S-SH (Artist Index)
  D.J. Rhythms Dance Music Database, ©1994-2003, an historical tabulation of dance music releases.

Flatliners (GUERI: 077771322129)
Input (ZYX: 5715R)
Saadiq, Raphael
Ask Of You (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-04)
Faithful (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-08)
Still Ray (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-09)
Saadiq, Raphael Feat. D'Angelo
Be Here (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-04)
Be Here (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-04)
Saadiq, Raphael & Q-Tip
Get Involved (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1999-03)
One O' Clock (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-01)
Where Did the Love Go...? (HT: CD-13-09)
Where Did The Love Go (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1994-09)
Desire (CDPOOL: UKU103)
All of Me (CAR: 8913)
Boys (IND: INDX-114)
Boys (Summertime Love) (IBIX: R1)
Cover Model (DJM: PM 104)
Doctor's Orders (VI: 121210)
Hot Girl (HF: MS305)
Multimega Mix (BLANC: MX-200)
Sexy Girl (ZYX: 5507)
Sabrosos Del Merengue, Los
Escúchame (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-1999-11)
Lo Traje Pa' Ti (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-08)
Sacchi & Durante
Share the Waters (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-04)
Sacred Spirits
Ly-O-Ly Ale Loya (VIRG: V25H-38501)
Yeha-Noha (VIRG: V25H-38501)
The Door Y2K (CDPOOL: UKC205)
By Your Side (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2001-01)
By Your Side (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-10)
By Your Side (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-01)
Diamond Life (POR: BFR39581)
Give it Up (ILLEG: ILL 000)
Hang on to Your Love (POR: 4R905122)
I Never Thought (I'd See the Day) (UNKNO: BM003)
Love is Stronger (UNKNO: CM-02)
No Ordinary Love (EPIC U: 658356-2)
Paradise (EPIC U: 658356-2)
Pearls (LAZY: L-101)
Pearls (UNKNO: JC-001)
Promise (POR: FR 40263)
Somalia (UNKNO: CM-02)
Sa Deuce
Don't Waste My Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-01)
Sadler, Sarah
Beautiful (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-09)
Orbit (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-06)
Running Into You (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-04)
Mon Amour D'Arabique (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2000-10)
Safety Groove
Sweet Dreams (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-05)
Saffron Hill
My Love Is Always (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2004-02)
Boy, I've Been Told (MERC: 870514)
Don't Break My Heart (CR: CR-209)
Don't Break My Heart 2002 (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-06)
Gonna Make It (CR: CDP82)
Let Me Be the One (CR: CR-212)
Let Me Be the One (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-01)
Safire Feat. Cynthia
Can You Stand The Rain (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-12)
Can You Stand The Rain (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-12)
Safri Duo
Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2001-04)
Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-06)
Samb-Adagio (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-01)
Fuk Dat (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-09)
Fuk Dat (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1993-09)
Fuk Dat (RELAT: 88561-1235-2)
Funk Dat (SBK: 724383004829)
Sagoo, Bally
Tum Bin Jiya (TRIST: WK 36855)
Saiko - Pod
Silent Running (DRAGONFLYU: BFLT 74)
Saint Etienne
Action (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-11)
Cool Kids of Death (HEAVN U: HVN 50 CDR)
Heart Failed (RM: RM r-15)
He's on the Phone (DH: DH-17)
He's on the Phone (EUROT: ETCD010)
He's On the Phone (HEAVN U: HVN 50 CDR)
He's On The Phone (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-12)
How I Learned to Love the Bomb (HEAVN U: HVN 50 CDR)
Hug My Soul (WB: 9 41591-2)
I Buy American Records (WB: 9 41591-2)
Like a Motorway (HT: RK-CD-1.10)
No, No, No, No, No [La Poupee Qui Fait Non) (WB: 9 41591-2)
Nothing Can Stop Us (WB: 9 40395-2)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (WB: 9-40196-2)
Pale Movie (HEAVN U: HVN 37 CD)
Speedwell (WB: 9 40395-2)
Stoned to Say the Least (WB: 9-40196-2)
Saint James, Marie
Closer I Get (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-02)
S'aint John
Agua (GOSSI: GR 1003)
Saint Tropez
Bein' with You / I've Been Watching You (DES: PDT309)
Belle de Jour (BUT: FLY016)
Hot and Nasty (DES: DLA10004)
Je Taime (BUT: FLY002)
Saintz, The
Saintz, The (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-01)
Sexy Ways (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-12)
Sakamoto, Ryuichi
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (GM: 548)
God on Earth (RM: OUR-Sector-22)
Salgado, Michael
Agarrame Compadre (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-06)
Comelona (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-10)
Mi Ultima Parranda (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-01)
Quiero Ver (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-08)
Sangre De Rey (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-11)
I'm on Fire (ITALOHEATG: ITH 013)
Salinas, Joy
Dream in Paradise (DH: DH-Sector-24)
Hands Off (Set Me Free) (DH: DH-07)
Rockin' Romance (I Go Slow) (ZYX: 6571-12)
Salinas, Luis
Pienso Enti (I Think Of You (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1998-04)
Salinas, Robby
Decir Adios (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-01)
After Me (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-01)
Always (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-10)
Click Click Boom (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-08)
Raise Up (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-07)
Rest In Pieces (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-07)
Rest In Pieces (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-03)
Your Disease (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-02)
Saliva Commandos, The
Serial Buff (WHITE: MF 619)
Sallie, Nate
Whatever It Takes (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-12)
Salomon Robles Y Sus Legendarios
Me He Vuelto a Enamorar (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-11)
Quiero Dormir Cansado (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-07)
Salsa Fever
Razones (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-12)
Salsoul New Generation: Synergy Remixes (SALSD: 5501-1)
Bluster (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-01)
Salt, Chris
Distorted Reality (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2004-03)
Dub Sonar (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-12)
Salter, Sam
It's On Tonight (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-01)
There You Are (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-05)
Salt 'N Pepa
Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-10)
Champagne (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-09)
Champagne (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-09)
Gitty Up (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
Gitty Up (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-02)
Gitty Up (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Gitty Up (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-12)
Salt N' Pepa
I am the Body Beautiful (MCA: MCAD-11231)
Let's Talk About Aids (NP: 857391-2)
Salt 'N' Pepa
None of Your Business (NP: CDP 1319)
