1992 Releases Index - By Artist
  D.J. Rhythms Dance Music Database, ©1994-2003, an historical tabulation of dance music releases.

25th of May
Go Wild (ARISTA U: 665269)
What's Going On (ARISTA U: 665269)
2 Unlimited
Get Ready for This (PWL: PWLT228)
Get Ready For This (RM: GRID-04)
Get Ready for This (RM: GRID-CD-03)
The Magic Friend (DT: DT-11)
The Magic Friend (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Twilight Zone (RADIK: 0162415486-2)
Twilight Zone (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Twilight Zone (ZYX: ZYX6735-12)
Workaholic (DT: DT-09)
Workaholic (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
Workaholic (PWL: PWLT228)
3 Phase
Der Klang der Familie (RM: SS-CD-06)
Got to be Free (MEDIA I: MR 594)
Message, The (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
The Message (HT: CD-11-05)
The Message (MEDIA I: MR 600)
4 Love
Hold Your Head Up High (CARDI: 3-6030-2DJ)
7th Avenue
Love Gone Mad (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
808 State
10 X 10 (TOMMY: TBCD 562)
La Luz (TOMMY: TBCD 562)
80 Aum
Mindcontroller (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Mindcontroller (RM: SS-CD-01)
Gold: Greatest Hits (POLYD: 314517007-2)
Dancing Queen (ALMY: ALMY 020)
Dancing Queen (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
Dancing Queen (PWL: PWLT246)
Eagle (ALMY: CDT 030)
Higher & Higher (ALMY: CDT 030)
Knowing Me, Knowing You (ALMY: ALMY003TS)
Lay All Your Love On Me (ALMY: ALMY014T)
Lay All Your Love On Me (ALMY: ALMY014TX)
Lay All Your Love On Me (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
One of Us (ALMY: ALMY CDT023)
Queen for a Night (PWL: PWLT246)
S.O.S. (ALMY: CDT 030)
The Visitors (ALMY: ALMY CDT023)
Winner Takes It All (ALMY: ALMY CDT3)
Come into My Life (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Come into My Life (RM: SS-CD-07)
A B Logic
Get Up (Move Boy Move) (DT: DT-15)
AB Logic
Get Up (Move Boy Move) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Hitman, The (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
The Hitman (INTRS: 0-96168)
The Hitman (MAG: 0-96168)
I Wanna Be Your Lover (RM: GRID-CD-03)
Close Your Eyes (MB: MB-CD-03)
Acid Blues Project, The
Lonely Blues (INSTI: EX-243-1)
Acorn Arts II
Body (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Get Your Body (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Don't Let It Show On Your Face (COOL: COOLCD248)
Don't Let It Show On Your Face (COOL: COOLXR248)
Don't Let It Show On Your Face (RM: GRID-CD-06)
I'm the One For You! (COOL: CDCOOL264)
Independent Woman (CAP: Y-15803)
Independent Woman (COOL: COOLXR248)
Megamix (COOL: CDCOOL264)
Until You Come Back to Me (COOL: COOLCD254)
You've Got the best (of My Love) (COOL: COOLCD254)
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic
Don't Stop ... Planet Rock (TOMMY: TBCD1052)
Age of Love
Age of Love (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Age of Love ('93 mix) (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Age of Love ('93 mix) (RM: SS-CD-06)
Alhambra (SDP: SDP 002)
Pulsenation (SDP: SDP 002)
Aloof, The
On a Mission (COWBY: RODEO 5)
On a Mission (RUMA: CDRAID508)
A.L.T. And The Lost Civilization
Tequilla (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
Evapor-8 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
Altern 8
E-Vapor-8 (VIRG: V25H-12599)
Infiltr-8 America EP (VIRG: V25H-12599)
Infiltrate 202 (VIRG: V25H-12599)
Move My Body (VIRG: V25H-12599)
Respect is Due (VIRG: V25H-12599)
A.L.T. & the Lost Civilization
Refried Beans (ATCO: 0-96161)
Tequila (ATCO: 0-96161)
Follow Me (SR: 303CD)
Cut Me While I'm Hot (INV: 35002-2)
Make You Whole (DFR: DFR 3903)
2 square-root 231 (RM: GRID-04)
2 Square Root 231 (RM: GRID-CD-03)
2 square-root 231 (Ooh,Ooh, I Love You, Baby) (NP: NPCD50188)
Everyday (NP: NP50188)
Everyday (NP: NPCD50188)
Everyday (RM: GRID-CD-05)
What I Gotta Do? (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Anything Box
Beat of Life (EPIC: EK 52477)
O Fortuna (RADIK: CDS-12299-2)
O Fortuna (RM: SS-01)
O Fortuna (RM: SS-CD-01)
The Volume is Loud (RADIK: CDS-12299-2)
Army of Lovers
Crucified (GIANT: 9-40351-2)
Crucified (RM: GRID-04)
Crucified (RM: GRID-CD-03)
Judgement Day (STO: STOT503)
Obsession (GIANT: 9-40545-2)
Ride the Bullet (GIANT: 9-40351-2)
Arrested Development
People Everyday (DT: DT-12)
People Everyday (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Tennessee (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Art Noveau
Video Killed the Radio Star (ZYX: 70070-2)
Got To Live Together (OVK: OVK00192)
A Thousand Points of Night
Read My Lips (POLYD: 863739-2)
A Little Love (SALSD: 55008)
A Little Love (SALSD: 5501-1)
Ave Maria
No Sex Before Marriage (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
No Sex Before Marriage (RM: SS-CD-05)
Awesome 3
Don't Go (CITYB U: CBE771CD)
Headstrong (CITYB U: CBE771CD)
Bad Influence (REPR: 9-40561-2)
Good Stuff (REPR: 9-40561-2)
Tell It Like It T-I-IS (HT: CD-11-04)
Baby Ford
Fetish (SIRE: 9-40449-2)
Rock Your Baby (ZYX: 70070-2)
Bad Boys Blue
Save Your Love (ZENTR: 72445-140821)
Bahia Black
Ritual Beating System (AXIOM: 314-510-856)
Last Thing On My Mind (LOND: NANCD26)
Movin' On (HT: NRG-13)
Movin' On (LOND: NANCD 25)
Treat Me Right (LOND: NANCD 25)
Bang Gang, The
Shock Rock (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Basic Ingredients
Basic Ingredients EP (Tribal Underground) (LINEI: LINE 2038)
I Like It (LINEI: LINE 2038)
Moonlight (LINEI: LINE 2038)
Noche Caliente (LINEI: LINE 2038)
Trilogy (LINEI: LINE 2038)
Bas Noir
Superficial Love (ATL: PRCD 4418-2)
Bass Bumpers
Move to the Rhythm (DST: 1120-8)
Music's Got Me, The (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
The Music's Got Me (DST: DST 1088-8)
The Music's Got Me (HT: CD-11-04)
The Music's Got Me (RM: GRID-CD-09)
The Music's Got Me (ZYXUS: 6659-12)
Touch Me (DST: DST 1088-8)
Ooh Baby (PARL: CDR 6326)
Who Can Make Me Feel Good? (PARL: CDR 6326)
Beacham, Kim
Reason (111E: JB-0018A)
Trouble (111E: JB-0012)
Trouble (111E: JB-0018A)
True Love (111E: JB-0018A)
Beat Bros Ink! f. Josie Falbo
Just Heavenly (CNT: CNT-4501)
Sinnerman (CNT: CNT-4501)
Beat Club, The
Dreams Were Made to Be Broken (EB: EB012T)
Security (EB: EB012T)
X (EB: EB012T)
Belgium Resistance
World Power (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
World Power (RM: SS-CD-08)
Bel Tane
Solarize (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Rainy Days & Mondays (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
B.G. The Prince Of Rap
Power Of Rhythm, The (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
B.G. The Prince of Rap
Take Control of the Party (EPIC: EK 52477)
Bigod 20
Like a Prayer (SIRE: 9 40615-2)
On the Run (SIRE: 9 40615-2)
Tschirm Tschikwirk (SIRE: 9 40615-2)
Israel (RM: SS-CD-08)
This Girl (RM: SS-CD-06)
Shark (RM: SS-CD-06)
Bitter 'B' Girls
Snakebite (ALMY: ALMY003TS)
Snakebite (ALMY: ALMY014T)
Bizarre Inc.
I'm Gonna Get You (DT: DT-15)
Bizarre Inc.
