff Ends
Someone To Love You (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-02)
Ruff Ends feat. Memphis Bleek
Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-10)
Ruff Endz
Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-08)
I Apologize (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-04)
No More (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-09)
No More (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-08)
No More (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-05)
Someone To Love You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-04)
Someone To Love You (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-09)
Where Does Love Go From Here (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-11)
Will You Be Mine (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-11)
Ruffin, Jimmy
Hold on to My Love (HT: HC-BOX-01)
Hold on to My Love (HT: HC-CD-09)
Baby U (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-05)
Everybody Be Somebody (DH: DH-16)
Everybody Be Somebody (DIG I: CDX 10279)
Everybody Be Somebody (MAW: MAW 004)
Everybody Be Somebody (PEPPM: 7234-8-82529-28)
Move Your Body (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-03)
Ruffneck Feat. Yavahn
All Night Jazz (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-04)
Everybody Be Somebody (MAW: MAW 002)
Everybody Be Somebody (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-10)
Everybody Be Somebody- Remixes (MAW: MAW 004)
Ruffneck feat./ Yavahn
Everybody be Somebody-Re-remixes (MAW: MAW 007)
Ruffneck feat. Yavahn
Move Your Body (HT: CD-15-06)
Move Your Body (MAW: MAW 009)
Move Your Body (MAW: MAW 010CD)
Ruff'N'Tumble feat. Angie Brown
Clear In My Mind (CDPOOL: UKC309)
Ruff N Tumble feat. Angie Brown
Clear In My Mind (CDPOOL: UKC310)
Ruff Rider
Shaggy Ridims Medley (HT: RK-CD-1.07)
Ruff Ryders Feat. Drag-On & Juvenile
Down Bottom (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-08)
Ruff Ryders Feat. Eve & Nokio
What Ya Want (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-06)
What You Want (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-07)
Ruff Ryders Feat. Jadakiss & Bubba Sparxxx
They Ain't Ready (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-01)
Ruff Ryders Feat. Jay-Z
Jigga My Nigga (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-07)
Jigga My Nigga (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-07)
Rufus and Chaka Khan
Ain't Nobody
Rufus Wainwright
April Fools (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Ruggiero, Maurizio Presents Lemon Juice EP
Hanging Around (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-04)
Come On (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1997-07)
Come On (UNKNO: URP-2)
Rui Da Silva feat. Cassandra
Touch Me (KISMET U: KMT004)
Touch Me (KISMET U: KMT004R)
Touch Me (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2001-02)
Ruiz, Frankie
Que Siga La Fiesta (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-09)
Ruiz, Katrina
You're Gonna Miss Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-04)
Ruiz, Rey
Creo En El Amor (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-03)
Creo En El Amor (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2004-03)
Desde Que No Estas (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-05)
Tuyo (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-08)
Rule, The
I Need Your Love (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-06)
In My Head (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-10)
Run DMC feat. Jagged Edge
Let's Stay Together (Together Forever) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-04)
Let's Stay Together (Together Forever) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-04)
Run DMC feat. Jermaine Dupri
It's Over (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-03)
Run D.M.C. vs. Nevins, Jason
It's Like That (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-09)
It's Like That (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-09)
A Little Bit of Love (RHINO: R2 76034)
A Shade Shady (DT: DT-22)
A Shade Shady (Now Prance) (HT: CD-12-06)
Back to My Roots (DT: DT-20)
Back to My Roots (HT: CD-12-04)
Back To My Roots (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-06)
Back to My Roots (TOMMY: TBCD565)
Celebrate (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-10)
Free to Be (HT: CD-14-06)
Free To Be (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-07)
Free to Be (SIRE: 61818-2)
House of Love (DT: DT-15)
House of Love (TOMMY: TBCD542)
House of Love (TOMMY U: UCRDG29)
Little Drummer Boy (TOMMY: TBCD7593)
Medley from album Supermodel of the World (TOMMY: TBCD7593)
RuPaul's Monologue (SIRE: 61818-2)
Shade Shady, A (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-09)
Snapshot (HT: CD-15-07)
Snapshot (HT: NRG-30)
Snapshot (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-11)
Snapshot (RHINO: R2 76032)
Strudelmodel (TOMMY: TBCD565)
Supermodel (PH: PH-16)
Supermodel (TOMMY: TBCD565)
Supermodel (You Better Work) (TOMMY: TBCD542)
Freedom (Your Freedom of Choice - Speak Out) (UNKNO: DL-2)
Rush, Donnell
If Only You Knew (RCA: 07863-66425-1)
Symphony (D: RDAB62421-1)
Rush, Jennifer
The Best of Jennifer Rush (AMR: 3481)
I Can't Be Your Friend (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-05)
Rushlow, Tim
Love, Will (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-12)
She Misses Him (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-11)
When You Love Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-04)
What Kind Of Love (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-06)
Russell, Aaron
That '57 Chevy (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-01)
Russell, Brooke Feat. Mr. Gentleman
So Sweet (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-02)
Russell, Brooke Feat. Mr. Gentleman
So Sweet (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-07)
Russell, Samantha
Kiss'em All (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-11)
You Should Go (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-07)
You Should Go (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-07)
Not Today (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-01)
Rutherford, Paul
Get Real (4BWAY U: 12BRW113)
Get Real (RM: SELECT-V-10)
Get Real (Sinister) (4BWAY U: 12BRX113)
Oh World (4BWAY: 494)
Ruth Ruth
Uninvited (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1995-11)
Ruttan, Deric
When You Come Around (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-06)
Rx Lord & DJ Fury
Da Bomb (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1999-06)
Ryan, Jim 'Shaft'
Happy Daize (CDPOOL: UKC207)
Ryan, Joshua
Pistolwhip (RM: OUR-Sector-45)
Ryan, Kate
Scream For More (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2001-11)
Scream For More (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-10)
U R (My Love) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-08)
Ryan, Patty
I Don't Wanna Lose You Tonight (ZYX: 5781)
Stay With Me Tonight (ZYX: 5545)
Stay With Me Tonight (ZYX: 70007)
You're My Love, You're My Life (ZYX: 70006)
Ryan, Rebekah
Have I Told You Lately (MCA U: MCSTD 40022)
Just a Little Bit of Love (MCA: MCSTD 40063)
You Lift Me Up (MCA U: MCSTD 40022)
Ryder, Mark 'Ruff'
Joy (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2001-06)
Joy (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-06)
Rye, Suzann
Because You Loved Me (HT: NRG-30)
Because You Loved Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-12)
Rye, Suzanne
Because You Loved Me (REMIX: RINCD01)
Rythmes Digitales, Les
(Hey You) What's That Sound? (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2000-03)
The Way to Set Me Free (RM: sp-cd-14)
RZA as Bobby Digital w/Method Man
The Rhumba (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-09)
Rzeznik, John
I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-10)

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