Salt N' Pepa
Push It (NP: 857391-2)
Salt 'N Pepa
R U Ready (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1997-11)
Salt N' Pepa
Whatta Man (NP: 857391-2)
Salt 'N Pepa
Whatta Man (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-02)
Salt 'N' Pepa feat. En Vogue
Whatta Man (EASTWEST: 63987-2)
Salt Pervert
5 AM Soho (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-09)
5 AM Soho (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-09)
Salt Tank
Angels Landing (DH: DH-Sector-19)
Da Blues (FUTUR U: FM/62/SP/97 A)
Dimension (RM: OUR-Sector-49)
Eugina (DH: DH-Sector-03)
Jeanie (HOOJC: HOOJ 80)
Ocean (HOOJC: HOOJ 80)
Rezmorize (HOOJC: HOOJ 80)
The White Island EP (HOOJC: HOOJ 80)
Can't Keep It In (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-07)
Salvaje, Potro
Mi Serenata (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-07)
Heat of The Beat (SPEEDREC I: SPR 12015)
Cravin' Your Love (YINGY: YY-1002CD5)
Que Vive El Canto (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-03)
Samble Orchestra
Inner Spirit (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-11)
Sambora, Richie
Hard Times Come Easy (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
Factory (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-09)
She Found You (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-02)
Sam La More
Takin Hold (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-03)
Takin Hold (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-03)
Crazy Things I Do (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-08)
Crazy Things I Do (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-07)
I Like It (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-03)
I Like It (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-04)
I Like It (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-11)
Fire (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2002-12)
Sam Traxx
Eclypse (UMM I: UMM 294)
Live as One (UMM: USM 001-2)
Live as One (UMM I: UMM 294)
Sam Traxx EP (UMM I: UMM 294)
What We Need (UMM I: UMM 294)
The Big Blue (CDPOOL: UKU102)
Generate (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2003-12)
Se Me Hizo Facil (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-06)
Sanchez, Adan "Chalino"
La Corona De Mi Padre (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-03)
Sanchez, Adan Chalino
Me Canse De Morir Por Tu Amor (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-09)
Necesito Un Amor (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-11)
Serenata Huasteca (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-02)
Una Tarde (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-06)
Y Dicen (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2004-01)
Sanchez, Adan Chalino Con Banda Sinaloense
Besame Morenita (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-01)
Fui Tan Feliz (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-03)
Sanchez, Junior & Steve Mac
Keep Your Head Together (CDPOOL: UKU311)
Sanchez, Papi
Enamorame (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-09)
Sanchez, Papo
Aguas Pura (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-04)
Aguas Pura (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-04)
Sanchez, Papo Y Su Fuerza Y Alma
Mirame (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-05)
Sanchez, Roger
Another Chance (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2001-07)
Sanchez, Roger Pres. Translantic Soul
Release Yo Self (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-09)
Sanchez, Roger Pres. Twilight
I Want Your Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-12)
Sanchez, Roselyn
Amor Amor (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-11)
Sanchez, Roselyn feat. Tego Calderon
Amor Amor (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-09)
Amor Amor (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-09)
Sanchez, Roselyn feat. Tego Calderon & Magic Juan
Amor, Amor (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-10)
Sanchez, Roselyn Feat. Victor Manuelle
Noche De Verano (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-02)
Noche De Verano (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2004-02)
Sanchioni, Bruno
The New Age (RM: SELECT-V-09)
Sanchious, David
Just as I Thought (ARI: AB4247)
Alcen Las Manos (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1999-01)
Como Se Dice (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1999-09)
Pon Me Lo Ahi (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-11)
Rumba Te Tumba (REMIX: RESCD01)
Tumba La Casa (Tearing Down the House) (CR: CR-383)
Sancocho Feat. Amazona
Se Parece A Ti (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-1999-08)
Sanctus Real
Audience Of One (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-08)
Beautiful Day (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-12)
Say It Loud (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-02)
Feet (FFRUS: DPRO 035-2)
Feet (HT: RK-CD-1.10)
Notice Me (MINIS U: MINSTCD 002)
You're the One (EASTWEST U: 3002)
Sander Kleinenberg
Hidden Agenda (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2001-07)
Slipper Sleaze (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2000-10)
Sanders, Kim
Show Me (RM: GRID-CD-14)
Sandler, Adam
Dip Doodle (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-04)
Sandoval, Rocio
Vuelve (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2004-01)
A Big Insanity (RM: SP-015)
Around My Drums (VIRG G: 612208)
Around My Heart (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Around My Heart (VIRG G: 612208)
Don't Be Aggresive (RM: SLOW-CD-05)
Everlasting Love
Everlasting Love (RM: MembRev10)
Everlasting Love (RM: SP-005)
Everlasting Love (TENT: 149)
Heaven Can Wait (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Heaven Can Wait (RM: RM r-21)
Hiroshima (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Hiroshima (RM: SP-014)
I Need Love (RM: GRID-CD-07)
I Need Love (VIRG G: 665 401)
Johnny Wanna Live (RM: SLOW-CD-05)
Johnny Wanna Live (VIRG G: 665501 PM515)
Maria Magdalena (RM: GRID-CD-11)
Mirrored in Your Eyes (VIRG G: 665501 PM515)
Nights in White Satin (VIRG H: 724389289923)
One More Night (VIRG G: 663633)
Shadows (VIRG G: 665 401)
The Journey (VIRG G: 663633)
The Return of Nothing (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2000-08)
Walk With Me (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-06)
Sandtown Feat. Lisa Kimmey
Rescue Me (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-07)
Bad Boy (DT: DT-38)
Bad Boy (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-04)
Sandy B
Ain't No Need to Hide (CHAMP: CHAMPCD.331)
Ain't No Need to Hide (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Sandy B.
Ain't No Need to Hide (REMIX: RADIO-CD-03)
Ain't No Need to Hide (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Sandy B
Feel Like Singin' (HT: CD-12-02)
Feel Like Singin' (NERV: CDP 848)
Feel Like Singin' (NERV: NER 20042)
Make the Whole World Go Round (CHAMP U: USCHAMP 12.322)
Make the Whole World Go Round (CHAMP U: USCHAMPCD.322)
Sandy B.
Make the Whole World Go Round (REMIX: RMXCSCD02)
Sandy B
You Make The World Go Round (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2004-02)
Sandy & Junior
El Amor No Fallara (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-07)
Sandy & Papo
El Alacran (REMIX: RESCD02)
Sandy Rivera Of Kings Of Tomorrow
Rise (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-03)
Sandy Rivera Of K.O.T.