I'm Gonna Get You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
I'm Gonna Get You (VINYS U: TORSO CD 230)
Bizarre Tracks
Sensory Delight (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Bjorn Again
A Little Respect (M&G: MAGCG 32)
Erasure-ish (M&G: MAGCG 32)
Stop! (M&G: MAGCG 32)
Black Box
Hold On (DT: DT-10)
Hold On (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
Hold On (GGM: 9224)
Hold On (GGM: 9225)
Blando, Deborah
Boy (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) (EPIC: EK 52477)
Peace in the Nation (ATL: 82357-2)
Blue Pearl
Can You Feel the Passion (BIGLI U: BP Promo 5)
Can You Feel The Passion (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
Can You Feel the Passion (SBK: K2-19751)
Mother Dawn (BIGLI U: BP Promo 5)
Mother Dawn (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Blue Zone
Celebrate (BV: BV3014)
Hot Swing (BV: BV3014)
LCAC (BV: BV3014)
Bang (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
Appolonia (UCR: CDUCR1)
Do What U Wanna Do (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Bowie, David
Real Cool World (WB: 40575-2)
Boy George
I Specialize in Loneliness (SPAGH: CIOCD 6)
The Crying Game (SPAGH: CIOCD 6)
Give Me Some Brain-e (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Give Me Some Brain-e (RM: SS-CD-08)
Brave, Dee Dee
Can't Get Over It (CHAMP: CHAMP12.287)
Surrender (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Brown, Bobby
Humpin' Around (DT: DT-12)
Bruner, Helen
Missin' You (CARDI: 3-6028-2DJ)
B., Stevie
Pump That Body (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
I'm Rushing (GB: GB 002)
I'm Rushing (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Bump vs. The Reese Project
So Deep (NWK: NWKTDJ 68/1)
Cajmere feat./ Dajae
Brighter Days (CAJ: CAJ 201)
Cajmere |FE| Dajae
Brighter Days (CAJ: CAJ 204)
Call of the Wild
Call of the Wild (EPIC: 49-74302-S1)
Call of the Wild (EPIC: EK 52477)
Jingo (SALSD: 5501-1)
Everybody (RM: GRID-04)
Everybody (RM: GRID-CD-03)
Captain Hollywood Project
More & More (A: 772787250282)
Toccata (RM: SS-CD-06)
Carey, Mariah
Emotions (COL: 44K74189)
Make it Happen (COL: 44K74189)
Carlos, Don
Alone (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Carroll, Dina
Ain't No Man (A&M U: AMY 0001)
Special Kind of Love (A&M U: AMY 0088)
You'll Lose A Good Thing (A&M U: AMY 0001)
Be What You Wanna Be (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Be What You Wanna Be (RM: SS-CD-04)
C & C Music Factory
Keep It Comin' (DT: DT-11)
Keep It Comin' (HT: CD-11-05)
C&C Music Factory
Keep It Comin' (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
Keep It Comin' (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
C & C Music Factory
Keep It Comin' (Dance Till You Can't Dance... (COL: 44K 74431)
Celebrate the Nun
You Make Me Wonder (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
You Make Me Wonder (RM: SS-CD-02)
Chaka Khan
Give Me All (WB U: W0120CD)
The Woman I Am (WB U: W0120CD)
Chaloner, Sue
Appreciation (PULS8: 12LOSE31DJ)
It's Over Now (PULS8: 12LOSE23DJ)
A Lover's Holiday (HT: HC-CD-10)
I Love Music (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Take Me Home (HT: HC-CD-10)
Chic Mystique (WB: 9-40225-0)
Chic Mystique (WB: 9-40225-2)
Chic Mystique (WB: PRO-CD-5069)
M.M.F.T.C.F. (WB: 9-40393-2)
Your Love (WB: 9-40393-2)
Chimo Bayo
Esta Si... Esta No (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Esta Si... Esta No (RM: SS-CD-06)
Christopher, Shawn
Angel Eyes (ARISTA U: 262 983)
Another Sleepless Night (ARISTA U: 262 983)
Don't Lose the Magic (ARISTA: ASCD-2412)
Don't Lose the Magic (ARISTA U: 262 983)
Don't Lose the Magic (DT: DT-07)
Don't Lose the Magic (RS: RS-CD-05)
For Your Love (ARISTA U: 262 983)
I'm Gonna Be There (ARISTA U: 262 983)
Reaching for a Star (ARISTA U: 262 983)
Right Thing (ARISTA U: 262 983)
Thinking About the Way (ARISTA U: 262 983)
Welcome Home (ARISTA U: 262 983)
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (COCON: 665295)
Still in Love with You (COCON: 665295)
Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me (SPAGH: CIOCD 5)
Jungilism (SPAGH: CIOCD 5)
Love is Everywhere (SPAGH: CIOCD3)
Mind Gap (SPAGH: CIOCD3)
Splatt (SPAGH: CIOCD4)
That Loving Feeling (SPAGH: CIOCD4)
City Grooves
Body Action (CS: CS001)
Pump'N Thump (CS: CS001)
Clarke, Anne
Counter Act (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
Clark, Rhonda
Must Be Real Love (TABU: 3145880041)
Clash, The
Rock the Casbah (DT: DT-12)
Can You Feel It (SR: 303CD)
Club 69
Let Me Be Your Underwear (FFRUS: 1623500161DJ)
I'm Falling Too (ATL: 0-85847)
I'm Falling Too (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Come Rain Come Shine (GJ: 162-530621-1)
Hypnotized (DT: DT-11)
Hypnotized (GJ: 162530617-1)
Hypnotized (HT: CD-11-04)
Hypnotized (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
Love Strain (I'm Under) (BTECH: BZZXL106065)
Love Strain (I'm Under) (DT: DT-09)
Love Strain (I'm Under) (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
Set Me Free (GJ: PRCD615-2)
Set Me Free (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
Club Z
I Wanna Be Someone (ATL: DMD1929)
Code Red
Dreamer (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Code Secret
He! Oh! Hein! Bon! (RM: GRID-CD-06)
Windowpane (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
Col. Abrams
Trapped (DT: C-1)
Cold as Ice
Urgent (ZYX: 70070-2)
Doctorin' the House (HT: VBHT-01)
Hasta la Vista (ISBA: IS-12-1029)
Dust in the Wind (ZYX: 70070-2)
Consuelo, Ann
Do It For Love (BB: DMD 1919)
See the Day (BB: 0-10064)
Coral Way Chiefs
Release Myself (MURK: MURK 005)
Now That You're Gone (CR: CR-259)
Because the Night (ZYX: 6822-8)
Because the Night (ZYX: 70070-2)
It's A Love (ZYX: 6822-8)
Cosmic Baby
Trancendental/Overdrive (RM: SS-CD-03)
Cover Girls
Wishing on a Star (EPIC: EAS 4650)
Cover Girls, The
Wishing On A Star (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Criminal Minds, The
Baptized by Dub (MB: MB-CD-03)
Hang On In There Baby (RCAUK: PD 45378)
Meaning of Dreaming (RCAUK: PD 45378)
Cut 'N' Move
Cut 'N' Move Theme (EPIC: EK 52477)
Peak Society (RM: SS-CD-04)
Love Me Tonight (HT: CD-11-05)
Cynthia M
Everything I Do (SR: SRB006)
Love Storm (SR: SRB001)
Dai Bass
Reach Out of the Darkness (SELEC: 2-61202)
Dangerous Zone
Naughty (RM: SS-CD-03)
Danielle & Rochelle
That's the Way (AMASS: AMASS004)
Success (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
Daou, The
Surrender Yourself (COL: 74291-1)
Let's Talk About It (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
La Yerba del Diablo (TNC: I-24-TNC008)
Davis, Jessie Lee
Get Up On This (RM: GRID-CD-03)
Get Up On This ('92 Remix) (RM: GRID-04)
Davis, Nancy
If You Belonged to Me (HT: NRG-12)
Davis, Sonia
Bette Davis Eyes (ZYX: 70070-2)
Da Yeene
Alright (FLY: FIN054)
Alright (REACT: REACT CD5)
Around the World (DT: DT-14)
Around the World (FAZE2: 12FAZE8)
Da Yeene
Who's Gonna Get You Back (FLY: FIN054)
Dream About You (SMASH: 865271-2)
E.S.P. (SMASH: 4228631791DJ)
Love Desire (SMASH: 865271-2)
D Dimension
Love Sensation (VINYS U: Storm 58)
Dead or Alive
You Spin Me Round (DT: DT-07)
I Had a Dream I Was Falling Through a Hole... (ELEKT: PRCD-8575-2)
Rubber Lover (ELEKT: 2-66422)
Runaway (ELEKT: 2-66422)
Thank You Everyday (ELEKT: 66368-2)
Thank You Everyday (ELEKT: 66388)
Dee, Jamie
Burnin' Up (RM: GRID-CD-03)
Seclude (RM: SS-CD-07)
Definition of Sound
Moira Jane's Cafe (CARDI: 3-4023-0)
Definition Of Sound
What Are You Under (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Degrees of Motion
Do You Want It (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Shine On (ESQ: ESAB74326-1)
Shine On (ESQ: ESDJ743292)
Degrees of Motion feat. Biti
Do You Want It Right Now (ESQ: 180)
Do You Want It Right Now (ESQ: 181)
Do You Want It Right Now (ESQ: 183)
Soul Freedom (ESQ: 71771-743361)
Viva La Droga Electronica (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Dennis, Cathy
You Lied to Me (DT: DT-12)
You Lied to Me (HT: CD-11-05)
Depeche Mode
Strange Love (DT: C-1)
Deputies of Love
Deputies of Love (EPIC: EK 52477)
Deputy of Love (RM: GRID-04)
Deputy of Love (RM: GRID-CD-03)
Desario, Teri
Ain't Nothin' Gonna Keep Me From (HT: HC-CD-10)
Save Your Love For Me (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
Destiny Love
Call Me Tonight (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
House of God (R&S: ETC 126)
Diebold, David & Kim Cataluna
White Rabbit (RS: RS-CD-05)
Dion, Celine
(If There Was) Any Other Way (EPIC: 49K 74817)
Love Can Move Mountains (DT: DT-15)
Love Can Move Mountains (EPIC: 49K 74817)
Love Can Move Mountains (HT: NRG-13)
Love Can Move Mountains (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Unison (EPIC: 49K 74817)
Classics #1 (DT: C-1)
Issue # 07 (DT: DT-07)
Issue # 09 (DT: DT-09)
Issue # 10 (DT: DT-10)
Issue # 11 (DT: DT-11)
Issue # 12 (DT: DT-12)
Issue # 14 (DT: DT-14)
Issue # 15 (DT: DT-15)
Give You (SR: 303CD)
D.J. Equalizer
I Got the Rhythm (ICR: ICR002)
Jus' Rock! (ICR: ICR002)
Kings and Queens Anthem (ICR: ICR002)
S.O.S. Theme (ICR: ICR002)
The Sounds of Silence (ICR: ICR002)
D.J.H. feat. Stefy
Come On Boy (DT: DT-09)
Come On Boy (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
D.J. Lelewel
Take Me With the Funk (GGM: GGM92.27)
DJ Molella
Revolution (RM: GRID-CD-06)
DJ Pierre
Love Izz (SR: 303CD)
DJ Power
Everybody Pump (RM: GRID-CD-06)
DJ Sparks
Chapter 1 EP (AMASS: AMASS004)
Hard Edge (AMASS: AMASS004)
Love Me (AMASS: AMASS004)
DNA feat. Sharon Redd
Can You Handle It (EMI: 12EMI219)
Don Carlos
Alone (CALYP: I13-CPS 014)
Dance Spirit (GUERI: X25G-13852)
Get Out On This Dancefloor (GUERI: X25G-13852)
Double Exposure
Ten Percent (SALSD: 5501-1)
Double You
Please Don't Go (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Please Don't Go (RS: RS-CD-05)
Double You?
Please Don't Go (ZYX: 70070-2)
Double You
We All Need Love (ZYX: 6798R-8)
We All Need Love (ZYX: 70070-2)
Bring on Down (REACT: REACT CD5)
Dr. Alban
It's My Life (LOGIC G: 74321110462)
Things Can Only Get Better (MAG: MAG 1010T)
UR the Best Thing (SIRE: 940853-2)
Dreams Unlimited
Cool Beat RMX (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Drum Club, The
You Make Me Feel So Good (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Nite & Day (RM: SS-CD-06)
I'll Keep Holdin' On (ACTIV: PRCD 8620)
Earl, Stacy
Romeo and Juliet feat. the Wild Pair (RCA: RDCB-62231-1)
East 17
House of Love (LOND: LONX 325)
East Side Beat
Ride Like the Wind (FFRUS: CDP 633)
Ride Like the Wind (RS: RS-CD-05)
Ride Like the Wind (ZYX: 70070-2)
The Year of the Cat (ZYX: 70070-2)
Don't Have To Be Jesus (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Don't Have To Be Jesus (RM: SS-CD-04)
Let the Bass Kick (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Let the Bass Kick (RM: SS-01)
Let the Bass Kick (RM: SS-CD-01)
Electric Choc
Shock the Beat (REACT: REACT CD5)
Disappointed (HT: CD-11-04)
Disappointed (PARL: CDR6311)
Idiot Country Two (PARL: CDR6311)
How Does It Feel? (MB: MB-CD-03)
Can You Feel It (CREAR: MAKE006)
Love Vibration (FFR: FX200)
They're Here (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Endangered Species
Ping Pong (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Ping Pong (SR: 303CD)
Enea, Laura
Our Love (NP: NPCD50192)
En Vogue
Free Your Mind (EASTWEST: 96128-2)
Free Your Mind (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Give It Up, Turn It Loose (EASTWEST: 96091-2)
Give It Up, Turn It Loose (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Hold On (EASTWEST: 96128-2)
Lies (EASTWEST: 96128-2)
My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) (EASTWEST: 0-96194)
My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) (EASTWEST: PRCD 4464-2)
Basket Case (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Basket Case (RM: SS-CD-07)
Inner Mind (VINYS U: STORM27CD)
Machands D'Ivoire (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Abba-Esque (MUTEU: 9 61386-2)
Abba-Esque: The Remixes (MUTE: LCD Mute 144)
Breath of Life (SIRE: 9 40344-2)
Carry on Clangers (SIRE: 9 40344-2)
Lay All Your Love On Me (MUTE: LCD Mute 144)
Lay All Your Love On Me (MUTEU: 9 61386-2)
Sometimes (SIRE: 9 40721-2)
S.O.S. (MUTE: LCD Mute 144)
S.O.S. (MUTEU: 9 61386-2)
Take A Chance on Me (MUTE: LCD Mute 144)
Take A Chance on Me (MUTEU: 9 61386-2)
The Circus (SIRE: 9 40721-2)
Voulez Vous (MUTE: LCD Mute 144)
Voulez Vous (MUTEU: 9 61386-2)
Waiting for Sex (SIRE: 9 40344-2)
Who Needs Love Like That (SIRE: 9 40721-2)
Suck My Dang-A-Long (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Suck My Dang-A-Long (RM: SS-CD-06)
Essence Nubian
Have No Doubt (SELEC: 2-61202)
Essex Girls, The
Stay Over (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
Let's Rock (RM: SS-01)
Let's Rock (RM: SS-CD-01)
Yo, Te Quiero (RM: SS-CD-07)
Believe It (QUARK: QCD5-038)
Euphoria (QUARK: QCD5-038)
Genocide (QUARK: QCD5-038)
I Like Noise (QUARK: QCD5-038)
Love You Right (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) '91 (RS: RS-CD-04)
Free Your Mind (PV: 003)
Harmony (PV: 003)
Love Thing (PV: 003)
The Cover-Up EP (PV: 003)
The Original Upsetter (PV: 003)
I Wish the Phone Would Ring (DT: DT-15)
I Wish the Phone Would Ring (HT: CD-11-06)
I Wish The Phone Would Ring (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Fabulous Spectrelles, THe
Come See About Me (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
Falcon, Ralph
Every Now and Then (MS: MS-001)
The Music is Movin' (DT: DT-14)
Farm, The
Creeper (ENDPR: 658173-2)
Rising Sun (ENDPR: 658173-2)
Rising Sun (HT: CD-11-05)
Father M.C.
Everything Will Be Alright (DT: DT-14)
Tekknological Crime (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Tekknological Crime (RM: SS-CD-05)
Federal Base
Anybody Out There? (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Is Anybody Out There? (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Feldman, Francois
C'est Toi Qui M'as Fait (RM: GRID-CD-03)
Don't You Want Me (DECON: 74321-11050-1)
Don't You Want Me (DECON: 74321-11050-2)
Don't You Want Me (DT: DT-14)
Don't You Want Me? (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
Don't You Want Me (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Love is God (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Fierce Ruling Diva
Atomic Slide (INV: 35002-2)
Rubb It In (INV: 35002-2)
Whipped Kream (INV: 35002-2)
You Gotta Believe (Atomic Slide) (INV: INV36009-1)
Forevergreen (ONELI U: 74TP7CD)
Forevergreen (RM: GRID-CD-09)
First Choice
Double Cross (SALSD: 5501-1)
Let No Man Put Asunder (SALSD: 5501-1)
Pressure Point (SALSD: 5501-1)
Flack, Roberta
Uh Uh, Ooh Ooh, Look Out (Here It Comes) (DT: C-1)
High Pacific (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Follow For Now
Evil Wheel (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Solid Session (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Format #2
Reckless (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Fortran 5
Heart on the Line (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Relax (DT: DT-12)
Franklin, Aretha
Someday We'll All Be Free (QWEST: PRO-CD-5861)
Burnin' (INV: 35002-2)
Rolling This Way (INV: 35002-2)
Where is Your Evidence (INV: 35002-2)
Front Line Assembly
Final Impact (RM: SS-CD-06)
Fruits of Fresh FunkFeel FreeGuns of Nirvana
Fun Fun
Color My Love (DT: DT-14)
Funky Green Dogs from Outer S.