Expansions '97 (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-11)
Sandy Y Junior
Convence Al Corazon (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-12)
Sanger, Noel
Trapped (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-06)
Santa Claus
Christmas Theme (FCF I: 35/91)
Give Me a Chance (ASIA I: ARD 1079)
Happy Christmas / Jingle Bells (FCF I: 32/91)
How Many Times (FCF I: 18/91)
Santa Claus & D.J. Girls
Do Ya Wanna (ASIA I: ARD 1134)
Little Man (ASIA I: ARD 1118)
My Chica (ASIA I: ARD 1094)
Rock Me Babe (ASIA I: ARD 1102)
Santa Elena
Popurri: Pandora (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-09)
Santa Esmeralda
Another Cha-Cha / Cha-Cha Suite (UNIDI C: SPLK-7106)
Beauty (CSB: NBLP7109)
Black Pot (UNIDI C: SPLK-7106)
C'est Magnifique (UNIDI C: SPLK-7106)
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/Esmeralda Suite (UNIDI C: SPLK-7106)
Eternal Light (UNIDI C: SPLK-7106)
Gloria (UNIDI C: SPLK-7106)
House of the Rising Sun / Quasimodo Suite (UNIDI C: SPLK-7106)
Santa Esmeralda 2 (CSB: NBLP7088)
Sevilla Nights (UNIDI C: SPLK-7106)
The Greatest Hits (UNIDI C: SPLK-7106)
The House of the Rising Sun (CSB: NBLP7088)
Welcome to the World (UNIDI C: SPLK-7106)
You're My Everything (UNIDI C: SPLK-7106)
El Farol (ARISTA: 07822-13718-2)
Maria Maria (ARISTA: 07822-13774-2)
Migra (ARISTA: 07822-13774-2)
Smooth (ARISTA: 07822-13718-2)
Smooth (ARISTA: ARDP-3755)
Santana Feat. Alex Band Of The Calling
Why Don't You & I (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-06)
Santana feat. Everlast
Put Your Lights On (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-06)
Santana Feat. Everlast
Put Your Lights On (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-09)
Santana feat. Mana
Corazon Espinado (A Thorn in My Heart) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-08)
Corazon Espinado (A Thorn in My Heart) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-07)
Santana feat. Michelle Branch
The Game of Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-10)
Santana feat. Musiq
Nothing at All (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-03)
Santana feat. Rob Thomas
Smooth (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1999-12)
Santana Feat. Rob Thomas
Smooth (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-07)
Smooth (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-07)
Santana feat. the Product G&B
Maria Maria (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-01)
Maria Maria (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-01)
Santana Feat. The Product G&B
Maria Maria (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-11)
Maria Maria (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-10)
Santana, Juelz feat. Cam'ron
Dip Set (Santana's Town) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-08)
Feel the Vibrations (RM: SELECT-V-17)
Santa Rosa, Gilberto
Almas Gemelas (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-09)
Buenas Noches Don David (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-03)
El Refran Se Te Olvido (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-01)
La Agarro Bajando (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-10)
Pueden Decir (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-07)
Que Alguien Me Diga (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-02)
Santiago, Eddie
Anoche Valio La Pena (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-07)
El Cielo Lloro (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-10)
Santiago, Eddie & Huey Dumbar
Que Locura Enamorarme De Ti (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-01)
Santiago, Jeremias Feat. Wanda Felicia
Dreams Come True (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2004-01)
Santiago, Lina
Feels So Good (ULTIMIX: Ultimix 59)
Feels So Good (Show Me Your...) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1996-03)
Feels So Good (Show Me Your...) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-03)
Feels so Good (Show Me Your Love) (GRONR: JCL-0079)
Feels So Good (Show Me Your Love) (HT: CD-15-03)
Feels so Good (Show Me Your Love) (MCA U: MCST 48012)
Feels so Good (Show Me Your Love) (UNIVE: UDM-56004)
Feels so Good (Show Me Your Love) (UNIVE: UDM-56005)
Just Because I Love You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-08)
Camels (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2001-03)
Santos, Anthony
Hay De Mi, Hay De Ti (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-04)
Yo Sin Ti (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-06)
Santos, Antony
Sin Ti (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-03)
Sanz, Alejandro
Aprendiz (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-03)
Eso (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2004-03)
No Es Lo Mismo (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-09)
Quisiera Ser (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-02)
Regalame La Silla Donde Te Espere (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-12)
Toca Para Mi (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-07)
Y Solo Se Me Ocurre Amarte (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-01)
I am Alive (EMI: 20 1025 6)
Sputnik Sunday (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Sputnik Sunday (RM: SS-CD-09)
Burning (PAS: PASH 12 54)
Love Is Like a Replay (ASIA I: ARD 1075)
The Beat of the Night (ASIA I: ARD 1039)
Time Goes on (ASIA I: ARD 1054)
Time of Change (ASIA I: ARD 1140)
Lovin' You (DH: DH-Sector-02)
Tokyo Town (EMI: 0602010686)
Sarah, George
Coexistence (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Dusk (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Eyes & Goodbyes (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Fade (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Kid A (VITAMIN: CD-8592)
Opus Eleven (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Orchid (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Pop Up (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Prelude (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Save Me Now (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Sonata for Petra (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Sonata for Petra : Remixes disk (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Sparkle Maker (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Taken (BEAUTIABD: CD-8700)
Sarah H.B. & G-Force
Extra Suave (DREAB: DB 060)
Ladies (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-06)
Ladies (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-08)
Pack Ya Bags (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-03)
Sarante, Yoscar
Perdido (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-10)
Sarante, Yoskar
Guitarra (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-06)
Sarina Paris
Just About Enough (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-06)
Sark Driver
Re-Vision 2 (CDPOOL: UKU209)
Move Baby Move (MULTI U: 12MULTY12)
Move Baby Move (MULTI U: CD MULTY 12)
Amber Groove (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-07)
Amber Groove (RM: GRID-CD-12)
Amber Groove '97 (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1997-02)
Colour the World (RM: SELECT-V-18)
Ecuador (MULTI U: CXMULTY 23)
Ecuador (REMIX: RESCD03)
Encore Une Fois (DT: DT-45 [DDR-45])
Encore Une Fois (MULTI U: CD MULTY 18)
Encore Une Fois (MULTI U: CXMULTY 23)
Encore Une Fois (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1997-03)
Encore Une Fois (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-08)
Encore Une Fois (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1997-11)
Encore une Fois (REMIX: RMXCSCD05)
Encore Une Fois (RM: SELECT-V-08)
Ganbereh (CDPOOL: UKC312)
Just Around the Hill (RM: OUR-Sector-23)
La Primavera (REMIX: RMXCSCD09)
La Primavera (X-IT G: X-IT 042-R)
Mysterious Times (CONTAGIOU: MDT-8934)
Mysterious Times (RM: SELECT-V-15)
Arkham Asylum (DECON: 74321-434022-6)
Baja (DECON: 74321-68199-1)
Belfunk (DECON: 74321-68199-1)
Higher Ground (DECON: 74321189002)
If You Belive (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-01)
I Want My Freedom (RM: TRAN-CD-P18)
I Want My Freedom (VIRG H: 7243-8-93333-2-9)
Ohmna (DECON: 74321-434022-6)
Ohmna (GATE: V-P-04)
Rabbitweed (DECON: 74321-68199-1)
Wavy Gravy (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-10)
Xpander (DECON: 74321-68199-1)
Xpander (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1999-10)
Sasha & Maria
Be as One (DECON: 74321-34296-2)
Heart of Imagination (DECON: 74321-34296-2)
Sasha & Marie
Be as One (DH: DH-Sector-02)
Sash! feat./ La Trec
Sash! Feat. La Trec
Stay (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-03)
Sash! Feat. Shannon
Movemania (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-06)
Sash! feat. Tina Cousins
Mysterious Times (DH: DH-Sector-20)
Sash feat. Tina Cousins
Mysterious Times (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-02)
Mysterious Times (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-01)
Sash F/ Shannon
Move Mania (HT: CD-18-05)
Sasson, Deborah
Call Me (88: 060-2031916)
(Carmen) Danger in Her Eyes (88: 060-2031916)
(Carmen) Danger in Her Eyes (CAP: V-15474)
Passion and Pain (CAP: V-15520)
Passion and Pain (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Without Love (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-01)
Satcher, Leslie
Love Letters From Old Mexico (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-08)
Slow Way Home, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-04)
Satin & Scarlett
Boom (HT: CD-13-01)
Boom! (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-11)
Sat & Lee
Sign Your Name (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-02)
Satori (TRIBL: 724383429622)
Satori (YOSHI: yr002)
Satori (YOSHI: yrlp1)
Satori Remix (YOSHI: yr006)
Saturday Night Experience With Jody Watley, The
Another Chapter (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-04)
Falling into a Deep Deep Sleep (CRUIS I: CRN 745)
Saul, Will
Malfunction (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2004-03)
Saunders, Laurie
I'll Admit It (PC: PC-03-3)
Good-bye (DISCO I: MIX 355)