Reach for Me (MURK: MURK 004)
Reach for Me (NWK: NWKCD57)
Funky Space Nation, The
Ride the Rocket (DT: DT-15)
Future Sound of London
Papua New Guinea (JUMPI U: CDS TOT 17)
FX Creators
Survival of the Trippest Version 1.01 (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Gabriel, Peter
Sledgehammer (DT: DT-14)
Gaines, Jeffrey
Hero in Me (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Gallagher, Eve
Love is a Master of Disguise (CHARI: 0-96174)
Gang Starr
Take It Personal (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Gardner, Taana
What Can I Do for You (ELEGA: ELS-846212)
Gat Decor
Passion (DT: DT-12)
Passion (EFF: EFFS001)
Passion (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Gaye, Nona
I'm Overjoyed (THIRD: PRCD-4770-2)
General Base
Es Ist Voller Sterne (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Here We Go (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Georgie Porgie
Let the Music Pump You Up (SLAM: SLAM 6T)
Gibson, Debbie
Free Me (ATL: DMD2001)
Losin' Myself (ATL: 0-85785)
Sexual (ATL: PRCD-4877)
Sexual (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Gold, Xavier
Gonna Get Back To You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Good Girls, The
Just Call Me (MOT: 374631063-2)
Just Call Me (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
Gordon, Lonnie
Gonna Catch You (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Happening All Over Again (again) (HT: NRG 11)
Grid, The
Figure of Eight (VIRG U: VSTG 1421)
Figures of Eight (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Groove Sector
The Love I Lost (HB: HB-016)
Guthrie, Gwen
Ain't Nothin' Goin' on but the Rent (DT: DT-15)
Bounce (ACV: ACV1012)
Hear the Music (ACV: ACV1012)
Hain, Marshall
Dancing in the City (BET: 12BET 106DJ)
Hank in Lola's Drugstore
Love Says Don't (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Drug Overlord (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Drug Overlord (RM: SS-CD-05)
Let Da Bass Go (RM: SS-02)
Let Da Bass Go (RM: SS-CD-02)
Die Gallier (RM: SS-CD-08)
Hard Knocks
Dirty Cop Named Harry (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Hardrive fea. LG
Sindae (SR: 303CD)
Hartman, Dan
Instant Replay (HT: HC-CD-10)
Ethnic Prayer (LIMBO: LIMB 07)
Schtoom (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Hawkins, Sophie B.
Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover (COL: 38K74164)
Don't Stop Swaying (COL: 38K74164)
Heavy on Easy
Only Your Love (CHAMP: CHAMP 12.298)
Herbal Infusion
The Hunter (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Born to Be Alive (HT: HC-CD-10)
Holloway, Loleatta
Love Sensation (SALSD: 5501-1)
Strong Enough (ACTIV: PRCD 8491)
Strong Enough (ACTIV: PRCD8625)
Strong Enough (SELEC: 2-61202)
Holloway, Loleatta feat. ...
Crash Goes Love - House Remixes (WAR: WAR-113)
Holy Noise
Get Down Everybody (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Hot Tracks
HC-09CD: Hot Classics CD # 9 (HT: HC-CD-09)
HC-10CD: Hot Classics CD #10 (HT: HC-CD-10)
Issue # 10-07 (HT: CD-10-07)
Issue # 11-01 (HT: CD-11-01)
Issue # 11-02 (HT: CD-11-02)
Issue # 11-03 (HT: CD-11-03)
Issue # 11-04 (HT: CD-11-04)
Issue # 11-05 (HT: CD-11-05)
Issue # 11-06 (HT: CD-11-06)
NRG-07V: NRG for the 90's - Volume 7 (HT: NRG-7)
NRG-08V: NRG for the 90's - Volume 8 (HT: NRG-8)
NRG-09V: NRG for the 90's - Volume 9 (HT: NRG-9)
NRG-10V: NRG for the 90's - Volume 10 (HT: NRG-10)
NRG-11V: NRG for the 90's - Volume 11 (HT: NRG-11)
RK-1.01CD: Roadkill! 1.01 (HT: RK-CD-1.01)
The Very Best of Hot Tracks Vol. 1 (HT: VBHT-01)
Human Resource
Me the Power! (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Me the Power! (RM: SS-CD-07)
Energy Express (MB: MB-CD-03)
Energy Express (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Hysteria (RM: SS-CD-05)
Everything & More (MCA U: MCST1606)
Saturday's Angels (MCA U: MCSTD 1627)
Colibri (TLK: TLK X21)
Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing (TLK: TLK X21)
80 Aum (INV: 35002-2)
The Spirit (INV: 35002-2)
Swamp (RM: SS-CD-04)
Information Society
Peace & Love (TOMMY: TBCD 544)
Inner City
Follow Your Heart (DT: DT-14)
Follow Your Heart (TEN: TENR 408)
Follow Your Heart (VIRG: V25H-12603)
Hallelujah '92 (TEN: TENX398)
Pennies From Heaven (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
Pennies From Heaven (TEN: 664551/PM515)
Pennies From Heaven (VIRG: 0-96195)
Praise (TEN: TENCD 408)
Praise (TEN: TENR 408)
United (TEN: TENR 408)
Unity (TEN: TENR 408)
Instant Funk
I Got My Mind Made Up (SALSD: 5501-1)
Instant House
Over (JS: JS 1201)
Dildo (RM: SS-CD-07)
Intercollection Medley (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Intercollection Medley (RM: SS-CD-04)
Techno Rave - Phase 1 (INV: 35002-2)
Everywhere I Go (FFRR: TABX 108)
Let's Get Down (FFRR: TABX 108)
Rush (FFRR: TABX 108)
The Isotonik E.P. (FFRR: TABX 108)
Jackson, Michael
Black or White (DT: DT-10)
Black or White (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
Black or White (EPIC: 49K74201)
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (EPIC U: EPC 658179-2)
In The Closet (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
Jam (DT: DT-10)
Jam (EPIC: 49K 74334)
Jam (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
P.Y.T. (HT: HC-CD-10)
Remember the Time (DT: DT-07)
Remember the Time (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
Remember the Time (EPIC: 49K74201)
Rock With You (EPIC: 49K 74334)
Smooth Criminal (HT: VBHT-01)
The Dangerous Medley (RS: RS-CD-05)
Who Is It? (EPIC U: EPC 658179-2)
Who Is It? (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Jacksons, The
Walk Right Now (HT: HC-CD-10)
Don't Walk Away (GIANT: 9 40669-2)
James, Juliette
It's a Love Thing (PULS8: 12LOSE42DJ)
We Got It All (Remix) (PULS8: 12LOSEX26DJ)
Jam Jam
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (ZYX: 6809-12)
Jam & Spoon
Keep on Movin' (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Keep on Movin' (RM: SS-CD-03)
Stella (MB: MB-CD-03)
Stella (R&S U: RSUK 14XCD)
The Complete Stella (R&S U: RSUK 14XCD)
Jam's, The
It's Grim Up North (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
It's Grim Up North (RM: SS-02)
It's Grim Up North (RM: SS-CD-02)
Jam Tronik
Stand By Me (ZYX: 70070-2)
I'm Gonna Love You (BCM: 20556)
I'm Gonna Love You (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Never Give Up (REACT: REACT CD5)
Never Give Up (RS: RS-CD-05)
You Make Me Feel Good (ZYX: ZYX6917-8)
The Ballet (MB: MB-CD-03)
Joey Negro
Enter Your Fantasy EP (TEN: TENX 397)
Enter Your Mind (TEN: TENX 397)
Everybody (TEN: TENX 397)
Get Up (TEN: TENX 397)
Love Fantasy (TEN: TENX 397)
John & Julie
Double Happiness (RM: SS-02)
Double Happiness (RM: SS-CD-02)
Johnson, Jeff
One More Chance (HT: NRG-12)
Johnston, Sabrina
I Wanna Sing (EASTWEST U: YZ661T)
Got A Love For You (BB: 10034-2)
The True Meaning (Of Love) (BB: 10034-2)
Jones, Elaine
More of your Love (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Jones, Georgia
From this Moment On (SELEC: 2-61202)
Katherine E.
Let me Love You For Tonight (EFS: EF.S.9213)
Then I Feel Good (RM: GRID-CD-06)
Then I Feel Good (RS: RS-CD-05)
Then I Feel Good (ZYX: ZYX6721-12)
K.C.C. feat. Emile
Groove Thing (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Key Tronics Ensemble fe. Elise
We Need Music (IRMA: ICP 031)
Key West
Anymore (REACT: REACT CD5)
Khan, Chaka
Keep Givin' Me Lovin' (WB: 9 40377-2)
Love You All My Lifetime (WB: 9 40377-2)
Love You All My Lifetime (WB G: 9362-40412-2)
King, Evelyn Champagne
Shame (NWK: NWK TEN56)
Shame (RCAUK: PD 45488)
King, Evelyn "Champagne"
Shame '92 (REMIX) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
King, Evelyn Champagne
You Stole My Heart (NWK: NWK TEN56)
Kitsch, Peter
Dad Laisse Moi Conduire La Cad (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
Don't Stop (DECON: CDR 6325)
Pianone (DECON: 12R6309)
Pump it Up (DECON: CDR 6325)
So Right (DECON: 12R6309)
Why (DECON: 12R6309)
K.L.F. feat. Tammy Wynette
Justified and Ancient (DT: DT-07)
KLF feat. Tammy Wynette
Justified and Ancient (DT: DT-10)
K.L.F. feat. Tammy Wynette
Justified and Ancient (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
KLF, The
Justified & Ancient (RS: RS-CD-05)
Bad Times (TME: t:me0293)
Knuckles, Frankie feat. L.M.
Rain Falls (VIRG: DMD 1836)
Knuckles, Frankie feat. Robert
Work Out (DT: DT-11)
Kohl, Ernest
Don't You Want My Love (HT: NRG 11)
Drill (RM: SS-CD-03)
Law & Order (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Law & Order (RM: SS-CD-02)
Sector One (RM: SS-02)
Kool & the Gang
Celebration (HT: CD-11-04)
Moving Power (to the Music) (ZYX: 6891-8)
Helmut Kohl Ist Tot (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Helmut Kohl Ist Tot (RM: SS-CD-04)
Kris Kross
Jump (COL: CSK 74197)
Jump (RUFF: 44K 74193)
Warm It Up (COL: CSK 74376)
Different Man (NP: 50187)
Different Man (NP: NPCD 50187)
Hold Back the Night (NWK: NWKT65)
Please Don't Go (NP: 50187)
Please Don't Go (NP: NPCD 50187)
Please Don't Go (NWK: NWKT65)
Young Hearts Run Free (NWK: NWKT65)
LaMond, George
My One and Only Love (COL: 44K 74405)
LaMond, George
Where Does That Leave Love (COL: 44K 74405)
Lassigne Bendthaus
Static (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
Last Rhythm
Last Rhythm (REACT: REACT CD5)
L.A. Style
James Brown is Dead (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
James Brown is Dead (RM: SS-CD-01)
Latino Party
The Tequila Party Mix (RS: RS-CD-04)
Latin Swing feat. Loleatta H*
Gotta Be #1 (SALSD: 5501-1)
Gotta Be #1 (SALSD: 5555-1)
Blue (SMASH: 865-525-2)
Blue (SMASH: 865-525-2(P))
Cold (SMASH: 865525-1)
Cold (SMASH: 865-525-2)
Cold (SMASH: 865-525-2(P))
Layton, Lindy
We Got the Love (PWL: PWLT 250)
Die Schwarze Zone (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Die Schwarze Zone (RM: SS-02)
Die Schwarze Zone (RM: SS-CD-02)
Plasma (RM: SS-CD-06)
Traumreise ('93 Mix) (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Traumreise ('93 Mix) (RM: SS-CD-03)
Lee, Alex
Lekakis, Paul
Boom Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room) '92 (HT: NRG-12)
Lemon Interupt
Big Mouth (JB: JB012-002)
Lemon Interupt feat. Kitten
Eclipse (JB: JB012-002)
Lennox, Annie
Why (RS: RS-CD-05)
Levi, Ira
Free Your Mind (SR: B002)
Liberation (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Liberation (ZYX: 6865-12)
Liberty City
Some Lovin' (NWK: NWKCD57)
Altitude (CSTA: CSTA001)
Dancin' in the Key of Love (CSTA: CSTA001)
Disco Fever Vol #1 (CSTA: CSTA001)
Feel Your Body (CSTA: CSTA001)
H.O.T. (CSTA: CSTA001)
Limbo (CSTA: CSTA001)
Strategy (CSTA: CSTA001)
Lil' Louis
Music Saved My Life (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Limerick, Alison
Hear My Call (ARISTA U: 665337)
Let's Make a Memory (ARISTA U: 665337)
Make It On My Own (ARISTA U: 614996)
Make It On My Own (ARISTA U: 664-996)
Make It On My Own (DT: DT-07)
Lords of Acid
Rough Sex (CAROL: CAROL 2518-2)
Take Control (CAROL: CAROL 2518-2)
Louie, "Little" & Marc Anthony
Ride on the Rhythm (ATL: PRCD 4111-2)
Love Decade
I Feel You (ALL: 12GLOBE107)
Take Your Body Over Mine (GLOBE: 12GLOBE111)
Love & Sas
Call My Name (RCA: RDJ62236-2)
Machine Orchestra
Survival (GJ: 162-530612-2)
Hollow (TME: t:me0293)
Bad Girl (MAVER: 9 40793-2)
Deeper and Deeper (MAVER: 9 40722-2)
Erotica (MAVER: 4/2-45031)
Erotica (MAVER: 9-40585-2)
Fever (MAVER: 9 40793-2)
Into A Commotion (Medley) (HT: VBHT-01)
Main Source
Fakin' the Funk (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
So Much Love (A&M: 31458-8034-1)
So Much Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
Mandiano, Sara
J'ai Des Doutes (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
I'm Comin' Hardcore (UCR: CDUCR1)
Movin' (TEN: TENX 395)
Marilyn MDiamonds
Marky Mark
Gonna Have A Good Time (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Good Vibrations (RS: RS-CD-04)
I Want You (Touche Me) (HT: NRG 10)
Sombre Desir (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
Marrow, Lee
Martin, Kim
Welcome to My Heaven (SELTR: STR 00.05)
Massive Attack
Any Love (WBRDG: 4)
Be Thankful (WBRDG: 4)
Home of the Whale (WBRDG: 4)
Hymn of the Big Wheel (WBRDG: 4)
Mass Order
Let's Get Happy (COL U: 6580736)
Let's Get Happy (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
Lift Every Voice (Take Me Away) (COL: 44-74131)
Master Beat
Volume 3 (MB: MB-CD-03)
Master Musicians of Jajouka f/
Apocalypse Across the Sky (AXIOM: 314-510-857)
MAW & Company
Gonna Get Back to You (ESQ: ESAB-74341-1)
McClain, Alton & Destiny
It Must Be Love (HT: HC-CD-10)
McFadden & Whitehead
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (HT: HC-CD-10)
McGhee, Jacci
Skeeza (MCA: MCA5P-2290)
Men Of X
X Is Dope (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
Temple of Dreams (MB: MB-CD-03)
Hyporeel (UCR: CDUCR1)
Metropolis (UCR: CDUCR1)
Miami House Attack feat. Georg
Rock My No. 1's (ZYX: 70070-2)
Michael, George
Crazyman Dance (COL: 44K74352)
I Want Your Sex (HT: VBHT-01)
Too Funky (COL: 44K74352)
Too Funky (DT: DT-10)
Too Funky (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
Too Funky (RS: RS-CD-05)
Too Jazzy (COL: 44K74352)
High on Hope (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
High on Hope (RM: SS-CD-06)
Mig 29
Mig 29 (NP: NPCD50190)
Mig 29 (Parie Seconda) (NP: NPCD50190)
Mind Controller
I Control Your Mind (RM: SS-01)
Mind Over Rhythm
The Crossing (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Minogue, Dannii
Success (SAVAG: SAV5P-2231)
Minogue, Kylie
Celebration (PWL: PWCD257)
Closer (PWL: PWCD227)
Do You Dare (HT: NRG 10)
Finer Feelings (PWL: PWCD227)
Let's Get To It (PWL: PWCD257)
Things Can Only Get Better (DT: DT-11)
Things Can Only Get Better (PWL: PWCD 241)
What Kind of Fool (DT: DT-12)
What Kind of Fool (HT: NRG-12)
What Kind of Fool (Heard all that Before) (PWL: PWCD 241)
Mission Control
Outta Limits (ATL: PRCD4507-2)
Outta Limits (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Deep Kiss (ISBA: TIS-12-0001)
Always (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
MK feat. Alana
Always (CHARI: V25H-12625)
M.K. feat. Alana
Always (UCR: CDUCR1)
MK feat. Alana
Burning (CHARI: V25H-12625)
MK Feat. Alana
Burning (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
M.K. feat. Alana
Burning (UCR: CDUCR1)
Drop A Beat (INSTI: EX-240-2)
Electricity (INSTI: EX-240-2)
Go! (RM: SS-CD-02)
Next is the E (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Next is the E (RM: SS-CD-07)
UHF 2 (INSTI: EX-240-2)
Mocca Soul
Losing You (SAVAG: SAV5P-2143)
Mass of Emotion (SAVAG: SADJ-50013-2)
Cry Freedom (UCR: CDUCR1)
Cry Freedom (UCR: UCRT 8)
Montego Bay
Everything... (CPS: CPS 025)
Magic (CPS: CPS 025)
MoodsA Feeling (DEEPDISH: ddr001)
100% Total Success (ARISTA U: 74321 118571)
Rainsong (ARISTA U: 74321 118571)
Spiritual High (ARISTA U: 664528)
Taste EP (ARISTA U: 74321 118571)
Wombtones (ARISTA U: 74321 118571)
Spiritual High (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Moore, Jackie
Precious (ZYX: ZYX6862-12)
This Time Baby (HT: HC-CD-10)
Why (ZYX: 70070-2)
Why (ZYX: ZYX6862-12)
Moran, Tony
Mandolay (RIV: RIV 2288)
Morgan, Jamie
Why? (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Morgan, Meli'sa
I'm Gonna Be Your Lover (Tonight) (PEND: PRCD 8659-2)
Still in Love With You (PEND: 0-66407)
Through the Tears (PEND: 0-66407)
Moten, Wendy
Come in Out of the Rain (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Movement, The
Bingo (DT: DT-15)
Jump (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
Jump! (SUN: 12812)
Jump! (SUN: 12813)
M People feat. Heather Small
Platini (DECON: PT45370)
Someday (DECON: PT45370)
Mr. Fingers
What About This Love (HT: CD-11-05)
What About This Love? (MCA: MCADM-54485)
Walking In Memphis (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
My Friend Sam
A to Z (EXIT: EXIT 125)
It's My Pleasure (EXIT: EXIT 125)
My Friend Sam fet. Viola Wills
It's My Pleasure (EXIT: EX-IT 111)
Mylene Farmer
Je T'aime Melancolie (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
Psychiatric (RM: SS-CD-02)
My Life w/t Thrill Kill Kult
Sex on Wheelz (HT: CD-11-04)
Mysterious Art
High on Mystic Mountain (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
High on Mystic Mountain (RM: SS-02)
High on Mystic Mountain (RM: SS-CD-02)