I'm Loosing You (DM: 3422)
Savage, Chantay
Betcha'll Never Find (HT: CD-BST-4)
Betcha'll Never Find (ID: 786362651-1)
Savage , Chantay
Betcha'll Never Find (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1993-11)
Betcha'll Never Find (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-01)
Savage, Chantay
Betcha'll Never Find (RCA: 07863-66425-1)
Don't Let It Go To Your Head (HT: CD-13-05)
Don't Let It Go To Your Head (RCA: 07863627872)
Give It to Ya (RCA: 07863627872)
Savage , Chantay
I Will Survive (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-02)
I Will Survive (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-02)
Savage, Chantay
I Will Survive (RCA: 07863-64491-2)
I Will Survive (RCA: 07863-64492-2)
Savage Garden
Affirmation (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-09)
Animal Song, The (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1999-04)
Animal Song, The (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-02)
Crash & Burn (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-03)
Hold Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-08)
I Knew I Loved You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2000-02)
I Knew I Loved You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-10)
I Knew I Loved You (REMIX: RMXCSCD18)
I Want You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-07)
I Want You (Import Version) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-02)
The Animal Song (REMIX: RMXCSCD13)
To the Moon and Back (COL: 44K 78605)
To The Moon And Back (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-09)
To The Moon And Back (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-10)
To The Moon And Back (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-06)
To The Moon And Back (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
To the Moon and Back (REMIX: RMXCSCD05)
To The Moon & Back (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-09)
Truly Madly Deeply (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-10)
My Dreams (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1999-02)
Save Ferris
Come On Eileen (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-10)
Come On Eileen (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-10)
Goodbye (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-01)
Saves The Day
Anywhere With You (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-08)
Anywhere With You (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-10)
Sawyer Brown
Another Side (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-02)
Drive Me Wild (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-12)
I'll Be Around (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-09)
She's Gettin' There (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-08)
Six Days On The Road (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-03)
Six Days On The Road (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-05)
Small Talk (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
This Night Won't Last Forever (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-07)
Treat Her Right (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-03)
Sax Machine
Love is the Message (TRIBL: X25G-58177)
Sax It Up (Jungle Love) (TRIBL: X25G-58177)
Souvenir (FDT I: FDT 009)
Music Takes You Higher (RM: sp-cd-13)
S. Bam
Shake It Up Tonight (DT: DT-17)
SBD Productions
Release the Chains (SBDPROD U: SBDP 1)
Sirius (SBDPROD U: SBDP 1)
Mitleid Express (RM: OUR-Sector-45)
La Vuelta (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-05)
Scaggs, Ricky
Back Where We Belong (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-02)
Cat's In The Cradle (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-04)
Solid Ground (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1995-11)
Roma Roma
I Want Your Love (ZYXUS: 66040-8)
Scanlon, Wendy
Sending Out My Heart (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2001-07)
Prayer (CDPOOL: UKU305)
Prayer (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2002-04)
Prayer Five/Six (CDPOOL: UKU302)
Prayers (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-04)
Shiver (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-09)
Superhighway (CDPOOL: UKU208)
Scanty Sandwich
Because of You (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2000-03)
This One (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2001-03)
Scapegoat Wax
Lost Cause (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-08)
It Ain't (Part II) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-11)
On My Block (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-10)
On My Block (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-08)
Scarface Feat. 2 PAC & ...
Smile (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-05)
Scarface feat. Faith Evans
Someday (The Ghetto Hymn) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-12)
Scarface Feat. Ice Cube
People Don't Believe (Remix) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-04)
Scarface feat. Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel
Guess Who's Back (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-06)
Guess Who's Back (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-06)
Scarface Feat.Tupac And Master P
Homies And Thugs (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-03)
Scarface W/ Dr. Dre, Ice Cube & Too Short
Game Over (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-03)
Scarlet Fantastic
No Memory (ARISTA: RIST36)
Scarred 4 Life
Dats Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-10)
Everybody Jam (REMIX: RMXCSCD06)
Scatman John
Scatman (DT: DT-36)
Scatman (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-08)
Scatman (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-08)
Scheinman, Andy
Slow Down (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-09)
Das Glockenspiel (RM: SELECT-V-17)
Schiller, Nina
Without Your Love (MOBYDICK: BTG-336)
Schilling, Peter
Major Tom (Coming Home) (ELEK: 0-66995)
The Different Story (RM: RM r-21)
Things to Come (ELEK: 9 60404-1)
Schneider, Fred
School Of Rock feat. Jack Black and Cast
School Of Rock (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-10)
Schultz, Mark
Back In His Arms Again (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-04)
You Are A Child Of Mine (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-10)
Schultz, Mark feat. Rachael Lampa
Think of Me (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-10)
Schulz! (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Schulz, Markus
You Won't See Me Cry (CDPOOL: UKU105)
Falling Away (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-09)
Get Your Groove On (NIVEK: 74535-1)
Get Your Groove On (NIVEK: 74535-2)
Get Your Groove On (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-07)
Masquerade (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-01)
Masquerade (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-09)
Masquerade (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-11)
Science Dept. feat. Erire
Scifo, Enzo feat. Holly
Alive (3BEAT: 3BTT45)
S Club 7
Bring It All Back (INTRS: 0694971582)
Never Had a Dream Come True (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-02)
S Connection
Bodytalk (HT: CD-15-02)
S-Connection Feat./ Anabelle
It's Gonna Be Alright (HT: CD-16-02)
Fire (RM: SELECT-V-13)
Bacchanal (SPERM U: SPERM008)
Kairouan (OLYMP: ELYT12)
So Deep (OLYMP: ELYT12)
Delirio Mind (ZYX: 5188)
Delirio Mind (remix) (AMERD I: AMD 012)
Disco Band (AMERD I: AMD 008)
Drink a Scotch (AMERD I: AMD 025)
Evolution / Lovin' is Easy (BTB: 8043)
Man in the Man (ZYX: 5188)
Man to Man (AMERD I: AMD 030)
Mirage (AMERD I: AMD 024)
Mirage (ZYX: 5475)
Mirage (ZYX: 70006)
Money Runner (AMERD I: AMD 025)
Penguins' Invasion (AMERD I: AMD 001)
Pictures (AMERD I: AMD 028)
Take Me Up (AMERD I: AMD 011)
Scott, Christian
I Got The Shit (DEEPER: DR022)
Peak Stop (DEEPER: DR020)
The Thunder (DEEPER: DR022)
Who's Getting Zoots (DEEPER: DR022)
You're Useless (DEEPER: DR020)
Scott, Gloria
Just As Long As We're Together (CASA: 314516918-2)
Scotti, Nick
I'm Gonna Shout (DV8: 31454-0779-2)
Scott, Jill
A Long Walk (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-01)
Gimme (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-01)
Scott, Ken
The Voice I Feel Inside (LOMBA I: LMB 026)
Scott, Kim
Get Krunked (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-02)
Scott, Kimberly
Tuck Me In (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-11)
Don't Stop (The Party) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-12)
Come On (SR: 303CD)
Let the Music (RM: sp-cd-14)
Scream (RM: SS-CD-05)
Screaming Trees
All I Know (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-07)
Sworn And Broken (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-10)
Screamin' Rachel
Fun with Bad Boys (PRO: PCD-1248)
Screen II
Mr. DJ (CLE: CLE 13010 (R))
Screen II Pt. 2
Let the Record Spin (CLE: CLE 13015)
Scritti Politti
Perfect Way
Teufelsrhythms (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
? (UNKNO: 112296)
Music Revolution (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-08)
Scumfrog, The
Music Revolution (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-06)
We Love You (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2001-10)
Scumfrog, The vs Bowie
Loving the Alien (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2002-07)
SDM Soundclash feat. Nikkita
Scream 2 B Heard (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-11)
S & D Productions
Got A Hav Ya [Gotta Have Ya] (WHITE: Gotta)
In de Ghetto (WHITE: Gotta)
S.D.U. feat. Nina French
Holding On (STOND: SDU001)
SE16 feat. Missy Brown
What U Gonna Do (CDPOOL: UKC301)
Feel Free (CDPOOL: UKU104)
Spin-Off (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-09)
Seahorses, The
Love Is The Law (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-06)
Blues in 'E' (ZTT: 9 41764-2)
Crazy - Urban Remix (SIRE: PRO-CD-4879)
Cry for Me (UNKNO: [96-11])
Deep Water (SIRE: 9 40200-2)
Fly Like An Eagle (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-11)