I Can't Wait (RM: GRID-CD-06)
I Adore Mi Amore (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
The "Terror" Medley (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
The "Terror" Medley (RM: SS-CD-01)
Near Dark
Heute Ist Ein Guter Tag (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Heute Ist Ein Guter Tag (RM: SS-CD-07)
Tekno La Droga (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Tekno La Droga (RM: SS-CD-03)
New Atlantic
I Know (BB: 10049-2)
I Know (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
New Order
Perfect Kiss (HT: VBHT-01)
New Scene
The Fog (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
Newton-John, Olivia
I Need Love (DT: DT-09)
I Need Love (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
I Need Love (GEFFE: GEFDM-21814)
I Need Love (HT: NRG 11)
The Rumour (GEFFE: GEFDM-21814)
Warm and Tender (GEFFE: GEFDM-21814)
Nicks, Stevie
Stand Back (DT: DT-09)
Stand Back (DT: DT-11)
D.A.N.C.E. (HT: VBHT-01)
Noise Control
Tehniska Musika (RM: SS-CD-04)
24 Hours a Day (RUMA: RUMAT60)
Your Love is Lifting Me (RUMA: RUMCD48)
Ave Maria (MB: MB-CD-03)
Ave Maria (RM: SS-CD-05)
Moontrip Medley (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Moontrip Medley (RM: SS-CD-04)
Bus Stop (HT: CD-11-06)
Nush (XTR: XTR 2T)
Nu Shooz
Time Will Tell (ATL: DMD 1880)
Love Insurance (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
Suspicious Minds (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
The Bionaut (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
The Bionaut (RM: SS-CD-08)
Odd CompanySwing in TranceWe are Experienced
Got to Get Away (EPIC: EK 52477)
Off Shore
I Got A Little Song (EPIC: 49K-74140)
Off Shore feat. Jocelyn Brown
Got to Get Away (EPIC: 49K-74140)
O'Jays, The
Can You Come Out and Play (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Sailing on the Seven Seas (HT: NRG 10)
Sailing On The Seven Seas (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
Matter of Time (HT: CD-11-05)
Matter Of Time (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
Opus II
It's A Fine Day (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Opus III
Evolution Rush (EASTWEST: 0-96187)
I Talk to the Wind (PWL: PWCD235)
It's a Fine Day (EASTWEST: 0-96187)
It's A Fine Day (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Sea People (PWL: PWCD235)
Orb, The
Close Encounters (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Original Rockers
Push Push (CAKE: 12GOO1-3)
Vamp (RM: SS-02)
Vamp (RM: SS-CD-02)
Out of the Ordinary
Der Weisse Hai (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Der Weisse Hai (RM: SS-CD-07)
Drives Me Crazy (JBO: JBO 6-12)
That Piano Track (JBO: JBO 6-12)
Outta Limits
Mission Control (ATL: 82357-2)
The Feeling (DT: DT-10)
The Feeling (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
Ozkan, Talip
The Dark Fire (AXIOM: 314-512-003)
Paradise 3001
Gonna Take Me Up (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Climaximal (EPIC: EK 52477)
Makin' Love (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Parker, Paul
Fantasia (ZYX: 6900-8)
Wicked Game (ZYX: 6900-8)
Make It With You (ZYX: 70070-2)
Pat & Mick
Eggstravaganza (PWL: PWCD 233)
Shake Your Groove Thing (HT: NRG 10)
Shake Your Groove Thing (PWL: PWCD 233)
Pavesi Sound
Sanctuary of Love (REACT: REACT CD5)
Kissing in the Wind (DT: DT-07)
Peniston, Ce Ce
Crazy Love (A&M U: AMCD 0060)
Crazy Love (HT: CD-11-06)
Crazy Love (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Finally (A&M U: AMY 858)
Finally (MOTHR: 314-516937-2)
Finally (RS: RS-CD-04)
Peniston, Ce Ce
Keep on Walkin' (A&M: 75021-7382-1)
Keep on Walkin' (DT: DT-09)
Keep on Walkin' (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
Keep On Walkin' (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
Lifeline (DT: DT-11)
We Got a Love Thang (A&M: 75021-2395-2)
We Got a Love Thang (A&M: 75021-7328-1)
We Got a Love Thang (A&M U: AMCD846)
We Got a Love Thang (A&M U: AMY 858)
Pet Shop Boys
Was It Worth It? (RS: RS-CD-04)
Shamen's Call (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
Rise from Your Grave (SR: 303CD)
P.J.B. f/ Hanna & Her Sisters
Bridge Over Troubled Water (EPIC: EK 52477)
Pleasure Game
Activez Les Plaisirs (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Le Dormeur (RM: SS-CD-01)
Love is Calling (DT: DT-09)
Pleasure Game - Le Dormeur
Love is Calling [Activez Les Plaisirs...] (NEWDI: MMI 9310)
Pollack, Karen
You Can't Touch Me (You Can't Hurt Me) (EM: EM730-1)
CySex (RM: SS-CD-02)
Pac * Man (MB: MB-CD-03)
Praga Khan
Free Your Body (SONIC: SNC-2003-2)
High Back for the Rave Alarm (SONIC: SNC-2003-2)
Rave Alarm (SONIC: SNC-2003-2)
Easy Way Out (GIANT: 9 40536-2)
Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis) (AXIOM: 314-512-338)
Imagination (EMI G: 0601476056)
Prefab Sprout
If You Don't Love Me (HT: CD-11-05)
Rasberry Beret (HT: VBHT-01)
Prince Markie Dee
Trippin' Out (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Charly (ELEKT: 66411-2)
Everybody in the Place (ELEKT: 66411-2)
G-Force (ELEKT: 66411-2)
Your Love (ELEKT: 66411-2)
Promo Only
Mainstream Club [1992-06] June 1992 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-06)
Mainstream Club [1992-07] July 1992 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Mainstream Club [1992-08] August 1992 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
Mainstream Club [1992-09] September 1992 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Mainstream Club [1992-10] October 1992 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
Mainstream Club [1992-11] November 1992 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Mainstream Club [1992-12] December 1992 (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Hypnosis (O2: 02006 CDS)
If Jesus was the Devil (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
If Jesus was the Devil (RM: SS-CD-08)
Schizofrenia: The Worst Day of My Life (RCA: 62232-2)
The Wave of the Future (RS: RS-CD-04)
Last Train to Paradise (RM: GRID-CD-06)
Teotihuacan (TME: t:me0293)
Radioactive Goldfish
Fiction Dub (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
Pink Potato (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
Pink Potato II (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
Pink Pottassium (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
Science Dub (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
Sonik Friktion (CHEET: TCRC-9112)
I Can't Believe (GFB: GFB 041)
We Gonna Get (RS: RS-CD-04)
We've Got to Live Together (HT: NRG 11)
Essence of Ecstasy (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Baker Street (ZYX: 70070-2)
Bass Power (RS: RS-CD-04)
7th Anniversary Box Set [7 disks] (RM: RM-CD-ANV7)
Gridlock! 04 (RM: GRID-04)
Gridlock! CD-03 (RM: GRID-CD-03)
Gridlock! CD-05 (RM: GRID-CD-05)
Gridlock! CD-06 (RM: GRID-CD-06)
Gridlock! CD-07 (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Gridlock! CD-08 (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Gridlock! CD-09 (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Seismic Sound 1 (RM: SS-01)
Seismic Sound 2 (RM: SS-02)
Seismic Sound CD-01 (RM: SS-CD-01)
Seismic Sound CD-02 (RM: SS-CD-02)
Seismic Sound CD-03 (RM: SS-CD-03)
Seismic Sound CD-04 (RM: SS-CD-04)
Seismic Sound CD-05 (RM: SS-CD-05)
Seismic Sound CD-06 (RM: SS-CD-06)
Seismic Sound CD-07 (RM: SS-CD-07)
Seismic Sound CD-08 (RM: SS-CD-08)
SLOW-CD 4: Maid! How Slow Can You Go? (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
React 2 Rhythm
All or Nothing (GUERI U: GRRR35)
Intoxication (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Red Light feat. Tyler Watson
And Then... (HB: HB-018)
Who Needs Enemies (HB: HB-013)
Red, Paris
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (DAN: 657866 6)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (HT: NRG 11)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Good Friend (EPIC: EK 52477)
Good Friend (RM: GRID-04)
Good Friend (RM: GRID-CD-03)
Little Things We Do For Love (DAN: 657866 6)
Promises (DAN: 658402-2)
Reese Project
Direct Me (GIANT: 9 40307-2)
Station of the Groove (GIANT: 9 40307-2)
The Colour of Love (GIANT: 9 40401-2)
Reese Project vs. Bump
So Deep (NWK: NWKTDJ 68/1)
Resist 101
Impulse (RM: SS-CD-05)
Rhonda & Physical Motion
It's My Party (ZYX: 70070-2)
Rhythm 3 Request
Desafinado (UMM U: UMM023)
Desafinado [P. Verlanzi, V. Palminteri] (UMM U: UMM023)
React 2 Rhythm Medley (RM: GRID-CD-06)
Rhythm Stick
RS-CD-04 (RS: RS-CD-04)
RS-CD-05 (RS: RS-CD-05)
You and I (RICM: WH-1002)
Richards, Trudy
Can't Help Lovin' That Man (MOTHR: 314-516937-2)
White Men Can't Jump (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Right Said Fred
Don't Talk Just Kiss (CHARI: 96200-2)
Desole Madame (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Desole Madame (RM: SS-CD-03)
Roberts, Juliet
Another Place, Another Day, Another Time (WB: 0-40321)
Free Love (SLAM: SLAM 4T)
Free Love (WB: 9 40529-2)
Robinson, Smokey
Rewind (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Romulus feat. Bazz
H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. (QUARK: QK035)
Royal T
Baby Don't Ch'a Leave Me This Way (ALMY: ALMY016T)
Baby Don't Cha Leave Me This Way (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
Are You Ready to Fly? (DT: DT-12)
Are You Ready to Fly? (EPIC: 49K 74729)
Are You Ready to Fly (HT: CD-11-05)
Are You Ready To Fly ? (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
Are You Ready to Fly? (PULS8: 12LOSE21)
Are You Ready to Fly? (PULS8: 12LOSEX21)
Everybody's Free (DT: DT-11)
Everybody's Free (HT: CD-11-04)
Everybody's Free (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
Everybody's Free ("Rave" Mix) (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (EPIC: 49K 74444)
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (RS: RS-CD-04)
Faith (In the Power of Love) (PULS8: CDLOSE15)
Love Breakdown (PULS8: 12LOSE25 DJ)
Sunday Afternoon (ATL: 82357-2)
Touch Me (ATL: 82357-2)
House of Love (DT: DT-15)
House of Love (TOMMY: TBCD542)
Supermodel (You Better Work) (TOMMY: TBCD542)
Rush, Donnell
Symphony (D: RDAB62421-1)
No Ordinary Love (EPIC U: 658356-2)
Paradise (EPIC U: 658356-2)
Saint Etienne
Nothing Can Stop Us (WB: 9 40395-2)
Speedwell (WB: 9 40395-2)
Salsoul New Generation: Synergy Remixes (SALSD: 5501-1)
I Need Love (RM: GRID-CD-07)
I Need Love (VIRG G: 665 401)
Johnny Wanna Live (VIRG G: 665501 PM515)
Mirrored in Your Eyes (VIRG G: 665501 PM515)
Shadows (VIRG G: 665 401)
Sandy B
Feel Like Singin' (NERV: NER 20042)
Come On (SR: 303CD)
Scream (RM: SS-CD-05)
Secada, Jon
Always Something (SBKUS: K2-19748)
Just Another Day (DT: DT-12)
Just Another Day (EMI: 8 80184 2)
Just Another Day (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Just Another Day (SBKUS: K2-19748)
Sensory Elements
Something 4 U (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Schmittrigger (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Schmittrigger (RM: SS-CD-04)
Pleasure Boy (COWBY: RODEO 8)
Losing You (DT: DT-07)
Losing You (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
Shakespear's Sister
Stay (LONDS: CDP 733)
Shamen, The
Ebeneezer Goode (ONELI U: 78TP12E)
Love, Sex, Inteligence (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
LSI - Love Sex Intelligence (EPIC: 49K 74401)
Make It Mine (EPIC: 49K 74236)
Saving forever for you (GIANT: PRO-CD-5745)
Sheer BronzeWalkin' On
Walkin' On (FFRUS: 162350006-1)
Walkin' On (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
Shepard, Vicki
Disco Inferno (3BEAT: 3BTT11)
Hold On to My Love (SPINNER: SP-9201/SP-9202)
Infernal Dub (3BEAT: 3BTT11)
Let Me Take You Dancing (SPINNER: SP-9201/SP-9202)
Pmt Ad Libs (3BEAT: 3BTT11)
Shinas, Sofia
The Message (HT: CD-11-05)
Sieg Uber Die Sonne
Know What I Mean (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
Sims, Kym
A Little Bit More (ATCO U: B8528CD)
A Little Bit more (DT: DT-10)
Too Blind to See It (ATCO: PRCD 4273)
Too Blind to See It (RS: RS-CD-04)
Sister Sledge
Everybody Dance (NM: NMX800)
Get a Life (Copadentia) (NM: NMX800)
Good Times (NM: NMX800)
He's the Greatest Dancer (NM: NMX800)
I Want Your Love (NM: NMX800)
Lost in Music (NM: NMX800)
We are Family (NM: NMX800)
World Rise & Shine (NM: NMX800)
Changing Trax (XL: XLS-29CD)
On a Ragga Tip (XL: XLS-29CD)
Pleasure (XL: XLS-29CD)
Sledge, Kathy
Heart (EPIC: 49-74464)
Heart (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Take Me Back to Love Again (EPIC: EK 52477)
Take Me Back to Love Again (EPIC: ESK4474)
Take Me Back to Love Again (EPIC: ESK74179)
Smart E's
Magnificent (BB: 10082-2)
Sesame's Treet (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Sesame's Treet (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Sesame Treet (BB: 10082-2)
Colour of Love (ARISTA: ASCD-2404)
Exterminate (LOGIC G: 74321-106962)
Rhythm is a Dancer (ARISTA: ASCD-2437)
Rhythm is a Dancer (LOGIC G: 615 309)
Rhythm is a Dancer (LOGIC G: 74321103692)
Rhythm Is A Dancer (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Rhythm is a Dancer (RM: GRID-CD-05)
See the Light (LOGIC G: 615 309)
Gimme Some Lovin' (HT: NRG-13)
Solar Enemy
Virus Buster (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
So Beautiful (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Boogie Nights (ARISTA U: 74321-113462)
My Light (ARISTA U: 74321-113462)
That Boy (HT: NRG 11)
Sonic Adventure
The Mission (RM: GRID-CD-06)
Sonic Boom
Tra-La-La (UNKNO: 12TEST1)
Sonic Surfers
Take Me Up (FW: 12FW008)
Son'z Of A Loop Da Loop Era
Peace & Loveism (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Believe (ZYX: ZYX6662-12)
Running So Hard (HT: CD-11-05)
Running So Hard (ZYX: ZYX6662-12)
Still Chasing (ZYX: ZYX6662-12)
Soul Family Sensation
Other Stuff (EPIC: EK 52477)
Soul II Soul
Move Me No Mountain (TEN: TENDG400)
Soul System
It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day (ARISTA: 0782212486-2)
It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day (DT: DT-15)
It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day (HT: CD-11-06)
It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Sound Factory
Take Me 2 the Top (RCA: 0786362371-2)
Take Me To The Top (LOGIC G: BTB T10)
Understand this Groove (LOGIC G: BTB T10)
Understand This Groove (RCA: 0786362371-2)
Sound Factory, The
Understand This Groove (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-10)
Sound on Sound
Time to Feel (SIRE: 9 40396-2)
Sounds of Blackness, The
Joy (PERSP: 3145874131)
Soul Holidays (PERSP: 3145874131)
The Pressure Pt. 1 (A&M U: PERT 867)
Space Master
I Need You (DT: DT-14)
I Need You (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Love at First Sight (EPIC: EK 52477)
Spandau Ballet
True (RS: RS-CD-04)
Speedy J
Pullover (RM: SS-CD-03)
Springsteen, Bruce
Dancing in the Dark (DT: DT-15)
Space Party / Sprocket (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Space Party / Sprocket (RM: SS-CD-08)
To Be House (REACT: REACT CD5)
Stansfield, Lisa
All Around the World (ARISTA U: 665113)
Make Love to Ya (ARISTA U: 74321-100581)
Set Your Lovin' Free (HT: CD-11-04)
Set Your Loving Free (ARISTA U: 74321-100581)
Set Your Loving Free (ARISTA U: 74321-100582)
Time to Make You Mine (ARISTA U: 665113)
Whenever You're Gone (ARISTA U: 74321-100582)
Stevie B.
Pump that Body (DT: DT-12)
Pump that Body (HT: CD-11-04)
St. Melody
Qtopia (RM: GRID-CD-06)
Subterrania feat. Ann Consuelo
Do It For Love (CHAMP: CHAMP 12.297)
Summer, Donna
Love is in Control (DT: DT-11)
Summer, Donna & Giorgio Moroder
Carry On (DT: DT-14)
Carry On (HT: CD-11-06)
Carry On (HT: NRG-13)
Carry On (VIRG G: 665502)
A Vision (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Broken English (SONS2: 658903-6)
Love U More (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Love U More (SONS2: 658172-2)
Perfect Motion (SONS2: 658405-6)
Body Medusa (GUERI: X25G-13852)
Suzy Q
Can't Live Without Your Love (ALMY: ALMY 030 ??)