Fly Like an Eagle (ZTT G: ZEAL1T 063017754)
Human Beings (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-11)
Human Beings (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-11)
I'm Alive (ZTT F: ZANG 52CD2)
I'm Alive (ZTT G: ZANG70CD)
Kiss From A Rose (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-06)
Kiss from a Rose (ZTT F: ZANG 52CD2)
Kiss from a Rose (ZTT G: ZANG70CD)
Lost My Faith (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-03)
Love's Divine (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2004-02)
Newborn Friend (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-11)
Newborn Friend (UNKNO: [96-11])
Newborn Friend (ZTT: 9 41764-2)
The Beginning (SIRE: 9 40200-2)
The Wind Cries Mary (ZTT: 9 41764-2)
Waiting For You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-09)
Waiting For You (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-11)
Seal/Inner City
White Label Remixes (UNKNO: [96-11])
Seals, Brady
Best Is Yet To Come, The (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-07)
I Fell (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-06)
Whole Lotta Hurt (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-10)
Seals, Dan
Nights Are Forever Without You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-10)
One Friend (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-11)
Sean Paul
Like Glue (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-08)
Sean Paul feat. Sasha
I'm Still In Love With You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2003-10)
Searcy, Peter
Losing Light Fast (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-03)
Searle, Rob
Children (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1999-01)
Flame (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-02)
Ocean (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-10)
Sebastian, Joan
Sentimental (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-11)
Un Idiota (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-04)
Secada, Jon
Always Something (SBKUS: K2-19748)
If You Go (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-06)
I'm Free (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1993-08)
Just Another Day (DT: DT-12)
Just Another Day (EMI: 8 80184 2)
Just Another Day (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Just Another Day (SBKUS: K2-19748)
Mental Picture (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-04)
Mental Pictures (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-12)
Por Amor (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-03)
Por Amor (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-03)
Por Amor (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2003-03)
Si No Fuera Por Ti (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-10)
Si No Fuera Por Ti (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-10)
Si No Fuera Por Ti (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-12)
Si No Fuera Por Ti (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-12)
Stop (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2000-04)
Stop (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-06)
Stop (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-05)
Stop (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-05)
Too Late Too Soon (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-03)
Too Late Too Soon (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-02)
Too Late, Too Soon (SBK: SPRO-11677)
Where Do I Go From You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-06)
Whipped (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1994-09)
Whipped (SBK: 724383117925)
Secada, Jon w/ Shanice
If I Never Knew You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-10)
I Say Yeah (EPIC: EK 47492)
I Say Yeah (RM: GRID-CD-02)
We are Easy to love (HT: NRG-15)
Secchi feat. Taleesa
We are Easy to Love (DH: DH-02)
Secchi, Stefano f/ Taleesa
A Brighter Day (MAX: AM108CDMX)
A Brighter Day (MAX: NM770CDTV-1)
A Brighter Day (ZYX: 70091-2)
Seste (MAX: AM108CDMX)
Secci, Chicco
Don't Take Away the Music (RM: TRAN-CD-P08)
All the Animals Come Out (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Sneakyville (HT: SA8-1)
Sneakyville (SRN: T77)
The Magician (RM: ANV-5)
Secret Life
Love Love Love (HT: CD-15-04)
Love So Strong (EPIC: EK 57634)
Love So Strong (PULS8: CDLOSE79)
Secreto, El
Esos Ojos (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-07)
Secret Society
Stolen (CDPOOL: UKU-2003-01)
Stolen (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-01)
Secrets of China
Chinese Ways (SUB: 022)
Secret Story
Morning Light (SUBVERSIVU: SUB36)
Secret, The
Rhythm of Life (LUSH U: Lush 29)
Starkissed (SPERM U: SPERM021)
Secret Ties
Dancin' Insanity (NWO: 9218)
Section 25
Looking from a Hilltop (FACT U: 108)
Section 8
Looking from a Hill Top (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-03)
Atlantis (PERFE: PERF 136CD)
The Turkish Avenger (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2003-01)
Groove Me (A&M: 75021-5339-2)
Heartbeat (HT: SA9-2)
Two to Make It Right (VE: 7031)
You're My One and Only True Love (VE: 7024)
Seeds and Stems
Get U High (CR: CR-397)
Seed vs. Teapot
Ritual (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2001-05)
Driven Under (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-02)
Fine Again (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-06)
Gasoline (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-08)
Seger, Bob
In Your Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-01)
Let's Talk About It (A&M: 3145815632)
Cien Anos (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-05)
Con Tanto Amor (Amor Prohibido, Si Una Vez & Como La Fl (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-10)
I Could Fall In Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-08)
I'm Getting Used To You (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-04)
Cannon (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1995-11)
So Low (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-03)
Tu Y Yo (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-09)
Sellers, Jason
Can't Help Calling Your Name (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-03)
I'm Your Man (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-04)
Matter Of Time, A (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-07)
Sellers, Shane
There's A Song On The Jukebox (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2004-01)
Sembello, Michael
Maniac (CASA: 314516918-2)
Maniac (UNIDI C: SP5-1593)
Sementales De Nuevo Leon, Los
Pinte Mi Cuarto (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-05)
Tus Reproches (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2000-06)
She Knows Me By Heart (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-08)
Closing Time (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-04)
Closing Time (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-03)
Delicious (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-11)
Down In Flames (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-03)
f. n. t. (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-12)
Secret Smile (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-01)
Secret Smile (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-01)
Singing In My Sleep (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-08)
Dreamscape (RM: SS-CD-12)
Mindhouse (RM: SELECT-V-03)
Semtex Suzy
Get Bent (CDPOOL: UKC211)
Sling It Out (CDPOOL: UKC211)
Senghore, Tony
Whaddup (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-06)
Senor Coconut And His Orchestra
Smoke On The Water (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2003-05)
Sen, Richard
Rough and Dirty (CDPOOL: UKU212)
Beautiful Morning (550MU: 46K 77399)
Beautiful Morning (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1994-04)
The Sheffield Song (550MU: 46K 77399)
Different Times (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-11)
Save Yourself (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-01)
Loose Your Mind (CDPOOL: UKC209)
Sensory Elements
Something 4 U (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Sentido Norteno
Un Dia Mas (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2001-12)
Sentidos Opuestos
Eternamente (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-04)
Seona Dancing
Bitter Heart (RM: CX-CD-01)
Sepulveda, Ray
Como Tiembla El Alma (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-1999-12)
I'm Over You (CAP: 15422)
I'm Over You (CAP: V15347)
Tell Him I Called (CAP: 15422)
Sequel X
Dukkha (RM: SS-CD-10)
Schmittrigger (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Schmittrigger (RM: SS-CD-04)
Sequencial One
Dance - Raving (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Dance - Raving (RM: SS-CD-09)
Sequential One
Angels (HT: RK-CD-3.22)
Angels (RM: SELECT-V-18)
My Love is Hot (RM: SELECT-V-04)
That Girl Wouldn't Listen (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-10)
Serante, Yoskar
Llora Alma Mía (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-10)
Seraphim Suite
Heart (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2004-03)
Serge & Garnett
Gift of Life (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2002-09)
Sergio Vargas
Dime Donde (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-10)
Serial Diva
Gotta Love for You (DH: DH-Sector-10)
Gotta Love For You (MINIS U: SOMCD29)
Keep Hope Alive (MINIS U: SOMT26)
Keep Hope Alive (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1997-03)
Paranoia (MINIS U: SOMCD29)
Serious Danger
Deeper (LEGAT N: LGT 5018 CDM)
Deeper (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1997-11)
High Noon (XTRAN B: XN 4736)
Serious Danger Feat. Carlton
Do You Dream (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1999-06)
Serious Rope
Happiness (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-09)
Serious Rope feat.*
Happiness (FLESH: FLESH 1)
Happiness (HT: CD-12-06)
Happiness (ZYX: 6994-8)
You Make Me Happy (FLESH: FLESH 1)
You Make Me Happy (ZYX: 6994-8)
Serious Rope p/ SD Clarke*
Runaway Love (RUMA: RUMAT 68)
Sermon, E., Murray, K. & ...
Rapper's Delight (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-01)
Sermon, Erick
Bomdigi (REMIX) (Feat. Tommy Gunn) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-10)
React (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-11)
Welcome (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-01)
Sermon, Erick feat. Al Green
Love Iz (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-03)
Sermon, Erick feat. Marvin Gaye
I'm Hot (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-11)
I'm Hot (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-10)
Sermon, Erick feat. Marvin Gaye
Music (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-06)
Pleasure Boy (COWBY: RODEO 8)
Serpico 2 EP
Dreamscape (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1998-06)
Serrante, Yoscar
Guitarra (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-08)
Session #9
Welcome to the Magic Sessions (SR: SR 12578)
Same Old Song (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-11)
Same Old Song (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-12)
Sevag, Oystein
Global House (WINDH: 01934-11148-2)
Sevelle, Taja
I & I (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-10)
7 (RM: SLOW-CD-09)
Seven Channels
Breathe (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-07)
Broken Down (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2004-01)
Denial (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-08)
Enemy (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-09)
Live Again (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-02)
Praise (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-10)
Waffle (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2000-02)
X-Mas Day (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2002-11)
Seven Mary Three
Cumbersome (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-01)
Cumbersome (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1995-11)
Each Little Mystery (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-10)
Lucky (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-08)
Make Up Your Mind (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-06)
Over Your Shoulder (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1998-06)
Rock Crown (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-05)
Shelf Life (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-10)
Sleepwalking (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-08)
Wait (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2001-04)
Water's Edge (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-01)
Seven Places
Everything (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-05)
Landslide (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-10)
Seven Red Seven
Superstition (ZYX: 7906-8)
Seven Sisters of Sleep
Soul Purpose EP (LUSH U: Lush 05)
Seventh Avenue
Armed Robbery (NGT: MARE25)
Ending Up on a High (MGA: 1-2286)
I Hear Thunder (MGA: 1-2286)
Love's Gone Mad (RSH: SOHOT56)
The Love I Lost (ATL: 0-86476)
Seventh Day Slumber
Candy (PROMOONLY: CC-2004-01)
I Know (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-04)
Seven & The Sun
Walk With Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-05)
Severed Heads
All Saints Day (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Mic (PROMOONLY: CC-2002-12)
Meniando La Cola (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-09)
S.E.X. Appeal
Voulez Vous ... Moi (EUROT: ETCD012)
Sex Club
Big Dick Man (HT: RK-CD-1.10)
Sexing the Cherry
Glamourous (DH: DH-14)
Sex Krazed Superstars
Da Horniest (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-05)
Sex Maniac
Medley (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2002-02)
I Thought It Was You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1998-03)
Groove Mantra / Mantra System (LEFT: R35T)
Have a Nice Day (LEFT: 30T)
Hey Music Lover (LEFT: 30T)
Mantra for a State of Mind (LEFT: 35T)
Mantra for a State of Mind (LEFT: R35T)
Music Lover (CAP: V-15454)
Special and Golden (LEFT: 35T)
Super Fly Guy (LEFT: 28T)
Theme from S-Express (CAP: V-15377)
Theme from S-Express (RHYTH: SEXY 9-CD)
Theme from S-Express (UNIDI C: SPLK-7136)
(I Want To) Take You Home Tonight (TRIBL: 724382719229)
S.F. Express
Beats and Grooves For A Pornstar (BOO U: Boo 05)
Deep Desire (BOO U: Boo 45)
New Beginnings e.pl (BOO U: Boo 16)
SF Spanish Fly
Coming To Get Your Love (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-12)
Vissions (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1999-04)
Another World (RM: LEVEL-04)
Losing You (DT: DT-07)
Losing You (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
Salva Mea (TWIST: TW12-55309)
Ten Forty (TWIST: TW12-55309)
Bust a Bubble (PAPER U: PAP 005)
Mecca Funk (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-08)
Nokturnal (PAPER U: PAP 005)
Totally (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2000-04)
7 Years (CDPOOL: UKC208)
Love Means More (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-09)
Serenade (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-06)
Tell Me (I'll Be Around) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-06)
Shades Apart
Stranger By The Day (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-08)
Valentine (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-03)
Shade Sheist feat. Nate Dogg & Kurupt
Where I Wanna Be (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-10)
Where I Wanna Be (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-10)
Shades of Grey
World's Apart (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Shades Of Love
Body To Body (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-05)
Shades of Love
Body to Body (Keep in Touch) (VICMU: 1276-2)
Shades Of Rhapsody
Keep on Dancin' (JELLB: JCD5-2514)
Keep on Dancin' (JELLB: JEL2514)
Pearls (DH: DH-16)
It's Been So Long (ALMY: ALMY CD 06)
Mucho Mambo (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-11)
(Mucho Mambo) Sway (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1999-11)
Sway (Mucho Mambo) (REMIX: RMXCSCD17)
Everyday (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2004-01)
Open Skies (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2002-12)
Tamiko Junk (CDPOOL: UKU311)
Angel (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-12)
Angel (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-12)
Dance & Shout (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-07)
Dance & Shout (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-08)
Hope (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-09)
Oh Carolina (HT: CD-12-06)
Sexy Body Girls (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-02)
Strength of a Woman (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-11)
Shaggy feat. Brian & Tony Gold
Hey Sexy Lady (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-09)
Hey Sexy Lady (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-10)
Leave It to Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-10)
Shaggy Feat. Janet
Luv Me, Luv Me (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-1998-08)
Shaggy Feat. Marsha
Piece Of My Heart (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1997-08)
Shaggy feat. Rayvon
Angel (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-02)
Shaggy feat. Ricardo Ducent
It Wasn't Me (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-11)
Shaggy feat. Ricardo "RikRok" Ducent
It Wasn't Me (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-10)
Shaggy feat. (Ricardo "RikRok" Ducent)
It Wasn't Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-10)
Shaggy feat. the Kraft