Swing Out Sister
Not Gonna Change (FONT: 866855-2)
Stars (Everybody is One) (SOUTH: SEWT703)
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (SOUTH: SEWT703)
I Will Survive (ZYX: 70070-2)
Let Him Go (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
Anasthasia (COL: 44K 74316)
Maximizor (COL: 44K 74316)
Take One
Say My Name (I Don't Think So) (SR: 303CD)
Only You (COWBY: RODEO 16)
Talk Talk
It's My Life (DT: DT-10)
Revenge of the Gatorade (RM: SS-CD-07)
Taste of Paradise
Reach Out (SOM: 12001)
Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel (HT: HC-CD-10)
Feel the Power (DAN: DAN 657865-6)
I'm Flying (DAN: DAN 657865-6)
I Wish ... I'm Falling (RM: GRID-CD-09)
I Wish Upon a Star (DAN: DAN 657865-6)
Taylor, Linda
Love in the Shadows (ALMY: CDT022)
Move Over Darling (ALMY: CDT022)
Shadows (ALMY: CDT022)
TC 1991
Berry (UCR: CDUCR1)
TC 1992
Funky Guitar (UCR: CDUCR1)
Volume 2 Medley (RM: SS-CD-08)
Techno Medley
"Thousand Ohm" Medley (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
"Thousand Ohm" Medley (RM: SS-CD-05)
Technotronic feat. Ya Kid K
Move This (ARS: 146219-5)
Move This (SBK: Y-19765)
Pump up the Jam (and the Jam is Pumpin') (SBK: Y-19765)
Temple Temple
Sensual (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Ten City
My Piece of Heaven (EASTWEST: 0-96153)
My Piece of Heaven (EASTWEST U: A8516CD)
My Piece of Heaven (HT: CD-11-04)
Only Time Will Tell (EASTWEST: 0-96153)
Only Time Will Tell (EASTWEST: PRCD 4853-2)
Only Time Will Tell (EASTWEST U: A8516CD)
Only Time Will Tell (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Terry, Todd
? (UNKNO: TT-V1)
Ain't no Mountain High Enough (UNKNO: TT-V1)
Jingo (UNKNO: TT-V1)
Third Generation
Don't Play No Games (ATL: 82357-2)
France (WARP: WAP 26)
Thomas, Evelyn
Reflections (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
Thompson Twins
Groove On (WB: 9 40309-2)
Play with Me (Jane) (WB: 9 40607-2)
Queer (WB: 9 40309-2)
The Saint (WB: 9 40607-2)
On My Mind (OR: OR 12004)
Yeah... (OR: OR 12004)
One Night (DT: C-1)
Tom Tom Club
Who Wants an Ugly Dub? (SIRE: 9 40600-2)
Who Wants an Ugly Girl? (SIRE: 9 40600-2)
You Sexy Dub (SIRE: 9 40600-2)
You Sexy Thing (SIRE: 9 40600-2)
Total Eclipse
(Construction of My) Ego! (RM: SS-CD-01)
(Contruction of My) E-go! (RM: SS-01)
Total House Patrol
In Control [feat. Desiree Lemieux] (SELEC: 2-61202)
Townsell, Lidell
Nu Nu (MERC: 866445-2)
Save the Planet (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Save the Planet (RM: SS-CD-05)
Trance 4 Mation
Transform It (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Transform It (RM: SS-CD-08)
Trance Opera
Maurice (RM: SLOW-CD-04)
Transformer 2
Pacific Symphony (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Treble & Bass
My Sweet Seņorita (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Children of the Future (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Children of the Future (RM: SS-CD-03)
Choice (RM: SS-CD-08)
Good Time (HT: CD-11-06)
Trip 2001
Hysteria (RM: SS-CD-05)
Troccoli, Kathy
Everything Changes (REUN: REN12-21706)
Truman, H.
Underwater (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
Turntable Terror
Break (INV: 35002-2)
Scream (INV: 35002-2)
Twin EQ
Megablast Medley (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Megablast Medley (RM: SS-CD-05)
Techno Vogue (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Techno Vogue (RM: SS-01)
Techno Vogue (RM: SS-CD-01)
Two Boys
I Won't Let You Down (DT: DT-14)
You'll Never Find Another Love (BUMP: BUMP 13)
Better Than the Real Thing (DT: DT-11)
Even Better than the Real Thing (HT: CD-11-04)
Even Better Than The Real Thing (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
Das Boot (RM: SS-01)
Das Boot (RM: SS-CD-01)
Der Kommandant (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Der Kommandant (RM: SS-CD-07)
I Wanna Be a Kennedy (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
I Wanna Be a Kennedy (RM: SS-CD-03)
Understand This Groove (UCR: CDUCR1)
Nothing is Forever (380: PEWCD 2)
Nothing is Forever (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Ultra Nate
Deeper Love (Missing You) (ETERN: YZ653T)
Deeper Love (Missing You) (WB: 9-40368-2)
Rejoicing - I'll Never Forget (WB: 9-40368-2)
Never Never Land (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Uncanny Alliance
I Got My Education (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-12)
Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob's Burly House (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Union City Recordings
Colours [Compilation Album] (UCR: CDUCR1)
Unity (UCR: CDUCR1)
Unity (UCR: UCRT 6)
Untouchables, The
Dance to the Rhythm (SR: 303CD)
She's a Freak (NEIMC: NT6704012)
That String Track (NEIMC: NT6704012)
That String Track (SR: 303CD)
Urbanized Feat. Silvano
Helpless (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Urbanized feat. Silvano
Helpless -I Don't Know What to Do Without You (BIGLI: 863 329-21)
Helpless -I Don't Know What to Do Without You (MAXI: MX-2008)
Urban Jungle
Bad Man (UCR: CDUCR1)
Utah Saints
Anything Can Happen (LONDS: 869843-1)
Anything Can Happen (LONDS: 869843-2)
Something Good (HT: CD-11-04)
Something Good (LONDS: 869843-1)
Something Good (LONDS: 869843-2)
Something Good (RM: GRID-CD-07)
Trance Atlantic Flight (LONDS: 869843-2)
Trans Europe Caress (LONDS: 869843-2)
What Can You Do For Me (LONDS: 869843-2)
Utah Saints, The
Something Good (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-08)
Der Mass Der Dinge (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
Der Mass Der Dinge (RM: SS-CD-01)
Vandross, Luther &J. Jackson
The Best Things in Life are Free (DT: DT-10)
The Best Things in Life are Free (DT: DT-BI-1to10)
Black Beat: Black Music Month Sampler (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Club Epic-A Collection of Classic Dance Mixes (EPIC: EK 52402)
Natural Elements (NEIMC: NT6704012)
Strong Enough EP (SELEC: 2-61202)
Take Control of the Party -The 2nd Compilat. (EPIC: EK 52477)
The Almighty 12 Inches, Volume 2 (ALMY: ALMY CD 02)
This is Strictly Rhythm: Vol. 2 (SR: 303CD)
Trance (RUMA: CDRAID508)
Underground Dance Music, Vol. 1 (ATL: 82357-2)
Xtravaganza: The Italian Piano Anthems (REACT: REACT CD5)
Various Artists
Best Things In Life, The (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-07)
Various: Mix
1992-The Underground Mix (HT: CD-11-06)
The Best of 1992 Medley (HT: CD-11-06)
The Queen Mum's Almighty Medley (HT: NRG 11)
Violent Force
Planet e. (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Violent Vision
Why? (RM: SS-CD-04)
All Right (ZYX: 70070-2)
Keep on Believing (RM: GRID-CD-08)
Voices of 6th Avenue
Call Him Up (STRES U: 12 STR 4)
Voyage sur Vinyl
Breakdown (RM: SS-CD-08)
Wailing Souls
All Over The World (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-09)
Wake Dream
Close to You (ZYX: 70070-2)
Wash, Martha
Carry On (RCA: 0786362463-2)
Carry On (RCA: ND 62367-2)
Give It To You (RCA: 0786362463-2)
Watford, Michael
Holdin' On (ATL: 82357-2)
Watley, Jody
I'm the One You Need (MCA: MCA5P-2163)
Weather Girls
It's Raining Men (HT: VBHT-01)
Webb, Suzie
Lady of the Night (EKA: 12EKA001)
The Mayday Anthem (RM: BEST-SEISMIC)
The Mayday Anthem (RM: SS-CD-03)
Whatever It Is (MCA: MCA5P-2116)
Wilde, Dee Dee
Get-A-Way (NORST: PROM #487)
Wilde, Kim
Who Do You Think You Are? (MCA U: MCT 30031)
Williams, Vanessa
Work to Do (WING: 863541-1)
Wills, ViolaGonna Get Along Without U Now
It's My Pleasure (HOTSO H: HS 9204 CD)
Nice From Here (RM: SS-02)
Nice From Here (RM: SS-CD-02)
Ya Kid K
Let This Housebeat Drop (PROMOONLY: M-CLUB-1992-11)
Move This (EMIUS: DPRO-04885)
Situation (HT: VBHT-01)
Changing Times (POLYD U: PZCD198)
One True Woman (POLYD U: PZCD198)
Strobophonic (RM: SS-01)
Strobophonic (RM: SS-CD-01)
Yothu Yindi
Djapana: Sunset Dreaming (HR: ED-10238)
Djapana: Sunset Dreaming (HR: HR-66358-2)
Gapu (HR: ED-10238)
Gapu (HR: HR-66358-2)
Treaty (HR: HR-66451-2)
Treaty (HWD: HWD116T)
Young, John Paul
Love is in the Air (COL U: 658769-6)
Do This (TME: t:me0293)
Zappala, Francesco
No Way Out (RM: GRID-CD-09)
Module (RM: SS-CD-04)
Holy Days (M&G: MAGX21)
Zouk Machine
Sa Che Cho (RM: GRID-04)
Sa Ke Cho (RM: GRID-CD-03)
No Fate (RM: GRID-CD-06)
Do It Again (ZYX: 70070-2)

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