Freaky Girl (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-05)
Shaheen, Simon
The Music Of Mohamed Abdel Wahab (AXIOM: 422-846-754)
Come With Me (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1995-11)
I Don't Want To Be Alone (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-04)
Shai Feat. Jay-Z
I Don'y Wanna Be Alone (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1996-08)
Why Ya' Bumpin' (XQUIZIT: XR004)
Shaker, Johnny
Pearl River (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-1999-03)
Shaker, The
Mooncat (UGLYB: UBR002)
Snog (UBR: 005)
Strong to Survive (UBR: 005)
Shakespear's Sister
Break My Heart (LOND: LONX200)
Break My Heart (LOND: LONXR200)
Heroine (LOND: LONX200)
Heroine (LOND: LONXR200)
Run Silent
Stay (LONDS: CDP 733)
You're History
Donde Estas Corazon (REMIX: RESCD02)
Objection (Tango) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-08)
Objection (Tango) (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-06)
Objection (Tango) (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-08)
Objection (Tango) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-10)
Que Me Quedes Tu (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-12)
Suerte (Whenever Wherever) (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-10)
Te Aviso, Te Anucio (Tango) (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-09)
Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango) (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-10)
Te Dejo Madrid (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-03)
Te Dejo Madrid (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-07)
Underneath Your Clothes (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-05)
Underneath Your Clothes (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2002-02)
Underneath Your Clothes (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-04)
Underneath Your Clothes (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-05)
Underneath Your Clothes (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-03)
Underneath Your Clothes (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-04)
Whenever, Wherever (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-01)
Whenever, Wherever (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2001-10)
Whenever, Wherever (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-01)
Forbidden Dreams (SUB: 006)
The Awakening (SUB: 006)
The Awakening (SUB: 034)
Dancing in the Sheets (COL: 44-04949)
Dead Giveaway (SOL: E9819T)
Make That Move (HT: HC-BOX-01)
Uptown Festival (EPIC: EK 52402)
Donde Corre La Sangre (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2004-01)
Donde Corre La Sangre (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-12)
Entregate (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-03)
Entregate (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2002-05)
Nadie Como Tú (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-07)
Nadie Como Tu (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2001-08)
Se Me Olvido Tu Nombre (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2003-09)
Se Me Olvido Tu Nombre (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-06)
Se Me Olvido Tu Nombre (PROMOONLY: P-LATIN-2003-07)
Se Me Olvido Tu Nombre (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-07)
Shamen, The
Amigo (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Boss Drum (HT: CD-12-02)
Boss Drum (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-02)
Destination Eschaton (HT: CD-14-07)
Destination Eschaton (ONELI: 49K 78038)
Destination Eschaton (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1995-10)
Destination Eschaton (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1995-10)
Ebeneezer Goode (ONELI U: 78TP12E)
Love, Sex, Inteligence (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
L.S.I. (EPIC: EK 53437)
LSI - Love Sex Intelligence (EPIC: 49K 74401)
Make It Mine (EPIC: 49K 74236)
Make it Mine (RM: RM-CD-ANV9.0)
Phorever People (DT: DT-20)
Phorever People (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1993-05)
Phorever People (RM: GRID-CD-10)
Trouble (ATL: PRCD 6212-2)
Shand, Remy
Take a Message (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-06)
Take a Message (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-05)
I Like (MOTUK: TMGCD 1427)
I Love Your Smile (MOT: CD45-1581)
Saving forever for you (GIANT: PRO-CD-5745)
When I Close My Eyes (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1999-03)
When I Close My Eyes (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-01)
Yesterday (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1999-05)
Soul Searcher (AXIOM: 422-846-755)
Shanks & Bigfoot
Sing-A-Long (PROMOONLY: I-CLUB-2000-08)
Just Because (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1999-08)
Dancin' (ATL: 86738)
Do You Want To Get Away (MIR: 90267)
Give Me Tonight (EMDS: 6542)
Give Me Tonight (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2000-02)
Give Me Tonight (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-03)
Give Me Tonight 2000 (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-02)
It's Got to Be Love (DH: DH-14)
It's Got to be Love (DT: DT-34)
It's Got to Be Love (HT: CD-14-05)
It'S Got to Be Love (ONEWAY I: WAY 1036)
Let the Music Play (EMDS: 6540)
Let the Music Play (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2000-08)
Let the Music Play (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2001-01)
Let the Music Play (REMIX: RMXCSCD18)
My Heart's Divided (MIR: 96937)
Someone Waiting Home (MIR: 96937)
Shannon, Dee
All My World (ASIA I: ARD 1137)
Shannon, Patrick
Estas Enamorada (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-04)
Mi Buen Amor (PROMOONLY: L-SERIES-2000-08)
Mas Y Mas (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-08)
Rosita (PROMOONLY: R-LATIN-2002-03)
Nove Sloa (Bahia Blunt) (GATE: V-P-05)
Shapeshifter (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-05)
Shape Navigator
Summer's Promise (RM: sp-cd-11)
Flood (DEEPER: DR018)
Can't Get Over You (UT7: UNST1A)
Sharada House
Deep in My Heart (RM: SELECT-V-14)
Sharada House Gang
Dancing through the Night (HT: RK-CD-1.08)
Keep It Up (EUROT: ETCD003)
Keep It Up (HT: CD-14-03)
Keep It Up (ZYX: 7592-8)
Let the Rhythm Move You (ZYX: 6967-8)
Sharada House Gang f/ AM Smith
Dancing Through the Night (ZYX: 70091-2)
Sharada, Paul
Florida (Move Your Feet) (FDT I: FDT 004)
Cinder Blocks ("Old School Anthem") (42OHREC: 005)
Do That (42OHREC: 005)
Free (42OHREC: 008)
Gravity (42OHREC: 006)
Heaven (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2002-02)
How Long (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2004-03)
Jam the Box '99 (42OHREC: 005)
Just Can't Wait (42OHREC: 009)
Just Can't Wait (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-05)
OU812Many (42OHREC: 006)
ShotGun (42OHREC: 008)
So Fresh (42OHREC: 008)
Stereo (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-12)
Sucka Deejay (42OHREC: 006)
White Powder (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2003-05)
Sharem Jay
Rox City (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-11)
Sharem Jey
Shake Your (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-08)
Stop If You Want My Lovin' (SIZ: US1002)
Sugar Sugar (SIZ: 1512)
Any Other Night (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2002-03)
No Half Steppin (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2002-05)
Forever Flying (REACT: REACT CD 151)
Product of Society (DH: DH-Sector-21)
Sharkey, Feargal
A Good Heart (A&M: SP-12165)
I Think About You (KEEPON I: KM 838515)
Sharon S
Gimmie Your Love (HT: CD-14-03)
Sharon S.
Wonderful (DT: DT-26)
Sharon S
Wonderful (ZYX: 70091-2)
Sharp, Becky
Beach Ball (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1995-11)
Sharp Boys
G-Force (CDPOOL: UKC308)
Sharp Boys, The
The Race Track (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2002-12)
Sharp Boys, The present Headjogs
House Atlantic (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-05)
Sharpe & Niles
Famous People (RM: RM-CD-04)
Sharpe & Numan
Change Your Mind (RM: ANV-5)
No More Lies (RM: RM D-19)
Sharp, Kevin
Beautiful People (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-11)
If She Only Knew (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-07)
If You Love Somebody (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-07)
Love Is All That Really Matters (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1998-03)
Nobody Knows (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1996-09)
She's Sure Taking It Well (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-02)
There's Only You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1997-11)
Sharrock, Sonny
Ask The Ages (AXIOM: 422-848-957)
Shaun M
Another Mas Language (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2004-03)
Shaw, Ben feat. Adele Holness
So Strong (FIRE U: ERIFNNN001)
Shaw, Henry
Everybody (SPEEDREC I: SPR 12027)
Shaw, Victoria
Forgiveness (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1995-06)
Single Mother (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1995-09)
Shayne, Ricky
High Dee Ho (BABYR I: BR 54074)
Lost Illusions (RM: TRAN-CD-P06)
Get Over Yourself (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-04)
I Will_But (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-04)
Little Goodbyes (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-03)
Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me) (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2000-10)
Mine All Mine (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-06)
Passenger Seat (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2004-03)
Still Holding Out For You (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-05)
She Daisy
This Woman Needs (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-1999-10)
Sheek Louch
Sheek Louch feat. Jadakiss, Styles P. & J-Hood
Mighty D-Block (2 Guns Up) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-10)
Sheek Louch feat. Jadakiss, Styles P., & J-Hood
Mighty D-Block (2 Guns Up) (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2003-11)
Shotgun (ZYX: 5883)
Wish You Were Dead (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-05)
Sheer Bronze
Walkin' On
Walkin' On (FFRUS: 162350006-1)
Walkin' On (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
Sheik, Duncan
Barely Breathing (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1996-11)
Barely Breathing (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1996-08)
On a High (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2003-03)
On a High (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2003-03)
On a High (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2003-04)
On a High (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2002-11)
On a High (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-2003-03)
Reasons For Living (ATL: CD5 2-84054)
Reasons for Living (DH: DH-Sector-15)
Reasons For Living (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-11)
Reasons For Living (PROMOONLY: U-CLUB-1997-11)
She Runs Away (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-08)
She Runs Away (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-07)
Wishful Thinking (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1997-12)
Sheila E.
Sheila E. in Romance 1600 (PAIS: 25317)
Shelley, Pete
On Your Own (HT: EDGE-L01)
Sparrows And The Nightingales (PROMOONLY: CC-2003-12)
Shelton, Blake
All Over Me (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-10)
Austin (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2001-04)
Heavy Liftin' (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-05)
Ol' Red (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-04)
Playboys Of The Southwestern World (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-08)
The Baby (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2002-12)
The Baby (PROMOONLY: C-RADIO-2003-03)
She Moves
Breakin' All The Rules (REMIX: RADIO-CD-02)
Breakin' All the Rules (REMIX: RMXCSCD07)
Breaking All The Rules (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1997-11)
Breaking All The Rules (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-10)
Breaking All The Rules (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1997-11)
It's Your Love (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-02)
It's Your Love (REMIX: RADIO-CD-04)
It's Your Love (REMIX: RMXCSCD08)
It's Your Love (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-02)
Just For Tonight (REMIX: RMXCSCD10)
Shepard, Vicki
All I Ask Of You (LBAY: 20)
All I Ask Of You 2000 (HT: NRG-41)
Disco Inferno (3BEAT: 3BTT11)
Hold On to My Love (SPINNER: SP-9201/SP-9202)
I Got a Feelin' (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-2002-12)
Infernal Dub (3BEAT: 3BTT11)
Let Me Take You Dancing (SPINNER: SP-9201/SP-9202)
Pmt Ad Libs (3BEAT: 3BTT11)
Shepard, Vonda
Artist Drop (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-07)
Searching My Soul (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1997-12)
Shepard, Vonda With Emily Saliers
Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-04)
Naked & Beautiful (CDPOOL: UKC304)
Shifter, Kenny
Dirty Little Self (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-04)
Six (CDPOOL: UKU306)
Urban Silence (CDPOOL: UKU312)
Swerve (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2003-11)
Shimmon, Mark
Dark Feelin' (CDPOOL: UKU211)
R U Out There (PROMOONLY: UK-UB-2002-12)
Shimmon, Mark vs. 3rd Degree
Dark Feelin' (CDPOOL: UKU210)
Shinas, Sofia
One Last Kiss (WB: PRO-CD-5920)
State of Mind (WB: 9-40924-2)
The Message (HT: CD-11-05)
Reaching For You (CDPOOL: UKU104)
45 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-10)
45 (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2004-03)
Fly from the Inside (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-2003-04)
Jamaican in New York (DT: DT-17)
Heaven (MINIS U: SOMT16)
Shining Path
Under The Milky Way (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1998-01)
Good Love (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-1998-11)
Good Love (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-11)
Shiro Feat MC Lyte
I Like (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-1998-06)
Shi Take
Perfect Virue (RM: LEVEL-03)
Far Behind the Skies (RM: SLOW-CD-10)
Freedom (FFRR: FCD263)
Work It Out (FFRR: FCD 261)
Goodnight Moon (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-2000-08)
Shocking Blue
Venus (ZYX: 6349-12 US)
Shock Wave
The Mental Track (NERV: NRV9101-020032)
The Man Machine (VITAMIN: CD-8532)
Shola Ama
Imagine (PROMOONLY: R-CLUB-2000-08)
Life's A Bitch (PROMOONLY: M-RADIO-1999-05)
Shooting Party
I Go To Pieces (DN: V11P9)
I Go to Pieces (HT: CD-BNRG-3)
Safe in the Arms of Love (LISS: DOLEQ9)
Safe in the Arms of Love (LISS: DOLER9)
Safe in the Arms of Love (VE: 7010)
Shootyz Groove
L Train (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1999-07)
L Train (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-06)
L Train (WEA: W501T/9362447980)
Mad For It (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-11)
Falling Star (PROMOONLY: MR-RADIO-1999-06)
Over the Wire (RM: SP-006)
Shrink, The
Hit the Floor (PROMOONLY: UK-CB-2002-12)
Shultz, Markus
You Won't See Me Cry (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-1999-09)
You Won't See Me Cry (PROMOONLY: ALT-CLUB-2000-01)
Stop! (CDPOOL: UKC306)
That's Gangsta (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-12)
That's Gangsta (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-12)
Shyne feat. Barrington Levy
Bad Boyz (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2000-08)
Bad Boyz (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2000-08)
Bonnie & Shyne (PROMOONLY: R-RADIO-2001-02)
Bonnie & Shyne (PROMOONLY: U-RADIO-2001-02)
Shy Rose
I Cry for You (JDC: 0094)
You Are My Desire (FAN: 1205)

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